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  1. I have drifted back into the gym a few times. Mostly I am doing this as mindfulness exercise on what I hate about it. Is there a way to make going to the gym enjoyable? After the first 3 minutes of ordeal and misery, I do love the feeling of lifting weights at times. Being in the gym activates my self-criticism -- I don't have a plan, I'm not doing 5-3-1, I am not keto, I don't use test enthanate, I don't bench 250+, I am weaker than everyone else in the room, I am too skinny, Blah blah blah.says the mental chatter. But each time I am glad that I went.
  2. Within AA some people believe that using any pharmaceutical is unacceptable because you are not "Sober." The idea, then, is that Sobriety is the only goal, and "being well" or "living a better life" is impossible if you are taking anything that alters mood or cognition. It's an extremely rigid and often self-defeating mindset. (I learned this from a recovering addict who was helped by AA at first)
  3. Well that pretty much ruins my plans for the weekend
  4. Ras realized I was mixing up naltrexone with naloxone
  5. No, I wasn't thinking of acute alcohol poisoning -- just noting that naltrexone is highly available for street drug use and almost unknown by physicians for other purposes.
  6. Do we know of any online sources for naltrexone? Naltrexone injection kits are handed out to anyone for free to handle opoid overdoses, so it's odd that it isn't ubiquitous for alcohol use.
  7. Seems fair. They'll be testing you twice a day for the rest of your life.
  8. I've roomed with men, women and mixtures of both. It was no problem and was an important learning experience. The idea that adult males should live in segregated housing sounds ridiculous.
  9. Plenty! Stop me if I've told you this one before... It has actual heavy metal in it, not like that crypto-emo music you listen to https://youtu.be/414mrPgK5Yk
  10. Me too! Especially to see that secret radar base where they could detect and identify incoming missiles
  11. Zeo was a good machine, but the price was about 2x what the market would bear. I looked into buying the Zeo database when I was with a machine learning startup, but someone else had already grabbed it (Philips?) Electronics are so capable these days, I don't understand why a consumer-level device isn't available at the price of a Fitbit
  12. I ran out a long time ago. The supplier went out of business, and until now I haven't seen another one. MB definitely did something. I was not rigorous or scientific in my trial so my impressions are vague. There must be something in the collective unconcious, because I was searching for MB again 2 weeks ago after not thinking about it for 2 years,
  13. Another sad encounter between settlers and indigenous peoples.
  14. Sanction


    In another thread (can't remember which one) I learned to take a few grams of dextrose and BCAA after the workout. Prior to using that, I was getting killer fatigue for a day or two. Afterwards, fatigue was minimal except for days when I didn't take dextrose/BCAA. I don't know if both dextrose and BCAA helped, or why.
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