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  1. Supnut

    Food Finds

    I cannot see the word flapjacks without this jingle popping into my head. Its not event that funny, but it is forever burned into my brain. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0084FHHA4?trackAsin=B0084FHIW6&ref=dm_sh_8ccf-1aca-dmcp-97fe-f6163&musicTerritory=US&marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  2. Supnut


    Or perhaps as a mid-late afternoon boost when its too late to risk disrupting sleep with regular caffeine.
  3. Supnut


    On a related note, I've been using "Energy" by Weyland which I originally wanted to try for backpacking. In the trail, I find I need a boost much later than my day to day caffeine curfew. I've since been trying these at home and after running out of plain cheap caffeine pills, have switched to these exclusively. There is a handful of other ingredients in this product. I suspect the theanine is the heavy lifter. I don't feel like it reduces the energy boost in any way, but so far seems to be doing a good job of preventing sleep disturbances even when I take this product later into the afternoon. A surprise package showed up the other day from the company which contained a free bottle of Energy as well as their Focus and Relax products. I've tried the Relax twice before bed over the last two nights. Night one I slept through the entire night. If I woke up to pee once, I don't even remember it. This is very unusual for me. Last night had no such luck. I woke up after 2-3 hours very confused. It was nice and chilly in my room but I was sweating like crazy, possibly because I needed to pee. The lights were also on. After swimming through my brain fog for a while I realized the power had gone out and triggered my Hue lights to turn back on when it came back on. More testing is needed. The Focus product I've only tried once. It felt a bit like being on bacopa (which it includes) but maybe more so. I'm dubious these kinds of products do anything and always suspect placebo effect unless I can repeat the experience.
  4. So I got a variety pack from Bluebird of their classic, complete and signature products. I've taken as much as three droppers (and to clarify, I'm squiring the whole full dropper in my mouth ignoring the lines on it) full of all three at one time and still don't notice anything from this mess. It mine as well be plain MCT oil. I've been taking it in the evening from around dinner to right before bed with the expectation that I'll feel more relaxed. Nothing. A single beer would do more and be a lot cheaper. What the hell am I doing wrong here?
  5. Supnut


    I'm all good on stimulants for a while. Now that I've noticed this, I'm seeing it all over. Then again, some of that is Google's Addsense putting it in front of my face now that I've looked at it.
  6. Supnut


    I'm 40 tabs deep into some random morning internet browsing and I've come across what appears to be a new caffeine alternative called Dynamine. Anyone messed with this stuff yet?
  7. Is there any suggestion at all that such a diet/lifestyle would reverse aging in any way? Obviously the gene therapy isn't happening anytime soon. Its a hard sell to suggest if I do X, Y and Z, I'll age more slowly, but I won't know its accomplishing anything until years have passed to the point I CLEARLY look/feel/examine younger than I should for my age. No one is going to the doctor to have their biological age measured, at least not yet. It would be a far more plausible scenario if we could follow such a diet/lifestyle sporadically in the way someone might currently be claiming to do a detox and come out of it actually looking and feeling younger.
  8. *waits to see people get triggered over having to restrict protein
  9. Amazon will be delivering some today. Not really expecting much since 'research' T3 and/or T4 doesn't do anything for me. The first time I used it (maybe 12 years ago) I lost weight like crazy. After that, it turns me into a hot sleeper at night, but doesn't budge the scale.
  10. Supnut


    I saw this for sale on a peptide site and couldn't remember any discussions on it. To my surprise, I can't find any threads on it. Did we discuss this by another name or have we overlooked it?
  11. I'm not sure I follow. Are you claiming it will end up available as a research chemical as people bypass the doctor and Rx or that it has other uses?
  12. Supnut

    Hold The Peppers

    I seem to recall this coming up in the early days of Avant. If this is true, why isn't there a huge spike in dementia cases in India, or Thailand, or <insert culture with lots of spicy food here>?
  13. I think the key for Spanish rice is that you saute the rice before adding the cooking liquid. Other cultures do this for specific recipes as well, but in general, this is not the norm for cooking rice. I'll sometimes buy Knorr sides to take backpacking. I'm always confused as to what the difference is supposed to be between their Spanish Rice and Mexican Rice without staring at the packages for a while. They have Mexican Rice, Spanish Rice, Taco Rice and Yellow Rice. I'm not sure their flavor combinations should be used as culinary guidelines for food culture anymore than flavors of Pringles, but it always makes me wonder. I'm also pretty sure the inclusion of pasta is just a Knorr thing they do as a cheap filler. It has made me wonder before if I can get that particular pasta on its own to use in other recipes. I suppose orzo would work fine as a substitute.
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