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Nutraceuticals For Lipids Modification

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"In recent years, nutraceuticals and functional foods have shown their role as possible supporting therapies for lowering plasma TC, LDL-C and TG, especially for hypercholesterolemic subjects, whose blood cholesterol level is moderately elevated (for instance, TC = 200–240 mg/dl or 5.2–6.2 mmol/l, LDL-C = 130–160 mg/dl or 3.4–4.1 mmol/l, TG = 150–200 mg/dl or 1.7–2.3 mmol/l in subjects in primary prevention for CVD) but not high enough to require pharmacological treatment [30, 31]. Based on current knowledge, nutraceuticals could exert significant lipid-lowering activity, and their intake has many advantages."



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