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  1. Agreed. As I noted above....without the CPAP my hunting buddy's snoring was nearly intolerable.
  2. Perhaps...although your fellow campers might not be so amenable... That said, I went on a hunting trip once with a guy who had apnea who did not bring his CPAP machine and his snoring was deafening so maybe the noise of the machine would be preferable. If I didn't have ear plugs with me it would have been impossible to sleep in a tent with him.

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I've waffled back and forth between push/pull and bodypart splits....I think you are probably right Kim...but bodyparts fit nicely into a 4-5 workout week
  4. I do. I'm not sure exactly why I decided to do it but it seemed like an easy way to add some extra resistance to stuff like step ups and OH squats that wouldn't mess with my balance and then it was just easier to wear it for the whole workout. I can't necessarily attribute it to the vest but my legs are about as big, strong and well defined as they have ever been.
  5. Legs Overhead Squat, Step Ups, Goblet Squats, Bulgarian Splits, Weighted Walking Lunges #weightedvest
  6. Some of the guys here with apnea, Sam in particular, seem to be able to tolerate CPAP without too much trouble but I can't imagine a much worse hell than trying to sleep with a mask on connected by a hose to a bedside machine every night...plus there's issues of travelling, camping, etc. Something like this that successfully keeps the airway open without all the downsides associated with CPAP seems like a vastly superior solution. @Ras I wonder if this would work for central apnea?
  7. If it works, it seems like a real game changer.
  8. I experienced no sides from it at all. Discontinued it because I no longer felt like I needed it.
  9. Chest/Tris PowerHIIT, Seated Cable Flyes, Cable Pullovers, Skulls/CG Bench, Standing Low Cable Flyes
  10. Excellent article that dispels much of the hysteria about Non-Nutritive Sweeteners and their impact (or non impact) on gut flora. "A few rodent studies with saccharin have reported changes in the gut microbiome, but primarily at high doses that bear no relevance to human consumption. This and other studies suggesting an effect of low/no-calorie sweeteners (LNCS) on the gut microbiota were found to show no evidence of an actual adverse effect on human health. The sum of the data provides clear evidence that changes in the diet unrelated to LNCS consumption are likely the major determinants of change in gut microbiota numbers and phyla, confirming the viewpoint supported by all the major international food safety and health regulatory authorities that LNCS are safe at currently approved levels." Full Article
  11. It seemed to work really well although it does seem to take several weeks to become effective. I was on the max dose of 60mg/day. I'm off of pretty much everything now except half a trazodone for sleep.
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