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  1. Elle

    Sublimation, culture, and creativity.

    Only if there's enough sexuality around (according to this research)
  2. Elle

    Sublimation, culture, and creativity.

    Alive and kicking - don't knock it until you try it
  3. Elle

    Fasting with "brainy" job?

    You mean as a way to get to keto faster?
  4. Elle

    Niacinamide Riboside

    Interesting. I wonder if its because of more NAD in diet (e.g. meat)
  5. Elle

    Sublimation, culture, and creativity.

    its in the context of the protestant belief. I'm not from around there but I sure know about that and how they love them some fires of hell. so its a "depravity" in the context of sublimation - that is the borders for the desire are harsher.
  6. Elle

    Sublimation, culture, and creativity.

    I asked for the full text, than read some more in this forum and found it.
  7. Elle

    Fasting with "brainy" job?

    hmmm priming sounds interesting. I wonder if there's any research on much changes in metabolism last once keto is over
  8. Elle

    Sublimation, culture, and creativity.

    http://sci-hub.tw/10.1037/a0033487 got it
  9. This interests me greatly, kisses and love in advance ❤️ Sublimation, culture, and creativity. Kim, Emily Zeppenfeld, Veronika Cohen, Dov Combining insights from Freud and Weber, this article explores whether Protestants (vs. Catholics and Jews) are more likely to sublimate their taboo feelings and desires toward productive ends. In the Terman sample (Study 1), Protestant men and women who had sexual problems related to anxieties about taboos and depravity had greater creative accomplishments, as compared to those with sexual problems unrelated to such concerns and to those reporting no sexual problems. Two laboratory experiments (Studies 2 and 3) found that Protestants produced more creative artwork (sculptures, poems, collages, cartoon captions) when they were (a) primed with damnation-related words, (b) induced to feel unacceptable sexual desires, or (c) forced to suppress their anger. Activating anger or sexual attraction was not enough; it was the forbidden or suppressed nature of the emotion that gave the emotion its creative power. The studies provide possibly the first experimental evidence for sublimation and suggest a cultural psychological approach to defense mechanisms. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved) Kim, E., Zeppenfeld, V., & Cohen, D. (2013). Sublimation, culture, and creativity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105(4), 639-666. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/a0033487
  10. Elle

    Fasting with "brainy" job?

    thought about that, and working out on the am.
  11. Elle

    Fasting with "brainy" job?

    So I really wanna get back to some form of fasting - have low calorie periods during my week. Problem is that I work as a software architect and I can't imagine fasting as the blood sugar drops are what kills my focus. I need to be focused 9-10 hours a day, I can take a break in the middle some times. I eat every 2-3 hours while I'm working, healthy meals and nibbles, and it sustains me. Now, I can go full keto and from my experience this works and you can be focused when fasting if in ketosis but its so easy to get out of ketosis IME that its not worth all the hassle. also, i don't like the nutritional deprecation. those of you who successfully IF/fasted while maintaining productivity in a brain-demanding work or anyone, please chime in
  12. Elle

    tyrosine increases anger on severe stress

    I didnt talk about the study but about why taking tyrosine on empty stomach is different than adding 2g to a protein shake. (the first part of his post). I have edited my post to clear that up. and yeah the study is not designed well. taking large amount of full protein with tyrosine will greatly reduce its BBB uptake. (See link in my post)
  13. Elle

    Protein Powder Reviews

    OMG, I ordered 1 combat and two grass fed whey
  14. Elle

    Protein Powder Reviews

    musclefarm reviews? iherb has 30% and I have found additional coupons https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/403398 that make it really cheap. I got one Combat Cookies and Cream
  15. Elle

    Protein Powder Reviews

    iherb has some good deals on grass-fed whey Orgain, Natural Factors, Designer Whey, Musclefarm , Now, CTD, Bluebonnet Any feedback on any of these? maybe we should have a chart of cumulative feedback to summarize this thread