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  2. Well I got back today from an excellent trip to Ann Arbor, MI, to visit with some long-time college friends. We pretty much partied the whole way through the 4 day affair, with just the last day dedicated to laid back relaxation. I felt great, euphoric and revitalized, but did not appreciate what all that drinking did to my electrolytes. I had massive cramping at the gym today which was saved by a gatorade machine I didn't know my gym had. 19/10/15 OHP C1W3 A2S OHP 95x10 115x8 130x12 120x12 110x17 <-- RPE 9 CGBP 135x10 185x6 225x3x8 <-- RPE 8.5-9 SEATED NAUTILUS ROW 3P25PSx12,12,11 DB HAMMER CURLS superset SINGLE ARM ROPE EXTENSIONS 35x15,15,14 25x15,15,15 ROPE FACEPULLS 30x3x15 Really happy with the workout considering all the traveling I did. I'm sure the rest I also got was helpful (yes, in spite of the partying - to be fair my sleep was anywhere from par for the course, to great). I can definitely opt to move up in weight my next week OHPing (even before a test). I'll give it some thought first before I commit to it, but I might. I am trying to remember some cool developments/breakthroughs I had at the gym today. I know I felt really explosive on the CGBP today, emphasizing the pull-the-bar-apart command that I think helped engage my rear delts and stabilize my lift better. Also, when I am doing my awkward postural setup before a lift, I am able to put my tongue on the roof of my mouth and "suck in" to put my neck in the right place. This is of course after I already set my abs and core. This is mostly a note to myself, but feel free to ask questions about it.
  3. Consider running limber 11, too, or something like that. This is a great time to attack imbalances and tight areas since you're not overloading them with crazy resistance (barbell weights). Really like your idea of doing lunges and core work.
  4. Remember how I said I am refocusing on the goal of dropping to 220 pound? Ya I still need to work on that haha. Today's workout was development day week 6. 3 sets for the clusters. 4 sets of 8 reps for the other lifts A Anderson Squats 315 B Flat pin press 275, 295, 295 C Pendlay row 275 D1 L Bulgarian split squats bodyweight D2 R Bulgarian split squats bodyweight E1 Standing L DB press 40 E2 Standing R DB press 40 F1 1 arm row DB 70 F2 1 arm row DB 70 Those 1st 3 lifts take forever haha. I was sweating so much. Was glad to be done. Was just in the kitchen and accidentally flexed my quad and they locked up me lol. Doesn't seem like much but it got to me. The Anderson squats weren't as bad today. Got set up much better. Looking forward to getting my knee sleeves though. I did put some horse liniment on today. Had been forgetting to do that lately. So the middle school ministry leaders have been talking about going to this haunted trail/house thing one of them works at. I think we might actually do it. I asked Jessica if she wanted to go. She said she wants to go. See how that works out.
  5. You can get a shit ton of good results from just doing body weight stuff. I used to do a circuit of pistols (limited ROM), pushups, and chinups. I just set my timer for 15 minutes and tried to get as many total reps as possible.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I've come to a realization. I've been out of the gym for so long, I find it intimidating. Which is a strange thing since I haven't felt that way since I was 13 years old and got to work out with the high school football team for the first time between my 8th and 9th grade years. So I've taken to doing "workouts" in my hotel room. Basically, the prison type of shit you'd see people doing well, in prison. Just stuff like lots of pushups (fake pushups since I'm fat) and mobility/body weight stuff like lunges and BW squats, planks, etc. I'm gonna do a bunch of god damn squats to see if I can manage to loosen up my hips and hopefully make it easier when I actually start squatting again.
  8. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Morning A. Power Position Hang Snatch Worked up to 55/3 Notes: Missed 55 forward twice. I was putting too much pressure on the ball of my foot. Centering it fixed that. B. Power Position Hang Clean + Pause Split Jerk Worked up to 65/1+2 Notes: My split jerk is still hot garbage. I think I need to just do a ton of reps with the bar. Evening A. Oly Squat, 3-0-X-0ish tempo Warmup 80x5 85x5@8? Notes: I kept it slow enough to be able to maintain even pressure over both feet. B. Overhead Press Warmup 60x1 62.5x5@8 C. Band Row + External Rotation + Press Yellow/a bunch Notes: Worked my way away from and back to the door. D. Standing Band Curl Yellow/a bunch Notes: Same deal as above. Band was at chest height. I need a heavier band for these, and should use a slower tempo. E. Band Overhead Stretch Worked on letting the band pull my arms back behind me over head while maintaining a locked down rib cage.
  9. I took a deload, been eating like crazy. Feel much better now. Going to start building back up now. Here were the last two sessions after the mini deload: Lower: Circuit (10 reps ea) GHR Push-up Band Face Pull Back Raise Push-up Band Face Pull Band Shoulder Dislocates Band Overhead Lunge CAT Squat, low bar 45X10 135X2X2 185X2 225X2 245X2 275X2 295X2 315X2 225X2 CAT Sumo DL 135X1X2 225X1X5 275X1X5 High Step-up BWX10ea GHR BWX15 Hanging Ab X10 Upper: Circuit (10 reps ea) GHR Push-up Band Face Pull Back Raise Push-up Band Face Pull Band Shoulder Dislocates Band Overhead Lunge CAT Bench, alternating narrow and wide grip 45X10 95X3X2 135X3X2 155X3X2 175X3X2 185X3X2 205X3X2 225X3X2 Pullup BW+45X5X5 Press 135X5X5 Feeling great. Gonna build up using 5X5 on stuff.
  10. Ok ok I get the message, guys. I'll start the kegel exercises up.
  11. Last week
  12. A2 Workout Bench 45x20 95x10 135x10 165x5 195x3 225x3 265x3x4S 265xAMRAP (x10) Squat 45x10 135x5 185x5 225x3 295x10 275x10 245x10 Wide pulldowns 130x10 150x10 170x10 170x5, 150x5 150x5, 130x3, 110x2 Curl machine Unknown weights... heaviest weight performedx10 less weightx10 little less weightx10 slowly little bit less weighx10 s l o w l y veins a-poppin, time to run.
  13. The weather is one of the many magical things about Cali. I don't think the weather is bad here, but I'm probably just used to it. I've lived in the South all my life. The worst is summer. My only other gripe is that I wish we got more fall and spring.
  14. Exactly. It's shit. Which is why I put up with the CoL... I'll be in RDU next month. I'm pretty sure we're having a fall months face to face for my team becuase they couldn't bear to watch me sweat 24x7. Last time, they had us there in June and I was like-never again. Fuck Raleigh.
  15. Yes, I appreciate that you were being helpful and should have stated that as well. Playing the "do you want to live here? If yes, then you need a job" game is a zero-sum game. I've played it for 13 years. lol Relocating would definitely work for money concerns, but she's also the hangup there, hence the zero-sum. I'm happy to move wherever it makes sense to, but that's not a move I can make on my own. Besides, I think working is helpful for her. Perhaps some of the autonomy she feels she is missing comes back over time. I don't know.
  16. The humidity is so oppressive. Ive often thought somewhere like Roanoke VA would be close to my climate ideal.
  17. If you think the weather in Sacramento is awful, the South is probably not for you.
  18. I am. 😔 And bearing in mind my emotional handicap, I was actually attempting to be helpful....wondering if you could relocate which would take some of the financial pressures off your family allowing both of you some more flexibility in terms of work-not work balance. I do know however, that pulling up stakes is nowhere close to as easy to do as it is to say....but perhaps it is easier than a divorce? What would the consequences of a separation be on your family?
  19. So I wouldn't say I was worried Juan and Bri would show up to the birthday things Friday or Saturday. But I was curious to how I would respond. I would say I was friends or at least friendly with Juan before but I hadn't talked to him much for a few months. I had not really talked to Bri lately only her asking me questions randomly at the middle school stuff. I will be honest I did not want to see them afterwards. Felt like I had moved on and able to be happy for them. So actually being around them was going to be a real test of that. It is easy to say you are happy for people if you don't actually have to be around them. So I don't see them Friday or Saturday. One of the female leaders has a birthday this week and she asks if we want to go out to lunch. I get to the parking lot and they are there. I hadn't thought about it in this situation haha. I actually end up seeing in front of him and then next to him. It was a little weird feeling at first but I think I have moved on from it. Being around them didn't bother me. Still don't plan on hanging out with them on the regular but that is ok. Ready to lift tomorrow. Going to be interesting to see how I feel. Haven't been using the super icy hot like I was. Even forgot it today for the middle school small groups. Played kickball and dodgeball. I definitely felt my ankles more than usual today haha. Hoping to get some good sleep tonight. Refocusing on the goal of dropping down to 220 pounds. Low carb this week.
  20. It is an issue if the COL is requiring your wife to work and this is making her resentful?
  21. Well, it was always about our families. The only family that either one of us has is here. Since we stayed for family, and our kids aged into school, now even if we were ready, willing and able to move, our kids would be taken away from all the firends they have ever had, and put into schools somewhere else...and honestly, our school district is the highest-performing district in the area. I poke around a bit when I hear of some place with weather that is fair enough, and a COL that is low enough, and even if I throw out weather, and add in the things that it takes to make things livable (COL that allows for AC 24x7, pools, area waterparks, etc.), by the time I make it down the list and look at the schools, I'm usually looking at the difference in school performance in the 40-60% difference range. For example, My uncle lives in Sacramento. The COL is much better there, but the weather is gawdawful. Pricing on a house with a large backyard and a pool is pretty decent, but you find schools in the 1-3 range, as opposed to my kids schools which are all rated 10. That's a MONSTER difference and one I can't ignore. Same thing for the town of Tracy, where my wife's best friend lives. Anyhow, the COL isn't an issue anymore. We make more than enough money to live OK comfortably. The issue now is the human and relationship stuff, which we're not doing so well with. lol
  22. What are the factors that are keeping you in the Bay Area where the COL is so high?
  23. No use fucking him any more. It's like ringing a fleshy, squishy dinner bell.
  24. Hmm. I thought your gaping asshole was your weakpoint.
  25. Sorry, I should have quoted it after it split onto a new page. lol
  26. I understand and I'm sorry you are going through this. Give it time, if she doesn't want to fight for the marriage there is nothing you can do to convince her and then you'll have to make decisions.
  27. I think the pain is necessary, too. Pain is growth, because we learn from it. My wife has insulated herself from pain-literally her entire life. Pain and discomfort aren't in her wheelhouse. She is absolutely resentful that she was forced into leaving the home to work. She was always resentful of "the conversation" we'd have a few times per year when financial issues cropped up, and she'd eventually not change anything. The rent increase forced her hand in this, because it wasn't me telling her, anymore. It was reality: we needed way more money to break even, now. The problem is that some of that resent has bubbled into her day-to-day life and as a result into mine. I am absolutely resentful of giving up my identity for 20 years. I don't blame her, per se. I made the concessions, I and I alone. It's just that I'm a bit angered when I think about the fact that I've not really lived for myself in 20 years, but I also don't want to cause my wife or anyone else pain in living for me...it's a bizarre co-dependency that I'm having a hard time breaking free of. My wife is scared to death that time not spent with her will literally be time spent looking for another mate. While it's not at all true, it's also going to have the same net effect if I'm not given some amount of agency. My wife believes the same thing about my children, I think. Give them freedom and they will fly the coop...but again, if we don't give them some amount of agency, they will 100% go as far from us as they can as soon as the chance presents itself. I've tried to approach this from the "team" challenge standpoint, and it hasn't worked. I think she's still so pissed about how things have gone that she can't see the forest for the trees. I can't change that, because she's got a shell like an ancient tortoise. She also spends most of her time swallowing her anger and feelings, so that's a wonderful addition to the problem.
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