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  1. ozzman

    Making An Oral Suspension

    Or, buy ready to consume caber from a reputable vendor.
  2. ozzman

    Sanction lifted

    Minimalist, sure
  3. ozzman

    Occult Blooded Occlusion Grimoire

    Here is an article for you @Ras https://www.elitefts.com/education/training/bodybuilding/grow-big-quads-without-lower-back-pain/
  4. ozzman

    Proper CBD dosage?

    I haven't tried it transdermally. The one I have is coconut oil based, I may mix a batch in a transdermal carrier and check. My joints still hurt.
  5. ozzman

    Proper CBD dosage?

    As others have stated, start low and check how you react. Sublingually I find that 25 mg as I wake and then two 12.5 mg doses throughout the day when things might be stressful. I also use a whole plant CBD.
  6. ozzman

    One (New) Direction

    It was thoroughly enjoyable.
  7. Only if they remember to do it. Or their caregivers care. Sorry for the gallows humor, my dad is an advanced stage of AD. Not fun for the family.
  8. ozzman

    One (New) Direction

    Thank you for the video
  9. ozzman

    One (New) Direction

    Great BB routine
  10. ozzman

    The TRT Thread

    I developed hard tissue in my nipples with the gel. After mostly solving it I haven't had a the same issue by injecting IM. When I injected subq, sensitivity returned. When I inject large doses 200 mg IM then some sensitivity may come but not always.
  11. ozzman

    The TRT Thread

    From memory, but mostly from experience, TRT can't and shouldn't be done in isolation. CV events, breast tenderness are related to higher levels of E due to aromatization of which the gels have a higher incidence. Inject, and control.
  12. ozzman

    Keto poops

    But a bad poop will give you a world of pain and tears and tears.
  13. ozzman

    Why are naps different?

    I can take a nap almost on command. If I'm tired, all it takes is a comfortable chair, bed, or similar and I will be out fir 10 mins