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  1. I share your sentiments about the BS and usually wouldn't have given this more than a few seconds of my time. I certainly don't buy into all of it, and have a goodly amount of skepticism even about the parts which do seem more plausible. Some of it does however resonate (personal experience with severe after effects of anti-biotics etc) which is why I thought I would ask whether someone has any experience of him. Agree about the pics though!
  2. I recently came across a book called Young Again by John Thomas. The book is available as a free download (or free hardcopy) at http://www.youngagainclub.com/ and I was wondering whether anyone here has read it (and has an opinion) or has actually interacted with John Thomas and or used any of his protocols or products? He also has an occassional newsletter (free) if anyone is interested in taking a look. Any info or comments would be appreciated.
  3. Leaving the science aside for a moment, I'm of the opinion that profit is the primary driver behind the ongoing punting of soy. It's cheap to produce and is being sold at significant margins, much more profitably than whey. Also fits the growing popularity of the whole anti-animal protein hysteria.
  4. Would taking the baking soda in capsule form alter the effect? I can choke the solution down but wouldn't mind not having to! The study only mentions taking it dissolved in water.
  5. Agree 100%. I treat all of these studies with skepticism, regardless of who did them. One of the reasons I posted here is to get scrutiny and input from knowledgeable members.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Slightly off topic but does anyone have an antidote for the "garlic breath" resulting from DMSO use ? Haven't used it myself but read that this is apparently associated with DMSO use?
  7. @Stendec Probably a dumb question but does this mean that if I add DMSO to my transdermal T I will get absorb a bigger dosage of T ? If so, any idea by what factor one would increase the dosage ?
  8. Came across this whilst trawling the web. Does anyone have any insights to offer? http://www.allamericanpharmaceutical.com/Taxadrol.php http://www.allamericanpharmaceutical.com/Docs/rodent-and-human-trials-of-the-testosterone.pdf Human studies Two bodybuilders with low testosterone were chosen. Subjects were screened to make sure testosterone levels were low, that they were healthy and had not taken anabolic steroids. A questionnaire established the absence of anabolic steroids for a period of at least 4 years. Both men were over 40 years of age and were willing to go off all other supplements. Their workouts consisted of moderate training 5 days per week with cardio three days per week. No changes were made to their training schedule or diet. Both subjects experienced increases in testosterone levels (Table 4). Both men improved in training intensity and strength. Increases in body weight and a noticeable decrease in body fat were reported. They further reported an increase in libido. No side effects were reported but a slight increase in aggressiveness, commonly seen with increased testosterone [8]. Serum Albumin and C-Reactive Protein was tested, as non-specific indicators of adverse events and inflammation [9], and found to be in a normal range with little to no change post Taxadrol exposure. In a second trial, a retired male athlete with a history of performance enhancing substance use with low testosterone was chosen. Records provided to the testing coordinator, from this individual’s doctor, revealed testosterone testing dating back to 2003. This body builder’s testosterone levels during 2003 and 2006 ranged from 54 to 125 which required prescription testosterone therapy for health reasons. The therapy helped stabilize his testosterone levels. The total serum testosterone after therapy ranged from 100 to 125 to ng/dl. Taxadrol was administered to the subject at dosages of 30 mg per day taken sublingually. As noted, the testosterone serum level was125 ng/dl measured on 9/21/06 while on testosterone therapy. The subject discontinued hormone therapy on 3/01/07, and started on Taxadrol therapy on 4/30/07. Testosterone serum levels with Taxadrol were 320 ng/dl on 9/13/07, 333 ng/dl on 8/14/08, 400 ng/dl on 9/14/09. The subject’s serum testosterone levels increased from 125 ng/dl on traditional hormone therapy to 400 ng/dl on Taxadrol. Strength and size increases were reported along with decrease in body fat. And here is what appears to be an independent study http://www.allamericanpharmaceutical.com/Docs/Taxadrol/2008%20Clinical%20Trial.pdf
  9. Thanks for this, do you perhaps have a link or reference, in spite of my experience I am always interested in this type of counter, perhaps my placebo effect is working overtime
  10. Anyone here have any experience with this stuff? After having done a fair amount of reading about it (and having factored in the usual kg of salt and scepticism about the claims made), I've decided to give it a try. Would be interested to learn of other's experiences, if any.
  11. @KImbo Forgot to mention that I take both the Betaine HCL with Pepsin and a digestive enzyme mix or if I cant find the mix, I usually use Bromelain. Would appear to me that taken together there is a synergistic effect.
  12. As to what I take supplement wise......I'm a guinea pig for my own curiosity. Amino acid concoction 5g x Citrulline Malate 5g x Arginine AKG 2g x Taurine 5g x Creatine Mono 5g x Glutamine The above taken together mixed with pure unsweetened pomegranate juice. For (hopefully improved) mental acuity I just started 600mg x Alpha GPC 300mg x Adrafinil Also take Beta-sitosterol (absolutely sold on this for BPH) Curcumin extract Vit D3 5000iu Melatonin (early evening) Some other stuff on and off. About to start Fulvic Acid and Lugol's iodine to see whether it does anything for me. Also trying to find some Niacinamide, so far to no avail (inspired by the posts on this forum! )
  13. Interesting stuff here ! Going off on a bit of a tangent.........I noticed several references to GERD/acid issues. Perhaps my experience in this regard might be of value to some. I had indescribably bad acid reflux for many years. Tried all the conventional treatments, all brought temporary relief at most. A few years ago I stumbled upon an article which proposed that we were responding with the diametrically opposite treatment to what was required to resolve most acid issues, ie we try to alkalize or suppress what we believe to be excess acid when in fact reflux is caused by the exact opposite state, ie insufficient stomach acid. The layman's explanation given (IIRC) was that the valve at the top of the stomach to the oesophagus has an "acid sensor" which allows the valve to relax and partially open when the stomach acidity is too low.....this permits stomach acid to splash into the oesophagus causing all the unpleasantries. The proposed cure (and it is indeed a cure) was to supplement with Betaine HCL with Pepsin until the symptoms disappeared. It's counterintuitive but I was desperate enough to try anything so I gave it a bash. Long story short.......end of acid issues. If you google Betaine challenge test it will describe the very simple but effective procedure to determine whether your problems originate with low stomach acid or not. If anyone here decided to try it, I would like to hear your feedback. Ps Hope my long-winded explanation makes sense, English is not my first language
  14. May I suggest considering Pure Bulk. I bought from them for several years (not presently able to do so due to restrictive customs regime where I am now located), always had outstanding service and it has grown into offering a mind-boggling array of product since starting up in 2008.
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