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  1. Abstract. – OBJECTIVE: In this paper, we focused on the toxic effect of ketamine on the reproductive system in male rats and its underlying mechanisms. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Rats were randomly allocated into four groups (n=10), i.e. a control group and 3 ketamine groups (high-dose, middose, low-dose). Animals in the ketamine groups received an intraperitoneal injection of ketamine (20, 40 or 60 mg/kg) every 3 days for 7 times. Control rats were injected with normal saline instead. To investigate the disruption potential on the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPG) axis, the relative hormone levels in serum and mRNA expressions for some reproduction-related genes in reproductive organs were evaluated. RESULTS: Ketamine significantly decreased the serum concentrations of testosterone (T), inhibin B, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Meanwhile, the mRNA expressions of GnRH in the hypothalamus, GnRH receptor, LH-β and FSH-β in the pituitary, and LH receptor and FSH receptor in testes were also significantly inhibited by ketamine compared with the control (p<0.01). CONCLUSIONS: These results demonstrated that the ketamine had a toxic effect on the reproductive system via breaking the HPG equilibrium. In reading the study, I realized I have no idea how well mice model the HPTA axis. Nonetheless, they looked at various metrics and all seemed to suggest the thesis that ketamine had a dose response effect on inhibiting testosterone production. So beware! If you're stuck in a crossfitters body and taking ketamine, there may be a way out for you
  2. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    I hate to interrupt the banter, but guys, I can't feel anything. My chest is sore and numb, I can't lift my hands above my nipples, and I can't feel my triceps at all (there's a cramp I get if I try too hard). My body was definitely not used to what I did, haha. I guess I gotta eat more steaks.
  3. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    lol I like it because it's how I write it on my phone, and it forces my log to automatically sort everything by date, even my searches, which I prefer.
  4. Growth Factor

    One (New) Direction

    I used to call them iron cross curls. To the wrong audience, that may be a worse term for them, lol.
  5. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    Well my plan got derailed by a cold that coincided with idiopathic shoulder pain on the normally-healthy shoulder. It's been good for a few days so I hit up the gym finally. And so we begin... I'll just note that today was suboptimal due to me having a hip issue that I didn't think ahead of time to work out before arriving at the gym. Thus, I couldn't do rack pulls as intended and replaced the movement with Yates rows. I'll revert to rack pulls on the second go-around. Unless it's important for some reason, I will not be logging my warmups while blasting DC. I will mention when I do DC stretches, notate something about the eccentric used, and mention my static holds. For the record, I always do the 10-15 deep breaths between attempts as my only pause outside of my setup and wont mention the timing between rest-paused sets. 18/12/04 A1 INCLINE BENCH 185x11,2,1=14 total reps, 5-6 second negatives + static hold **DC chest stretch** HAMMER STRENGTH SHOULDER PRESS (weight on machine) 120x12,2,2=16 total reps, 5-6 second negatives + static hold **DC shoulder stretch** EZ SKULLCRUSHERS (weight on bar) 80x9,3,2=14 total reps, 5-6 second negatives + static hold **DC tricep stretch** LAT PULLDOWNS 160x12,5,3=20 total reps, 4 second negatives + static hold YATES ROW 265x7 185x19 lol **DC lat stretch** Well that was pretty cool. I loved how fast I breezed through this workout. I had a pretty massive chest and shoulder pump by the end of this all, with something for the back as well. My triceps are also pumped, but I am not happy with the EZ bar weight. With presses, one aims to get between 10-15 total reps, with some possibility of dipping down into like the ~9 rep range at the end of a blast, but with things like dumbbells and extensions I'm supposed to aim for no less than 15 total reps. Not only did I not get 15, but moving forward it wouldn't allow me too much room to grow in this rep range, so I will be dropping the weight next time.
  6. Growth Factor

    Proper CBD dosage?

    I've never heard of anyone getting buzzed with anything less than like 7-9mg. Where are you getting this figure from?
  7. Growth Factor

    Proper CBD dosage?

    btw I forgot when I came up with this thought experiment that combustion destroys THC. Last I recall this is not studied well at all, but most estimates suggest you lose at least a third of the compound when smoking, if not more. So the threshhold for getting stoned (which is a grade above buzzed) is lower than I thought, probably around 20-30mg for somebody who is not tolerant to the compound (naive sensitivity varies greatly IME) That said you're still fine with 1mg.
  8. Growth Factor

    Proper CBD dosage?

    This shows the opposite https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21362471 This shows that CBD can induce damage, and that that is one mechanism by which CBD actually kills cancer https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27821713 These papers show that a THC:CBD cocktail has antitumor activity that is increased by increasing CBD:THC. Interestingly, CBD alone was not good. May point to that magic Sanction* (sorry, Ian) is always on about https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30195736 with clinical trial data: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0006295218303496?via%3Dihub#b0130 I've also researched this topic when I worked in head and neck cancer, and while this was during a time when CBD alone wasn't studied, all existing studies of THC and THC:CBD showed data similar, though more inconsistently weaker, than that seen in gliomas. Also, cannabinoids are all related to sphingolipids. While sphingolipic chemistry is a bit nascent in the grand scheme of things, the ability for cannabinoids to stimulate ceramide production around cancer cells which stimulates autophagy-associated cell death is well documented. So while the findings of the study are interesting, and I think it is worth exploring and revisiting this DNA damage that they found, the first thing that springs to mind would not be alarm based on the deep body of work supporting anything from neutral-activity to antitumor activity of cannabinoids, including CBD.
  9. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    18/11/17 SQUAT SPEED SQUAT 135x5 225x5 275x3 300x6x2 <--- 45 seconds between attempts PAUSE SQUAT 305x3x4 <-- 5 second pauses bad knee, elbow, and shoulder tendinitis. Couldn't do more squatting of any kind LYING LEG CURL some weightx8,8,8 Squats felt so much better with improved hip and knee mobility, but the wear and tear of my heavy lifting, my poor posture and needing to visit the chiro, and having to increase the frequency of my straight bar squatting, my whole bicep-shoulder area is really on the fringes right now. I've got one more week of lifting before I deload.
  10. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    I just got back home from Boston. Wow. That was a really intense weekend. There were many adventures, tons of laughs, some funny, and some memorable experiences. Among many things, I also got to have a taste for the legal state experience, which was eye opening. I also took an opportunity while conducting my field research to talk to a lot of knowledgeable guys about cannabis, cannabinoids, and learned a lot of cool things. Nothing to share here, but there are leads for me to chase to learn more for the time being.
  11. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    It's definitely a grower program. I even grew during a not-too-mild cut on it around my chest, legs, and triceps. In other news, flying out to Boston in T-1 day. It'll be nice to chill with close friends and be able to smoke pretty openly. 18/11/14 DEADLIFT 2" DEFICIT DEADLIFT 225x5 315x3 405x2 475x1 525x1 <-- RPE 9.0 at most, was super easy, definitely had a double in me SPEED DEADLIFTS 385x12x1 <-- 20 seconds between attempts (sometimes 25, I'm out of shape) PIN GOODMORNINGS 245x3x10 <--- first two sets super hard, third set easier HANGING AB RIPPER BWx3x10 <-- negatives on last 2 sets So I was highly encouraged by this session tonight. That is, I dont feel as bad about my squat session. I actually also realized upon reflection that I fucked up my form which made it harder to squat. I'm sure that also contributed to the fatigue. That doesn't really have a bearing on whether I decide to switch up my programming or not, however. I just wanted to share something positive.
  12. Growth Factor


    JW where was the pain in your legs at? Was it muscular pain in the quad heads, or knees, or elsewhere?
  13. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    Yes. I do my own periodization model for upper workouts, and for lower I follow something CWS customized for me for deadlifts and Cube Kingpin or whatever for squats. I just skipped 100% of my supplemental and accessory exercises my last squat workout. Even before I read Sam's log about switching things up, I myself had been thinking I'm really just not feeling the iron bug anymore. I've been thinking about switching things up, perhaps even getting back to an old favorite of mine, DC, especially now that I'm at a gym with not just free weights but machines. I think I might just wrap up this cycle and consider making the switch after a deload. I have some time to think, but what I'm doing is not even remotely exciting anymore, and even though I know I'd bump my weights up significantly with a cycle, I'm not about to waste my AAS on trying to motivate myself. That just doesn't make sense right now. The only thing is if I did DC I'd probably have to buy knee sleeves for squats. Even though I'd only barbell squat once every two weeks, the intensity could be too much for my knees.
  14. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    18/11/10 BENCH PAUSE BENCH 225x5 275x1 295x1 315x3,2 CG SPOTO PRESS 265x6,3 CGBP 245x5,4 BO BB ROWS superset BAND PULLAPARTS 235x12,12,12,12,11 redx5x20
  15. Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    18/11/09 SQUAT SQUAT 135x5 225x4 275x2 315x1 added belt 365x4,4,1 GHR BWx12,10,10 lol this was a pretty short workout, but my legs were completely worthless by this point. I didn't think I'd lose as much conditioning in my squat as I did, so I had attempted to do this at a tempo of a set every 4-5 minutes (I forget the exact timing) since this was a rep workout. So much for that. EDIT: also I forgot I had a raging case of tendinitis in my quad which caused me to stop trying with the squats, even with lower weight. I'll have to make sure to hit this area in my stretching and warmups next leg day.