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  1. Amazon will be delivering some today. Not really expecting much since 'research' T3 and/or T4 doesn't do anything for me. The first time I used it (maybe 12 years ago) I lost weight like crazy. After that, it turns me into a hot sleeper at night, but doesn't budge the scale.
  2. Supnut


    I saw this for sale on a peptide site and couldn't remember any discussions on it. To my surprise, I can't find any threads on it. Did we discuss this by another name or have we overlooked it?
  3. I'm not sure I follow. Are you claiming it will end up available as a research chemical as people bypass the doctor and Rx or that it has other uses?
  4. Supnut

    Hold The Peppers

    I seem to recall this coming up in the early days of Avant. If this is true, why isn't there a huge spike in dementia cases in India, or Thailand, or <insert culture with lots of spicy food here>?
  5. I think the key for Spanish rice is that you saute the rice before adding the cooking liquid. Other cultures do this for specific recipes as well, but in general, this is not the norm for cooking rice. I'll sometimes buy Knorr sides to take backpacking. I'm always confused as to what the difference is supposed to be between their Spanish Rice and Mexican Rice without staring at the packages for a while. They have Mexican Rice, Spanish Rice, Taco Rice and Yellow Rice. I'm not sure their flavor combinations should be used as culinary guidelines for food culture anymore than flavors of Pringles, but it always makes me wonder. I'm also pretty sure the inclusion of pasta is just a Knorr thing they do as a cheap filler. It has made me wonder before if I can get that particular pasta on its own to use in other recipes. I suppose orzo would work fine as a substitute.
  6. The attack that initiates WWIII will be timed according to machine learning algorithms that have deduced the optimal optimal time most of the country will be the most groggy. Our Smart TV's will have been hacked to wake us up a few times during the night for added effect and when we do get up, we'll find our coffee makers are refusing to work while our new robot overlords land on the beaches.
  7. First there was Bulletproof coffee for the self-righteous asshole cross-fitter, now I'll introduce Bass Fisher Frappuccino.
  8. I just posted about a silly energy pill being marketed for hunters to maintain focus. As much as I can laugh at that, it dawned on me that I was only browsing to find ergogenic aids to use (not marketed for) hiking. But this also made me question if such a thing should exist as I realize I've been piecing this together in bits for a while now. I really just wanted an alternate caffeine pill as I find them great to take on the trail mid afternoon. My issue is that I re-package everything and they look an awful lot like my melatonin tablets. Comings across options with B vitamins in them sounds like a no-brainer given how terrible the hiker's diet often is. I recently also asked about custom blends for supplements. Really what I want is a combination of joint and inflammation related actives I can't quite seem to find in a single existing product. Its quite possible that if I spent more time vetting the actual actives, I could likely do away with one or more of them. If I had such a pill, I would almost certainly take it hiking since that's when my joints are the most likely to need it. Currently that would look something like a blend of Chondroitin/glucosamine/MSM/Hyaluronic acid and curcumin. I want to say my NOW curcumin product is pretty large on its own, so I'm not sure there's room to cram any more active ingredients in there. On a whim, I recently picked up some fernblock. I've tried this on 3-4 occasions so far where I'm out in the yard for extended periods. Its incredibly hard to evaluate objectively, but it seems it may be working. I lost track of time the other day and what I thought was ~1.5 hours turned out to be 3+ right through solar noon on a high UV index day. I was fine. I don't notice any side effects from the product and its cheap enough so it seems like a good way to hedge my bets and take on the trail along with sun screen. Last year I posted with making my own glucose/BCAA recovery mix for hiking. This seems to be working well although I've yet to do anything super strenuous since introducing it to the mix. I seem to recall at one point ALA was added to these products to counter a transient rise in insulin resistance related to exercise induced oxidative stress. I don't know if I have those details right or if science supported to concept, but if it would help me recover from the wiped out limp noodle feeling I get after a hard hike, that would be worth it. If I'm commissioning dream supplements, this would either go into the drink mix and/or into the salt tablets I take periodically during a hike. The east coast doesn't have any mountains high enough to really cause altitude sickness, but I'm intrigued at the idea of something that might help with oxygen update at altitude. IIRC, viagra has some effect here, but it also tends to give one loose bowel movements which is not something you want on the trail. That leads us right to the final problem I'd love a solution for. Dehydrated meals seem to fairly reliably cause all sorts of horrible things to happen out of the rear end. The running joke among long distance hikers is that almost all of their conversation revolves around food and their shit. "you're not a real hiker till you've shit your pants on trail" is a fairly serious statement. To be fair, it may not exclusively be the dehydrated meals. Long distance hikers put their bodies under tremendous stress. They are essentially starving in motion and unable to consume the amount of calories they are expending. Aside from dehydrated meals, they are more likely eating a dietitians worst nightmare in junk. Its not uncommon for them to eat nutella by the jarful almost daily. If they pass through a town, they'll likely eat half the menu at McDonald's. I've seen them pack out multiple days worth of Arby's roast beef sandwiches without a care for proper food storage. Still, a simple overnight trip with little exertion and a single serving of dehydrated dinner seems to reliably lead to a most unpleasant morning constitutionals. I've tried taking a probiotic in the days leading up to and during the hike with no luck. I've tried taking fiber to add bulk with no luck. I would personally rather go squat in the woods than in some nasty gas station bathroom any day. With that said, I usually pack a couple Imodium for the last day so I don't find myself running in the 7-11 on the drive home after I've left the privacy of the Forrest. /semi-aimless ramble
  9. Oh Amazon....... https://www.amazon.com/OPTML-Performance-Supplement-Endurance-Accelerates/dp/B07PW23CCN/ref=sspa_dk_typ_pt_comp_1/135-4717444-7634056?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07PW23CCN&pd_rd_r=0f3f9b38-5b81-464e-be5e-f7608765af29&pd_rd_w=0oqng&pd_rd_wg=3TCWr&pf_rd_p=0412d930-f756-4db1-84d7-01dbac4fd9bd&pf_rd_r=8SWT3CYBBKXKCSEMHSP2&psc=1&refRID=8SWT3CYBBKXKCSEMHSP2
  10. Aren't there a few companies that will blend you up a custom mix of whatever and encapsulate it for you? I still dabble with new stuff here and there, but about 50% of what I take is fairly consistent. I'm frankly getting tired of choking back a bunch of pills that are mostly filler. I'm curious what the price point would be to consolidate some of these things.
  11. Supnut

    Poo Doping

    What fun would that be?
  12. Just hedge your bets and get transplants from multiple donors.
  13. I still use melatonin here and there. I find it hard to convince myself not to use it. It ALWAYS feels like, "no, I can't risk having a bad night's sleep tonight, not tonight". Every single time I start using it, it becomes an every night thing and eventually, it stops working. It no longer has the upfront sedative effect and seems to actually cause me to stay awake in the middle of the night. There aren't any withdrawals or nights of bad sleep when I stop taking it, but I'm always hesitant to. Usually, when I do, sleep improves dramatically after a few days. And then sometime later, I'm trying to go to bed early, or I'm wound up or I had caffeine too late, and I turn to melatonin and the cycle starts again. I keep theanine on hand as well. The only thing I notice from using it is that I can fall asleep easier on it if I've had caffeine later than I should. A diet soda or coffee or popping a caffeine pill too late in the afternoon wrecks my schedule. Even having a chocolate bar after dinner is enough. Theanine helps with that. It certainly doesn't turn off the 'mental awakness' completely, but it helps. I definitely don't use it so I CAN have late caffeine, its not that reliable. I just use it to mitigate the occasional mistake or when I need to stay up later than normal and then turn off. I feel like most of my sleep issues are either from stimulants too late in the day, or periods of work-related stress/anxiety. A short-lived stimulant I could replace caffeine during the afternoon or early evening would really help. For the latter, I'm tempted to try CBD or some other supplement. I also want to simply commit to meditating regularly. I will find myself watching youtube in the middle of the night and as the random videos distract me, I grow sleepy. As soon as I turn it off and try and go to sleep, my mind starts thinking about work again and I wake right back up. Has anyone tried the inhalable melatonin? I scrolled past some on Amazon over the weekend. I also tossed a few things on my wishlist being marketed for lucid dreaming. Not something I chase regularly, but its mildly intriguing.
  14. I shall have to play with it at some point. Tinctures and vapes and even gummies aren't a very good form factor for me to take into work. Can I just get pills or tablets? Is transdermal available? Seems like that would be an ideal slow release for an expected high-stress day.
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