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  1. mwarren

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    Ugh. I already have a lot of pain in the proximal insertion. I bet it would make me feel like shit. Good to know.
  2. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    I know, you keep me pushing hard. It's good having someone I respect in a similar position so that I can see what they do and how it works for them and whatnot. Ever since I was a teenager on the AL forum, I've been envious of your pulling ability.
  3. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Fuck you, I had to roll up the legs because they were too baggy at the bottom. Okay, that definitely sounds like my issue. I think my back stronger than my legs in the proportion they should be in for the PL lifts BUT my lats are weak. I will try to get a lot of pulling volume in this off season. Any exercises you recommend in particular that would help? I know a lot of it has to do with setting up and getting locked in correctly but I want to focus on gaining mass in my weak areas for a few months at least.
  4. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Okay so finished up. Hit 525 DL and my pec felt like it was going to explode so I didn't go for the 545 I was planning on attempting. To be honest though, I was spent and my form was pretty bad on the 525 so I'm glad I stopped there. I missed that 1300 total by 10lbs. Pretty bummed about that lol. I also hit a hard set of pullups and db presses just bcoz. Deadlift Pullup DB Incline Bench 65x20 Full Squat practice 135x8x2 So, I'm pretty sure Uncle Kim is going to coach me through the next cycle and I need to grow my legs. Can't wait.
  5. mwarren

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    I've never done a z press. I imagine the abs get pretty taxed? What's the benefit over standing?
  6. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Hit a 315lb bench last night but my ass came up a little because I was scared of hurting my pec. The actual last wasn't nearly that hard. But whatever. I'll count it for now. I just didn't have enough practice getting comfortable with heavier weight on my pec. At the end I said "oghh shit" but I swear I don't sound like that lol Now all I need to pull Friday is 535 to hit the bullshit 1300 total.
  7. mwarren

    One (New) Direction

    Lol. Hail dein curls!
  8. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    And so was I, moments before that picture. No, seriously.
  9. mwarren

    Mr.Kite is doing 5/3/1

    The Goddamn running
  10. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Got that cocksucker squat PR. I got too elongated because of the knee pain but fuck it I'm happy. I just need to work on my knees when the new program begins. And thanks for the complement on my picture but let's face it, I ain't trying to be a little fuckboy Justin Beiber ripped abs weakling. I want to be strong. Real men weigh 250. I need to make some serious effort here. Squat The rest doesn't matter. Bench on Weds
  11. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    I've already been doing the butter thing
  12. mwarren


    I was reading that very thing yesterday. Very useful.
  13. mwarren

    So. Not. Powerlifting...

    Do you feel like conditioning work allows you to do more lifting? I know that's the premise, but really? I'm trying to decide if it would be a worthwhile investment since time is limited as is.
  14. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    Morning after carb load. Damn I'm sm0l. I'm never going to get strong if I don't start eating like a man. Chrissake
  15. mwarren

    Resurrection of Blu

    I know. I'm sowwy. In all fairness I decided I should post the vid. Can't just post the good ones and create a false image lol. Looking at it now, I definitely didn't push the bar back enough which is why I think it stalled. Got too far forward. But anyways, this week is PR week for the big 3 and then I get to work on weakpoints again. I made sure to put on some bloat for today-squat PR day- by eating am entire box of cereal with whole milk as an extra meal last night after I had already gotten my calorie goals in. So I'm good to go. I think I've already hit my lifetime PR in this training cycle (435) so anything higher is just egotastic. I am hoping for 450.