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    Sanction reacted to STENDEC in Breakfast   
    People who eat a big breakfast may burn twice as many calories
    Study finds eating more at breakfast instead of dinner could prevent obesity
    Science News, February 19, 2020

    Eating a big breakfast rather than a large dinner may prevent obesity and high blood sugar, according to new research published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Our body expends energy when we digest food for the absorption, digestion, transport and storage of nutrients. This process, known as diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), is a measure of how well our metabolism is working, and can differ depending on mealtime.
    "Our results show that a meal eaten for breakfast, regardless of the amount of calories it contains, creates twice as high diet-induced thermogenesis as the same meal consumed for dinner," said the study's corresponding author, Juliane Richter, M.Sc., Ph.D., of University of Lübeck in Germany. "This finding is significant for all people as it underlines the value of eating enough at breakfast."
    The researchers conducted a three-day laboratory study of 16 men who consumed a low-calorie breakfast and high-calorie dinner, and vice versa in a second round. They found identical calorie consumption led to 2.5 times higher DIT in the morning than in the evening after high-calorie and low-calorie meals. The food-induced increase of blood sugar and insulin concentrations was diminished after breakfast compared with dinner. The results also show eating a low-calorie breakfast increased appetite, specifically for sweets.
    "We recommend that patients with obesity as well as healthy people eat a large breakfast rather than a large dinner to reduce body weight and prevent metabolic diseases," Richter said.
    Journal Reference:
    Kerstin M Oltmanns, Alina Kistenmacher, Thalke Baumann, Simon Janka, Nina Herzog, Juliane Richter. Twice as High Diet-Induced Thermogenesis After Breakfast vs Dinner On High-Calorie as Well as Low-Calorie Meals. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2020; 105 (3) DOI: 10.1210/clinem/dgz311
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    Sanction reacted to Growth Factor in GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log   
    While I was conducting a hands-free conversation driving home from the gym on a snowy night, I inadvertently blew through a red light and got T-boned, and my car is totaled. I've no traffic tickets, ever, and the only red light or stop sign I've legitimately blown was when I had my driving narcolepsy (and no incident occurred, thankfully).  
    I was 2 payments away from paying it off.
    I cannot make this shit up.
    I want a do-over on my whole fucking life. I want a refund on this shit. 
    BTW, Trump is getting re-elected this election. This is the most obvious end-point of this year of my life. 
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    Sanction reacted to Growth Factor in Off season training   
    You can hold on to that torch from now on out. I don't need it back!
    But seriously, wish you luck on the car surgery tomorrow.
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    Sanction reacted to Construct in Off season training   
    Monday, 17 February 2020:
    Decided to pace myself before the next leg day. Just climbing today.
    Within 30 seconds of sitting down in the bouldering area, a girl fell off the wall and broke her arm right in front of me. We got her calmed down and the gym staff did some basic splint work so she could make her way to the doctor. I climbed a few bouldering problems but I wasn't really feeling it, so I left early.
    I drove my wife's car to the gym. On the way home, it developed some terrible noises from the engine bay. Not quite consistent enough for rod knock, maybe a spun bearing, but I'm hoping it's just a broken timing belt tensioner. I'll pull it apart tomorrow, but I'm giving it 70% odds of a blown motor given that it almost has 200K miles.
    On top of that, I'm feeling vaguely sick. Beginning to think I picked up some of @Growth Factor's bad 2020 luck somehow.
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    Sanction reacted to STENDEC in The Exercise Paradox   
    What is perhaps most interesting is that other research has shown that the dose response to exercise, at least in terms of all-cause mortality, is not linear but is U-shaped with the maximum benefit found in those who exercise lightly no more than a few days a week....so if you also can't exercise yourself thin, the best approach to how much walking/running/whatever might be to look for a moderate dose.
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    Sanction reacted to STENDEC in The Exercise Paradox   
    10,000 steps a day: Not a magical formula for preventing weight gain
    Even far eclipsing 10K steps didn't prevent weight gain for college freshmen studied
    Science News, February 13, 2020

    For years now, 10,000 steps a day has become the gold standard for people trying to improve their health -- and recent research shows some benefits can come from even just 7,500 steps. But if you're trying to prevent weight gain, a new Brigham Young University study suggests no number of steps alone will do the trick.
    Researchers from BYU's Exercise Science Department, along with colleagues from the Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science Department, studied 120 freshmen over their first six months of college as they participated in a step-counting experiment. Participants walked either 10,000, 12,500 or 15,000 steps a day, six days a week for 24 weeks, while researchers tracked their caloric intake and weight.
    The goal of the study was to evaluate if progressively exceeding the recommended step count of 10,000 steps per day (in 25% increments) would minimize weight and fat gain in college freshmen students. In the end, it didn't matter if the students walked more than even 15,000 steps; they still gained weight. Students in the study gained on average about 1.5 kg (roughly 3.5 lbs.) over the study period; a 1 to 4 kg average weight gain is commonly observed during the first academic year of college, according to previous studies. "Exercise alone is not always the most effective way to lose weight," said lead author Bruce Bailey, professor of exercise science at BYU. "If you track steps, it might have a benefit in increasing physical activity, but our study showed it won't translate into maintaining weight or preventing weight gain."
    Study subjects wore pedometers 24 hours a day for the six-week study window. On average, students walked approximately 9,600 steps per day prior to the study. By the end of the study, the participants in the 10,000-step group averaged 11,066 steps, those in the 12,500-step group averaged 13,638 steps and those in the 15,000-step group averaged 14,557 steps a day.
    Although weight was not affected by the increased steps, there was a positive impact on physical activity patterns, which "may have other emotional and health benefits," study authors said. One positive, if not unsurprising, outcome of the study was that sedentary time was drastically reduced in both the 12,500- and 15,000-step groups. In the 15,000-step group, sedentary time decreased by as much as 77 minutes a day.
    "The biggest benefit of step recommendations is getting people out of a sedentary lifestyle," Bailey. "Even though it won't prevent weight gain on its own, more steps is always better for you."
    Journal Reference:
    Bruce W. Bailey, Ciera L. Bartholomew, Caleb Summerhays, Landon Deru, Sharla Compton, Larry A Tucker, James D. LeCheminant, Joseph Hicks. The Impact of Step Recommendations on Body Composition and Physical Activity Patterns in College Freshman Women: A Randomized Trial. Journal of Obesity, 2019; 2019: 1 DOI: 10.1155/2019/4036825
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    Sanction reacted to Growth Factor in GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log   
    Finished passing a kidney stone. What a year so far lmao 
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    Sanction reacted to Burton in Liftin' weights and other shit   
    I was sick as fuck past week, am gonna go back starting tomorrow for my "second" week.  I really liked my gym I was going to with Adrienne but it's one of those "nice" type places like LA fitness.  In spite of how nice they are, they make me uncomfortable and make me seek out scary, dark places with loud metal playing.  So I'm gonna check out a place near me Wednesday to see how it feels.  It looks super nice and it's 4 min from my house and on my way home from work.
    Also, I finally broke down and went to a sports med doctor for the muscle fatigue and generally fuckiness of my right back/lat.  The doc is a good one at OSU who is one of those fancy top 10% in the nation doctors.
    We went through all the motions and he kinda did what chiropractors do but while being a real doctor.  He moved me around and pushed me and shit in just about every part of my back.
    Ended up with his diagnosis being that I had two vertebrae in my thoracic spine that had somehow got out of place and in addition it had dislocated one of my ribs.  So he squeezed the fuck out out of me and put it back in place.
    Told me to keep being active, see how it felt over the next two to three weeks and if I had any more issues to give them a call.  Told me with most people it only takes one time but every once in a while it can take a couple of appointments and some imaging to make sure there's nothing else as an underlying cause.
    It hurts a bit today because of you know, having my shit moved around on the inside.  But it also feels better so I'm looking forward to getting back to doing shit.
    Anyway, that's life
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    Sanction got a reaction from Construct in Off season training   
    I'm sorry about the big layoff.
    Hopefully this opens room for some things that are even better.
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    Sanction reacted to Supnut in Gut Microbiome Extinction   
    This article suggests impacts on gut flora lasting at least 2 years post antibiotic treatment so I'm not so sure. 
    I'm also not sure about or perception on probiotics. There seems to be this idea that perhaps its a gimmick or worthless if the strains don't take up permanent residence in our bodies. It would be absurd for me to claim vitamin C is useless because it doesn't stay in the body after you take it. Perhaps the natural order of things is constant addition to the colonies. We don't think of dehydration as a return to baseline when we stop drinking water, so why do we approach probiotics in that manner?
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    Sanction reacted to Tomahawk007 in Tomahawk HUGE update with a log   
    Oh ya definitely. Yall get a lot of melancholy out of me. But that has a lot to do with how I use this log/blog lol. I tend to just vomit stuff out as seen by a recent post. Lately I have been in a really good mood and engaging with people. I kind of mixed time periods. When I was in the dead end job I wouldn't said I didn't have connection but it was a day in day out kind of existence. Not a lot of upside but not a whole lot of risk either. I could keep my head down and not really try. I think a better example of no connection was when I was doing absolutely nothing with my life and had nothing going for me. I was a porn addict who worked out and occasionally interacted with people.
    I would said I am the most connected I have been right now. I am a little transient when it comes to friends. Been that way since probably high school. I know people yet rarely get close and have different groups I can float among but not quite fit. Kind of always how I have seen myself. I will say lately I am more comfortable with who I am and care less what people think. They are either going to like me or not.
    Anyway, I spent a good 8 hours helping my sister and brother in law move today. So nice heavy furniture. Thankfully we got some good help. Had some good meals prepped before and then my parents dropped off some food(pot roast with hard boiled egg and carrots, at least that is what I had). Really needed that protein lol.
    Then decided I still wanted to get my workout in:
    Rack pulls(high) 505+ cluster set of 5
    DB pullover 50 for 11 slow negative
    Reverse fly machine 90 for 13,3,3,3,3,3
    Preacher curl machine rest pause 120 for 5,2,2
    Felt a little ehh this morning. Pushed through with some caffeine. I can still feel the bleh in my throat. Hoping to sleep good tonight and recover. Going to eat some more protein. I have been upping my protein lately. Before I would say I was close to 160 maybe. Now I am pushing past 200 and sometimes more. Dropping the fat a little since I got plenty in storage. Looking forward to the wedding tomorrow. Hoping to feel good and do some dancing 🕺
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    Sanction reacted to Something Anonymous in Melatonin, my new friend   
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    Sanction got a reaction from Emperor G_D in Tomahawk HUGE update with a log   
    I'm thinking that this is the main theme that runs through all your ruminations about women and life and everything.
    Here's what I'm not clear about -- what it's like for you when you have connection, and are there times when you have had that?
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    Sanction reacted to Construct in Off season training   
    Yes, this is the song of my people now.
    The big layoff happened, as I had predicted. I'm using this as an opportunity to reset a bit. I've already had a few unsolicited job and contracting offers that I've delayed, and I'm fortunate enough to have no concerns about our finances right now.
    I've been doing as you suggested: Stretching the program out to an 8 or 9 day cycle with additional rest days as needed. I agree that the squat accessories are weak, which is compounded buy the fact that I don't have access to a leg press machine. My primary goal is to be in top shape for mountain biking season, though, so I've been using this opportunity to work in light to moderate cycling exercise. Not optimal for strength, I know, but I think it fits my goals better.
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    Sanction got a reaction from Tomahawk007 in Tomahawk HUGE update with a log   
    Dancing is good for the soul
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    Sanction reacted to Tomahawk007 in Tomahawk HUGE update with a log   
    ITS ALIVE!!!
    So ya I know I haven't posted in a while... little over 3 months. I got a little lazy and then sick. Then I just didn't want to record my workouts. In fact I haven't been keeping track of my numbers even lately. More of a see how I feel today approach. It has been ok to me.
    I guess we can have a bit of an update post. Break it down into work, lifting, diet, and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS lol.
    Work has been going great. January I closed on 2 houses. My sister and brother in law bought a new construction house with the builder I am linked up with. Then a girl I lift with got married and they were looking for a house before they got married. So 2 in January with both being a nice check but one a little nicer. I have 2 scheduled for February. Again one a little nicer than the other but will make for a very nice month. Have a listing under contract to sell in March. Hoping to get her under contract as a buyer here shortly(already made an offer). Will be listing my sister and brother in law's former house for sale soon(moving Friday). Mandy(girl I talked about fairly recently) texted me asking if I wanted to sell her parents house a while back. Moving towards listing it. A nice little starter home that should sell quickly. Also working with working with a woman who just retired trying to move down from West Virginia. She has to sell her house first so it is a little more up in the air. Got a few others I am kind of stirring but those are the most obvious. Should be by far the best start of the year for my real estate career.
    Went back to Carb Nite. Carbs just don't agree with me. I can't have them that often. My stomach and gas are no fun lol. Been much better since finally committing back to it. Was getting a little sloppy with having carbs most nights and even twice a day. Just too much for my body fat %. I feel better already. A little weight has come off. Got some goals in mind. Started off like 255 blehhhh. Got weight goals and accomplishment dates. February 8th 245. March 5th 235. June 11 225. December 31st 215. I might be a little off for the February 8th goal unless I change my weighing parameters. Been doing it at the gym with gym clothes and shoes on. Today I was 250 with that on. Need to get a scale to have more consistent weight measurements.
    Lifting, I had to stop that routine. I got sick in November and it just lingered on. Was over 3 weeks close to 4. I took off from lifting. I don't think my eating lined up with the amount of lifting I was trying to do. Just wasn't the right tool for my goals. I do much better on lower volume and ultra low carb. Gone back to that. Doing another Christian Thibaudeau workout https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/the-best-damn-workout-plan-for-natural-lifters-part-2  It is more of a mix between muscle building a strength if you ask me. I like it and it suits me and my current goals. Try to mix it up a bit every now and then to keep it interesting. Today I did rest pause on bench instead of a cluster set. Nothing overly dramatic but enough.
    Alright now for the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS lol.
    A little bit of an update on each.
    Jessica, I was right, it just wasn't going to work. Better off just friends. Never hung out again. A lot of talk but that is about it. Keep as friends and leave it at that. But I do have a story to tell that involves her but that will be later.
    Mandy, never hung out with her again. Figure selling her parents house is more important which speaks volumes. Just not interested long term. No point in trying anything with her. Text her periodically to keep in touch but thats about it at this point.
    Megan, she started dating a guy and apparently it ended badly. We have been texting more but I would say more as friends than anything. A little flirtatious but not too much. She recently helped with the middle school students on a Sunday night. Not sure if she is going to keep coming or not. Only really seen her at life group. This Saturday her sister is getting married(the couple both help with the middle school students) and I will be going along with the rest of the middle school volunteers. She makes sense as a girl to consider but I just haven't spent much real time around her. Like actually getting to see how we mesh.
    Bri, man that girl had me an absolute wreck lol. A taste of infatuation I don't want again lol. Girl had so many red flags and I didn't care lol. She is still around helping with the middle school students in fact she went from just helping in the morning service to recently coming to the evening for small groups. A couple weeks ago she asked me I would help her family move. It won't be a simple move either. Her parents are selling their house. She is moving out with a friend. Her brother and his wife are moving(they live in a guest house on the parents land), and a sister along with her husband are moving all in February. Also her boyfriend was moving. They were still dating. I just kind of looked at her I think. Hard to remember how you respond to such an interesting request. Did I mention they were still dating? So January 26th I think it was the first time she showed up to help Sunday evening. We are upstairs and the students are eating and we are just hanging out. She asks me how life is going. I had to have a grin on my face when I said it was going really good. I mean things were just going that good lol. Of course being polite I asked how things are going in her life. She tells me she broke up with Juan that day and that she should have done it a while ago. That he took it really hard. Again I think I just looked at her and was like ok. Went on with my night. But I won't lie I ended up talking to a friend of mine that night just to get it out of my head. Wanted to talk it out.
    There is a girl I had not mentioned in my log. With pretty good reason. She had not really been around long at the time of my last post. Her brother is the middle school pastor. The first time I think I saw her was when I went to the church to find him and someone told me to ask Abby. I didn't know who she was but I was hoping she wasn't going to be around more. Could just tell I would not make wise decisions around her. Then in October she joins us when we go to the fair with the students. Then starts coming every Sunday morning and evening. We start going to the Friday night open gym at the church. Just more time around her. The problem is almost everyone is convinced her reason for joining the middle school ministry is to get close to Trey. Who is Trey? Just a really good guy who seems to have a solid head on his shoulders. Great with the kids and athletic(tall and lean). I would basically say he is the most eligible bachelor at my small church campus. I'd fall for him if I was a girl who liked leaner guys(most seem to). So for the past few months I have tried pushing the thoughts out of my head. Haven't found many good distractions. I figured Trey and Abby would be dating by now. I can see why he wouldn't but it wouldn't have surprised me. Trey has a bromance with the youth pastor(Branan). Abby and Branan don't get along. There is some trust issues. Her past isn't squeaky clean(the rebel). So I have just been pushing the idea out of my head but it just keeps coming back. Back in October it made an appearance. Then November at a ladies Thanksgiving event an old church lady said Abby seemed interested in me in front of a group. Again in December at the Christmas party. Then January 26th. Went to lunch with their family and Trey. Short story to explain I went to a worship night at church the Thursday before and Jessica came and we sat next to each other. Afterwards she followed me around a bit in the lobby before I went outside with her to give her a book(gift exchange for life group) and then came back inside. When I came back inside the middle school pastor asked was that a date? Resume to lunch, I find out where we are seated then go to the bathroom. Come back and Trey asked me if I had to talk to my girlfriend which of course gets a reaction from the ride side of the table(ladies side). Their mom is freaking out all excited. I was like yeah for a second but then told them no not dating or anything. Idk why this stuck out to me but Abby said something like "I know you like blondes" All I can think is how does she know that lol. I would call her blonde(it ain't dark at least). So at lunch I am sitting next to her and just conversing with her. It is almost odd to me how comfortable I feel around her even though I am attracted to her. Usually if I am attracted to a girl and I think she is really attractive I ain't feeling comfortable around her. Then again I have been a straight mad man in front of her already when it comes to working with middle schoolers lol. Anyway that night I feel like we are just flirting more than usual. We tend to tease each other a bit and can be playful. Started texting a bit more. Being there for each other a bit more on a deeper level. Saturday night a group of the leaders went over to Trey's for games and dinner. It was fun and then Trey, Abby, another girl, and I stuck around talking for a while. Just talking and asking questions. A little different environment than usual. Saturday at the wedding will be different as well. She asked me if I was going to dance and I really hadn't thought much about dancing too much until she asked me.
    That is basically the whole story about Abby.
    If anyone read all of that really ask yourself what you are doing with your life lol. I will try and post more regularly.
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    Sanction reacted to ((Vibe)) in What did you cook today?   
    The Mrs. is about 12 weeks out from her first figure competition. So I've been eating her prepped meals. Haha 
    -Seasoned chicken with veggies (sauteed asparagus and spinach) and blended cauliflower "mashed potatoes."

    -Chicken again with t'maters, vegetable slaw and some mango-habanero hot sauce.

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    Sanction reacted to STENDEC in Reverse aging   
    It's all in your head...
    Researchers are finding that your mental patterns could be harming your telomeres — essential parts of the cell’s DNA — and affecting your life and health. Nobel Prize-winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn and health psychologist Elissa Epel explain.
    Full Article
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    Sanction reacted to STENDEC in Psilocybin on treatment-resistant depression   
    Science News
    Antianxiety and antidepressant effects from a single dose of psychedelic drug persist years later in cancer patients
    January 28, 2020

    Following up on their landmark 2016 study, researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine found that a one-time, single-dose treatment of psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, combined with psychotherapy appears to be associated with significant improvements in emotional and existential distress in cancer patients. These effects persisted nearly five years after the drug was administered.
    In the original study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, psilocybin produced immediate, substantial, and sustained improvements in anxiety and depression and led to decreases in cancer-related demoralization and hopelessness, improved spiritual well-being, and increased quality of life. At the final 6.5-month follow-up assessment, psilocybin was associated with enduring antianxiety and antidepressant effects. Approximately 60 percent to 80 percent of participants continued with clinically significant reductions in depression or anxiety, sustained benefits in existential distress and quality of life, as well as improved attitudes toward death.
    The present study, publishing online Jan. 28 in the same journal, is a long-term follow-up (with assessments at about 3 years and 4.5 years following single-dose psilocybin administration) of a subset of participants from the original trial. The study reports on sustained reductions in anxiety, depression, hopelessness, demoralization, and death anxiety at both follow-up points.
    Approximately 60 percent to 80 percent of participants met criteria for clinically significant antidepressant or anxiolytic responses at the 4.5 year follow-up. Participants overwhelmingly (71 to 100 percent) attributed positive life changes to the psilocybin-assisted therapy experience and rated it among the most personally meaningful and spiritually significant experiences of their lives.
    "Adding to evidence dating back as early as the 1950s, our findings strongly suggest that psilocybin therapy is a promising means of improving the emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being of patients with life-threatening cancer," says the 2016 parent study's lead investigator, Stephen Ross, MD, an associate professor of psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Langone Health. "This approach has the potential to produce a paradigm shift in the psychological and existential care of patients with cancer, especially those with terminal illness."
    An alternative means of treating cancer-related anxiety and depression is urgently needed, says Ross. According to statistics from several sources, close to 40 percent of the global population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, with a third of those individuals developing anxiety, depression, and other forms of distress as a result. These conditions, experts say, are associated with poorer quality of life, increased rates of suicide, and lowered survival rate. Unfortunately, conventional pharmacologic treatment methods like antidepressants work for less than half of cancer patients and tend to not work any better than placebos. In addition, they have no effect whatsoever on existential distress and death anxiety, which commonly accompany a cancer diagnosis and are linked to a hastened desire for death and increased suicidality, says Ross.
    The researchers say psilocybin may provide a useful tool for enhancing the effectiveness of psychotherapy and ultimately relieving these symptoms. Although the precise mechanisms are not fully understood, experts believe that the drug can make the brain more flexible and receptive to new ideas and thought patterns. In addition, previous research indicates that the drug targets a network of the brain, the default mode network, which becomes activated when we engage in self-reflection and mind wandering, and which helps to create our sense of self and sense of coherent narrative identity. In patients with anxiety and depression, this network becomes hyperactive and is associated with rumination, worry, and rigid thinking. Psilocybin appears to acutely shift activity in this network and helps people to take a more broadened perspective on their behaviors and lives.
    For the original study, the NYU Langone team provided 29 cancer patients with nine psychotherapy sessions, as well a single dose of either psilocybin or an active placebo, niacin, which can produce a physical flush sensation that mimics a psychedelic drug experience. After seven weeks, all participants swapped treatments and were monitored with clinical outcome measures for anxiety, depression, and existential distress, among other factors. Although researchers found that the treatment's antianxiety and antidepressant qualities persisted 6.5 months after the intervention, little was known of the drug's effectiveness in the long term. The new follow-up study is the longest-spanning exploration of psilocybin's effects on cancer-related psychiatric distress to date, the study authors say.
    "These results may shed light on how the positive effects of a single dose of psilocybin persist for so long," says Gabby Agin-Liebes, PhD candidate, lead investigator and lead author of the long-term follow-up study, and co-author of the 2016 parent study. "The drug seems to facilitate a deep, meaningful experience that stays with a person and can fundamentally change his or her mindset and outlook," she says. Agin-Liebes, who is pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University in California, cautions that psilocybin does not inherently lead to positive therapeutic effects when used in isolation, and in uncontrolled, recreational settings, and "should be taken in a controlled and psychologically safe setting, preferably in conjunction with counseling from trained mental health practitioners or facilitators," she adds.
    Next, the researchers plan to expand this research with larger trials in patients from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic groups who have advanced cancer-related psychiatric and existential distress. "This could profoundly transform the psycho-oncologic care of patients with cancer, and importantly could be used in hospice settings to help terminally ill cancer patients approach death with improved emotional and spiritual well-being," says Ross.
    Journal Reference:
    Gabrielle I Agin-Liebes, Tara Malone, Matthew M Yalch, Sarah E Mennenga, K Linnae Ponté, Jeffrey Guss, Anthony P Bossis, Jim Grigsby, Stacy Fischer, Stephen Ross. Long-term follow-up of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for psychiatric and existential distress in patients with life-threatening cancer. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 2020; 34 (2): 155 DOI: 10.1177/0269881119897615
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    Sanction reacted to Emperor G_D in GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log   
    Woo. Damn. Happy to hear you've recovered. Now back on track for 2020...
    Though watch all those Chinese students around you. They might have the Sol virus,  Modelo virus or the Heineken virus, or whatever.
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    Sanction reacted to Growth Factor in GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log   
    That's an option? Sounds like a plan! lol
    BTW, eyes are pretty much totally white, and the blurriness in my right eye has disappeared. Fucking finally made it to the other side!
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    Sanction reacted to Growth Factor in GF's "CS Goes Pubic" Log   
    So, this all has been a complete disaster. I ended up getting a cold. This triggered an outbreak of a different pre-existing condition. I was fighting three different infections last week. Oh by the way, I did have pinkeye, of the viral variety. 
    I kicked the cold, and while my pinkeye in the left eye is nearly resolved, my right eye is still almost entirely red, swollen, and hurts to move, and my other thing is still going on, though it's less painful now. I asked my coworkers and cleared it with my boss to return to work last Friday even though I was probably not ready that particular day. I was still very productive and got some things done, and I was happy I came, although I wonder if it prolonged my recovery at all. 
    Anyways, today was the very first day I could even pretend to consider going back to the gym. I actually did, and I got a workout in. My strength is in the toilet but a workout was had.
    OHP A2S C4W1
    190x3 <-- missed 2 reps, and RPE 10
    175x5 <-- RPE 9+, ugh
    165x8 <-- hit target, even though I wanted more and one less rep than earlier
    275x4,4,3 <-- wanted 6, could only go for 4, RPE 9
    chest really hurt after second set, around subscap. I do have a pimple going on there so could have been that. Took it "easy" on the third set and didn't grind hard
    Will come back tomorrow for some more back and arms or something. 
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    Sanction reacted to ((Vibe)) in Contact Lenses   
    So,....like...your eyes aren't good test takers?
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    Sanction reacted to STENDEC in Normal Testosterone levels by age   
    One worth his salt would at least look at your FT levels
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    Sanction reacted to kassem23 in Reverse aging   
    Thanks man. Hope you're doing well! 
    True on the restricting calories if you have an active lifestyle. What you could do instead is to do time-restricted eating. Fasting by itself has hugely beneficial effects, and I'd say its the closest you get at mimicking the positive effects of calorie restriction. Keep in mind that when you do fast like 24-72 hours every now and then, you cause manifold beneficial changes biologically. You won't have reduced gains or anything like that as long as you continue to eat properly during the rest of the time. Fasting 24 hours once a week or once ever 2 weeks can be great. If you're the type that does weight/resistance training (most on here seem to), if you don't want to lose dem gainz, be sure to workout fasted. This is important to maintain muscle mass during the fast. 
    Just some of the good things that happens with the glycogen depletion is inhibition of mTOR, activation of AMPK, the significant reduction of insulin and glucose (due to entering ketosis) leading to autophagy and inhibition of senescent cells. 
    As for actual compounds, outside of metformin and berberine, I'm afraid not. 
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