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  1. Why do I read this as Sam owns a massage parlor where gender is but a construct?
  2. Habit my old friend! Now if this isn't drug seeking behavior idk what is. Here's the other caveat, idk if you were a IV user in your hayday or not, or what kind of trouble running a cycle without a doc involved conjures up for you, but having needles around the house bit me in the motherfucking ass last time I thought I should be able to handle having some pins around. If you've stalled out, take a look at your diet. Do a 30 Day Paleo Reset kind of diet, start looking into your sleep via a fitness tracker like Whoop, and get legit panels done from a doc first before you self diagnose yourself with low t. And this is, btw, advice I'm essentially giving myself so if I was way off my apologies. Also take a look at MK-677. I know guys on this forum didn't much take to it, but it gives some pretty good pumps and will likely increase your appetite as well. If you want more information on it, check YouTube for Sam Ridgeways review of MK vs Pharma grade HGH. His page is called Live Like a Viking. It's an oral compound, and pretty affordable as well. Peptideswarehouse.com has it for $77 30ml of 25mg/ml. Use coupon code SHOP for 55% off. Dose between 40-50mg/day.
  3. I found that info on test/eq/collagen on here actually. Looked for the post again but couldn't track it down. So someone on here posted about it..
  4. I know MAPS is currently involved in designing a study that explores psilocybin and LSD for treatment of cluster headaches. Think that was already mentioned above. Anecdotally Kyle Kingsbury reported that after one of his fights in the UFC he had a migraine that was killing him for 3 days until he took a concert dose of mushrooms (1-2g) and that resolved the issue. All I can think is thank God for organizations like MAPS and Legalize Nature. So many people are walking trauma reservoirs, myself and family included, but there's hope on the near horizon with these novel treatments. Let the psychedelic revolution commence! And right after that the genetic revolution. From ancient technologies to gene editing, all I can say is count me the fuck in. Got a kick out of this.. Apparently they're conducting scientific inquiries into shroomery and bluelight threads now.. Interesting. Psychoactive substances as a last resort—a qualitative study of self-treatment of migraine and cluster headaches
  5. Why compensate with carbs? What's the mechanism you're looking to ping here? Just keeping up with my activity level? The more thought I've given it the more I have decided to layer on the protein. So far though, results have been solid. Curious if there is a threshold dose for EQ that is well established? I've read on here that 200mg of test/wk is more than enough to keep test levels elevated, and is perhaps the upper limit of what you can use before you begin to inhibit collagen synthesis. My thoughts with around 200 test and 300 EQ a week is to boost collagen synthesis rates and make me less injury prone, while being able to better recover from all the joint injuries I'm getting in jits every week. But also keeping androgen levels high enough to elicit some modest LBM gains and fat partitioning effects. Thoughts or comments?
  6. Well here's what I've noticed so far. Weight loss. Haven't changed my diet or training. Actually diets gotten a little worse. My recovery scores based off HRV and daily strain and sleep data have all markedly improved. Skeletal muscle mass is up 4lbs the first week, body fat down half a percent. Strength in endurance and relative strength all up. And my dick, I don't remember my dick getting this hard. Have to keep asking myself if I forget and took cialis. All on less that 300mg of test and about 300mg of EQ a week. Training load will increase over the next week so we'll see what's up. Not like this is news to anyone that anabolics work. Guess 6 months off wasn't the worst idea.
  7. Dr Rhonda Patrick offers a service like this, think it costs like $5.. https://www.foundmyfitness.com/genetics
  8. Use codeword ROGAN for deeper discount along with the autoship option. Got 6 boxes for $30.
  9. Check out Kettle and Fire's Bone Broth Chili Their bone broth soups are also amazing. The Miso and Turmeric Ginger soups are on point.
  10. So I've been wondering if the increase in protein synthesis rates caused by anabolics makes your body more efficient with the protein you give it, and thus can do more with less? Or do you need to increase protein in order to access the benefits of increased protein synthesis while on a cycle? Here's the context for my question.. I've been on a lower protein diet as of late mainly due to it being such a pita to get 185g/day in (gram per pound of bodyweight). I intermittent fast and prefer whole foods these days, so not only is my feeding window smaller but my appetite for humongous meals has simply dropped off. I supplement with 30-60g of collagen/day** while getting around another 60g/day from whole food sources. I train with weights 2-3x/wk, jiu jitsu practice 2-3x/wk, and then throw in some cardio workouts and yoga along the way. I've been maintaining skeletal muscle mass pretty well on what I'd guess is closer to 100-120g of protein per day, but my recovery is coming up just shy of what I'd like it to. In steps Test/EQ. Since my eating pattern is somewhat comfortable for me lifestyle wise, I'm curious if adding in 4-500mg/wk of anabolics will promote fitness gains if I simply stay the course with my diet? Or should I be looking to up protein regardless and stop being a Nancy about it? Last question.. I was told by a colleague that 16/8 style IF increases the body's capacity for utilizing nutrients and perhaps that is why we can still make fitness gains on lower calories.. Is there any truth to this? Thank you very much! **Understanding that collagen lacks the EAA Tryptophan, I rely on my animal protein sources providing the amino acid balance I need. Interesting study on this here.. Significant Amounts of Functional Collagen Peptides Can Be Incorporated in the Diet While Maintaining Indispensable Amino Acid Balance
  11. Why do I get the feeling this was for me lol? A former UFC fighter I work with said he's used an injectable cbd, curcumin, peptide mix before to treat an injury. Wonder if I heard that right/if making something like that using BPC-157 is even possible..
  12. What makes you say the vaped CBD is 4x the potency of oral consumption?
  13. Honestly I've been inconsistent with dosing. The first evening I took 300mg spread out over maybe 6 hours. Within the first 100mg or less a knot that had been killing me in my neck/back almost completely let up. By the end of the night I was nearly passing out even with a bit of thc in my system, which normally would have me wide awake. From what I've gathered, 100-300mg are doses used in clinical studies looking at improving sleep duration and quality. Have a delivery guy on the way with a 1:1 thc:cbd vape pen and some 250mg CBD tincture. We'll see how this goes. And last night I split a prerolled CBD joint with a buddy and I could have sworn I got a little high. Update: Got a 1:1 CBD to Vape pen, 1/2g I think. One little rip does me just right. Can even mix it in throughout the work day. It's relaxing and stimulating. Very enjoyable. Love the stuff that is coming to market. I guess other cannabinoids have unique and interesting properties that just now being studied. Curious to see what the next few years of isolated cannabinoid tinctures will look like.
  14. Reviving this thread, been hearing Ben Greenfield among others discussing MB as a cognitive enhancer and nootropic pick me up lately. Considering picking some up from Ben's source here; Methylene Blue 10mg x 30ml it runs $15 for that amount. As for the science, I'm not smart enough or inclined enough to read through this paper, but here's the full text; Reading through the comments it seems like Ben suggests starting at .5mg/kg bodyweight and going up from there. More on MB and other fun biohacks in the show notes from Ben's podcast with Kyle Kingsbury here; Smart Drugs, Nootropics, Microdosing With Psychedelics, Enhancing Deep Sleep, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Kyle Kingsbury Of Onnit. @Sanction care to weigh in on your experience/dosing with MB?
  15. I've been taking around 100-200mg in the evenings, seems to do the trick. I used an oil based tincture first, then switched to a water soluble CBD/Curcumin tincture from BioReigns. Didn't feel as much from that and it claims to be 10x stronger than oil based products. It's a MLM company so my skepticism is soaring. This is awesome! 1gram of CBD isolate for $20, 3.5g for $65. Just bought a gram. Does it have to be MCT, or will olive oil work as well? @Supnut check this article out by Ben Greenfield on CBD and every fucking other thing you ever wanted to know about cannabis.
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