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  1. The humidity is so oppressive. Ive often thought somewhere like Roanoke VA would be close to my climate ideal.
  2. I am. 😔 And bearing in mind my emotional handicap, I was actually attempting to be helpful....wondering if you could relocate which would take some of the financial pressures off your family allowing both of you some more flexibility in terms of work-not work balance. I do know however, that pulling up stakes is nowhere close to as easy to do as it is to say....but perhaps it is easier than a divorce? What would the consequences of a separation be on your family?
  3. It is an issue if the COL is requiring your wife to work and this is making her resentful?
  4. What are the factors that are keeping you in the Bay Area where the COL is so high?
  5. If a lawsuit would actually restore the lost items, it might be worthwhile. Otherwise, I’d treat this like a house fire and move on....speaking of which, do you have a renters policy that covers stored items against loss?
  6. No immediate plans but Lithonia isn’t going anywhere so I’m sure I will at some point. Like to meet the misuss this time.
  7. You should consider Moissanite (silicon carbide) as an alternative to diamond. Moh hardness of 9.5 so incredibly tough and a higher refractive and dispersion index than diamond, it has more "brilliance" and "fire" than almost any other gemstone including flawless diamonds. As cut stones, they are nothing short of stunning. I got my wife a "replacement" engagement ring for our 10th anniversary because I never really liked the one I got her when we got married. I went with a 1.25ct Moissanite filigree vintage ring from Charles & Covard in platinum and it looks amazing and she gets compliments on it all the time.
  8. Back & bis TBDL, Scott Curls, Hammer Curls, Landmine Rows, Concentration Curls Headed out to a conference and a little vacation so probably won't get much more in this week....
  9. It works like gangbusters orally as Sam said...no need to take the risk of bypassing all the safeties...
  10. It's compulsory in school. Most adult Scandinavians have had more than a decade of formal English training.
  11. Nah...long legs, flaxen hair, peaches and cream complexion, ice-blue eyes....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  12. Minnesota. One-third of the population is of Scandinavian descent....blondes as far as the eye can see.
  13. Legs Goblet Squats, Step Ups, Bulgarians, Walking Lunges #weighted vest
  14. I don't know much about cannabis but I never thought it was really fungible with opiates.
  15. Chest & Tris Incline DB Flyes, Cable Pullovers, Incline DB Press, Skulls/CG Bench, Standing Cable Flyes, Single Arm Landmine Press, V-Bar Pressdowns
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