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    • So as we start to come out of this thing, I am hopeful that there can be some objective analysis of efficacy of some of the public health responses that were put in place....there will be no shortage of data.   I've been watching Florida and California as a close (but not admittedly not perfect) matched case study because they have similar large populations, climates, population densities, ethnic diversities, etc. but took very different approaches in terms of restrictions on business, masks, stay-at-home orders, etc.   CA has had one of the strictest and longest-lasting business lockdown/stay-at-home orders in place and also one of the widest reaching and longest-standing mask mandates. The state's largest school district in LA County has been 100% remote this year with no in-person instruction.   FL, by contrast, has had no statewide mask mandate, has only had limited and short-lived business restrictions and no stay-at-home order. The state's largest school district in Miami-Dade County has been 100% in person this year.   Yet despite these rather stark differences in response to the pandemic, the two states have almost identical population adjusted confirmed case counts and COVID deaths.   It would appear, at least on a first pass, that CA's draconian public health measures had essentially no meaningful impact on the spread of the virus or the number of lives lost. This seems completely counterintuitive but I am struggling to come up with an alternative explanation for the data we have available.  
    • True. Although there's a much better chance of that happening if it is FDA approved for the indication.   I am not at all surprised that an insurer would refuse to cover an expensive brand-name drug for off-label use.
    • Being approved for a purposed doesn't mean being approved by an insurance company though. We'll see.    I couldn't get liraglutide covered at 1.8mg, and I doubt I'd get the 2.4mg version of semaglutide covered if it were to get approval. That I'm getting covered for either in the US with PPO insurance and not being diabetic is remarkable, actually. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they don't change their minds. lol
    • FWIW, I've noticed/perceived some benefits from Curamed brand curcumin products -- mainly better digestive health 'feel' (I have relatively sensitive stomach so to speak), and it seemed to help with hangovers mentally and physically.
    • My curcumin has always helped me in one special and specific way: it controls my hidradenitis suppurativa. WHen I don't take curcumin, and I get into a cycle where I have boils everywhere-or like this last year where I have several constant boils in the same place-curcumin usually works like a charm. I added it back to my daily stack and like magic, my irritating boils that had been bugging me for 6 months straight disappeared.
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