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  1. Kimbo

    Black Pepper

    http://time.com/5503520/black-pepper-health-benefits/ A group at Kansas State University found that mixing one gram of fine black pepper with 100 grams of ground beef—which works out to about a teaspoon of black pepper per half-pound of meat—almost completely eliminated the formation of HCAs during cooking.
  2. Kimbo

    Super Poopers

    https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/01/some-of-us-may-produce-super-healing-poop-and-scientists-are-on-it/ Researchers squeezed out a similar finding in 2017 from another randomized trial of FMTs for IBD treatment. In this case, researchers tried pooling fecal material from different donors to maximize the effects of any powerhouse poo. Again, they only saw about a 27-percent cure rate. But diving into the data, they found that pools that contained stool from one particular donor were far more likely to cure patients than all the other mucky medleys.
  3. Kimbo

    Proper CBD dosage?

    750mg. I'm still shopping around.
  4. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

    Don't die.
  5. Kimbo

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    And I tried. But every time I was done and tried to upload the video I'd discover that it didn't record anything. So I'd have to start over.
  6. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

    Sometimes I shit into the air with enough force that the turd flies to Michigan and lands in Mike's mouth.
  7. Kimbo

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    I do that thing they did in Kickboxer. I wrap my hand in toilet paper, then tree sap, and then, finally, broken glass.
  8. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

    I'll send you some shit soon, maybe tomorrow.
  9. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

    *making a fisting motion*
  10. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

  11. Kimbo

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    Can't really measure it, sure, but she's had people get dizzy from it.
  12. Kimbo

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    My PT said that BP tends to shoot up with both arms occluded. So that's something you may want to measure (and keep an eye on).
  13. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

    I have been preaching the anabolic qualities of Fruity Pebbles for many years now.
  14. Kimbo

    Resurrection of Blu

    And that's why I'm a programmer. Because the term "starving artist" isn't just made up. I did enjoy art school quite a bit, and I don't regret going, but I can also say that because I was able to get into a different field and pay that shit off.