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  1. ^^ A nugget of wisdom there, or so I have concluded after all this time. It's the very definition of what it is to be an adult.
  2. I had middle-of-the-night anxiety last night, which is unusual for me. I figure most people are going through shock, and that shows up in a hundred different ways. In a few days we will have adapted somewhat. Briefly, here's how I deal with the anxiety to move the adaptation process along: - breathe into the lower abdomen - focus on the uncomfortable sensations for a while (they are mostly located in my torso) - ask the emotions what they want me to understand - decide on some concrete action I can take - remind myself that I am fine here and now, with
  3. I wouldn't think bupropion would be a first choice anyway. Ritalin/dexedrine/Adderall at a moderate dose. I'm pretty sure those are generally safe to use for epileptics. https://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/news/20190312/adhd-meds-safe-with-epilepsy-study-finds
  4. There's always a balance between taking a higher dose of a med so that you get the effect, but not so much that the sides become intolerable. If that's working for you then there's no need to up the dose
  5. Yeah, but in July you can come up here with your snow skis and do the slopes on Toronto Mountain
  6. Yes, he is in Halifax, about 800 miles east of Toronto.
  7. Been checked for diabetes lately? (IANAD)
  8. That must be quite a shock on many levels. So sorry to hear about all this.
  9. I'm thinking that this is the main theme that runs through all your ruminations about women and life and everything. Here's what I'm not clear about -- what it's like for you when you have connection, and are there times when you have had that?
  10. WUT? High folate too? Low SAM and zinc are congruent with my expectations.
  11. I"m just curious if your average physician would consider SHBG levels, or merely look at various testosterone numbers.
  12. The vast majority of funding for studies is raised privately. Given that these substances, except ketamine, are still illegal (schedule 1 in the USA) it's a wonder that there are any studies at all. Prohibition is still a thing.
  13. I can't figure out from the article whether this is good or bad. 3 things I eat before noon affect the gut microbiome: cinnamon, stevia, aspartame. Then for all the other meals there is hot sauce. Might as well give up without those. Check out the scientist in a camo shirt in the photo. "Foods they tested that had antimicrobial effects include honey, licorice, stevia... aspartame, hot sauce, herbs such as oregano, spices such as cinnamon and clove, rhubarbs, uva ursi (bear berry), and neem extract." https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-01/sdsu-cfc010920.php
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