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  1. mwarren


    Keep the D high. That range is not reflective of optimal. 100 is fine. So many benefits of elevated d. Unlike most things when you only feel better coming out of a deficit, I continued to feel better going outside the high end and there's the potential for AR modulation
  2. mwarren

    One (New) Direction

    Damn. We can't enderestimate certain remedies. Studies done on them are often poorly structured and some things like ryr and natural sources of different alkaloids can have drug effects.
  3. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I've wondered why bodybuilders don't use templates as such and just add a set every week until they surpass recovery then deload and start over. Would be so easy.
  4. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    I decided to ice my knees, take a tylenol every 3 hours leading up to the session, and just overload. This is the last week before deloading and I want to make sure I'm in the right place for adaptation. WEEK 9 DAY 1- ACCUMULATION 2 A. PL Back Squat to Parallel 5 reps, RPE 7 405x5 RPE 7.5 B. Back Squat (full ROM) 5-8 reps, RPE 9.5, 3-1-X-1. Drop 10% and do backoff sets until RPE 9 achieved. 255x8 RPE 9 NO BACKDOWN SET PER KIM   C. Competition Grip Bench Press 5 reps, RPE 7 285x5 RPE 7.5 My chest is feeling great. Probably will be at full strength in 2 more cycles with some different movements  D1. Incline DB Bench Press 8-12 reps, RPE 9.5, 3-1-X-1. Drop 10% and do backoff sets until RPE 9 achieved. 85x15 RPE 9.5 85x10 RPE 9 Just went for an extra rep where possible. Think I milked this movement satisfactorily this meso.  D2. Face Pull 12-15 reps, RPE 9.5, 3-1-X-1. Drop 10% and do backoff sets until RPE 9 achieved. 70x15 RPE 9.5 60x15 RPE 8 60x15 RPE 9 Just goddamned pleased with my strength gains on Kim's protocol. It's been 9 weeks since I tested my lifts and I'm easily +25/+20/+?? without even peaking. If I can get 3-4 more mesos in like this or close, then I'll be peaking at nationals numbers.
  5. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Always in your white T-s lol.
  6. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Lol actually yes I do like to be freed up and prefer basketball shorts and titty tank. But when it's cold, I don't want to let my muscles get...cold. I guess I like to work up a little sweat on my warm up in a hoodie regardless. Just feels....stoich.
  7. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    You need to have an open mind to become an elite lifter. And it felt natural to accomplish both tasks at once. Didn't you notice that I DLed 50lbs more than usual at the same RPE? I'll be needing brown workout pants though.
  8. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Forgot to add the deadlifts and shit to my last session which I finished yesterday, but my log was getting better use as sexual relief. For posterity sake, I did about 8 warmup sets of DL with 65lbs then 2 ramp up sets because I was teaching Jamie. I always felt like DL came more naturally to me and to be honest she really is picking it up quickly. She really liked doing them so I'm going to try to get her to chase a serious strength goal.
  9. mwarren

    One (New) Direction

    You appear to be WELL within the healthy bodyfat range. But to each his own
  10. mwarren

    Best exercise for general neck hypertrophy?

    Neck muscles don't hypertrophy well. Also, doing neck exercises with flexion and extension is goddamned stupid. You will regret it. If anything, the neck, LIKE THE LOWER BACK, was meant to stabilize. Any work you do for it should be anti-movement isometrics. You don't see anyone that stayed in the game long doing stupid shit like round back lifts or chin lifts lol. Best thing to make your neck big is to gain weight. Take steroids. Don't ruin your neck.
  11. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I find that "extra workouts" at home with light weights really help hypertrophy. They seem meaningless- 10-20lbs for a variety of movements, but I think perhaps the bloodflow and such really improves nutrient partitioning. Nothing like getting a pump on before bed.
  12. mwarren

    One (New) Direction

    Lol can we remove the reaction limit for Ras? Yea Ben I think I used to plan my shit TOO MUCH and just hitting it hard would have done me better. It's definitely an advantage for specific goals but there's something to be said for instinctive training if you know your body well. I can't believe how jacked you are. What are you weighing in that pic?
  13. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Lol we both know bodyweight multipliers are for anorexic bitches. Man I loved bodyweight ratios and pullups and shit when I was 150lbs. I'm reminded of the current group of mexicans at my gym. It's like a group of circus performers or something. All 5'1-5'4, always doing bench press with a pad on the bar to assist the bounce, then pullups, crazy hanging ab things, and dips. They get smug when they watch other people struggle with pullups but all of us could rip out a bunch of pullups when we were kids.
  14. mwarren

    One (New) Direction

    Oh my god Ben looking back on your log makes me uncomfortable about my posts. I'm the main poster and it seems like I'm always trying to question your shit. But really I'm not. I mean, I am, but because you're just ahead of me and I like to know the reasons why you do certain things as they may be things I need to consider. Like, no disrespek. Just a fanboy.
  15. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    When you have squatted 700+, you can call pretty much anyone an anorexic little bitch.