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  1. Nootropics Depot is getting into the CBD game now. They have some unusually hyperbolic marketing material for their first CBD product: http://nootropicsdepot.com/nextcbd-cbd-oil-softgels/ From what I understand, Nootropics Depot is a spin-off business from the old Ceretropic company. Ceretropic's supposedly unique edge was their high quality control, though I don't think I ever saw any real QC evidence outside of their founder's claims in Reddit posts. Their marketing material claims 20x better bioavailability than regular CBD. Regular CBD has an oral bioavailability of 6-16% according to studies I've seen, so by my math this NextCBD has bioavailability of up to... 320%. Kind of disappointing to see Nootropics Depot go the way of other supplement marketing companies, but I suppose there's big money in CBD marketing right now.
  2. Construct

    Food Finds

    On a whim, I purchased a lot of frozen Calamari at Costco today. Tentacles included. Anyone have any calamari recipe suggestions that don't involve flour?
  3. I'd watch that. Hopefully they'd have a spin-off where they take a bunch of athletes and turn them into couch potatoes.
  4. Construct

    Diet 2019

    I'm jealous that you've found a working diet that still includes Little Debbie and pancakes with maple syrup. When I get tired of overdosing on leafy greens every day, I'm switching to the mwarren diet.
  5. This is really cool. I always like seeing these comparisons across disciplines. I agree with the article about the Broad Jump. I bet she could have put up some better numbers with some more practice. Now if they really wanted to make this interesting, they'd pick some random 30-something office worker and throw him into the mix for a baseline. That would be fun to watch.
  6. THC-naive person here. I've tried two CBD products now. One was sold as 99+% pure CBD isolate. The other was marketed as "full spectrum" CBD oil sourced from hemp. The CBD isolate product might as well have been placebo for me, at least up to the 100mg maximum dose that I tried. The full spectrum oil, on the other hand, put me to sleep in the middle of the day at the 50mg CBD dose. The full spectrum oil wasn't pleasant at all. I just felt tired, slow, and apathetic. I'm beginning to think that CBD isn't necessarily the main active ingredient in these oils.
  7. Construct

    Diet 2019

    This is my current diet. Meat and an unreasonable amount of veggies. I ate two pounds of brussels sprouts the other day. That's only 400 calories. 2.25lbs of asparagus in a single day. Only 200 calories. At least I can still cover all of these veggies in butter to make up for the lack of calories.
  8. My best lipid results in the past few years coincided with heavy ginger tea consumption: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18813412
  9. Are you looking for full keto options? Or just generically lower carb meal replacement options?
  10. Gwern, famous for documenting extremely detailed double-blinded tests on himself, has posted some negative results for his Magnesium experiment: https://www.gwern.net/nootropics/Magnesium If you're not familiar with Gwern's work: It's extremely detailed and the takeaways tend to be buried somewhere in the middle, rather than the end of the document. In this case, Gwern suggests that Magnesium supplementation was an overall negative in two self-trial. I'd caution against reading too much into Gwern's intricate analyses. The data collection and analysis appear to be very well-informed, but that doesn't make up for the fact that it's still n=1 with who knows how many other confounding factors. That said, I've had the same suspicions about Magnesium lately. Largely because Magnesium is the only supplement I really take regularly in high volume. I only take it 5 days a week (M-F), but that's still plenty of time for a large dose to accumulate if I have my dosing wrong. Now that my diet is very heavy on naturally magnesium-rich foods, I'm going to discontinue magnesium supplementation entirely.
  11. Esketamine, specifically. Patent protection wouldn't apply to regular, cheap ketamine. I haven't followed racemic vs. esketamine closely. Is there actually some benefit to esketamine over ketamine? Generally speaking, I would prefer esketamine over ketamine if that truly is the active enantiomer for depression, but I'm assuming the decision was made more for the benefit of patent protection. No word on treatment cost yet. I assume it's going to be significantly more expensive than a compounding pharmacy producing a basic ketamine nasal spray.
  12. This reminds me of an interesting study I found recently. Puerarin, one of the most active constituents of Kudzu, might be a weak benzodiazepine site antagonist. Puerarin is an interesting compound. It produced 3-4 hours of mild anxiety and agitation, followed by several hours of calm when I tried it. Not particularly pleasant for me while it was active. I can see how it would exacerbate bruxism.
  13. Construct


    Monday, 4 March 2019: OHP: 5 x 65lbs 5 x 75lbs 5 x 85lbs 5 x 95lbs BBR: 3 x 5 x 95 lbs. Obviously, these aren't serious workouts. At the moment I'm just trying to test the limits. So far, so good. I'm not ready to attribute any success to the diet yet, though. Reversion to the mean is still the simplest explanation. Either way, I'll take it.
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