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    Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    No, and my children assure me that it's so 2015, at this point. It's all about Fortnite (Fartnight in my house). Speaking of poop...berberine has been doing some magic on my poops.
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    Emperor G_D

    Mr.Kite is doing 5/3/1

    I just never stop doing deadlifts, because I tend to not kill myself on deadlifts (and so don't ever have to stop doing them).
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    Mr.Kite is doing 5/3/1

    I specifically hate deadlifts the most after not doing them for awhile. Takes a bit of greasing all the hinges for me to get moving well with them again.
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    Mr.Kite is doing 5/3/1

    5/3/1 Krypteia - Week 1 - Wednesday Bench Press: 75x5 / 95x5 / 105x5 // 125x3 / 145x5 / 165x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 125 lbs Goblet Squat: 5x10 @ 60 lbs Good Mornings: 5x10 @ 80 lbs Tricep Pulldowns: 5x10 @ 25 lbs Sit-Ups: 5x15 Easy day even though I was a bit hungover. The weights on the squats and good mornings will go up next week, both were too easy. Biceps are still sore from Monday, which I found somewhat surprising as I normally have a hard time developing soreness there. Looking forward to the deadlifts on Friday as its been quite a while since I've done them.
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    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    So, I have settled for now on two drop sets upper body/two drop sets lower body as divided above (PM weekdays, part of single bigger workout on weekends). One thing I will note: zero soreness. Like, you would think for instance that doing endless curls would make you sore especially when you don't do them AT ALL EVER (for over a decade). But nada.
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    One (New) Direction

    Shoulders OHP, Cable Crossovers, Inch Press, Front/Lateral DB Raises, Shrugs, Plate Raises
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    One (New) Direction

    Back & Bis Deads to 500x5, Incline Cable Curls, KB Good Mornings, Hammer Curls, Reverse Hypers, Rope Cable Curls My lower back was hella engorged today....but otherwise felt excellent.