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  1. I don't really have time after the gym to post in the log anymore (because I have to rush home to help with the baby and cook dinner) so I usually forget to post. Here is what I did this week. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Monday Squats: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 80x3 / 90x3 / 102.5x14 FSL: 5x5 @ 80 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 40 BB Row: 5x10 @ 50 5/3/1 Krypteia - Tuesday Bench: 35x5 / 45x5 / 50x5 // 60x3 / 70x3 / 80x8 FSL: 5x5 @ 60 KB Goblet Squat: 5x10 @ 24 BB SLDL: 5x10 @ 40 5/3/1 Krypteia - Thursday Deadlifts: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 80x3 / 90x3 / 102.5x15 FSL: 5x5 @ 80 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 40 BB Row: 5x10 @ 50 Situps: 5x10 This week was my first AMRAP since I got back in the gym. Everything felt really good and I'm definitely back to a base level of fitness. I'll probably restart this training cycle next week with more reasonable maxes. I had originally set them very very low to account for the year off. I've been doing pretty well timewise too. I'm able to finish the leg day work outs in 40-45 mins and the bench day work out in 30-35 mins. Makes it a bit more like circuit training (which is good since I'm overweight atm) and gets me home quicker. A couple notes. First, I didn't have a spotter for the bench press so I couldn't safely go to failure. I definitely had another rep in me, maybe two, but I wasn't going to risk it. Second, for deadlift, that was unstrapped. I haven't dug out my straps yet. I probably had 3+ more left in my posterior chain, but my hands felt like the skin was tearing off of them, so I gave up at 15.
  2. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Friday Deadlifts: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 77.5x5 / 87.5x5 / 100x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 77.5 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 35 BB Row: 5x10 @ 40 Situps: 3x10 Crazy pump in my forearms. First time doing deadlifts in a year, though, so that makes sense.
  3. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Wednesday Bench: 35x5 / 45x5 / 50x5 // 57.5x5 / 67.5x5 / 75x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 57.5 KB Goblet Squat: 5x10 @ 24 BB SLDL: 5x10 @ 25 Skullcrushers: 3x10 @ 22 Situps: 5x10 Pretty sore today, but its nice to actually make it to the gym on schedule.
  4. Things have been all over the place recently. Hard to be consistent with a small baby. And I forgot to log a couple gym sessions, but I'm gonna do better. I went yesterday. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Monday Squats: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 77.5x5 / 87.5x5 / 100x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 77.5 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 30 BB Row: 5x10 @ 35 Pullups: 5x2 Situps: 5x10
  5. We are doing every possible vaccine and doing them on time. The immune reaction to the vaccine pales in comparison to getting sick. The gym was closed Monday and Wednesday for basketball games and i teach all day on Friday, so no gym for me this week.
  6. My wife likes Garfunkel and Oates too. I find some of their songs amusing. This one is ok. My daughter got her first round of shots on Friday, so she's been pretty surly all weekend. Had to miss the gym on Friday because of that and haven't gotten much of a break all weekend. Going to try to go to the gym today and Wednesday this week, but I'll have to miss Friday again because I teach a 3 day course over the weekend, starting Friday.
  7. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Wednesday Bench: 35x5 / 40x5 / 45x5 // 55x5 / 62.5x5 / 70x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 55 KB Goblet Squat: 5x10 @ 24 BB SLDL: 5x10 @ 25 Got it done nice and quick. Managed to avoid interacting with the old german guys who speak no english. I'm still pretty sore (and those SLDLs were killer), but things are going pretty well. Here is a snap shot of what part of the gym looks like:
  8. Thanks. The first couple months have been rough. We've had an objectively well-behaved and easy to get along with baby (so far) but even the best behaved newborn is super taxing. I took a month of parental leave, so I was home for the first month with my wife. This last month (excluding the holidays) I've been back at work. It's interesting because I think right now my wife is working harder than I am, even though I'm the one getting paid. I at least get some downtime at work and can go to the bathroom when I want.
  9. I finally made it to the gym 9 months later. I gained a fair bit of weight through the end of my wife's pregnancy and the first couple months or child rearing (back up to ~190 lbs), so unsurprisingly my new year's resolution was to get back to the gym. I found this weird little community gym thing that looks like its a haphazard collection of weights from the 70s. I'll take a picture when I go today. I started off really light because I can't afford to be so sore that I can't carry/walk the baby around. My wife would literally kill me if I was useless for a few days. Oh and weights are back to kilograms because Germans don't use freedom units. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Monday Squats: 45x5 / 50x5 / 60x5 // 70x5 / 80x5 / 90x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 70 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 25 BB Row: 5x10 @ 30 This left me pretty sore, but not so sore I couldn't walk the baby to sleep. So I think I got it just right. Normally I don't dial it back enough and then I can't walk for two days when I start lifting after a long break.
  10. Oh yeah, I guess I never mentioned that here. My daughter will be here in a couple months. Thanks for the well wishes, I'm sure I'll need them once I am no longer allowed to sleep through the night.
  11. Still taking my 25mg daily with no negative side effects. We conceived instantly, so I assume it was doing its job keeping my hormones in line and sperm quality up (unlike with the other TRT options).
  12. Many predatory fish that are targeted when sport fishing, like bass, are crepuscular. That is why the best fishing is at dawn and dusk.
  13. She is still working in NYC until mid-June, then I'm fetching her and she'll be enjoying her first time off ever.
  14. Ended up missing a bunch of time because of the move. I'm now settled in Germany, so I need to sign up at the climbing gym and the university gym so I can work on getting back into shape. But, work starts Monday, and stuff closes super early in this country, so who knows when I'll get a chance to do that.
  15. Mr.Kite

    Diet 2019

    When I am doing well I eat two meals a day of veggies, meat, and seasoning/sauce. I then sprinkle in protein bars, nuts, cheese, preserved meats, and fruit. If I manage to more or less limit my food choices to this, then I'm doing well. It's when I start eating out more or give in to my wife's request for starches that things go awry.
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