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  1. Did my first day with the 12kg kettlebell this morning. Only did 100 to ease myself in. The main thing I noticed that was different was how pumped my forearms got. My kettlebell is giant because I cheaped out and got one of the plastic + concrete ones and the handle is pretty thick which makes it hard to grip by the end of the 50 rep set. If the next few days are anything like today, I think my forearms are going to be the chokepoint to my progression here.
  2. Did my first day of 500 this morning, but it was broken up by the needs of my baby, so i had much longer recovery between a couple of the sets. Nonetheless, this means that tomorrow I am going to go up in weight and down in reps and try to work my way back up.
  3. Yeah, we are still in Germany through next February at a minimum. That's when my current contract ends. But we'll find out in July if our proposal gets funded, in which case we'll be here three more years. Got my 400 reps in this morning with the 5kg. This is so many reps. It's like doing HIIT.
  4. Went running today on my "off" day from the kettlebell swings. My third 5k since starting to exercise again and got myself down to 26 mins from 35 mins the first time out. My 12kg kettlebell arrived today, so I'll finish out this week with my 5kg dumbbell, with 400 reps tomorrow and 500 on Friday. Next week I'll reset back to 100 for the first day with my new heavier kettlebell and see how it goes. I was definitely pretty sore today after doing 300 with 5kg, so I'm dreading using the 12kg bell a little (but just a little). Absolutely no movement on weight yet, but I think that's pretty normal. I'd love to get back into the 180s asap though as it will make my runs so much easier.
  5. I broke my ankle in the fall of 2012 playing racquetball. Broke the end of my fibula off and tore all the ligaments connecting my leg to my foot, resulting in completely unhooking my foot from my leg (other than skin/blood vessels). Had reconstructive surgery and it took about 6 months before I could really start running again. It has completely healed now and there are only two residual side effects: 1. I have a metal plate + screws under my skin on my ankle. This causes me pain when sitting with my legs crossed and wearing high top sneakers/boots because the metal plate pinches my skin against the ground/shoe. 2. I have limited ankle dorsiflexion. This causes issues doing proper squats without decent sized wedges under my heels because I'm both asymmetrical and unable to go sufficiently deep.
  6. I can definitely feel the 200 from yesterday in my hamstrings and glutes. I did 300 this morning with my piddly 5kg dumbbell. Those 50 rep sets are quite the cardio, but I think I like the 10/15/25/50 rep scheme better than just doing 4x25 since I need the cardio. Honestly I might just move to 25/25/50 depending on how things go with the heavier weight. I am going to try to escalate at 100 per day until I am doing 500 for a few days before moving to the 12kg kettlebell that is currently being shipped to me. It is crazy to me that even doing these with essentially no weight is enough to make me sore. Not sure if that is a testament to how effective the movement is or how out of shape I was. It's crazy to me you guys are doing 500 of these at 20kg+.
  7. Decided to get a jump start on working on my form and breaking in my sedentary body. So I did some swings with a 5kg dumbbell. 100 yesterday, 200 this morning. Even with this really light weight, I can feel it in my hamstrings and I can tell those 50 rep sets are going to be killer. For those of you doing the progression scheme in the link, how long are your rest periods between each mini set? I was trying to do 30 seconds between each set and then two minutes after the 50 set before starting over. But I doubt I can keep it so compressed once I go up in weight and reps. EDIT: I'm gonna move future posts on this to my own log so that I don't flood SA's log.
  8. Well I went ahead and bought a 12kg kettlebell to join the kettlebell swing club. But it won't be here for a week, sadly.
  9. You guys are making me want to buy a kettlebell. The worst thing about the pandemic for me has been the gym closure, which has made me a fat slob. I just went for my first 5km jog this weekend and it was the hardest thing I've done since getting back into shape after breaking my ankle. 😩
  10. I don't really have time after the gym to post in the log anymore (because I have to rush home to help with the baby and cook dinner) so I usually forget to post. Here is what I did this week. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Monday Squats: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 80x3 / 90x3 / 102.5x14 FSL: 5x5 @ 80 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 40 BB Row: 5x10 @ 50 5/3/1 Krypteia - Tuesday Bench: 35x5 / 45x5 / 50x5 // 60x3 / 70x3 / 80x8 FSL: 5x5 @ 60 KB Goblet Squat: 5x10 @ 24 BB SLDL: 5x10 @ 40 5/3/1 Krypteia - Thursday Deadlifts: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 80x3 / 90x3 / 102.5x15 FSL: 5x5 @ 80 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 40 BB Row: 5x10 @ 50 Situps: 5x10 This week was my first AMRAP since I got back in the gym. Everything felt really good and I'm definitely back to a base level of fitness. I'll probably restart this training cycle next week with more reasonable maxes. I had originally set them very very low to account for the year off. I've been doing pretty well timewise too. I'm able to finish the leg day work outs in 40-45 mins and the bench day work out in 30-35 mins. Makes it a bit more like circuit training (which is good since I'm overweight atm) and gets me home quicker. A couple notes. First, I didn't have a spotter for the bench press so I couldn't safely go to failure. I definitely had another rep in me, maybe two, but I wasn't going to risk it. Second, for deadlift, that was unstrapped. I haven't dug out my straps yet. I probably had 3+ more left in my posterior chain, but my hands felt like the skin was tearing off of them, so I gave up at 15.
  11. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Friday Deadlifts: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 77.5x5 / 87.5x5 / 100x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 77.5 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 35 BB Row: 5x10 @ 40 Situps: 3x10 Crazy pump in my forearms. First time doing deadlifts in a year, though, so that makes sense.
  12. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Wednesday Bench: 35x5 / 45x5 / 50x5 // 57.5x5 / 67.5x5 / 75x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 57.5 KB Goblet Squat: 5x10 @ 24 BB SLDL: 5x10 @ 25 Skullcrushers: 3x10 @ 22 Situps: 5x10 Pretty sore today, but its nice to actually make it to the gym on schedule.
  13. Things have been all over the place recently. Hard to be consistent with a small baby. And I forgot to log a couple gym sessions, but I'm gonna do better. I went yesterday. 5/3/1 Krypteia - Monday Squats: 45x5 / 55x5 / 65x5 // 77.5x5 / 87.5x5 / 100x5 FSL: 5x5 @ 77.5 BB OHP: 5x10 @ 30 BB Row: 5x10 @ 35 Pullups: 5x2 Situps: 5x10
  14. We are doing every possible vaccine and doing them on time. The immune reaction to the vaccine pales in comparison to getting sick. The gym was closed Monday and Wednesday for basketball games and i teach all day on Friday, so no gym for me this week.
  15. My wife likes Garfunkel and Oates too. I find some of their songs amusing. This one is ok. My daughter got her first round of shots on Friday, so she's been pretty surly all weekend. Had to miss the gym on Friday because of that and haven't gotten much of a break all weekend. Going to try to go to the gym today and Wednesday this week, but I'll have to miss Friday again because I teach a 3 day course over the weekend, starting Friday.
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