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    • Low baseliner checking in...   I think I'm an anomaly in the tech industry, but I've surpassed tradesman money by now. I will say that (I believe) people of lower education share with tradesman the slower general rise in income than the more educated.  
    • Moving water is remarkably and unexpectedly powerful.   I was in charge of a repair project on a very small dam a few years back and watched what had appeared to be a fairly tame flow of the river flip a 12,000lb trenchbox downstream like a Tonka toy.
    • Appears that they attempted to control for this through educational achievement. I suspect someone with a low baseline education can probably actually make more money in a skilled trade job than they can sitting at a desk.
    • Agreed, @Construct.    I like my sit/stand desk. Sometimes I do it because my back hurts. Sometimes I do it because I have absolute shit circulation in my lower legs. Either way, I spend time sitting and standing. 
    • I dont know what it says about me, but I'd probably be up for trying it again once I'm in completely normal shape again. I think it's dangerous, but pretty doable if you're sober and know what you're doing. I didn't really know what I was doing. That being said, that is not a spot I am ever taking anybody to unless they're a townie and invite me, rather than me invite them.    I don't know about who stole the phone. I am thinking it is someone who works at a specific Kroger because that's where it stopped for some hours. I went ahead and got it sorted with my carrier, as the phone is not unlocked (it's Verizon), so should cause issues to people trying to do something to it. 
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