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    Thanks for the update (I asked for it) - I'll pitch in my experience.. My bruxism is only when sleeping, and did not seem to evolve over time, but came on with a vengeance. I was never on SSRI or amphetamines - but I agree - whatever caused me to suddenly start clenching seems to also involve "permanent changes to my brain neurochemistry´╗┐". 1) Night guards (specifically that prevent the back teeth from touching) help. 2) I took Baclofen for a while and might request a refill soon (it has been some years) - no real side effects with a noticeable, albeit slight benefit. 3) Massage (specifically jaw/neck focused) helps. 4) I don't watch caffeine - might help 5) One night after taking psilocybin mushrooms I didn't clench - and I cannot understate that enough, it truly seemed to vanish. I have since retried this and again noticed improvement, but I could tell I clenched a little. The first time I truly think I went the first night without bruxism in a long time. It might have something to do with the duration between the dose and sleep - or perhaps it just has something in common with Ex Dubio's mindfulness meditation. (sorry if I shouldn't mention this on the board). 6) Magnesium might be helping (from what I've it can take months of supplementation). My jaw now locks out and can be hard to close - bruxism sucks! Thanks for the insight/new approaches.
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