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  1. Sam's IP. IIRC, it is a superset of over/over and then under/under tricep pushdowns @ 20 reps.
  2. You are looking gaunt and extremely close to both worms and epitaphs.
  3. This is tough. There are scenarios in which, as God and Sanction are suggesting, the personal blowback could be quite severe. I have always pushed my senior leadership to lift the cone of silence on restructurings asap and have tended to have corporate knowledge transfer + succession plans in place, but the cone generally has a nestedness, and that nestedness is sometimes there for very good reasons.
  4. Adapting to the malaise as a new normal helps a bit. It sucks rat dick, but I just train through it. It is part of why I train intensely and often BID.
  5. Nope. Stopped keto in October - doing a fairly relaxed IF with some carb restriction now.
  6. Been gods-awful about logging, but workouts have been steady hammer. Nothing exciting to report...keeping it to minimum 1/day plus LISS, Qi Gong, Yoga.
  7. Phrasing, young man, phrasing. I am many things, but "idiot" is definitely not among them. By contrast, I am also an outlier for many reasons, but being the victim of machine-induced injury is definitely not among them. 😁
  8. I mean POM as in you are a fucking POM. Path of Motion as opposed to Range of Motion.
  9. The POM of both is kind of shit. Any early lifting days injuries I inflicted on myself can probably be attributed to these pieces of equipment.
  10. Of the pull-up? Well, it will just be two pictures of me standing underneath the pull-up bar, but ok...
  11. Regularly able to hit 20 rep sets of neutral grip pull-ups now, which suggests to me a pretty significant weight loss. It is nice to be in a rep range I haven't been able to hit since my early 30s.
  12. Workouts have been steady and good. Have lost a ton of fat. Weaning off keto now as I am hitting too many performance and mood dips as I get leaner. Hitting minimum once a day, sometimes twice. Today was once and stupid simple 3xsupersets bw chins/92 kg swingsx15 Vinyasas between sets Qi Gong
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