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    • We once worked up a "sarcasm" tag because we had so many issues with that. I might look into that again...   Sorry to hear about dinner. Hope it happens soon.
    • My plan is to cook an low carb Philly cheese steak casserole that I have made a handful of times already. Do something I know.   https://skinnysouthernrecipes.com/low-carb-philly-cheese-steak-casserole/?fbclid=IwAR3SLkipK_Fiw8b9L3SYOdd-IKWzlJuquvp8iTNhsV_zL2mzUSGvOccJZdc   She is pretty adventurous when it comes to food so that won't be an issue. First date took her to "the hole in the wall" Korean restaurant in town and got her to try "spicy" pork(dwaejigogi). Later took her to a more authentic Mexican restaurant and ordered her lengua(cow tongue). She didn't know what it was till afterwards, and continued to eat it after I told her. Sarcasm doesn't always work in text haha.   But it is looking like our dinner will have to be rescheduled. She woke up with a migraine and throwing up.
    • lol men cooking is "progressive" in your world?
    • I think this was unnecessary. I'm just illustrating that most people actively using RPE are just doing it fucking. wrong. (so fucking wrong, y'all. They literally have *no idea* what they are doing)     A fair point, but a tool designed for a few people is largely useless. I realize that as an elitist, you're all about that sort of thing...   This is mostly tongue-in-cheek, so take it fwiw.
    • Ditto. I think RPE is a very good buffer against overtraining because it is actually sensitive to parameters like sleep, nutrition and illness, but it requires getting to a certain level of intuitive understanding of what exertion entails for you.   People being tools doesn't make the tool a poor tool. Just means tools should stick to being tools and stay in the shed and out of the gym.
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