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  1. So how much longer until he starts out-lifting you?
  2. That study had symptomatic patients forcefully cough into a petri dish through their mask. The authors even admit it's not a great measure of whether or not it has much bearing on reducing transmission among asymptomatic people under normal daily activities. If the masks reduce transmission of viral droplets or reduce the distance that droplets travel after exhalation, they're going to bring R0 down. If we set the bar so high that only a perfect mask is acceptable (prevent infected, symptomatic patient from contaminating a petri dish with multiple active coughs directed at said petri dish) then we're going to miss a whole range of interventions that can significantly reduce the R0, or even reduce the viral load of those who are exposed.
  3. I think I finally snagged a kettlebell. 35lb one from Walmart.com of all places. $40 and shipping was free. Pleasant surprise after I was preparing to pay through the nose wherever I could find one in stock.
  4. I'm failing hard at ordering a kettlebell. One order cancelled, another order had a ship date pushed back by a month. I found one with Prime shipping and almost got through checkout, but someone else got it first. Might have to try one of the DIY options for now.
  5. When did you break your ankle? And how did it heal up? Back to normal?
  6. I'm thinking about ordering some, too. Did you pick a specific brand? Or should I just order whatever's cheap?
  7. I was taking 7000 IU per day for a while. Bloodwork showed levels around 90ng/dL. This was mid-summer, IIRC, so I was outside a lot. My doctor recommended I dial the supplementation back a bit. Currently I take 5000 IU most days, skipping a couple days per week.
  8. "How are you stuck in the dryer?"
  9. We all have unique skills to contribute. But failing that, we can also lift heavy things. Surely a doomsday compound has a lot of heavy things that need to be lifted somewhere, right?
  10. I vote for any place where you can build an off-grid compound. The rest of us will come join you when the coronavirus gets real bad.
  11. Surely your bad luck has now peaked. Right? Sorry to hear about the car issues. Hopefully your car insurance takes care of you. My wife totalled an old car when we were first dating. To my surprise, insurance paid out more than we realistically could have sold the car for at the time. Any injuries from the accident?
  12. Monday, 17 February 2020: Decided to pace myself before the next leg day. Just climbing today. Within 30 seconds of sitting down in the bouldering area, a girl fell off the wall and broke her arm right in front of me. We got her calmed down and the gym staff did some basic splint work so she could make her way to the doctor. I climbed a few bouldering problems but I wasn't really feeling it, so I left early. I drove my wife's car to the gym. On the way home, it developed some terrible noises from the engine bay. Not quite consistent enough for rod knock, maybe a spun bearing, but I'm hoping it's just a broken timing belt tensioner. I'll pull it apart tomorrow, but I'm giving it 70% odds of a blown motor given that it almost has 200K miles. On top of that, I'm feeling vaguely sick. Beginning to think I picked up some of @Growth Factor's bad 2020 luck somehow.
  13. I grew up watching This Old House with my dad on Sunday mornings. He and I did some remodeling work together when I was too young to really be much help. It's amazing how much of the knowledge I've retained, though. Now my dad is getting too old to really help out much. I can tell he wants to, but my mom and I are both worried that he'll worsen his back problems if he tries. Kind of wish I had done this earlier in my life so he could help out a bit more.
  14. Sunday ,16 February 2020: Bench: 5 x 8 x 185 lbs OHP: 5 x 12 x 45 lbs Incline Bench: 5 x 8 x 75 lbs Tricep Pushdown: 5 x 12 x 20 lbs
  15. Thanks for the concern. Technically, I'm switching to contracting for a while. Several peers reached out almost immediately with some opportunities. I'm not concerned for my work or career prospects just yet, though I am keeping a close eye on any possible economic downturns. I'm also taking this opportunity to remodel one or maybe two parts of the house. It's amazing how cheap a remodel can be when I'm doing all of the work myself. Feels good to do some manual labor for a change, but I'd never want to do this for a career. Sunday, 9 February 2020: Bench: 3 x 12 x 115 lbs OHP: 5 x 8 x 75 lbs Incline Bench: 3 x 12 x 75 lbs Tricep pushdown: 3 x 12 x 20 lbs Lateral Raise: 5 x 8 x 15 lbs
  16. Yes, this is the song of my people now. The big layoff happened, as I had predicted. I'm using this as an opportunity to reset a bit. I've already had a few unsolicited job and contracting offers that I've delayed, and I'm fortunate enough to have no concerns about our finances right now. I've been doing as you suggested: Stretching the program out to an 8 or 9 day cycle with additional rest days as needed. I agree that the squat accessories are weak, which is compounded buy the fact that I don't have access to a leg press machine. My primary goal is to be in top shape for mountain biking season, though, so I've been using this opportunity to work in light to moderate cycling exercise. Not optimal for strength, I know, but I think it fits my goals better.
  17. We're going to give you a double mulligan. You can restart 2020 in March now.
  18. High Vitamin D in a subgroup, too. Although 28 nutritional biomarkers measured in n=150 subsets leaves some room for coincidence correlations. I'll have to read the study later to see how significant those were.
  19. Ugh, that's rough. Wishing her the best in her recovery, of course, but I will say it's probably better that you got out early. Drug addiction can really do a number on a person and everyone in their orbit. Maybe you can take a mulligan and restart your 2020 in February.
  20. Wow, that's rough. Hopefully the rest of 2020 treats you better. Always feels good to get back to the daily routine after being sick.
  21. What do you guys think of this workout program? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KdH2ZH7KDxFhKAj5tM7eeBTC2CRyJJ6Nn-0i6OfXRHo/edit#gid=2130602455 Program is on the 2nd tab of the spreadsheet. It's the current crowd favorite on Reddit. I've been giving it a try with moderate weights. So far, so good.
  22. I used contactsdirect.com this time. I stacked one of their discount codes, a cashback website, a mail in rebate, and my insurance coverage. Brought my total out of pocket down from $600 or something to about $150. I do not think they made any money on me.
  23. Welcome back, Kassem. Good to have you around as always. Caloric restriction has always been interesting to me, but it's not compatible with an active lifestyle. Have you found any interesting research in the area of calorie restriction mimetics?
  24. Construct

    Protein Bars?

    If you find a good protein bar recipe, let us know. I haven't found a good bar recipe yet. I had the same experience you did: Most of the online recipes seem like they're built around taste or Instagram worthiness, not macros. It might help to open your search up to "ball" recipes. It's trendy to have "paleo balls" or "protein balls". When I go keto, I think 20% of my diet is "keto balls".
  25. What's Triceps Hell? Google and YouTube were more confusing than enlightening.
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