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  2. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00726-019-02733-2
  3. LOL well, since they're at RPE 1 I guess I'm not hardcore. Right now they're mainly to take up for my lack of movement. And THANK YOU. I had a 365-385 bench many times before the pec tear(s). But, never had over a 185 OHP during those times. So, it makes me quite happy.
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  5. Yes, the diet is the game changer. I also think that high protein diets either have something to them that haven't been concretely identified in the literature (though thankfully at least 1 or 2 papers exist supporting the use of ultra high protein diets), or at the very least work for me for whatever reason. Re spoto presses, funny enough, I was doing that, too, back before I first injured my shoulder. I'd also do pause squats back then on warmups to help with dialing in my form.
  6. I've been seeing a lot of these "Extra workouts" lately around here. You think you're some sort of powerlifter or something? Also forgot to mention it, but god damn that OHP.
  7. Deadlift workout yesterday. Top set was a super heavy (sarcasm) 225 for 8 reps. Felt pretty good, could have gotten 10 but you know, easing into it. No belt for now so Ben will be happy. Trying to make sure everything wrt core bracing is good before I hit heavy weights. BBB, some lat pulldowns and cable crunches.
  8. I had to get off of escitalopram. It worked well, but I was getting to the point where I was worried about falling asleep at the wheel.
  9. https://www.bmj.com/content/365/bmj.l1204 5AR inhibitor use associated with a 30% increased risk of developing T2DM.
  10. EXTRA WORKOUT Pushup (5-1-5-1) X5 X3 DB Floor Press 15X50X2 Goblet Squat+stretch 20X10X2 BSS eccentric only (5s eccentric) X5X2 Knee to wall ankle stretch X15ea Hip tilts to wall X15ea Band shoulder dislocates X15
  11. Ugly greaseball little porker. That's me being insecure.
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  13. Strong like bull. Though he has some unfortunate knee valgus that I hope isn't throughout his normal training.
  14. Today I have zero knee pain from yesterday's session. In fact, I hardly feel like I trained yesterday. My chest feels good. I can start pushing it. I'll probably pump up my chest and quads today and do an extended mobility routine then do NOTHING tomorrow.
  15. Awesome. I guess the diet really made a difference. I like the way you pick your exercises. I do Spoto presses on my warmup sets sometimes simply because they reinforce a good bar path.
  16. No clue. Perhaps just some CNS un-readiness. Because a set later, it was on and all was pretty much right with the world.
  17. An elderly friend of mine recently switched from escitalopram (about 4 years of use) to fluoxetine. Overnight her chronic problems with constipation and GERD pain around an esophageal hernia have vanished. She loves being free of abdominal pain for the first time in years.
  18. 19/04/19 BENCH C2W2 PAUSE BENCH 135x5 185x5 225x5 265x1 285x3,3,4 <-- RPE 10 but nailed it, evenly raised, no helicoptering, either CG SPOTO PRESS 235x6,6 <-- stopped on 6 due to unusual shoulder pain, didnt recurr CGBP 225x10,9 SEATED NAUTILUS ROW superset BAND PULLAPARTS 3PPSx5x12 redx5x20 EZ PREACHER CURLS (stupid bar weighed 35lbs again, not 15lbs...) 80(weight on bar)x6,5,5 INCLINE EZ EXTENSION (35lb bar again) 60x3x12 <-- comparable to 80x3x12 on the normal EZ bar This workout was fucking awesome. I felt like I was on cycle, without being on cycle. Last week I missed reps. This week, I exceed my reps on all of my exercises. It's nuts what lifting on a not-shit diet does. I forgot the feeling, haha
  19. Do dicumerol or fluoro-carbonyl-cyanide-phenylhydrazone kill you?
  20. WEEK 17- INTENSIFICATION/SQUAT REBUILD- DAY 3 A. Low Bar Back Squat, controlled tempo, ramping 5 reps @RPE 9.5. Reduce weight 10% and do backoff sets until RPE 9 again. 385x5 RPE 8.5 345x5x3 B. Narrow Grip Bench Press, 5 reps, 1-X-1-1 Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again At the end of the last set, do a flye stretch like you did on Day 1 using dumbbells 245x5 RPE 6ish...just being safe on my way back up 225x5x4 C. Band Pullapart ss/band pullover 3x15/15 D. Supine curl+hammer curl 20x15+15x3 I did an extra workout last night for the pec and a little mobility but can't remember the details and don't feel like posting it. 
  21. There was some sort of club moss that worked pretty well but was also hepatotoxic....
  22. Aspirin also IIRC But anything other than DNP is going to be really fucking weak.
  23. What was with the beginning of that workout? Poor circulation? Need to take a shit?
  24. OHP 45x20 95x5 (lots of fatigue, for some reason) 125x5 (barely got this done. weird) 135x5 155x5 175x8 Joker 195x5 CGBP 185x10 205x10x2S 205xAMRAP (x20) Supersetted with reverse pushups 8x3S Lat Pulldowns with a blue band 120x8x3S 100x6 Rolling Triceps Extensions 40x8x3S Superset with: Hammer Curls 40x8x3S Lightweight incline DB flyes 20x10x3S These always hurt me, so on Adam's suggestion, I tried pinching my scaps. While it didn't cause any AC joint pain (or less pain), I can't tell if that's because of the mental distraction and pain of having to concentrate on scapular positioning, and my erectors working overtime to maintain the position.
  25. Yes, but they have since disappeared. I agree, GF: This is a cool development. I wish there were other less dangerous uncouplers out there. Aside from GPA, does anybody know of uncoupling agents that won't kill you?
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