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  1. Update, it’s been about 3 months now of taking modafinil daily. I did take a week or so break around the 4th of July; because it definitely induced a sleep deficit in me that creeps up and impairs cognitive performance. Upping the dose helps but also clearly exacerbates the problem and is both counterproductive and unhealthy for multiple reasons. All in all though I have found it to be pretty amazing. I am taking it almost daily now with short breaks when I start to feel like I need it. It has been nothing but positive for me wrt to increasing cognitive performance and productivity. I’m almost 40 now, and I can’t help but to wonder if it is fixing some sort of underlying early age related cognitive deficit(s). I didn’t used to need something, or at least feel like I needed it, to get through hard periods of work.
  2. We’ll need to label it something innocuous...like caffeine. Hopefully we can sell enough to retire somewhere overseas before the FDA catches on.
  3. Haha this is fantastic. We need to market something to the redneck crowd. We could call it UNLEASH and maybe put a 12 point buck head on the front with a rifle target centered on it.
  4. Man, this is a brilliant marketing tactic. Students and athletes are the low hanging fruit of the supplement world but I never considered marketing a performance enhancer specifically for a redneck. I bet this would sell pretty well as a cold drink in a camo can with a flag emblazoned on the front.
  5. Working on my donation to the cause now. Send me your address
  6. Sounds like a not so subtle suggestion for you to make semen mead.
  7. This is really cool! I have never heard of acerglyn. I bet that Mead will taste excellent.
  8. How bad do you want it?
  9. Nice. I will look for those. You think my young boys eating a little soy is going to be alright? I assume so in those amounts but I want them to be full blooded man.
  10. That was my question as well - I haven’t read the research but I thought I had seen something that showed a direct correlation when other confounding variables were accounted for.
  11. What about the correlation with hypnotics and dementia? Isn’t that a thing? I don’t recall the specifics.
  12. Nice. And if they had just dropped calories by 500 a day below maintenance you’d probably see a reduction in blood pressure and improvement in insulin metrics.
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