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  1. Sanction

    Best exercise for general neck hypertrophy?

    That's why I moved to BC
  2. Sanction

    Best exercise for general neck hypertrophy?

    I had neck issues for about 10 years after a minor car accident. Chiropractic treatment really helped. I kept re-injuring the site by slipping on ice in winter, and that was one reason why I moved to a warmer part of the world.
  3. Sanction

    Consumption of fish and O-3 fatty acids and mortality risk

    The study that anoopbal posted used 4g of EPA. This is not a small issue. That's a huge dose compared previous studies, so previous conclusions about FO may have little relevance.
  4. Sanction

    fasted or not ?

    Congratulations on the Ph.D.! A number of my friends have given up on FB discussions for the reason you stated.
  5. Sanction

    fasted or not ?

    I am doing evil, as usual.
  6. Sanction


    I have a perspective on the fermented vs moldy question. Usually the thing being fermented provides a good environment for all kinds of organisms, including molds. So fermentation (and culturing mushrooms) is a race between the organism you want and the others that compete. The best you can do is give your desired organism a head start, and as it grows its defences will suppress the undesirable microbes. Some molds are neutral, some ubiquitous molds are very toxic. A moldy item indicates that the desired organism was out-competed, and it requires a trained eye or microscope to identify whether it's a toxic species.
  7. I think it was just last year that a report came out about the pro-cognitive effect of GABA-A receptor positive allosteric modulators (my chemistry is not good enough to know exactly what those are). This is only in mice so far, but it's really interesting. If mice ever develop human-level intelligence they'll use all our past medical research and rule the world. They may take a moment to marvel how we dedicated ourselves to find cures for Alzheimer's, cancer and aging in rodents.
  8. Sanction

    Best exercise for general neck hypertrophy?

    I like that my neck keeps two parts of my body connected, so I'd be reluctant to work it as hard as I might do with other gangly parts.
  9. Sanction

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    It's time to start worrying when you see the world through Ras colored glasses
  10. Sanction

    Liftin' weights and other shit

    Your guilt is a carry-over from a few million years of evolution. We lived in small groups where life and death were the consequences of fulfilling small commitments. We had only one tribe to keep us alive. This no longer applies. Unless the CEO calls you up and invites you to marry his/her daughter, there is no benefit for your vestigial guilt.
  11. Sanction

    Shaky quad/knee during leg extension

    And where are Biggie and Tupac? Just doing my own research here.
  12. Sanction

    Shaky quad/knee during leg extension

    Joshua hasn't signed on for 2 years. wolfmagic was online 18 hours ago.
  13. Sanction

    Resurrection of Blu

    I was falsely accused of sexual harassment once. I was director of a teams-based comedy improv group. One of the performers had a bad year and dragged down every scene she was in. I thought she lacked talent despite her training in a school in NYC. Now, a director has to re-jig the performing cast once in a while. People's feelings get hurt if they get cut from the shows, so it's hard for everyone. After much thought I asked if she'd be willing to take 3 month break from the main performance troupe and focus on working with a new team. Later, a friend of mine was at a gathering with her and her female friends. The performer shared her story about what I'd said, and her girlfriends (none of whom had ever met me) decided it must be sexual harassment. Some of these friends worked at the Attorney General's office, and harassment was a hot topic at the time. My friend contacted me immediately about what he overheard. I was alarmed, knowing how rumors can spread and destroy a person's reputation in all areas of life, and not just in this stupid comedy troupe. So I asked for a meeting with the accuser. In order to have balanced witnesses I also invited her best ally in the troupe, and my general manager. Me: I've been told that at a recent party with your friends you said I have sexually harassed you She: <pause>I may have said something like that Me: Is there anything that I have done or said, specifically, that leads you to believe I have sexually harassed you? She: Well, it was more of a feeling Me: And what I said or do that led to that feeling? She: <pause> I couldn't see any other reason why you would ask me to leave the cast. So my friends said maybe it was because I didn't sleep with you. Me: I have never asked to sleep with you, or invited you to a private social meeting with me, or out for drinks or anything. So what did I do or say that led you to believe that I wanted to sleep with you. She: Like I said, it was more of a feeling. Me: <I pause, letting the inadequacy of her last comment hang in the air> Me: Do you realize how serious a charge of Sexual Harasssment is? It is a criminal offense... So the accusations stopped. That performer was in a Fringe Festival play a while later and her only review in a newspaper was a scathing attack about the quality of her performance in particular. As far as I know she has left town and dropped out of acting entirely. Fake accusations happen.
  14. Sanction

    Resurrection of Blu

    That was an informative and useful post. UNLIKE RAS'S
  15. Sanction

    Making An Oral Suspension

    I'm guessing that the anhydrous MgSO4 grabs the water and drops out of solution since it is not very soluble in ethanol https://periodic-table-of-elements.org/SOLUBILITY/magnesium_sulfate