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  1. It stands for Javanese Whoremaster.
  2. Well, I did an AM and PM yesterday. Heavy work and BFR in the PM. Best sleep I have had in ages. I am not 100% by any means, but orders of magnitude better than this time last week.
  3. Good Morning Wood.
  4. Ras

    Food Finds

    Do you folks have access to Liberté Méditerranée there? It's their 10% MF yogurt and boy is it fucking awesome.
  5. They look weird and make people think. Both these things are also banned at Planet Fitness.
  6. So, that is absolutely the last time I take an active recovery break that doesn't involve resistance training. Trained yesterday, trained today, pain and spasm down about 60%. I am still super tight in psoas, piriformis, multifidus which is probably radiating IN from tight calves (waxing/waning compartment syndrome in left tib ant), hams and quads, but for whatever reason, my fibromyalgia doesn't allow 'off' days. Deloads only from here on in.
  7. Ras

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Nope. And yeah, my problems are Glut/GABA/SE mediated.
  8. Ras

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Not sure, tbh, but not even finding it vaguely sedating. Mildly out of it, but less out of it than I was with the pain and spasm.
  9. Ras

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Yeah I took like 10 grams of Methocarb with my Pregab and am fine-ish.
  10. Ras

    Sanction lifted

    All these things are true minus the semi-rural part as benpig and I live in the downtown.
  11. Ras

    Sanction lifted

    For me, the biggest trick has been eliminating the "going to the gym" part.
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