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  1. Agreed on all the above. I think peri-incident use might actually prevent the extinguishing of incident's impression by almost triggering a 'reliving' of it. Glut-BDNF-NMDA mediated.
  2. Nope, that accidents frequently are. Ketamine can produce some singularly uncomfortable states.
  3. I am not sure a dissociative is the best therapy for a de facto dissociating traumatic experience.
  4. Ras

    The Exercise Paradox

    If you mean pigging out, I am doing that now. Will let you know.
  5. Ras

    Kimbo's PR Log

    It's pretty binary - the perception here is delimited by maybe vs definitely not one more rep.
  6. Ras

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I mean, you could use the 20-point Borg for this:
  7. Lots of steady progress on work capacity and overall tolerance. I am really looking forward to being able to do loaded carries in my backyard again. I am adapting to the BFR in interesting ways which seem intuitively a bit counterprogressive. For one, I am able to handle multiple upper body drop sets (so, am able to do curls, skullcrushers and mil presses consecutively) without loosening the bands. Have also moved the weight up for the upper body drops a fair bit just to test this (again, such a small fraction of 1RM I am not sure what the point of me doing this is other than experimenting with variables). Getting my complexes back in here has been good, as has the reintroduction of the weighted vest (thanks @STENDEC!). Now, I have started over the last week to not look forward to AM workouts, so it is probably time to do some stochastic deconditioning as I am likely moving into the DMZ of overtraining. What I think I will do is back off to Yoga and Qigong for a week while I think about my next 'phase' - I think I may do a calisthenics -> plyometrics ramp up for 6 weeks to just take a break from 2xday weights.
  8. Ras

    Food Finds

    Is this a stroke in Yiddish?
  9. Ras

    Diet 2019

    Is that a Castleberry or Lobliner 'boom'?
  10. I'm still waiting for my PFO letter.
  11. As someone who does a lot of hiring, let me just say that folks that do not follow up with applicants are assholes. It is really problematic.
  12. I literally just got out of one and didn't realize it until I read this thread. It was a meeting about the scheduling the substructures of all the other meeting types we need to meet about meeting.
  13. I was involved in a Vogon-level effort to eliminate meetings called the subcommittee on the committee on committees.
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