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  1. Chili peppers should be on that list. In seriousness though, the fact that the term "powerhouse food" was used and accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal is troubling. I'll likely not cite any articles from that journal in the future moving forward. The fact that the CDC accepted such a list with such terms is even more disheartening.
  2. Not only is sitting (or static standing) bad for health, it is bad for productivity work productivity too. http://jasoncholewa.com/2014/03/14/sitting-is-bad-for-health-and-business/ Walking work station trumps all others. And I like Kimbo's method, though I don't do it nearly enough my self, which is bad because a quick walk really sparks my creative neurons!
  3. Results in humans with betaine supplementation come with 2.5-3g/day. If the researchers were using a ration of 1:2 bet:CLA then you might want to start with 3g betaine and 6g CLA. Keep in mind you probably consume more fiber and bulk than were in the typical pig feeds (which were very nutrient and calorically dense)
  4. Nearly all the research regarding betaine + CLA was done by (or under) Fernández-Fígares I. Usually it is .5% betaine and 1% CLA. In pigs (IIRC) this amounts to about 8.5g of betaine and 17g of CLA per day for a 50lb pig. Keep in mind, these pigs were growing and also consuming 1.7 kg of feed per day. Which actually seems like a lot, since the calculations I did came up with a 70kg pig consuming about 3g of betaine per day in other studies - so these pigs were eating a lot. Here is another study showing improved insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning with betaine + CLA in "obese" pigs http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23031465
  5. Has Wilson's lab in Tampa published anything in the past 5+ years that doesn't produce phenomenal results?
  6. There are several CLA + Betaine = great results in pigs with regards to carcass composition (aka: Body comp). I haven't seen anything like that in humans yet, and the dose of CLA is usually pretty high. Would be interesting to do though!
  7. We shall see, I'm told the TB I have is legit. He's private and his cost is high...but who knows. I also have the cjc/ghrp, so we shall see. The SSB doesn't bother me on squats. On good mornings it hurts. So far I've done leg press, SSB squat, SSB traveling lunge, and a lot of GHR. I don't have access to a buffalo bar, I wish I did. It still hurts to hold a regular squat bar, even in a high bar position. I can reach overhead now without pain, but end range external rotation and shoulder hyper-extension hurts. I did some full ROM pushups this morning and they caused discomfort. I also went to see a PT. He echoed that it is a Class II separation, and that I probably did some RC tendon damage. He has me doing external rotation work and upward scapula rotation work. Saturday marks 4 weeks, today was 1 week of TB treatment.
  8. I can't really add much regarding determining the underlying cause. As for lessening the symptoms, have you tried any topical anti-inflammatory creams? When I hurt my shoulder I was able to get my hands on some equine arthritic/tendonitis anti-inflammatory cream and it made a world of difference (i still use it). http://www.allivet.com/p-446-surpass.aspx?gclid=CIqB9bPqqb8CFZRj7AodO2IAbA I am not sure if there is a human version, or if you could compound your own 1% diclofenac sodium cream.
  9. I have the TB on the way. @seanM do you know what grade yours is/was? My rehab is not special. I am trying to keep it taped and have a shoulder support on the way, though I am not sure if it will help. I cannot do much. Safety squat bar squats, good morning, GHR, leg press and crappy leg extensions/curls. My rehab focuses on strengthening the upward rotators of the scapula and soft tissue work on the anterior delt. Very basic stuff, working within my pain range.
  10. To increase blood flow, never thought of that. I don't suppose they are OTC.
  11. Two weeks ago I separated my AC joint squatting. The bars at the gym I went to that day were shit and do not spin well, so after I unracked the weight it started to roll down my back rather than just the plates turning. i let go, jumped forward, but did not get my right hand out of the way in time and heard a pop. I went to the AT at school and it appears I have a high class II sprain or low class III sprain (the AC ligament is totally tore, and there may also be substantial damage to the coraco-clavicular ligament). You can see the head of the collar bone at the edge of my shoulder. I'm due for a 6-12 week recovery period, and I want to speed this up as much as possible. Thus far I have some GHRP-2 and CJC-1,29 on the way to increase GH secretion. I've read good things about this combination on forums, but beyond their effects on GH pulse, cannot find anything regarding their efficacy for healing on pubmed. I did however, find two interesting compounds. Thymosin beta 4 (TB-500) and Pentadecapeptide BPC 157, both of which show promise at ligamentous and tendinous healing in mice, respectively. I cannot find anything about how they would interact with the GH releasing peptides, or with each other. Not even anecdotal on the combo of TB-500 + BPC-157. Anyone have any thoughts? Or favorite peptide research sites? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=thymosin+beta+4+ligament http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21030672
  12. Huh, I thought I attached the file. Lefta Wolff and Esser review 06042011.pdf
  13. I haven't even read the abstract yet, but I will in due time. Looks like a very interesting review, and Esser does a lot of really good work.
  14. There was an interesting talk at the GSSI at the ACSM about protein consumption prior to sleep and its effects on recovery and hypertrophy. They showed increases in hypertrophy with protein before bed but not carbohydrate...however, they didn't match total protein intake so there's no way to determine if it was the timing or the increased protein consumption.
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