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  1. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    ...but in messing with it for 30 seconds, it's clear to me that if ytou are not careful with your posture when doing it, it will just lead to an extreme pec flex. So if you try this, you have to 'retract your shoulders, shrug, then down hard'. That way, it won't lead to a strong pec flex...
  2. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    Interesting cue, this 'shrug, then down hard'...
  3. Emperor G_D

    Sanction lifted

    lol@buttcheek pull-aparts.
  4. Emperor G_D

    Why Willpower is Overrated

    I prep food for the week, but a wealth of junk food always rears up. I tend to miss a meal or two during the week for easier/better tasting/more rewarding foods. lol
  5. Emperor G_D

    Why Willpower is Overrated

    Coincidentally, I happened upon a very similar article right now: https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/this-morning-routine-will-make-you-unstoppable Emphasis mine. Just quoted that because it was along the same lines as my post.
  6. Emperor G_D

    Why Willpower is Overrated

    I agree with the extract you put in your post. People always give me the "how do you get up so early and work out" bullshit. "I could never do that" "I'm just not a morning person", etc. I'm not a morning person-have these people ever met me before? I simply made a choice about when to get to the gym and I organize my life-or at least parts of my life that have the biggest impact on my gym attendance-around it. Once your life is organized and you do the things that must be done to continue that pattern, it's easy. SHit, it takes me no willpower at all...I just listen to my alarm, put my clothes on, and walk out the door. Done.
  7. Emperor G_D

    Mr.Kite is doing 5/3/1

    I'm pretty famous for having my head firmly planted up my ass and doing shit like this. At least you didn't drop any reps or lose time on your mile.
  8. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    I'm the latless man, so I wouldn't look to me for packing on meat there. I've been getting in rows, and pulldowns, and reverse pushups, and single arm lat work for about 4 weeks and my lats are improving. I give them 2 days of work per week.
  9. Emperor G_D

    A Cure for Alcoholism/Addiction?

    I've always drawn a pretty tight conclusion between nervous disorders and addiction based on local examples.
  10. Emperor G_D

    A Cure for Alcoholism/Addiction?

    My mom was a chiropractor for decades. She eventually had to ask the questions about her career that one has to ask themselves after some decades "where am I going", etc. She happened upon a man* who was training non-medical doctors-people who were trained in medicine, but not MDs, like my mom-and he established a path towards a wellness and chiropractic based addiction therapy program. Now, say what you like about chiropractic, but feeling well definitely plays into being well, so that was part of the treatment. The other part of the treatment was a neutriceutical-based supplement regimen along with the training from Kenneth Blum-whom I always found fascinating to talk with. He was a bio-genius and man I loved to talk drugs with him. Some of his work is here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11280926 *- Jay Holder turns out to be a huckster of the highest order, but again, combining wellness modalities such as chiropractic, supplements, a 12 step program and some chinese medicine was a decent combination for people who didn't want to or couldn't go into medical treatment.
  11. Emperor G_D

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    Actually, I never feel it in my abs, but in my hip flexors at the distal insertion point. It's in the mid-point between the lateralus and the medius just south of the hip.
  12. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    BTW, the pec pain is likely due to shoulder positioning...a better job locking down your lats and pulling your shoulders back would maybe prevent that. It happens to me, too, when I pull something max-ish.
  13. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    Nice pants ya fuckin homo.
  14. Emperor G_D

    Sanction lifted

    Sure, Sanction... Here's my normal pre-lifting stretching for lower body shit. It loosens up the psoas, the piriformis and the various hip flexors: The first thing I do, I don't know what to call it. I've been looking for a video representation of it, but I'm striking out. I get on all fours, and I cross my left leg in front of my right knee. Then I just lean into it. It will stretch the glutes, and the piriformis. It's the same general idea that you can find in this youtube video-just without the band, and I actually cross my legs over one another. This can absolutely be done without a band, and without crossing your knee over the other one. You set up on all fours like the guy in the above video, and you should be able to lean the junk in your trunk away from the centerline of your body. You should feel a strong stretch in dat booty. Then, I do what is basically the pidgeon pose. Namaste, motherfucker. If your quads are tight, or if you need to do other work, feel free to pair this work with something like the couch stretch: Or some other hip flexor work, and you can find shitloads of good stuff here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hip+flexor+kelly+starrett
  15. Emperor G_D

    Soy: to bean or not to bean?

    Now we know why vegans are so worried all the time...