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  1. I agree so much with both of the above statements. Congrats!
  2. Yea those are fantastic. A store down the street from my office sells them and I regularly pick one up during the workday as a quick meal. I am a huge fan of fairlife and it is the only milk we drink at the house anymore. I just wish they sold it in Gallon size. I’m guessing they did some marketing research and determined that the sticker price would be a deterrent.
  3. Maybe they aren’t able to fap as much throughout the day.
  4. So, after reading I am still just as confused, and the authors don’t seem to have a clear idea of why either. Did I read correctly that they measured REE only once in the morning and theorize that that might cause a false reading? I don’t understand how having a higher metabolism and daily activity does not translate into more calories expended.
  5. They are 25% more active, and have a 20% higher metabolism but this does not translate into more daily calories burned?
  6. That’s awesome Ben. I will have to send this to her.
  7. My sister in law is currently following something called “The Blue Zone Diet” which is essentially a plant based diet with animal sources of protein restricted to one or two meals at most during the week. It is apparently a diet similar to the historical Okinawan diet. IIRC methionine is a sensor for mTor so mechanistically it makes sense.
  8. Yes, but you have to understand that short bowel causes malnourishment by rapid transit and malabsorption. Increasing the surface area and slowing transit will increase the amount of calories absorbed in an SBS patient irrespective of anorectic or thermogenic properties. One of the most common listed side effects of Teduglutide is “change in appetite”. An SBS patient could have a reduced appetite and still gain weight through enhanced absorption. For perspective my wife went from 5’7” and 90lbs to 100lbs over the past 6 months of use but she eats sparingly and gets nausea post-injection.
  9. My wife takes Teduglutide which is a GLP-2 peptide. I wonder if it has similar effects.
  10. Way way back in the day I used to love Biotest’s T-2 product; paired with MD6 was one of the leanest times of my life and I felt great throughout. I am tempted to give this a try again.
  11. Have you all never had that one manager who you had built a relationship with on mutual respect and trust and would lookout for your best interests? I have had a couple in my career who I owe a lot of my trajectory to, and perhaps I am wrong, but those were the best managers in my experience. There’s a time to be a corporate shill, and then there’s a time to care about people as people. I am not necessarily advising Construct to do this, but the tone of his post struck me as someone who has been in my shoes in the past, or has been a manager of mine at some point. I’m derailing your log so I will leave it at this - you seem like a good manager.
  12. There is always that risk. You’d have to make a subjective call based on your team. I have a team of 4 and I’m confident I could have private discussions with each of them if I felt the probability was truly that high of layoffs on my team.
  13. Have you considered giving them a heads up individually in confidentiality so that they can look elsewhere? Also, re: your malaise. Have you thought about what we discussed in the other thread?
  14. Enjoy her personality. If she starts giving you any hints of crazy, then you will know to back away from her emotionally.
  15. Traz antagonizes 5ht2a right? Which is an important receptor in SSRI response.
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