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  1. Wasn't sure what section to post this under but wanted eveyrone's opinion on this. I did a lot of reading,mainly on lgd-4033, seems to show that lgd is much more powerful IM vs orally,assuming that's due to its bio availability?
  2. I got no booty, I admit it.
  3. no hip thrusts?pffff lol
  4. Haha that would be quite depressing if someone neglected that
  5. Hmm interesting but I agree with @STENDEC. I can do push ups but can't run for my life. This year I am actually focusing on my heart and doing hiit 3x a week. It's so sad to feel and see how out of my shape my heart it. Lot of us lifters neglect the main muscle
  6. i am in canada,always cold here in ontario lol
  7. my neck has been my main issue post car accident,amazed at how bad whip lash affected my neck. The nck weakness and stiffness has caused my posture to be thrown off
  8. hey,was just using clomid as an example,im going to try cialis,viagra etc but after trying some t3 and oral tren dissolved in alcohol,jesus christ its tough lol. I am trying to find a solution to this Possibly dissolve with alcohol,if i am making a 30ml dropper,use the remaining 29ml with glycerine?im just unsure how it will suspend,or if in fact it will suspend correctly
  9. hey guys,so i made some oral suspensions but jesus christ they are awful. For the items that can be dissolved by alcochol,is there any replacement? for example,lets say i am making clomid, I made a parent batch just to dissolve it. Then add 1cc of the parent bathc to lets say 29ml of glycerine or something that doesnt make me want to gag?lol
  10. Hey sir, thanks for the follow up. @STENDECoffered me tips about dissolving it in alcohol. I have some 150 proof on the way. Will dissolve 250 mg at a time and make a solution
  11. interesting i know Bioperine and Piperine (black pepper extract) is synergistic with curcumin . Good to see more natural studies come out
  12. got roughly 100 grams lying around,will possibly make this a suspension. Has anyone ever used this item?
  13. this is cbd from cannabis,not hemp correct?if so ,cbd from cannabis is amazing
  14. I understand but theoretically can't this be implemented?
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