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  1. Construct

    Proper CBD dosage?

    Interesting. I did not expect to see Dextromethorphan show up in claimed CBD products.
  2. https://www.pnas.org/content/115/4/E715 600mg Ibuprofen daily for 14d and 44d elevated LH without significantly altering testosterone levels. Authors refer to it as compensated hypogonadism. Study suggests the Ibuprofen Leydig and Sertoli cells are inhibited via transcriptional repression from the Ibuprofen.
  3. Construct

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Are you the kind of person who feels better on day 1 of SSRI treatment? Or do you have to wait a couple weeks for the positive benefits show up?
  4. At 101% purity, you're basically getting an extra 1% for free. Their $27/gram bulk price translates to $8 per day for the common 300mg dose used in studies. That's $250 per month. Not out of the question for someone who truly benefits, of course, but I'm not sure that many casual CBD oil users are actually willing to pay $250/month for it. I suspect most casual users are taking around 1/10th of that.
  5. Construct

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    This should be interesting to follow.
  6. If the COAs from some of these CBD vendors are to be believed, we already have access to extremely pure CBD. In fact, the product here is so good that it delivers 101% CBD according to the COA : https://www.thecbdistillery.com/product/99-cbd-isolate-powder-from-hemp/
  7. To be fair, I wouldn't assume they had enough info about the THC content in the first place. The THC content of products marketed as "CBD oil" has been downplayed by a lot of the marketers, as far as I can tell. Then there's the problem that typical consumer CBD dosing is an order of magnitude lower than the therapeutic CBD doses used in clinical studies. Outside of actual epilepsy and chronic pain patients, I'm seeing a lot of anecdotal CBD reports from people using what must be less than 30mg per day. Not surprising, given that 300mg of CBD per day would cost someone about $10 per day. What I'm not clear on is whether CBD has appreciable effects in the 1-30mg range, or if it's just a great placebo due to the constant hype and marketing.
  8. I have to think: How did they not expect that to happen? Did they estimate the THC content was lower than it really was? Or did they assume the CBD would counter the THC effects. With pure CBD products available, I wonder why they choice THC/CBD blends in the first place.
  9. Very interesting study. Full text says the CBD-enriched extract was 4% THC, 89% CBD for the first case and 3.1% THC, 91% CBD in the second case. They were targeting 200-250mg of CBD per day for the kids. That's significantly higher than the average doses most people seem to self-administer for CBD oil. At those doses, 3-4% THC content seems like it would be significant based on the dosing discussed in the other thread.
  10. Construct

    Fasting with "brainy" job?

    Some of the exogenous ketone salts have come down in price. They're not cheap at the full recommended dosage (usually 6-10g) but I've found that even 1-2g is enough to do something for me. If you get BHB Magnesium or even BHB Sodium, you don't want to take 6-10g anyway. A blend of salts is best.
  11. Construct


    This is where I get confused. That 325lb DL was downright easy. I could have done 3-5 reps without problem if I wanted to push it. That 250lb squat, on the other hand, left me physically wiped out for a couple days. That squat weight is 77% of the DL weight, so I wouldn't normally expect such a big difference in soreness between the two. I might just repeat the same weight for squat and DL on this next round, as well as leaving a few more days between the workouts . Any other suggestions?
  12. Construct

    Proper CBD dosage?

    Or maybe not: Low doses of widely consumed cannabinoids (cannabidiol and cannabidivarin) cause DNA damage and chromosomal aberrations in human-derived cells: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00204-018-2322-9
  13. Construct

    Proper CBD dosage?

    5mg of sublingual, 99% pure CBD isolate also had no noticeable effects for me. 60mg did something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. If anything, it actually felt slightly negative toward my sense of well-being for the rest of the day. I also didn't notice any real change in my DOMS. I don't know what to make of it. I think I'm going to shelve it for now and check back on the research again in a year. If nothing particularly negative is found, I might try a 300mg dose to match some of the studies and clinical trials.
  14. Construct


    Mostly at the quad head, definitely muscular pain. After the first few sessions I would feel a needle-like sensation at various points in my leg whenever I laid still. That had me wondering if I had really overdone it, but it subsided quickly.
  15. Construct


    Lot of workouts in here that I didn't record the date. Work has been busy, so my gym trips are down to the minimum. Bench: 5 x 105 5 x 135 3 x 155 5 x 190 3 x 215 3 x 240 5 x 10 x 80 Was worried about that last 240lb set enough that I grabbed a random spotter. Only planned to do 1, but knocked out 3 with ease. Felt good. Squat: 5 x 105 5 x 135 3 x 160 5 x 200 3 x 225 1 x 250 5 x 10 x 80 Really wish those squat numbers were significantly higher than my bench numbers. This session hit me very hard for the next few days. Hoping the recovery gets easier within the next few months. Press: 5 x 55 5 x 70 5 x 80 3 x 10 x 70 Felt easy. Of all my lifts, this one is seeing the most progress lately. Deadlift: 5 x 140 5 x 175 5 x 210 3 x 10 x 175 These deadlifts were harder than I expected. Probably residual soreness from the squat workout 3 days prior. Bench: 5 x 105 5 x 130 5 x 155 3 x 10 x 130 Squat: 5 x 105 5 x 135 5 x 160 3 x 10 x 135 Squatted after a long day and I definitely felt it. Decided to allocate a long recovery time before the next round of squats. New cycle: Press: 5 x 55 5 x 70 3 x 85 5 x 90 5 x 105 5 x 115 Really happy with how easy 5 x 115 went up at the end of this. Deadlift: 5 x 140 5 x 175 3 x 210 5 x 230 5 x 260 5 x 295 3 x 10 x 105 This was easier than I expected. For some reason, the additional depth of squats makes the DOMS ten times worse than deadlifts. Bench: 5 x 105 5 x 135 3 x 160 5 x 170 5 x 200 5 x 225 5 x 10 x 80 Felt good to put up 2 plates for 5 without breaking a sweat.