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    Tomahawk HUGE update with a log

    At the start it would pushing the pin out and then pulling it back. For a regular set it probably would be that big of a deal but I would generally do 1 set to failure and then 3 more mini sets of 3 reps. Now you better start doing some weighted bodyweight exercises haha. Speaking of dog leashes, I walked my roommates dog today. It was a nice little change of pace for my walk. Usually have music or a podcast playing. Decided it was a good idea to be able to keep an ear out for cars and all this time. Little more time to think and not have extra noise playing. Excited for the impending squats. My knees have been noisier lately. Usually pretty quiet considering the rest of my joints are loud as crap. I have felt pretty refreshed doing this workout. Seems like my grip is good and I got a nice 8 hours of sleep last night.
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    Kimbo's PR Log

    Here I am jobless and still lazy as shit. I will need a home gym if I have kids.
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    My diet is an attempt of fitting calories into a small space lol. As a matter of fact, to add to your jealousy, I ate a pan of the cinnamon roll poppers from Fazoli's with a glass of milk after my dinner (cereal then spaghetti and meatballs). Woke up even leaner again. Even with processed food, my appetite has not been enough lately. I'm getting those side-cuts now lol
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    Resurrection of Blu

    Sumo Coan rows, much like your poop, are good shit. For what it's worth, a strong posterior chain is going to get you further than strong quads when it comes to most activities. But if it's a weakness then it's still a weakness.
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    Growth Factor

    GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log

    Pretty long day filled with strange hurdles up until the gym. Also missing my friend who finally left the lab. But one nice thing was my boss saw the data I produced on a drug screening project and gave me three thumbs up about it, if you know what I mean. There were words on the order of "god damn these curves are tight" (drug curves, nothing untoward). I hope I can get some sleep tonight. At least I was able to get some release in the gym. 19/05/21 HIPS? GHR BWx10 SMITH HIP THRUSTER (weight on smith bar) 90x10 180x10 270x10,10,5 (bench slipped backwards),10 GHR BWx10 10x10 25x7,6 LEG EXTENSIONS (slow eccentrics) 85x4x10
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