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    • Things have been all over the place recently. Hard to be consistent with a small baby. And I forgot to log a couple gym sessions, but I'm gonna do better. I went yesterday.   5/3/1 Krypteia - Monday Squats: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 77.5x5 / 87.5x5 / 100x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 77.5 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 30 BB Row: 5x10 @ 35 Pullups: 5x2 Situps: 5x10
    • You can hold on to that torch from now on out. I don't need it back!   But seriously, wish you luck on the car surgery tomorrow.
    • It has actually been what I seem to respond to best. Keep in mind the volume is SOOOO low. I am doing 4 exercises with 2 prep sets and then a hard working set with clusters, rest pause,  longer negatives, etc. I don't even mention the prep sets. For instance on the rack pulls I will do 225 for 6, 315 for 5, and then 405 for 4 with my work set being 495 plus. That is the most prep I do. Bench is like 205(6 reps) then 245(4 reps) with 275 work set. In the past I have definitely over done it when it came to volume.   Workout today: Neutral grip chin ups cluster +25 for 5. Felt pretty easy especially compared to how I remember last time. Lat pulldown wider neutral grip 250 for 7,3,2 This was honestly extra lol Seated cable row iso hold with slow negative 150 for 8(?) then some extra regular reps Seated leg curl 180 for 15,3,3,3,2 Incline DB curl 30s for 10 reps slow negative and then hold at end 3 prowler runs down and back. Again some extra. I won't be doing this again lol. My quads, hams, glutes, and lungs were burning lol. I laid on the ground for a minute...s.   A little more than I usually do. I like doing the extra lat pulldowns since I have switched most of my primary(first) lifts to rest pause but kept the chins as clusters. Plus I went in with the plan on having a carb meal tonight. Had carb nite on Friday and waiting till Saturday for next carb nite. A little longer than I would like to wait. So I figured one carb meal would be help bridge the gap. There is a good chance I end up lifting till Saturday though. Definitely feeling it right now. I do jumps before my workout to get amped up and I felt on pretty quick. Plus my strength seems to be going up. My body seems to be enjoying the diet even fighting off sickness. My right biceps and shoulder were bothering me. They feel much better now.
    • Monday, 17 February 2020:   Decided to pace myself before the next leg day. Just climbing today.   Within 30 seconds of sitting down in the bouldering area, a girl fell off the wall and broke her arm right in front of me. We got her calmed down and the gym staff did some basic splint work so she could make her way to the doctor. I climbed a few bouldering problems but I wasn't really feeling it, so I left early.   I drove my wife's car to the gym. On the way home, it developed some terrible noises from the engine bay. Not quite consistent enough for rod knock, maybe a spun bearing, but I'm hoping it's just a broken timing belt tensioner. I'll pull it apart tomorrow, but I'm giving it 70% odds of a blown motor given that it almost has 200K miles.   On top of that, I'm feeling vaguely sick. Beginning to think I picked up some of @Growth Factor's bad 2020 luck somehow.
    • I grew up watching This Old House with my dad on Sunday mornings. He and I did some remodeling work together when I was too young to really be much help. It's amazing how much of the knowledge I've retained, though.   Now my dad is getting too old to really help out much. I can tell he wants to, but my mom and I are both worried that he'll worsen his back problems if he tries. Kind of wish I had done this earlier in my life so he could help out a bit more.
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