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  1. Something Anonymous

    Where is Emperor G_d Really From?

    I knew he was Mexican!
  2. Something Anonymous

    What did you cook today?

    That sounds and looks amazing, Vibe!
  3. Something Anonymous

    Normal Testosterone levels by age

    Maybe you caught a virus and it’s hanging around? I had the same symptoms that were preceded by a persistent cough that last for several weeks.
  4. Something Anonymous

    Potential cause of Alzheimer’s found

    Yep. There is a pretty strong link to MS and EBV as well. And as the super poop thread indicates, probable that some sort of bug is linked to IBD. My wife would never let anyone hold our sons. Probably for that reason.
  5. Something Anonymous

    Potential cause of Alzheimer’s found

  6. Something Anonymous

    Super Poopers

    Yea I have. It was in 2013 when this happened and FMT’s at that time were considered experimental medicine. I had to sign a bunch of release waivers and the GI doc basically told me he had no idea if this would help or hurt her but case reports had shown some promise. The donor had to be from someone who did not live with her but was related so her sister took a big crap in a Tupperware container, and they blended it up and pushed it through her ng tube. It was the craziest thing in the world man. She was hooked to 3 or 4 powerful abx for weeks and tube full of shit ended up saving her life. The last time we saw her GI doc last year he told us it was now a common treatment for sepsis related C.Diff infections in the ICU at that hospital.
  7. Something Anonymous

    Black Pepper

    I don’t think I ever not pepper my meat. In fact, I’d say I pepper my meat 2-3 times a day on average. This is good to know.
  8. Something Anonymous

    Super Poopers

    That is fascinating and just shows how incredibly complex our shit is. My wife had an FMT in 2013 that saved her life from a raging C.Diff infection. She went from comatose on a ventilator to awake and afebrile within 48 hours after two doses. She has IBD as well and unfortunately the fmt did not have an effect for her on that pathology. Thanks for posting this!
  9. Something Anonymous

    anyone try Armodafinil ?

    Yea, only modafinil here as well. Well, and adrafinil too.
  10. Something Anonymous

    Proper CBD dosage?

    Not CBD, but I have a couple friends who have become habitual “vapers” of thc oil. These are respectable, successful business men. They use a vape pen that is indistinguishable from the nicotine versions medicinally. Both say it is motivating and mood elevating.
  11. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30588186/?i=3&from=melatonin Melatonin and Vitamin D Orchestrate Adipose Derived Stem Cell Fate by Modulating Epigenetic Regulatory Genes. Santaniello S, et al. Int J Med Sci. 2018. Show full citation Abstract Melatonin, that regulates many physiological processes including circadian rhythms, is a molecule able to promote osteoblasts maturation in vitro and to prevent bone loss in vivo, while regulating also adipocytes metabolism. In this regard, we have previously shown that melatonin in combination with vitamin D, is able to counteract the appearance of an adipogenic phenotype in adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs), cultured in an adipogenic favoring condition. In the present study, we aimed at evaluating the specific phenotype elicited by melatonin and vitamin D based medium, considering also the involvement of epigenetic regulating genes. ADSCs were cultured in a specific adipogenic conditioned media, in the presence of melatonin alone or with vitamin D. The expression of specific osteogenic related genes was evaluated at different time points, together with the histone deacetylases epigenetic regulators, HDAC1 and Sirtuins (SIRT) 1 and 2. Our results show that melatonin and vitamin D are able to modulate ADSCs commitment towards osteogenic phenotype through the upregulation of HDAC1, SIRT 1 and 2, unfolding an epigenetic regulation in stem cell differentiation and opening novel strategies for future therapeutic balancing of stem cell fate toward adipogenic or osteogenic phenotype. PMID 30588186 [ - in process] PMCID PMC6299418
  12. Something Anonymous

    Look Before You Leap (HT to @ozzman)

    lol. I just read the entire study. Hilarious.
  13. Nice. Would be pricey to run at the dosages used in the study, but if it fixed a problem then worth every penny.
  14. Something Anonymous

    Look Before You Leap (HT to @ozzman)

    Thanks for this, very interesting! Although I should point out that my cursory research showed that several of the authors have ties to Big Parachute. Can we rule out that Big Parachute did not fund this study?
  15. Only a matter of time before we see some kind of patented, slightly modified CBD product hit the shelves like Amarin did with Vascepa and fish oil.