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  1. I had a similar close call with a fast-moving river when I was younger. It's amazing how quickly water can go from okay to trying to kill you. To this day I still don't enjoy being in open bodies of water. As for the phone: Did you report it stolen to your carrier? They can get it added to the blacklist so that it can't be activated by anyone else. Doesn't get your phone back, but at least makes it less valuable for whoever stole it. I have to wonder if whoever stole it was a frequent thief, or just saw an opportunity and went for it. It's fairly common knowledge that stolen phones aren't very valuable on the secondary market due to the whole blacklisting thing. He can either sell it for parts, or sell it to some unsuspecting victim on Craigslist who doesn't know to check if it's stolen.
  2. Seems like a reach. I think people with good baseline cognitive performance are more likely to choose higher-paying desk jobs than manual labor jobs. As for standing desks: I found myself to be more alert when I was standing vs. sitting. Being in a chair makes it easier to relax. Being on your feet means you're at least minimally active, which seems to keep the brain awake.
  3. It's difficult to find good information on the D-Lactate topic. Some people in the autism community believe that reducing D-Lactate is helpful for reducing autism severity, which has attracted a lot of snake oil vendors and questionable science. Would be great if true, but I don't think the science supports it. Even the D-Lactic Acidosis scientific papers leave more questions than answers. One of the more popular papers on treating D-Lactic Acidosis claims that it was treated with a mixture of probiotics that include D-Lactate producing probiotics. That's one reason why I think probiotics are a tool for disrupting the microbiome in the hopes that it re-settles into a healthier, or at least different, cluster of bacteria rather than directly recolonizing with the consumed probiotics. From what I've read, Bifidobacterium won't produce D-Lactate. Some Lactobacillus have the machinery to produce D-Lactate, but it varies from strain to strain. It would be great to see more research with actual D-Lactate measurements in real patients. We can clear certain amounts of D-Lactate naturally, but the real question is which microbiome configurations can produce enough D-Lactate to temporarily overwhelm our natural clearance abilities. Maybe it's a non-issue.
  4. Bumping this thread because I've been reading up on probiotics again. On the topic of long-lasting changes: I've been reading a few studies on D-Lactic Acidosis, a condition where out of control gut bacteria produce more D-Lactate than the body can handle. A few studies suggest long-term remission by alternating between antibiotics and probiotics. As far as I can tell, the ingested probiotics are more useful for destabilizing the microbiome in a way that ultimately settles into a different cluster of dominant bacteria, which may or may not contain much of the exogenous probiotic. Interestingly, one study suggested that a concoction of antibiotic herbs had similar efficacy to prescription antibiotics in altering the gut microbiome. It wasn't just standard dietary levels of the herbs, though. They used concentrated oregano oil and other concentrated preparations. It would be interesting to see studies about the thresholds of these compounds required in the diet to have notable changes on the microbiome, though. On the topic of probiotics and microbiome: I always feel a bit disappointed when I read about microbiome research. It feels like we've been hearing for years about the gut microbiome might have wide-ranging effects on general health, but I haven't seen many actual treatment options yet. Probiotic research is starting to feel like battery technology research, where we're constantly reading news headlines about the latest technology breakthrough, but actual shipping products continue to improve at a snail's pace.
  5. As an outsider, I've always viewed powerlifting culture as a sort of fringe extremist culture of general fitness. I've known a lot of people who lift weights, but only a small number of them pursued powerlifting culture. Anecdotally, every one of my acquaintances who went down the extreme powerlifting path ended up having difficult times later with drug dependence problems (anabolic or otherwise), mental health issues secondary to drug use, injuries that they ignored for the sake of progress or toughness, and other decisions that they later regretted. This may be a stretch, but I've seen similar self-destructive behavior patterns in some very competitive acquaintances in the software world. People who want to get to the top of their field at any cost, so they lean on stimulants, neglect their sleep and personal health, and ultimately burn out from lack of balance. I think a certain personality type can take any field to unhealthy extremes.
  6. First time ever using a kettlebell today. I did 100 swings according to the T-Nation 10, 15, 25, 50 (then repeat) progression that SA posted. Plenty of gas left in the tank, but I wanted to see what gets sore first before I start pushing it.
  7. But he's a 15 year old boy, so somehow he'll always recover in about 8 hours and his lifts will go up 5 lbs every session like clockwork. I miss those days.
  8. So how much longer until he starts out-lifting you?
  9. That study had symptomatic patients forcefully cough into a petri dish through their mask. The authors even admit it's not a great measure of whether or not it has much bearing on reducing transmission among asymptomatic people under normal daily activities. If the masks reduce transmission of viral droplets or reduce the distance that droplets travel after exhalation, they're going to bring R0 down. If we set the bar so high that only a perfect mask is acceptable (prevent infected, symptomatic patient from contaminating a petri dish with multiple active coughs directed at said petri dish) then we're going to miss a whole range of interventions that can significantly reduce the R0, or even reduce the viral load of those who are exposed.
  10. I think I finally snagged a kettlebell. 35lb one from Walmart.com of all places. $40 and shipping was free. Pleasant surprise after I was preparing to pay through the nose wherever I could find one in stock.
  11. I'm failing hard at ordering a kettlebell. One order cancelled, another order had a ship date pushed back by a month. I found one with Prime shipping and almost got through checkout, but someone else got it first. Might have to try one of the DIY options for now.
  12. When did you break your ankle? And how did it heal up? Back to normal?
  13. I'm thinking about ordering some, too. Did you pick a specific brand? Or should I just order whatever's cheap?
  14. I was taking 7000 IU per day for a while. Bloodwork showed levels around 90ng/dL. This was mid-summer, IIRC, so I was outside a lot. My doctor recommended I dial the supplementation back a bit. Currently I take 5000 IU most days, skipping a couple days per week.
  15. "How are you stuck in the dryer?"
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