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  1. She is still working in NYC until mid-June, then I'm fetching her and she'll be enjoying her first time off ever.
  2. Ended up missing a bunch of time because of the move. I'm now settled in Germany, so I need to sign up at the climbing gym and the university gym so I can work on getting back into shape. But, work starts Monday, and stuff closes super early in this country, so who knows when I'll get a chance to do that.
  3. Mr.Kite

    Diet 2019

    When I am doing well I eat two meals a day of veggies, meat, and seasoning/sauce. I then sprinkle in protein bars, nuts, cheese, preserved meats, and fruit. If I manage to more or less limit my food choices to this, then I'm doing well. It's when I start eating out more or give in to my wife's request for starches that things go awry.
  4. Mr.Kite

    Pass The Salt

    It probably increases those markers because you're stressed out by the fact that all your food tastes like shit 🤣
  5. Here is the key table from that paper where they summarize the findings on testosterone: Long Jack seems pretty reliable. The rest have too few studies to really know. The ashwagandha study is interesting, though, because the effect size is large and it already has well-established effects on stress. Regarding garlic, they say this:
  6. 5/3/1 Filler - Week 1 - Tuesday Squats: 115x5 / 135x5 / 165x5 // 175x5 / 205x5 / 235x10 (5+) OHP: 65x5 / 75x5 / 85x5 // 95x5 / 105x5 / 125x7 (5+) Lat Pulldowns: 5x10 @ 100 lbs Tricep Extensions: 5x10 @ 40 lbs Finally went to the gym yesterday after a full two weeks off. Had that weird experience of feeling very fresh, but having lowered strength. Only dropped 1 rep off my OHP, but 4 reps off the squats. Pretty sore today, especially in the legs. Since I will be busy on Thursdays and Fridays the rest of my time here, I will likely be working out Tuesday/Saturday with two lifts per session.
  7. It is literally the same thing as Zyrtec. Zyrtec is a racemic mixture of citirizine at 10mg, while Xyzal is a 5mg dose of the L-isomer. Unless there is evidence showing that the D-isomer in Zyrtec is the cause of sedation, I can't see the benefit.
  8. That is an interesting one. It looks like it is just as potent as cetirizine, but with fewer side effects. I'll have to try it once I get to Germany since it is EU only for the time being.
  9. I found this, which was an interesting summary: "At higher-than-recommended doses, sedation can occur with loratadine.4 Some patients taking cetirizine may experience sedation even at recommended doses.6 Fexofenadine, even at higher-than-recommended doses, has not been associated with sedation.7,15" So it sounds like I chose the most drowsy of the three and should probably try fexofenadine and loratadine again.
  10. This anti-histamine discussion is all very interesting. I never noticed any sedation from cetirizine, but I always felt that it worked better than loratadine, especially when my symptoms are stronger in the spring. I do have a tendency to be irritable midday, but I always thought that was from the caffeine, not the cetirizine. Worth trying it at night to see if it makes a difference. This discussion does make me interested in re-exploring the various options for non-BBB penetrating second-gen anti-histamines, though.
  11. I think I am still planning on going three days a week, at least for the next three weeks, which is when I move. I'll probably be taking another forced break at that point in time while I get settled in Bayreuth. Since it is only three weeks I guess I'll just do 5/3/1 and then reconsider my long term plans once I see what my gym in Germany has to offer. At that point, I'll probably lift 2 days a week and climb 1-2 days a week.
  12. @Growth Factor Woah, 50mg would put me into outer space. That said, my sister can take 100mg without batting an eye, so tolerance is real. I think we've talked about this before, though. Regarding the magnesium talk, I primarily take it because: 1. There is some (inconclusive) evidence that it helps optimize teste function, and 2. It is something that is harder to get a full dose of via an ordinary diet compared to the other divalent cations (unless I'm on an almonds kick). But it's also supposed to help ward off heart disease to a small degree and has some minor benefits for mood/anxiety. I don't notice much by way of stool softening, but it is probably helping in that regard. I take the citrate form for the same reasons as @Construct : it is cheap and bioavailable. For me, though, the real all-star from my 'supplement' regimen is the zyrtec (cetirizine). I have year-round mild allergies, including pet allergies, and taking daily zyrtec has completely erased them with no signs of tolerance even after like 5 years of daily use. It really is a godsend. It's the only one of my supplements (other than the melatonin) that I notice when I forget to take it.
  13. Morning 20B CFU Probiotic 5000 IU Vitamin D 10mg Zyrtec 25mg Clomid Night 1mg Melatonin 400mg Magnesium Citrate It's all general health stuff. I stopped taking exotic supplements years ago. Most of it was either not worth the cost or, more importantly, not worth the hassle of taking it (especially powders). Now that I'm moving out of the country, I'm finally throwing away all the random bottles of stuff I've accumulated over the years.
  14. Now that my talk is done and all my family is gone, I can finally get back to the gym on Monday. I need a new program though, but I'm not sure what that'll be. I kind of liked having two main lifts each session like I did on my brief Tu/Thu schedule, but I'm not sure how viable it is long term. My main developmental goal at the moment is to increase my back and forearm strength for climbing. Does anyone have any thoughts? Just keep doing 5/3/1? If so, do FSL or two lifts or something else? I feel like barbell rows and OHP should be a part of the program since those have been a bit neglected in my prior programs, but I know those aren't usually in most programs. Would power cleans be better than rows?
  15. Yeah, that 130x9 was absolutely no leg drive and to full lockout with head forward under the bar. I will admit to doing some back-bending at the start to get a bit better leverage (i.e., a bit more of an incline press, but not as extreme as the old olympic press form), but I always thrust my head forward once the bar is high enough to do a proper lockout. Also, those last two out of the nine were pretty grindy on the lockout because my triceps are still a bit weak.
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