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  1. I'm dabbling with this now, but haven't gotten far enough to draw any conclusions. It did occur to me that perhaps lack of Vit D plays a part in mammalian hibernation cycles. As the days get shorter, Vit-D production goes down. Like a seasonal melatonin.
  2. Not low salt, but since perhaps the mid 90's give or take, virtually everyone I can't think of except grandma stopped buying iodized salt in favor of that fancy kosher salt they talk about on the Food Network.
  3. I received an information pamphlet in the mail since I live about 9 miles away from a nuclear reactor. Inside was mention that residence within a 10 mile radius are entitled to free potassium iodide supplements and they recommend taking this BEFORE an event although, it doesn't get into specifics. Ignoring the possibility of nuclear fallout, is there anything I need to know about this supplement? I'm not too keen on the idea of taking anything chronically.
  4. I thought K would keep people awake? I'm sure I picked that up on here years and years ago. I've told family members not to take multivitamins at night because the K can disrupt sleep. Was your D mixed with K? If the Vit D can function like that, it would be nice to take 4-5PM so perhaps I don't feel like a complete vegetable the rest of the evening.
  5. I can't find any info on it now. It may have only been 2 minutes. Everything I'm seeing now just mentions you have to wash your hands, and doesn't give a time frame. I'll have to keep my eye out once we can go back inside a restaurant again.
  6. Aren't the notices that have been around forever posted in restaurant bathrooms stating food service workers must wash for a minimum of 3 minutes? It seems odd that we're taking less precaution during the midst of a pandemic killing thousandths than McDonald's takes to make a Big Mac.
  7. Breathe work seems to be the new low key trend. Wim Hoff blew up, but this guy is talking about completely different techniques. I was listening to Tim Ferris interview David Allen (of Get Things Done fame). Tim frequently asks people what books they've read recently they found interesting or exciting and Allen responded with the Oxygen Advantage. Not the same author as this guy and I'm now curious if its a full book covering the same kind of mess or other aspects. While checking on that book, Amazon recommended a new release which an intriguing title. Breathing for Warriors: Learn the Secrets of Pro Athletes, First Responders, and Coaches to Unlock the Path to Endurance, Strength, Precision, and an Unshakable Mental Game Will the new thing be different counts of in and out branded and pushed the way various combos of sets/reps/%1RMax are promoted like some magical recipe for results?
  8. Pretty fond of OLE when I think a cold is coming on. That feeling could just be in my head, but as far as I can tell, I avoid getting sick maybe 2/3rds of the time. Kutki sounds vaguely familiar. Hmmm
  9. This article suggests impacts on gut flora lasting at least 2 years post antibiotic treatment so I'm not so sure. I'm also not sure about or perception on probiotics. There seems to be this idea that perhaps its a gimmick or worthless if the strains don't take up permanent residence in our bodies. It would be absurd for me to claim vitamin C is useless because it doesn't stay in the body after you take it. Perhaps the natural order of things is constant addition to the colonies. We don't think of dehydration as a return to baseline when we stop drinking water, so why do we approach probiotics in that manner?
  10. Supnut

    Food Finds

    I cannot see the word flapjacks without this jingle popping into my head. Its not event that funny, but it is forever burned into my brain. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0084FHHA4?trackAsin=B0084FHIW6&ref=dm_sh_8ccf-1aca-dmcp-97fe-f6163&musicTerritory=US&marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  11. Supnut


    Or perhaps as a mid-late afternoon boost when its too late to risk disrupting sleep with regular caffeine.
  12. Supnut


    On a related note, I've been using "Energy" by Weyland which I originally wanted to try for backpacking. In the trail, I find I need a boost much later than my day to day caffeine curfew. I've since been trying these at home and after running out of plain cheap caffeine pills, have switched to these exclusively. There is a handful of other ingredients in this product. I suspect the theanine is the heavy lifter. I don't feel like it reduces the energy boost in any way, but so far seems to be doing a good job of preventing sleep disturbances even when I take this product later into the afternoon. A surprise package showed up the other day from the company which contained a free bottle of Energy as well as their Focus and Relax products. I've tried the Relax twice before bed over the last two nights. Night one I slept through the entire night. If I woke up to pee once, I don't even remember it. This is very unusual for me. Last night had no such luck. I woke up after 2-3 hours very confused. It was nice and chilly in my room but I was sweating like crazy, possibly because I needed to pee. The lights were also on. After swimming through my brain fog for a while I realized the power had gone out and triggered my Hue lights to turn back on when it came back on. More testing is needed. The Focus product I've only tried once. It felt a bit like being on bacopa (which it includes) but maybe more so. I'm dubious these kinds of products do anything and always suspect placebo effect unless I can repeat the experience.
  13. So I got a variety pack from Bluebird of their classic, complete and signature products. I've taken as much as three droppers (and to clarify, I'm squiring the whole full dropper in my mouth ignoring the lines on it) full of all three at one time and still don't notice anything from this mess. It mine as well be plain MCT oil. I've been taking it in the evening from around dinner to right before bed with the expectation that I'll feel more relaxed. Nothing. A single beer would do more and be a lot cheaper. What the hell am I doing wrong here?
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