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  2. I see people chatting, but from a decent distance. People switching sides of the street when someone is walking towards them. I tend to step into the street to give them space as I pass by, but whatever works. SA: You live in the same neighborhood you grew up in?
  3. On this we agree. See my comments in the COVID thread.
  4. Well yea, of course people are going to do that with these half-measures that have been put into place. Without being specifically told how to handle this situation people are going to have a hard time breaking social etiquette. Thankfully the ones that I have seen are, for the most part, maintaining 6 feet of separation. A friend of mine owns a home in a PUD down in Florida. They’ve had a couple cases of COVID in the community and have shut the entire community down, and told everyone they are not allowed to leave their yards. I believe Spain, or Italy have done this as well now. Or maybe it is India. The point being is that right now we are inflicting heavy economic damage on our country without taking the drastic measures required to justify that economic hit. My concern is that we will neither effectively prevented the spread, and fatality, while also creating longer and deeper economic burden. Who knows though, maybe the governors will throw in the towel by Easter and tell everyone just to get back to work and deal with the health fallout, or maybe it will he extended, and tightened past that point. None of us know that answer. My best friend owns a small business of 100 employees here and has had to lay off 90% of his workforce. He’s pretty certain we are all back to work by the 11th. I can understand his point of view.
  5. And potentially breaking the social isolation. 😉 But I agree, it is nice to see. I don't. I have some strongman stuff, stones, tire, axle, etc. that I can use as the weather permits and of course a chin up bar and pushups/planks/crunches and all manner of BW exercises I can do.
  6. Do you have a home gym? I have a dumbbell set up to 90lbs and an adjustable bench I have been using. 90lbs is adequate for me, but I realize not even close for you. I have been doing some LISS around the neighborhood daily as well. One nice thing about this pandemic is how much my neighborhood feels like it used to when I was a kid. In the evenings people are out and about, smiling and making small talk with each other.
  7. Bump. Now that most of us don't have access to a gym, I've been "jogging" a couple of times a week....just a couple of miles and rather slowly but according to this data, I'm doing myself some good. Similar findings from the Copenhagen Heart Study although they determined a U shaped dose response. Compared with sedentary nonjoggers, 1 to 2.4 h of jogging per week was associated with the lowest mortality (multivariable hazard ratio: 0.29; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.11 to 0.80). The optimal frequency of jogging was 2 to 3 times per week (HR: 0.32; 95% CI: 0.15 to 0.69) or ≤1 time per week (HR: 0.29; 95% CI: 0.12 to 0.72). The optimal pace was slow (HR: 0.51; 95% CI: 0.24 to 1.10) or average (HR: 0.38; 95% CI: 0.22 to 0.66). The joggers were divided into light, moderate, and strenuous joggers. The lowest HR for mortality was found in light joggers (HR: 0.22; 95% CI: 0.10 to 0.47), followed by moderate joggers (HR: 0.66; 95% CI: 0.32 to 1.38) and strenuous joggers (HR: 1.97; 95% CI: 0.48 to 8.14). The findings suggest a U-shaped association between all-cause mortality and dose of jogging as calibrated by pace, quantity, and frequency of jogging. Light and moderate joggers have lower mortality than sedentary nonjoggers, whereas strenuous joggers have a mortality rate not statistically different from that of the sedentary group. FFT
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  9. Yes, I completely expected a reduction, but maybe it was a bit more than anticipated. Current broscience doses are 10migs, but we all know how that goes. Next go around I might try 2.5. I have labs scheduled in about 6 weeks so we will see...
  10. It's dose-dependent...you took 5X the dose in the study I provided. The claim is that the natural T production would improve in something like a month...that would be interesting to see. I think we all know that you can't 'get T for free'. There are gives and takes.
  11. Update: So I had some bloodwork come back about a week ago. Total test............29! Anyone who says SARMS/LGD doesn't shut you down pretty hard is dreaming. I was on a relatively low dose of 5migs for 8 weeks and the bloods were taken the last week. Also, my fasting blood glucose was 109, which is considered pre-diabetic. My diet isn't great (some refined carbs but no outright sugars, enough fiber) and I compared it to last year which was 99, the upper limit of "normal". I'm genetically predisposed to type II so I have to be careful. Also wondering if the MK had just enough of an effect in this area as I have heard it has (about a bump of 5 for most people, which is consistent). Either way for PCT I have continued MK as a bridge, taking a day or two off here and there for insulin sensitivity issues. Also began IF again as I know it can boost T. I know it won't do much for hypertrophy but hopefully help me retain LBM in a deficit (and without heavy training as gym is closed obviously). I am down about 5lbs , which I hope was the water but am still getting plenty of "juice" comments at work, which I got before my cycle anyway, but let me know something worked. Traps/Delts in particular grew nicely. All in all, if I can get my test back up to ~600ish, knock on wood, for a test in 3 months and stay at 175 I'd say it was successful and I will revisit SARMS in the form and RAD140 for next go around...
  12. 20/03/23 CORONAVIRUS UPPER 1 DIPS superset PULLUPS (BW unknown) BWx10,10,10,10,10 BWx10,10,10,6,6 CG PUSHUPS superset BANDED PULLAPARTS BWx20,20,20 redx20,20,20 Gyms are closed, boys. Gotta get it in at home until a month from now.
  13. The problem with life is that life now a days is just a shit proposition. I know there's always that contingent that says "but life is better than it has ever been". And that's true in a lot of ways but just because life was total ass in the past centuries doesn't mean it can't be better and that we shouldn't be allowed some malaise. I could argue serfdom wasn't so bad. Their lives were hard during the planting and the harvest but they had much more free time the rest of the time. But medicine and such was obviously orders of magnitude worse. But in America it's out of the reach of entire classes of people so there's that. My comment isn't even a woe is me one. I still have a job in an essential industry. We'll keep it America centric but what most people don't seem to understand is that millions in this country, potentially tens of millions are gonna be destroyed by this. This has the potential to wipe out a whole generation, a generation who was barely holding on in the first place. So many of us made decisions when we were 17 based on what we were told what would allow us to build a life. We just didn't know they were lying. If I were to do it over I'd go into the service when I was 18, put in my time and get the GI Bill. But that pushed back against by everyone I was supposed to trust. It's just all shit and bootstraps in the overwhelming majority of cases are a lie. I'm really hoping for accelerationism at this point. Of a societal epiphany or catastrophic collapse. I don't care which one if I'm being honest
  14. JB, I know things haven't been easy for you and Adrienne, too, and I hope you continue to be able to smooth things out. I know she's been impacted by the quarantine, but hopefully there will be tons of opportunity once we emerge from this. Like I said yesterday-I'm sure some of this is melodrama on my part. Staying positive isn't in my blood and the way things are-well, I'm having a hard time finding silver linings.
  15. Sorry to hear, buddy. It's a crushing experience when you're right on the cusp and then the rug is pulled out from under you. I was in that spot last fall and then Adrienne lost her job. I was like two months away from being able to start paying my student loans back with the option to start saving additional money with the eventual goal of just saving up about 35% of the balance and then just buying them out and being free. She had 3 promising interviews this last week one of which she felt she was gonna get and now the whole fucking state is shut down and these non profits that do their events are probably gonna have events cancelled so even if she was the top choice for the one position, who knows if that job or for that matter, even the organization will exist in 3 months. It's just one big scam it feels like in this country. You do everything right. I paid my student loans for almost 15 years and then I have a hard year and they're emailing me once a day and calling 3 times a day threatening to take me to court. They've made as much money off me as they loaned plus about 10% but my balance is now back to more than the original value. My missed payments with them have tanked my credit rating by literally 200 points so if I ever need to buy anything like a car I'm fucked. Hell, I'm even afraid of trying to rent a new place with my snazzy 545 credit rating which used to be 755, which we are going to have to do in the very near future, like in 2 weeks as we may finally have a way out of our slumlord situation before lease end. I remember seeing about 2 weeks back the notification from the college in Norway recalling their students from countries with inadequate health care infrastructure should return immediatley and they specifically mentioned the US. I can't help but shake the feeling this place really is a second world country with a fancy veneer. Anyway, I hope you guys pull through this okay and get back on track as quickly as possible.
  16. 20/03/21 DEADLIFT C2W2 DOUBLE PAUSE DEADLIFT 225x4 315x3 405x3 500x2 <-- RPE 10, some ugliness, but good speed. Should have used lower weight (495?) CAT DEADLIFT 390x4x4 First set was bad, last three sets were very explosive SSB PIN GM 225?x8,8,8 (unsure if bar is 45lbs or heavier; rogue ssb with plastic handles) Forgot to do abs today thinking I was going to be doing something not conducive to protecting myself against coronavirus. As a sidebar, I did actually set up 2 dating apps on my phone, finally, after all this time. Of course this is a terrible time to do it if for no other reason than outside places are not open (in addition to the higher risk of contracting AND spreading disease). I'm running a bit of an experiment as well by setting up my bumble to be oriented for more substantive relationship-seeking people, while my tinder looks like it's more about hookups, including not just a different profile but different sets of pictures. To nobody's surprise, the amount of matches I get on tinder (10 in under 12 hours) are orders of magnitude larger than what I've gotten on bumble (3 in about 10 days). I wonder what are good ways to do dating during such times. bumble recommends something called virtual dating, and I've seen a friend hold a virtual happy hour with her coworkers, so maybe that is the way to go.
  17. Sorry, missed your reply due to the active Coronavirus thread. I think right now I'm set if shit hits the fan. My roommate actually had a pullup bar already, so I've got a pressing and pulling exercise. I could probably even rig the dip stand with some chairs to do inverted rows if I wanted to. I've got bands for shoulder health stuff, and for legs I'd probably do walking lunges for distance, or jumping lunges, or even jumping squats. I dont have any coordination or strength to do pistol squats I bet. I guess for you, you'd have some pushup variations you could work with, especially given the slamball and dumbbells for grip variations. Remember, too, you can do those shoulder pushups to hit the shoulders But for the time being, the few Golds in my area are also allowing us to requeue if the line is not full, so I was able to get a deadlift workout in yesterday, for instance.
  18. The supply chain will resolve itself in a couple of weeks because the issue isn't a problem of supply....there's plenty of meat and bread and milk. There's been a huge uptick in demand but nothing structural has changed....there are not suddenly twice as many people living in the Bay Area. Eventually, people will run out of freezer/refrigerator/shelf space and have to start consuming all the stuff they bought rather than buying more. We're going to be okay Sam.
  19. In the last 2 years, my wife and I finally got to start breathing in between paychecks. We started being able to set aside cash for emergencies and for our kids and their trips and projects and whatnot. We've been steadily paying off bills and credit cards. My car is only a few payments away from being fully owned by me. We've got cash on hand, now. Things have been looking really good to pay off more stuff, save more money as other bills are paid off, and maybe get ourselves into a situation where we can actually move in a year or two into a place we want to be when our youngest is ready to move to middle school. That has all pretty much evaporated. My wife's largest contract just ended. That's the contract that pays the difference that the $900 rent increase made to us. Fine. It'll probably be a few weeks before she returns, unless the doctor folds-which is also a possibility; given the way things are going. Her other contracts could easily go away temporarily or permanently as well. I have a promotion that I have been working on, and there are annual company raises that are in doubt. Hell, my bonuses are probably zeroed out, too. My RSUs might as well be printed out and used for toilet paper-and that's shit I was counting on being there when the time came. I'm so very, very disappointed. I'm doing my best here, but sonofabitch. I know that most of these things will either resolve, not come to pass, or change in-flight. I know that. But still-I can't shake the loss that was me standing on the edge of some of the best footing I've had in decades. We're seeing scarcity-literal scarcity-in my area. We couldn't find meat(any meat-no ground beef, no chicken breast, no whole chickens, no pork). We ended up hitting multiple stores and even then, had to improvise. I've never had to live in this way. I'm hoping the supply chain irons itself out, because this feels BAD. The US's trajectory wrt illness numbers, as well as serious cases looks BAD. Basically, we're looking worse than some of the less modern and less civilized nations. It will probably continue to get bad until people get over their pride and realize that they are fucked if they continue to do beer bongs on the beach with random people, or go to the gym. It's a guarantee to get worse unless our leaders stop feeding bullshit to their constituents. I broke down yesterday. This is all too much for me. I'm having to limit my access to the internet, now. The data of the pandemic is great. My first love is pandemic illness from a subject standpoint (odd obsession, but it is what it is). Hell, I've said for decades that this was coming. But now here it is. It's awful. Always knew it would be. Re-reading this, it's like a first-world karen whine. I'm almost too disgusted to press the "submit Reply" button.
  20. I had middle-of-the-night anxiety last night, which is unusual for me. I figure most people are going through shock, and that shows up in a hundred different ways. In a few days we will have adapted somewhat. Briefly, here's how I deal with the anxiety to move the adaptation process along: - breathe into the lower abdomen - focus on the uncomfortable sensations for a while (they are mostly located in my torso) - ask the emotions what they want me to understand - decide on some concrete action I can take - remind myself that I am fine here and now, with food, shelter, indoor plumbing...
  21. Ah, to be blissfully ignorant of what war-time or depression era felt like. I haven't been doing much. Trying to hold on for dear life. Trying to understand how different things are, and how they will be, and how they've changed-probably-permanently or semi-permanently. I'm WTFing on the regular right now. I really wish they would roll out a test for us to find out if we have or have had COVID. That alone would would reduce most of my fears to about zero. Then I could concentrate on important shit. But no, I spend every day indoors, mostly freaking the fuck out because this is a genuinely honest time to do so. I have been getting some walks in, walking with my kids, but not much else. I have 25lb dumbbells, some bands, a 20lb slamball, and that's about it. I have a prowler, but I can't set up or use that anywhere near my home without violating just about every part of isolation. I haven't figured out what to do for exercise yet. I just can't spend the fucking mental energy. I went to my neuro 2 weeks ago, I weighed 351 fully dressed, so about 348. Tuesday I weighed in at 346. This morning I weighed in at 338. The ritalin is a big help with my eating habits. Instead of obsessing about eating when I'm hungry-really, I've been obsessing about this shit for years-I no longer have "MUST EAT" in my mind. I'm on day 2 at .6mg Victoza. The Dr. wanted me to titrate up to 1.8mg over 3 weeks, but I'm wondering if there's utility in staying at a low dose until I need more and then moving up.
  22. Related Acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an acute worsening of respiratory symptoms, generally result in a poor prognosis. Successful prevention and management of such exacerbations is thus important for patient care. Viral infection, primarily with rhinovirus (RV), is the foremost cause of exacerbations in COPD patients. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have been reported to inhibit RV infection in human airway epithelial cells in vitro. Furthermore, clinical trials of PPIs in patients with COPD resulted in a reduction in rates of both common cold and COPD exacerbations. In this review, we discuss the significance of COPD exacerbations, summarize a published trial of the effect of low-dose PPIs on COPD exacerbations, and postulate a mechanism for this effect. FFT
  23. Here, we report that prazoles, approved for use as PPIs, also exhibit potential for antiviral therapy. For this application, the prodrug required conversion inside cells. HIV-1, MAYV, EBOV and EBV replication were tenatoprazole sensitive while DENV, ZIKV and PV replication were resistant. Further testing employing HIV-1 as a model revealed its susceptibility to additional prazoles with inhibition generally correlating to the rate of pro-drug conversion to the active sulfenamide derivative. Full Article
  24. I think next time I go for groceries, I'm going to get some tart cherry juice (and beetroot juice, which I've been meaning to add to my diet) and see if the effects on sleep can be replicated from the juice -- I kinda doubt it though.
  25. JFC. If only I was 17 and had changed some things...
  26. HTH some folks have gym access. I haven't been able to get motivated to figure out a workout at home as of yet. I have (very light) dumbbells, bands a slamball, and that's about it. Very different implements than I'm used to. I have an old CST book that I might have to dig into to get some ideas.
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