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  1. My wife had two that saved her life. Literally, she went from comatose for 6 weeks with a roaring 105 temp that could barely be contained, to conscious and recovering a week after two consecutive transplants over a 48 hour period. They tested the donor poo prior to both transplants.
  2. Well, that sucks. This very well could explain my increased dream recall. Damn. I wonder if I am going to crash hard on this when I come off.
  3. I don’t know how long I have been taking 200mgs. of Modafinil now, I stopped keeping track, but I think it’s been 6-7 weeks. In that time I am fairly confident based on just how I feel that it has improved my sleep quality. I fall asleep fast and sleep soundly for 6-7 hours a night with multiple dream cycles that I can recall. I wish there was a way I could measure this stuff objectively. The only odd change is that my normal self will wake up full of energy and ready to go after 5 hours of sleep, but on Modafinil I sleep soundly for 50% longer but wake up like I imagine most people to wake up - hitting the snooze button a few times.
  4. That’s good to know, and I share your concerns. After maybe a month now of continuous use it is definitely feeling a bit that way to me as well - that I’m borrowing from tomorrow to have more of today. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. I just looked up the Zeo. Looks like they can still be had online. I am curious. I went to bed last night at 11, fell promptly asleep, and woke up at 6:30. I don’t recall waking up once, but I do recall dreaming. This is not how I usually sleep. My baseline is to take 25-30 minutes to fall asleep, wake up once or twice, and after 4.5-5 hours of sleep I’m wide awake. I worry that I am sleeping longer because I am sleeping poorer on the modafinil and building up a sleep debt? I read a study that modafinil increased slow wave sleep in recovering cocaine addicts which lead to improved abstinence outcomes vs placebo so maybe its making my sleep better somehow. I never used cocaine or other recreational dopaminergics but I did recently (2 months) drop a long standing heavy nicotine habit so maybe it’s helping with that.
  6. I have been taking 200mgs of Modafinil once daily in the morning for 3 weeks now and it has completely restored my circadian rhythm. I had never tried it past 3 or 4 days because it would exacerbate my insomnia, but I have had a large project with a deadline and between caring for my disabled spouse and two young boys I returned to it for the energy it gives me. Surprising about 2 weeks in I realized that I was going to bed exhausted and sleeping solidly for 7 hours. I’m having multiple REM cycles as well with vivid dreams. I don’t know how it is affecting my sleep architecture since I am not tracking that with any app, but I am normally a 4-5 hour at most a night person waking up between 4:30-5 every morning.
  7. This seems like an easy meal with universal appeal that’s I could make for the family in the evenings.
  8. I need to find that cereal.
  9. Yea, after reading your last post I agree with STENDEC. You are likely headed down a path of complete ruin unless you get professional help. Please do.
  10. Have you tried modafinil yet? It is specifically used to help people addicted to cocaine and methamphetamine.
  11. I’m 5’8. I would like to at least keep a nice full head of hair. Pretty vain I know, but I like my hair.
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