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  1. Why do I get the feeling this was for me lol? A former UFC fighter I work with said he's used an injectable cbd, curcumin, peptide mix before to treat an injury. Wonder if I heard that right/if making something like that using BPC-157 is even possible..
  2. What makes you say the vaped CBD is 4x the potency of oral consumption?
  3. Honestly I've been inconsistent with dosing. The first evening I took 300mg spread out over maybe 6 hours. Within the first 100mg or less a knot that had been killing me in my neck/back almost completely let up. By the end of the night I was nearly passing out even with a bit of thc in my system, which normally would have me wide awake. From what I've gathered, 100-300mg are doses used in clinical studies looking at improving sleep duration and quality. Have a delivery guy on the way with a 1:1 thc:cbd vape pen and some 250mg CBD tincture. We'll see how this goes. And last night I split a prerolled CBD joint with a buddy and I could have sworn I got a little high. Update: Got a 1:1 CBD to Vape pen, 1/2g I think. One little rip does me just right. Can even mix it in throughout the work day. It's relaxing and stimulating. Very enjoyable. Love the stuff that is coming to market. I guess other cannabinoids have unique and interesting properties that just now being studied. Curious to see what the next few years of isolated cannabinoid tinctures will look like.
  4. Reviving this thread, been hearing Ben Greenfield among others discussing MB as a cognitive enhancer and nootropic pick me up lately. Considering picking some up from Ben's source here; Methylene Blue 10mg x 30ml it runs $15 for that amount. As for the science, I'm not smart enough or inclined enough to read through this paper, but here's the full text; Reading through the comments it seems like Ben suggests starting at .5mg/kg bodyweight and going up from there. More on MB and other fun biohacks in the show notes from Ben's podcast with Kyle Kingsbury here; Smart Drugs, Nootropics, Microdosing With Psychedelics, Enhancing Deep Sleep, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Kyle Kingsbury Of Onnit. @Sanction care to weigh in on your experience/dosing with MB?
  5. I've been taking around 100-200mg in the evenings, seems to do the trick. I used an oil based tincture first, then switched to a water soluble CBD/Curcumin tincture from BioReigns. Didn't feel as much from that and it claims to be 10x stronger than oil based products. It's a MLM company so my skepticism is soaring. This is awesome! 1gram of CBD isolate for $20, 3.5g for $65. Just bought a gram. Does it have to be MCT, or will olive oil work as well? @Supnut check this article out by Ben Greenfield on CBD and every fucking other thing you ever wanted to know about cannabis.
  6. So I've started dabbling w CBD this last week, went heavy on it the night before and day of my first jiu jitsu tournament. Fell in love with the shit. Mixes really well w THC, great for sleep, remarkable for meditation and it calms my anxiety down like nobodies business. And it helped me get of kratom which had helped me get off stimulants. So it's a bit of a godsend. Only issue is price. Picked up a gram for $60 locally, blew threw that in a few days, and now I'm onto some water soluble CBD/curcumin mix I picked up from a coworker. 500mg for $60, but water soluble is supposed to have a much higher bioavailability. That said, still feel like there's better options price wise out there. Anyone have a good source they wanna share?
  7. So flexeril.. Man, I remember my buddy giving me these back in the day and didn't think anything of them, but I guess I was hoping for some kind of high back then. Went fishing with him the day after my back started going and before we left he gave me one. By the time I got home I was right as rain. Next day it was completely manageable. Obviously if this is a recurring thing I want to get at the root cause, and then I see this gangster that rose his arm to Shiva 40 years ago and can't help but think I need to stop laying on my ass and get moving.
  8. So I started jiu jitsu a few weeks back, experienced my first back spasm last week after getting stacked up by a training partner. It originated from the same spot as a knot I'd been working on for the last few weeks under my scapula. It hurt something fierce and ended my workout quick. Went home and hit it with every modality I could dream up. Best treatments seemed to be spa, movement (ie not sitting in bed like I do most days all day), deep massage from a friend (the best use of adderall I've ever seen) and a big ass salmon fillet. Liposomal curcumin gets and honorable mention as well as cupping. Went from 90% imobile to 90% mobile in 24 hours. I can't say it surprised me as my meditation study/practice has been touching a lot on chronic pain/back pain lately, so it gave me some hope that the pain was disproportionate to the tweak. Flash forward a week or so, I hit traps and neck hard with the weights yesterday. I've been spending a few mins every night for 3 weeks straight rolling out my back on a tennis ball and I was feeling great. Then it snuck up on me again, this time, other side of my back. While sitting in bed. I've spent so much damn time in bed the last year or so I imagine I've weakened a lot of core muscles in my neck, and the more I rest this type of injury/spasm the worse it gets. So, anyone have some good treatments for something like this? I realize I just gotta deal with it while I'm strengthening the area and keep with my stretching, but fuck does it hurt. Thanks y'all.
  9. Couldn't remember the damn transdermal I ended up going with and Google took me back here. Never posted it. For $10 shipped this TD is awesome from Smart Powers. Ran 5g of test base into it no problem with 10-20ml DMSO. Anymore DMSO and my skin dries out and starts to itch after a month or so. Enjoy! https://smartpowders.com/products/smartpowders-topical-matrix/ Ingredient Details: Supplement Facts Sprays per 4oz: 150 Serving Size: 5 Sprays Servings per Container: 30 Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ocytl salicylate, triglyceride complex, water, d-limonene.
  10. Interesting. I went back on a lower dosed topical t the last 6 months and from my n=1 subjective mirror test, skin aging and hair thinning seems to have been arrested. Just need to build my NIR sauna now and get back on my bone broth and collagen powder grind.
  11. I say part 2 because I asked you guys 10 years ago on MM and was told it was nonsense and have run with that since. The other day a friend of my sisters started pushing it on her, touting numerous health benefits from digestion to skin improvements, and thankfully I was polite enough to call bullshit in a socially acceptable way. But now she got my sister to watch one of their demo's where tea bags go into solution immediately in Kangen water, oil mixes with it as well, and it pulls color from a cup of cherry tomatoes supposedly removing insecticides and oxidizes idk what. It's a neat parlor trick, saw their whole performance myself back in the day, but the science fell flat when I ran it by you guys. So from what I understand you can't alter your blood pH from what you consume, but aside from that, what else is wrong with this pyramid scheme scientifically speaking? Thanks y'all
  12. Please read my last response before this, but tapering amphetamines doesn't work. They work less and less, and demand you take more and more. Cold turkey gets it done. Sleep it off for a week. But be prepared to fill all the holes in your life that the drug was filling. Build a routine and plan of action that will guide your recovery. Join a group. Stop listening to the doctors that prescribed you this poison, debilitated you with diagnoses, and have only perpetuated this cycle of self harm in the name of antiquated science based on symptom suppression, completely ignorant to the idea of root cause analysis. If you want some one on one chats, get at me.
  13. I second this line of inquiry. Your addiction has taken as STRONG hold over you. You've managed to find a doctor willing to prescribe methamphetamine to you, and in doing so legitimized your addiction with a diagnosis. One I've personally spent enough time faking and convincing family members and other medical professionals alike to buy into, prescribe me my poison, and continue perpetuating my need for by way of effective rationalizations powered by fear of quitting. When you learn to find your power from drugs, they rob you of your strength, and trick you into believing you need them. Which is, btw, what you said earlier. You were fine before them, now you're not. You took meds that split your personality, developed a dependence on something you never needed to begin with, and now are working with people whose living is earned and predicated upon the symptom suppression, pill for every ill mentality that led to a country of chronically sick, overworked, under cared for and woefully mislead people. Healthcare practitioners and patients alike. Check out Russell Brands book Recovery. He has a novel approach to the 12 steps that can be applied as equally to a shopping or porn addiction as they can be to prescription pills and the kitchen sink supplement sized addiction you are currently suffering from. End of the day, you're managing a crystal meth in a pretty pill habit and trying to taper off a drug that doesn't lend itself to a tapered and titration approach. Write down your fears, every reason why you can't stop. Bullet point those bitches and throw them up here. See what rationalizations look like in the public eye. What they feel like when you type them out. Give us the best reason not to stop. Then maybe we can look at all the reasons why you'd like to, what quitting would mean for you, and all the things you won't miss out on if you can finally shake this monkey off your back. And if you're in SoCal, holler at me and we can hit a NA meeting together.
  14. My homie speaks truth here, and there is something to drying out off of everything and going balls deep on a paleo template/reset diet. Seeing what it's like to be yourself again. The deeper I got with my diet, the fewer and further between my shots of test got. After 5 years I found myself pinning 250mg once a month and feeling amazing in between. Got off shortly after that and within a month or two max my dick, libido and mind were more on point than at any time prior slamming all the best performance enhancers money could buy.
  15. I second the move to modafinil, however I never made the jump from research to practice on that one. Also wanted to throw in hot and cold therapies. Go for 30 mins of sauna 4x/wk and see if you can't do some kind of cryotherapy, cold water immersion, something along those lines to jack your norepinephrine levels up and stop inflammation in it's tracks. And just get the fuck off the stims, there's no nice middle ground with them. Take solace in the fact you can afford the kitchen sink, garbage can, and half the supplement isle at Whole Foods. One of the biggest contributors to all my relapsing was being broke and aimless. Figure out your triggers and work backwards. (Free audiobooks attached to the hyperlinks, enjoy) Also read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield too, may help you understand the forces of Resistance in your life that lead you back to the stims over and over. That's my two cents. LAST ONE, Full Catastrophe Living by Job Kabat Zinn. Book on mindfulness that will give you some perspective and tools to deal with the spiritual warfare you're currently engaged in. Not sure if you have trouble sleeping, but I dare you to find a more soothing audiobook to drift off to.
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