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  1. Yeah I agree. As someone new to all this that knows little about pro hormones is this stuff a complete waste? I feel stronger on it but could be placebo. Know the main things are healthy clean diet with high protein, some creatine, and hard training. Is there any easy to get pro hormones that are decent? Seen muscle rage sell SARMS but been reading mixed things about them. Any advice for a newbie be much appreciated.
  2. What is carbohydrate mouth rinsing? Edited, sorry, googled the answer easily enough. Interesting had never heard of that before. http://www.mysportscience.com/single-post/2015/05/20/Spit-or-swallow-Carb-mouth-rinse-and-performance
  3. This article seems not to be selling it but making it out to be great. https://www.fitness-weekly.com/amazing-compound-hexadrone-is-a-legal-prohormone-to-give-you-muscles-and-strength/
  4. Ok thanks for the reply. Do you know was it made illegal because it is dangerous? I won’t drink at all on it for the next 4 weeks, sad but i almost need something like this to give me a decent reason to not drink. Only usually have a few beers a night but it’s just no good for my fitness. I am a week in to taking it but seem to be feeling it a lot already but then that could be because I quit drinking and been to the gym every morning, it’s going to be hard to tell how good it is I guess. Very hard to find reviews on it except for the people that sell it so o guess it’s not very good at all.
  5. Thanks, ok it’s all new to me and i know next to nothing about chemical compounds that ghostface goes into detail about. It seems strange prohormones.co.uk are selling hexadrone and calling it epistan and then posting articles about epistane. Could it be dangerous to drink on a occasional evening whilst taking it?
  6. Hi, wondering if anyone knows about this stuff and is it the same as epistane? I have never taking any pro hormones or anything before and was interested in what it actually is. It’s sold as a beginner pro hormone, I’m taking it to help get leaner whilst gaining muscle. Is drinking on it completely out of the question? this is the chemical: 6-chloro-androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol
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