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  1. Emperor G_D


    My sleep specialist is a pulmonologist, I believe.
  2. Emperor G_D


    This is complicated... This doctor is a hippy who's an MD, who is actually a Neuro who specializes in sleep disorders? Your story is very onion-like. Lots of layers. lol
  3. Emperor G_D

    Best exercise for general neck hypertrophy?

    Video or you're lying. We want to see first set and last set to compare... And by 'we', I mean @STENDEC.
  4. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    Yeah, now I'm just a sensitive bitch. I get it. I used to think you understood me. Now I know it was only raw sexual attraction.
  5. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

  6. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    Only 670...barely 2x bodyweight.
  7. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    I tell @Atlasnow that he's an anorexic little bitch, too.
  8. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    BTW, 265x8 is pretty good for an anorexic little shit like yourself.
  9. Emperor G_D

    Resurrection of Blu

    Just stop being a bitch. That's a good first step. Says the guy who can barely walk without being in spasm, and hasn't gone to the gym in weeks.
  10. Emperor G_D

    Where is Emperor G_d Really From?

    These are really quite striking results. lol I'm really from the planet Krypton.
  11. Emperor G_D

    fasted or not ?

    Most of us happen to be here because we have decided to drop out of the mainstream bodybuilding, strength and/or health fora. Too much broism, too much hivemind, too much capitalistic bunk supp sales, etc.
  12. Emperor G_D

    fasted or not ?

    I look back very fondly on our jousting. You were right and I was just a young ignorant bro. Your fadeout from here was a loss for us.
  13. Emperor G_D


    Agreed with Mr. Ras, even though he's a colossal penis. Note that I said *is* a colossal penis, not *has* one. The 'fermented foods good, moldy foods bad' provision alone has me in doubt about some of the basics of the diet-or at the very least, her understanding about why this works in question.
  14. Emperor G_D

    fasted or not ?

    OMG. It's Anoop. @anoopbal, I've thought about some of our clashes on pain oh so many eons ago. Not sure where you stand on pain these days, curious to know what's new in your world overall, too.
  15. Emperor G_D

    Young Again Club - John Thomas

    TB12 is the best branded plan I've seen yet. lol