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    • And then there is this robust bit of "science" that made headlines today.   Our search identified 172 observational studies across 16 countries and six continents, with no randomised controlled trials and 44 relevant comparative studies in health-care and non-health-care settings (n=25 697 patients). Transmission of viruses was lower with physical distancing of 1 m or more, compared with a distance of less than 1 m (n=10 736, pooled adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 0·18, 95% CI 0·09 to 0·38; risk difference [RD] −10·2%, 95% CI −11·5 to −7·5; moderate certainty); protection was increased as distance was lengthened (change in relative risk [RR] 2·02 per m; pinteraction=0·041; moderate certainty). Face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection (n=2647; aOR 0·15, 95% CI 0·07 to 0·34, RD −14·3%, −15·9 to −10·7; low certainty), with stronger associations with N95 or similar respirators compared with disposable surgical masks or similar (eg, reusable 12–16-layer cotton masks; pinteraction=0·090; posterior probability >95%, low certainty). Eye protection also was associated with less infection (n=3713; aOR 0·22, 95% CI 0·12 to 0·39, RD −10·6%, 95% CI −12·5 to −7·7; low certainty). Unadjusted studies and subgroup and sensitivity analyses showed similar findings.   Lancet Study   So let's see...they lumped effectiveness studies of fitted N95 respirators in with studies of surgical and cloth masks....although multi-ply 12-16 layer masks rather unlike the single-ply models that most people are wearing around...I can't imagine how those results might be at all misleading....   And then their exhaustive review of the available literature was unable to turn up any randomized controlled trials like this one, and this one and finally this one (repeated from above) which indicated that the use of a cloth mask resulted in a 72% higher infection rate when compared to wearing a surgical mask and led the authors to conclude:   "This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection."     So watch out for publishing bias, keep your distance, the further apart the better, wear goggles apparently, and if you are going to wear a mask, don't wear a cloth one.    
    • Not sure.    But I really like this one.   Masks reduce COVID-19 transmission...between hamsters  
    • Is this one of your articles?   https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/L20-0745   Retractions2 Jun 2020 Notice of Retraction: Effectiveness of Surgical and Cotton Masks in Blocking SARS-CoV-2
    • So how much longer until he starts out-lifting you?
    • Allright, quickie today. Another hot few days. Felt absolutely torched while doing this. Feel pretty good, now.   13Sx20R in 21:28. Avg HR 119, Max HR 160.   Started with ~sub 60 second rests, and was doing 90s by the end. 
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