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  1. Ras

    Making An Oral Suspension

    I hope you understand that my 'don't fuck around' is risk management advice, not an insult.
  2. Ras

    Making An Oral Suspension

    I just want to reiterate the importance of a very good scale. It looks like you are a) not reading the advice folks have posted and b) looking for short cuts. This is both easy and exacting. Don't fuck around.
  3. Ras

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    I would REACT to this, but ALAS...
  4. Ras

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    REMOVE MY REACT LIMITATIONS/*ANGERY REACT* O/T, is Adel's English getting worse?
  5. Ras

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    Anyone else get the sense that @Emperor G_D is some sort of demonic abyssal entity, whose slavering jaws are awaiting terrible fates to befall all of us, his supposed comrades? All this to say: Sam, I can 'see' you eagerly rubbing your hands together regarding my demise due to overtraining, so am going to disappoint you and do a volume deload for a week and then a frequency deload for a week. SORRY TO DISAPPOINT. 😍 @mwarren - You inspired this unusual use of common sense, ftr...thank you!
  6. Ras

    Resurrection of Blu

    Talk about tail winds!!
  7. Ras

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    And to be fair, given the fact that I just admitted to nearly dislocating my shoulder taking my jacket off recently, maybe I should be the one under question here for wiping ROM.
  8. Ras

    Resurrection of Blu

    See what I mean, @Burton?
  9. Ras

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    Does Sam have the ROM to pull down his pants at all? I just assumed he filled a diaper and then engaged in whatever weird mail exchange he and Kim have on the go. I mean, Kim literally just said he is sending shit to Mike tomorrow in another thread.
  10. Ras

    Questioning The Benefits of Statins

    O/T: Medscape infuriates me. I read it exclusively for the comments. It definitely shows its pharma-bias everywhere (to the irritation of many physicians).
  11. Ras

    Sanction lifted

    Inb4 @Kimbo says "did someone say 'edging'?"
  12. Ras

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    A propos of nothing: Why aren't there warnings on straps regarding usage near open flame?
  13. Ras

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    Good week. Skipped a day to focus on active recovery exclusively. Same AM/PM split. A note regarding lower body BFR: I think machines are probably ideal for this; classic compound movements, less so. Upper body gets an A+. Easy and agonizing. Did actually get the arm-specific bands just due to ease of use; the leg bands are a fucking pain to put on my dominant arm. Back to heavier work and more BFR for my Saturday workout, which is brought to you by Grind Mode: Play your cards, we playing hard, my guard's up Y'all wanna come around my yard, wake the dogs up Dudes wanna talk rap? they betta get they bars up Say they movin weight, dudes can't even pick the bar up
  14. Ras

    Making An Oral Suspension

    Speak for yourself! BTW, can I ask you a question?