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  1. Yes, I completely expected a reduction, but maybe it was a bit more than anticipated. Current broscience doses are 10migs, but we all know how that goes. Next go around I might try 2.5. I have labs scheduled in about 6 weeks so we will see...
  2. Update: So I had some bloodwork come back about a week ago. Total test............29! Anyone who says SARMS/LGD doesn't shut you down pretty hard is dreaming. I was on a relatively low dose of 5migs for 8 weeks and the bloods were taken the last week. Also, my fasting blood glucose was 109, which is considered pre-diabetic. My diet isn't great (some refined carbs but no outright sugars, enough fiber) and I compared it to last year which was 99, the upper limit of "normal". I'm genetically predisposed to type II so I have to be careful. Also wondering if the MK had just enough of an effect in this area as I have heard it has (about a bump of 5 for most people, which is consistent). Either way for PCT I have continued MK as a bridge, taking a day or two off here and there for insulin sensitivity issues. Also began IF again as I know it can boost T. I know it won't do much for hypertrophy but hopefully help me retain LBM in a deficit (and without heavy training as gym is closed obviously). I am down about 5lbs , which I hope was the water but am still getting plenty of "juice" comments at work, which I got before my cycle anyway, but let me know something worked. Traps/Delts in particular grew nicely. All in all, if I can get my test back up to ~600ish, knock on wood, for a test in 3 months and stay at 175 I'd say it was successful and I will revisit SARMS in the form and RAD140 for next go around...
  3. What's good D?! Hope all is well..You guys are absolutely right. It is a bit of drug seeking behavior and I should know better. I absolutely was an IV drug user. God willing I will have 2 years on May 2. Having needles around I feel wouldn't be very smart but I'm sure as you know an 18 gauge juice rig is a far cry from an insulin needle I used to use. I'd be afraid to hit a vein with that bad boy lol. For me personally the whole dishonesty angle of the situation would be my biggest concern towards my recovery. I don't like lying these days, it makes me sick. BUT I was absolutely stalled in my training progress , and I felt like I HAD to do something. Ever since I quit all the other shit I am very OCD about my training/diet and progress with both. I'm pretty sure I capped out my natural limits. TRT was a big leap so I've since decided on a LGD 4033 + MK677 cycle. I started with the lgd for about 3 weeks by itself at 5mg a day. I was stuck @ ~170 -12%BF prior (for almost a year) and within a week I hit 175 and strength was up, not by as much as some accounts but noticeable. 2 weeks ago I added the MK at @ 15mg ED , which I intend to use in my PCT (with nothing else really) and as a bridge to whatever the future brings. Knock on wood I haven't had too many sides. I'm a bit lethargic and a bit grumpy, not sure if I am getting shutdown now (I'm almost at week 6) or if it's the MK, but other than that I am pretty happy. I've gained quite a bit of size, not much BF% and I believe it has helped me get past this hump, which was incredibly frustrating and almost made me quite training, which I am sure would have had disastrous consequences. I need an outlet without substances. Hopefully I retain most of what I gained. I know quite a bit is water. I'm hovering at about 180 ~14%BF right now. 10 more lbs than my baseline before. I'll be getting bloodwork in the next week or so and I am assuming I will have miniscule levels of test (I'm guessing less that 200) now but hope to bounce back rather quickly without Nolva/Clomid as the 5mg is a low dose and the MK is not supressive and should help as a bridge. All in all I believe SARMS are a solid alternative to those who don't want to jump into a full on cycle or lock themselves into TRT to get over a plateau. I almost wished I had done this a year ago. I feel like I wasted tons of training effort for zero to no gains in the past, but am happy to be where I am now. I was going to run an 8 week but an open to suggestions, I still have plenty of LGD left...
  4. Makes sense that if it works it shuts you down. I'll be getting bloods during and hopefully after. So is the general consensus that a nolva or clomid PCT is recommended? I'll be doing 5mg for 8 weeks.
  5. Thanks Gawd, funny you mention LGD, I had completely forgotten it and just clicked back into memory. How long were your cycles and what kind of gains did you see? Any PCT?
  6. Very true. I should back off the training a bit. Also not sure if I want to go on forever quite yet, just know I want to do something about it now, temporarily So it looks like this is kind of a pipe dream to get done on the books. Approximately how long and how hard would OTC progesterone/estrogen shut me down for, hypothetically? I will probably just handle things myself. If anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction with a PM I would be super grateful. I haven't been in the loop in quite awhile. Thanks guys
  7. Thanks for the reply. I plan on going to a primary care doc and getting yearly labs this month. By a seat of the pants (morning wood/energy levels/lean mass) I'd guess my test is around 600, same as it was last year at this time. I'm pretty in tune with my body at this point, so I am just preparing for the news it is normal and how I go about gently asking for TRT. I wanted to do everything on the books for various reasons, insurance being a big one. I am aware of how to do it myself but that tends to get me in trouble. That would be a last resort but I will go there if forced to. having said that I am wondering if I should try and fail right off the bat or if maybe it's normal then going to a specialist (urologist/endo) and failing that test on purpose? I pretty much have decided to go on so I would like to do it in the shortest amount of time possible. How would one drastically lower their T on purpose for a short time in order to qualify for TRT?
  8. I've been thinking of taking the plunge to TRT for a variety of reasons and know quite a few of you here have exp with it. I'm 41, I don't drink/drugs or smoke, train about 6-7 times a week with a high RPE. I've completely stalled progress even though I've switched training protocols and adhere to strict nutrition. I'm interested in it not just for breaking this plateau, which I've been stuck at for over a year now, but for the many other touted benefits, well being, energy, etc. Last time I had my T checked it was about 650. I am assuming a doc won't consider this low enough to put me on. My questions are do I talk to a primary doc about this, a urologist or an endocrinologist? Any advice on how to approach the situation with normal levels? TIA
  9. Kind of what I was thinking. Thanks...
  10. Any particular reason BCAA is preferred to regular protein, pre, para or post WO?
  11. So upon awakening with an empty stomach, if I were not practicing IF that day, some dextrose/high GI pre and post would you say would be better than no carbs around the work out window at all? How does everyone feel about WMS vs Dextrose to fit that bill?
  12. So it's generally agreed high GI carbs are indeed beneficial PWO? What about Pre? ...thanks for the replies
  13. Forgive me if this has been beaten to death. Searching didn't turn up much. Curious as to what you all are using for carbs, if any , pre/intra and post. I was using waxy maize starch before and after with nothing intra but have been reading not so hot shit on it lately (mainly that it is lower GI than initially thought and is overall a waste of money for hypertrophy). Thinking of switching to dextrose, higher GI carbs if it's proven to be effective. Is spiking insulin after training with something like dextrose still a good idea or are sugars bad in any form at any time? Lot of conflicting information out there on this topic so I come to the experts
  14. Thanks Bud! The first exercise is the one I've been doing, both eccentric and concentric . You can most definitely feel them but I do get some weird looks doing them. Oh well, gonna stick with it and do some measurements soon . Kind of wondering if trap development is related to neck thickness at all, and why some , like yourself , never find a need to work neck directly and make out just fine with heavy deads, shrugs and such.
  15. Thanks. So even if I am getting about 100% RDA of it more would help you think? It's not that expensive, maybe I'll give it a shot. Any particular supp you like?
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