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  1. Makes sense that if it works it shuts you down. I'll be getting bloods during and hopefully after. So is the general consensus that a nolva or clomid PCT is recommended? I'll be doing 5mg for 8 weeks.
  2. Thanks Gawd, funny you mention LGD, I had completely forgotten it and just clicked back into memory. How long were your cycles and what kind of gains did you see? Any PCT?
  3. Very true. I should back off the training a bit. Also not sure if I want to go on forever quite yet, just know I want to do something about it now, temporarily So it looks like this is kind of a pipe dream to get done on the books. Approximately how long and how hard would OTC progesterone/estrogen shut me down for, hypothetically? I will probably just handle things myself. If anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction with a PM I would be super grateful. I haven't been in the loop in quite awhile. Thanks guys
  4. Thanks for the reply. I plan on going to a primary care doc and getting yearly labs this month. By a seat of the pants (morning wood/energy levels/lean mass) I'd guess my test is around 600, same as it was last year at this time. I'm pretty in tune with my body at this point, so I am just preparing for the news it is normal and how I go about gently asking for TRT. I wanted to do everything on the books for various reasons, insurance being a big one. I am aware of how to do it myself but that tends to get me in trouble. That would be a last resort but I will go there if forced to. having said that I am wondering if I should try and fail right off the bat or if maybe it's normal then going to a specialist (urologist/endo) and failing that test on purpose? I pretty much have decided to go on so I would like to do it in the shortest amount of time possible. How would one drastically lower their T on purpose for a short time in order to qualify for TRT?
  5. I've been thinking of taking the plunge to TRT for a variety of reasons and know quite a few of you here have exp with it. I'm 41, I don't drink/drugs or smoke, train about 6-7 times a week with a high RPE. I've completely stalled progress even though I've switched training protocols and adhere to strict nutrition. I'm interested in it not just for breaking this plateau, which I've been stuck at for over a year now, but for the many other touted benefits, well being, energy, etc. Last time I had my T checked it was about 650. I am assuming a doc won't consider this low enough to put me on. My questions are do I talk to a primary doc about this, a urologist or an endocrinologist? Any advice on how to approach the situation with normal levels? TIA
  6. Kind of what I was thinking. Thanks...
  7. Any particular reason BCAA is preferred to regular protein, pre, para or post WO?
  8. So upon awakening with an empty stomach, if I were not practicing IF that day, some dextrose/high GI pre and post would you say would be better than no carbs around the work out window at all? How does everyone feel about WMS vs Dextrose to fit that bill?
  9. So it's generally agreed high GI carbs are indeed beneficial PWO? What about Pre? ...thanks for the replies
  10. Forgive me if this has been beaten to death. Searching didn't turn up much. Curious as to what you all are using for carbs, if any , pre/intra and post. I was using waxy maize starch before and after with nothing intra but have been reading not so hot shit on it lately (mainly that it is lower GI than initially thought and is overall a waste of money for hypertrophy). Thinking of switching to dextrose, higher GI carbs if it's proven to be effective. Is spiking insulin after training with something like dextrose still a good idea or are sugars bad in any form at any time? Lot of conflicting information out there on this topic so I come to the experts
  11. Thanks Bud! The first exercise is the one I've been doing, both eccentric and concentric . You can most definitely feel them but I do get some weird looks doing them. Oh well, gonna stick with it and do some measurements soon . Kind of wondering if trap development is related to neck thickness at all, and why some , like yourself , never find a need to work neck directly and make out just fine with heavy deads, shrugs and such.
  12. Thanks. So even if I am getting about 100% RDA of it more would help you think? It's not that expensive, maybe I'll give it a shot. Any particular supp you like?
  13. Per Constructs post, apparently it's the sum of all estrogen (e1, e2, etc. etc) I never heard of it either but apparently the reference range is much higher for males, per Quests website? Anyone have more clarification?
  14. Gotcha, thanks brother! So no need to supplement with I3c and DIM like I was just researching? IRT to TSH being a bit high, apparently iodine (which is already in my multi) can only make it worse?
  15. My test was at quest labs. I am not really sure what the exact test was, only that I voiced my gyno concerns to the doc and he ok'd it. Like I mentioned, it just says, Estrogen, Serum total on the quest paperwork and the above ref range was what I listed. That is what lead me to post here, as the ref range had me confused about what was normal. Copied From Quest: 8378) CLIENT LOG-IN: IntelliTest | JDOS Estrogen, Total, Serum Test Code 439 CPT Code(s) 82672 Preferred Specimen(s) 2 mL serum Minimum Volume 1 mL Transport Temperature Refrigerated (cold packs) Specimen Stability Room temperature: 4 days Refrigerated: 14 days Frozen: 28 days Reject Criteria Gross hemolysis • Grossly lipemic Methodology Extraction • Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Performing Laboratory Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute 33608 Ortega Highway San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-2042 Setup Schedule Set up: Sun-Fri; Report Available: 2-5 days Reference Range(s) Adult Female Follicular Phase (1-12 days) 90-590 pg/mL Luteal Phase 130-460 pg/mL Postmenopausal 50-170 pg/mL Adult Male 60-190 pg/mL
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