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  1. One worth his salt would at least look at your FT levels

    Protein Bars?

    As far as commercial bars go, these have been my goto for about a year now.... Basically just whey protein, almond butter and honey. They have the familiar C4 consistency we've come to expect from protein bars but they taste good.
  3. IIRC, the main culprit is the Dyptheria Tetanus Pertussis (DTaP) shot....this is, of course most important one too because of the near 100% mortality from a tetanus infection. i don’t recall any of the other vaccinations causing anything behind a quick upset at being stuck,
  4. Clinical trials suggest treatment that involves psychedelics can be more effective than psychotherapy alone. More than three million people in the United States are diagnosed each year with post-traumatic stress disorder, whose symptoms include nightmares or unwanted memories of trauma, heightened reactions, anxieties, and depression--and can last months, or even years. People with PTSD--difficulty recovering from experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event--have traditionally been treated with a combination of trauma-focused psychotherapy and a regimen of medications. Many sufferers have not responded well to that treatment, but new research to be presented by the Medical University of South Carolina's Dr. Michael Mithoefer and colleagues, at the annual meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, suggests that the combination of some psychedelic drugs and traditional psychotherapy holds promise. Article
  5. Congrats Kite! Each stage is, as Sam put it, a new round of suck, in its own way. But I would not trade being a dad for the world.
  6. I'm never going to find it but I seem to recall FunkOdessey posting some article that indicated that even after months of probiotic therapy, if you discontinued taking them, your gut flora would fairly quickly return to how it was before you started. Take home message, humans ate a lot of all sorts of stuff over our development and our gut microbiome developed along with us and is likely far more resilient than we seem to think it is....don't worry about the hot sauce.
  7. Agree with Sam about LGD with the exception of this statement. I really believe that when it comes to anabolic chemicals, something Patrick Arnold said a long time ago is correct: if whatever you are taking is anabolic enough to build noticeable muscle, it will also likely shut you down. SARMs should be treated like traditional hormonal AAS in that regard IMO. Ozzy is probably on the right track in that for your age, your training volume is likely higher than your recovery capacity....remember the noob advice that nobody grows in the gym.
  8. Hard to say how long it would take to shut you down....couple of weeks? Your T levels should start to rebound as soon as the levels of P/E return to normal which should start to happen as soon as you stop applying the cream. Bear in mind, this is all a WAG...the biochemistry is solid but I've never even heard of someone trying this particular approach.
  9. Right where you are today, mid range and asymptomatic, is where most docs are going to try to put you with TRT...no average doc who is not running a boutique men's performance clinic of some sort is going to try to put you up at the top of range....even though, arguably, that's the best place to be. If you are looking for someone to be a little less constrained by ACP standards, Sam is correct and you probably need to be looking online. As we have discussed elsewhere, suppression is far less a sure thing than it's made out to be. Hypothetically, if I were going to attempt to suppress my natural T production for this purpose, I would probably try some high dose OTC progesterone/estrogen cream that can be purchased on Amazon and apply directly to the frank and beans.
  10. Love the name of this stuff....it's in the same class of benzo analogs as etizolam which, for whatever reason, never became pharmaceutical drugs in this country. This stuff appears to have been in development specifically for sleep, similar to Halcion in half-life and potency. It's a regular part of the pharmacopia in Japan and other developed countries, not scheduled in the US but doesn't appear to be commonly available like etizolam either. Studies on sleep and performance with a triazolo-1, 4-thienodiazepine (brotizolam). Nicholson AN, Stone BM, Pascoe PA. Brotizolam, a triazolo-1,4-thienodiazepine, was studied in healthy young adults. Electroencephalographic sleep variables and subjective effects, and performance on a visuo-motor coordination task were measured. In the sleep studies six males each ingested 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 mg brotizolam overnight. All doses increased total sleep time, improved the sleep efficiency index, and reduced drowsy sleep and number of awakenings. Brotizolam 0.4 and 0.6 mg also reduced awake activity and increased stage 2 sleep. There was some evidence of a delay to the first REM period, but only 0.6 mg reduced the total duration of REM sleep. There were no changes in slow wave sleep. In the performance studies six females each ingested 0.4 mg in the morning and 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 mg brotizolam at night. After morning ingestion of 0.4 mg there was impaired performance from 0.5 to 5.5 h. There were no residual effects after 0.2 mg brotizolam, but with 0.4 mg there was a residual effect at 9.5 h, and 0.6 mg led to impairments up to 15.0 h after ingestion. Brotizolam is a short-acting hypnotic. In doses around 0.2 mg it has useful hypnotic activity free of adverse effects on sleep and residual effects on performance. With 0.4 mg the hypnotic effect is enhanced with only minimal residual effects. PMID: 7397057 FFT

    Food Finds

    I ate so many pork rinds when I first did Atkins....they have a really subtle aftertaste that just lingers with you that I got to dislike intensely after a while
  12. Appears to me to be a powerful combination of placebo effect and confirmation bias in a bottle.

    Food Finds

    Fairlife Chocolate Nutrition Shake 30g PRO, 4g CHO, 2.5 Fat Legit tastes like chocolate milk.
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