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  1. Nido has more than that, but I don't know that it's anything more than a dry full fat milk powder.
  2. I'm not sure I understand the word 'sustained' in this context. Will simply resuming training not mitigate the issue?
  3. I thought I had posted about this a while back. Not really, but sort of. So...... I was flipping through stats on the weather app on my phone and there seems to be a big emphasis on air quality. It's bad enough that I might have to look outside for rain or other weather before venturing out to do yard work or other outdoor activities. I can't fathom putting activities off because of an air quality alert on an otherwise lovely looking day. Is this really a concern for a healthy individual? If I were more in tune with my body, would I be able to track of
  4. I've actually got a sample pack of the keto meals. I've only had one flavor a few weeks ago and don't remember much about it. I thought the suggestion of mixing it up and putting it in the fridge the night before you plan to drink it was a bit odd. Not sure what they think happens over night. I've also got a can of H.V.M.N. MCT Oil Powder I've been experimenting with. I find it a PITA to mix into coffee. I'm experimenting with using that and/or Anthony's Organic Coconut Milk Powder as a fairly shelf stable way to add some fats into backpacking meals. Nido also wor
  5. Paleo eyeglasses. Just like grok wore in the cave.
  6. Could you not just display a solid red image on your phone and look at it?
  7. I'm curious if the spas that offer red light therapy can lump this into the routine. I'm mentally assuming red light is red light and it's just that simple. It may be more complicated. I think they suggest people use goggles in red light beds just like a tanning bed though so that wouldn't work. Also, I head it can regrow my hair, but I'm going to start a kickstarter for a a red like tube I can dingle my dangle into and get hung so the ladies will like me.
  8. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/30/health/declining-eyesight-red-light-scn-wellness/index.html This caught my eye *puns!* Some of the commonish health problems we seem to suffer from don't make a lot of sense to me. The idea that everyone (myself included) who needs Rx vision correct would just be bumping into things and half blind centuries ago doesn't float with me. The same with the number of kids with asthma, allergies, or gluten intolerance. The recommendation we should all essentially live in a cave and cover every square inch of skin when outside to avoid cancer also
  9. I keep forgetting to try this. I bought the ear clamp when the thread was first posted and I have a little EMS device floating around in the back of a drawer somewhere.
  10. I'm dabbling with this now, but haven't gotten far enough to draw any conclusions. It did occur to me that perhaps lack of Vit D plays a part in mammalian hibernation cycles. As the days get shorter, Vit-D production goes down. Like a seasonal melatonin.
  11. Not low salt, but since perhaps the mid 90's give or take, virtually everyone I can't think of except grandma stopped buying iodized salt in favor of that fancy kosher salt they talk about on the Food Network.
  12. I received an information pamphlet in the mail since I live about 9 miles away from a nuclear reactor. Inside was mention that residence within a 10 mile radius are entitled to free potassium iodide supplements and they recommend taking this BEFORE an event although, it doesn't get into specifics. Ignoring the possibility of nuclear fallout, is there anything I need to know about this supplement? I'm not too keen on the idea of taking anything chronically.
  13. I thought K would keep people awake? I'm sure I picked that up on here years and years ago. I've told family members not to take multivitamins at night because the K can disrupt sleep. Was your D mixed with K? If the Vit D can function like that, it would be nice to take 4-5PM so perhaps I don't feel like a complete vegetable the rest of the evening.
  14. I can't find any info on it now. It may have only been 2 minutes. Everything I'm seeing now just mentions you have to wash your hands, and doesn't give a time frame. I'll have to keep my eye out once we can go back inside a restaurant again.
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