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    • I was pretty sure I had posted a helpful pdf some time back with a whole collection of exercise mimetics and like substances.      ~~~ REV-ERBa Ligands Other in vivo-tested exercise mimetics include SR9009 and SR9011, synthetic ligands of REV-ERBa, a nuclear receptor that plays a critical role in regulating circadian rhythm and energy metabolism. When activated by these compounds, REV-ERBa recruits co-repressors such as SMRT and NCOR1 and suppresses the expression of its target genes. Most metabolic genes in muscle are circadian, and thus the relative amplitudes of these circuits are REV-ERB dependent (Zhao et al., 2016). In muscle, REV-ERBa is selectively expressed in oxidative myofibers and is further induced by exercise. Its overexpression in muscle increases mitochondrial biogenesis and fatty acid metabolism, while its ablation results in the reverse effects. REV-ERBa does not directly regulate mitochondrial genes but rather may induce their expression indirectly through the AMPK-SIRT1-PGC1a pathway (Canto´ et al., 2010), though the mechanism remains unclear. This action makes REV-ERBa an ideal candidate for the development of exercise mimetics. Indeed, in vivo SR9009 or SR9011 treatment mimics exercise by inducing mitochondrial biogenesis as well as fatty acid oxidation, and improves endurance performance (Woldt et al., 2013). ~~~   TBH, I assume most things on the market are tainted, or bullshit, or dangerous, and maybe it's just me being in my 40s, but I don't do much experimentation with RCs anymore.   Please run it and report back...I'd be happy to run it if it were safe and effective.    More often than not I wonder how much something would cost me to import and have assayed, and then when I realize that it would cost like 4 billion dollars, I wander off and find something else that is shiny to look at.
    • Mine will be arriving today, too. I went with the linked formula above. It's straight 3,5-T2 with no 3,3. 100mcg per dose.   We'll see if fasting+T2 helps my fat loss along any.
    • Looks like Victoza might be covered for me. Good timing.
    • Related drug, liraglutide is indicated for obesity, specifically coincident with HTN.
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