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  2. Low baseliner checking in... I think I'm an anomaly in the tech industry, but I've surpassed tradesman money by now. I will say that (I believe) people of lower education share with tradesman the slower general rise in income than the more educated.
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  4. Moving water is remarkably and unexpectedly powerful. I was in charge of a repair project on a very small dam a few years back and watched what had appeared to be a fairly tame flow of the river flip a 12,000lb trenchbox downstream like a Tonka toy.
  5. Appears that they attempted to control for this through educational achievement. I suspect someone with a low baseline education can probably actually make more money in a skilled trade job than they can sitting at a desk.
  6. Agreed, @Construct. I like my sit/stand desk. Sometimes I do it because my back hurts. Sometimes I do it because I have absolute shit circulation in my lower legs. Either way, I spend time sitting and standing.
  7. I dont know what it says about me, but I'd probably be up for trying it again once I'm in completely normal shape again. I think it's dangerous, but pretty doable if you're sober and know what you're doing. I didn't really know what I was doing. That being said, that is not a spot I am ever taking anybody to unless they're a townie and invite me, rather than me invite them. I don't know about who stole the phone. I am thinking it is someone who works at a specific Kroger because that's where it stopped for some hours. I went ahead and got it sorted with my carrier, as the phone is not unlocked (it's Verizon), so should cause issues to people trying to do something to it.
  8. I had a similar close call with a fast-moving river when I was younger. It's amazing how quickly water can go from okay to trying to kill you. To this day I still don't enjoy being in open bodies of water. As for the phone: Did you report it stolen to your carrier? They can get it added to the blacklist so that it can't be activated by anyone else. Doesn't get your phone back, but at least makes it less valuable for whoever stole it. I have to wonder if whoever stole it was a frequent thief, or just saw an opportunity and went for it. It's fairly common knowledge that stolen phones aren't very valuable on the secondary market due to the whole blacklisting thing. He can either sell it for parts, or sell it to some unsuspecting victim on Craigslist who doesn't know to check if it's stolen.
  9. Seems like a reach. I think people with good baseline cognitive performance are more likely to choose higher-paying desk jobs than manual labor jobs. As for standing desks: I found myself to be more alert when I was standing vs. sitting. Being in a chair makes it easier to relax. Being on your feet means you're at least minimally active, which seems to keep the brain awake.
  10. Just when you thought your sit-stand desk was going to do you more good than harm... Desk-based jobs may offer protection against poor cognition in later life Science News July 7, 2020 People who work in jobs that require less physical activity -- typically office and desk-based jobs -- are at a lower risk of subsequent poor cognition than those whose work is more physically active, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge. Lack of physical activity and exercise are known risk factors for major health conditions, including cognitive impairments such as memory and concentration problems. However, evidence as to whether physical activity actually protects against cognitive decline has often been mixed and inconclusive. Researchers at the University of Cambridge examined patterns of physical activity among 8,500 men and women who were aged 40-79 years old at the start of the study and who had a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds and educational attainment. The individuals were all part of the EPIC-Norfolk Cohort. In particular, the team were able to separate physical activity during work and leisure to see if these had different associations with later life cognition. "The often used mantra 'what is good for the heart, is good for the brain' makes complete sense, but the evidence on what we need to do as individuals can be confusing," said Shabina Hayat from the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge. "With our large cohort of volunteers, we were able to explore the relationship between different types of physical activity in a variety of settings." As part of the study, participants completed a health and lifestyle questionnaire, including information on the level of physical activity during both work and leisure, and underwent a health examination. After an average 12 years, the volunteers were invited back and completed a battery of tests that measured aspects of their cognition, including memory, attention, visual processing speed and a reading ability test that approximates IQ. While many studies have only been able to report cross-sectional findings, the ability to follow up EPIC-Norfolk participants over a long period allowed the researchers to examine data prospectively. This helped them rule out any bias resulting from people with poor cognition -- possibly as a result of cognitive impairment or early dementia -- being less likely to be physically active due to poor cognition, rather than poor cognition being a result of physical inactivity. Among their findings, published today in the International Journal of Epidemiology, the researchers report: --Individuals with no qualifications were more likely to have physically active jobs, but less likely to be physically active outside of work. --A physically inactive job (typically a desk-job), is associated with lower risk of poor cognition, irrespective of the level of education. Those who remained in this type of work throughout the study period were the most likely to be in the top 10% of performers. --Those in manual work had almost three times increased risk of poor cognition than those with an inactive job. "Our analysis shows that the relationship between physical activity and cognitive is not straightforward," explained Hayat. "While regular physical activity has considerable benefits for protection against many chronic diseases, other factors may influence its effect on future poor cognition. "People who have less active jobs -- typically office-based, desk jobs -- performed better at cognitive tests regardless of their education. This suggests that because desk jobs tend to be more mentally challenging than manual occupations, they may offer protection against cognitive decline." It was not possible to say conclusively that physical activity in leisure time and desk-based work offer protection against cognitive decline. The researchers say that to answer this question, further studies will be required to include a more detailed exploration of the relationship of physical activity with cognition, particularly on inequalities across socio-economic groups and the impact of lower education. Journal Reference: Hayat, SA et al. Cross-sectional and prospective relationship between occupational and leisure time inactivity and cognitive function in an ageing population. International Journal of Epidemiology, 2020 DOI: 10.17863/CAM.51130
  11. I was reading his post from the bottom up and was trying to figure out why you thought he was lucky to get his phone stolen...
  12. You got really fucking lucky there dude. Damn.
  13. So I survived an accident on the James River. I went with some friends to a cool location off the river where you could sunbathe and swim; and also you can swim out to this boulder where the river gets very deep and jump off of the boulder into the river. Well, after a couple of successes I jumped, got caught by an eddie and pulled under the river and into the rapids. Tumbled around a few boulders, hit my head, but managed to catch onto something and save myself. Definitely got my dose of adrenaline for the week there. This week begins a sort of deload phase. I was going to do more today, but, it was really crowded so I did what I could without having to wait forever for machines. 20/07/07 BENCH DELOAD 1 HS ISO LAT BENCH 2PPSx10,10,10,7,7 CHINUPS BWX9,7,7 HS ISO LAT ROW 2PPSx20,18,16 REVERSE PEC DEC FLY 100x12,12,10 <--- wrist hurting too much (river accident) Saw the 2 chicks again. They came up and introduced themselves to me. I am absolutely terrible at names and can't remember the one I like the most between the two, but the other's name is Nicole. I think the tall one is Angie? Next time I see them I'll bring up my goldfish memory and use it as an excuse to grab a number. I wonder if they're friends? Roommates? Siblings? My friend from work and I are out of sync in our training as she's skipped a few days, but we went to the gym around the same time and hung out in between a few exercises. That was nice. I dont know how we overlapped so well since she arrived about 90 mins before me, but it was cool to have someone around like that. I was having a couple of issues with my phone so the music wasn't playing like it should. Oh yes, my phone got fucking stolen in front of my house in the 5 minutes between when I dropped it carrying food in both hands and when I went back outside to retrieve it. This was between 7 and 715 am. I did the whole tracking it by an app, contacting the police, and even hunting for it myself, but nothing. Fucking cops sat on their hands claiming they could do nothing about it, and even advising me to not hunt for it. Good joke. Too bad I didn't have a good working secondary phone to track it better. I tried using my burner which has wifi and VoiP, but wifi is shit in Richmond. I eventually gave up after my stolen phone lost connection to the server, so I remote wiped it and bought a new one - S20+5G. Pretty nice phone so far. Got it unlocked for $750 too.
  14. Last week
  15. I love how weird my morning routine has gotten. Wake up. Take fasting BS. Relax in the living room with a cup of joe listening to the birds and do a crossword. Take HRV. Do crossword while taking BP.
  16. We may now have the holy grail of joint repair materials.... It's no surprise that scientists have struggled to find an artificial substitute for natural knee cartilage: it's an amazing biological substance that combines the properties of a soft cushion and a tough barrier to keep our busy leg joints from harm. But it looks like we've arrived at a long-awaited breakthrough - researchers think they may have finally developed a material that is a match to the cartilage found in our bodies, and could be used as a replacement after injuries or in old age. Lay Press Article Journal Article
  17. Emperor G_D

    Food Finds

    Kodiak Cakes get a huge thumbs-up from me. I usually eat them when the rest of my family has pancakes.

    Food Finds

    This stuff is good. I've actually been eating their "power cups" which are 10g heavier and consequently have a little more of everything. Makes a decent, quick hot breakfast. Remarkably, they have managed to put pea protein in something and not make it taste like peas...
  19. Also, 319.2 after a workout and then 32 ounces of water.
  20. Kettlebell Swings 17 sets of 26. 442 total reps. 15900lbs swung. Avg HR 124, peak 157. Went for a nice and moderate workout to get the full 17th set. Took my time during the sets and gave 60 seconds of rest until after set 9, when I started to see my HR run up and not come down in between sets. Pushed out the rest times to ~70 sec and that solved the problem. It's a nice day.
  21. Normally I just respond back to these types of requests with an attachment and the link to sci-hub. Unfortunately, I can't locate this study. Tried using google image search, too, and nothing.
  22. If anyone here has access to full text would they please post this for me? https://n.neurology.org/content/53/2/435.full
  23. Woke up at 320.6 this AM. Did some working out: Kettlebell ladder Swings and Pushups 10/1 9/2 8/3 7/4 6/5 5/6 4/7 3/8 2/9 1/10 5:27 Run/Walk 5:30 Woo. Big fast today. Started early last night-nice 4th feast was big and full of tri-tip and green beans-so had no pre-bed snack. I will try to go for 18 or 19 hours.
  24. 20/07/04 SQUATS WEEK 4 SSB SQUAT 155x5 205x5 245x5 285x3 belt 335x3 RPE 9, great form 295x8,6 RPE 9 on both LEG PRESS 5PPSx10,10 GHR BWx9,8,6 TANK PROWLER THINGY 180x80 yards both ways, for shits and giggles No abs so I could hike and swim.
  25. I feel you. At the same time, I was having the same thoughts about even assembling an instagram (though again, the point was to allow me to view ig pages), but I figured it's mine, so I'll put up whatever I want. If people like it cool, if not, fair enough.
  26. Don't be looking for any real content from following me. I think it's been almost 2 years since I posted something original. I kind of miss having something to post, but alas...unless people want to watch a fat sweaty man do KB swings until death, there's not much to publish. Be careful out there, Rolly. Don't need to get dead for a thrill...
  27. lol I saw! I will hit you back soon if I didn't already. I almost died today hanging out at the river with some friends, lol. I had had a long day already with an intense squat workout with some dumb cardio thrown in the mix, but while at the river today I asked a friend to show me a rock you could climb to to then jump out into the river. Well, it was hard to get to, especially for a big guy, swimming upstream some rapids. I jumped once and that was great, but the second time I got pulled away and under by an eddie, tumbled over and through some boulders, and hit my head on one. I was able to catch myself on a different boulder to stop and recoup myself. But my knee feels like dog, and I bet my head will hurt tomorrow. Was a good learning experience at least. Also, it was a tremendous amount of fun. I do feel old now, but I do have to remind myself I had an intense squat workout and need to now consume an absolutely vast amount of calories.
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