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  1. No, you don't get it. You'd be at worst, petty bourgeoisie. But not even that since you're not part of the capitalist class who owns the means. That is generally reserved for owners who work beside labor. In reality, you're a prole just like me and everyone else here. If the revolution comes, we won't be executing people like you unless we get real, real far down the priority ladder (at least in my view leftism). But your love of rules bothers me but that's only on a personal level.
  2. You should have also bought condoms, KY jelly and a cucumber.
  3. It gets uncomfortable when I go to a hardware store and buy a bunch of rope. I think because of what I look like, they assume I'm gonna rape/murder someone and use the rope as part of that scheme.
  4. Well, the gym thing is kind of a location change issue. It’s like 2 minutes from my house and the old one is over 30 now. also, Adrienne is wanting to get back to being healthy so me being able to go there with her will make it easier for her and one of Adrienne’s friends is here with her two kids visiting. They’re very “high energy” so it’s hard but they’re good kids all the same.
  5. Since this is in theory a workout log, I’ll be starting a gym membership sometime in the next two weeks or so. Basically once I’m back in Columbus which I guess is the 5th. I’m stuck with two children under 6 this weekend so I’m not really loving life at the moment.
  6. I lost my job in August of 2018 and it took me around 11 months to find something I wanted to do which is my current deal. I've been in this job for 6 months and I interviewed with this one 4 or 5 months ago. They were expecting a much sooner start date but the contract got tied up with issues so you know how that goes.
  7. Got a new job finally. starting the second. Current job offered to give me a permanent Columbus position. Feel bad about that but still gonna leave. That’s the news
  8. I still think that there’s no actual reason to believe that companies will actually delete their data aside from saying they do. It’s not like there’s any actual accountability for corporations in any way so why would this be any different?
  9. I imagine this has been discussed here and if so, sorry but I didn't feel like looking it up. Do you guys have any concerns about 23 and me or similar services with regards to hoarding data, personal info, etc? I think it'd be neat and interesting to know some of this stuff but haven't bought a kit yet due to my concerns in that regard. Did you guys go through that process and when looking back on it now, do you guys have any regrets and such?
  10. Since I’ve descended into soyboy beta cuckdom, here’s the type of shit I’ve been eating. Homemade zucchini noodles, carrots and bell peppers. Spicy Thai peanut sauce and about 10 oz tempeh for protein. Making it work for me. picture is ass but I’m not Norman fucking Rockwell so go eat some ass.
  11. I vote for agave. Throw that shit on some french toast and watch the gain train roll into the station. Aside from that, I also suggest glycerin. It's a good call. Every liquid suspension I ever came across during my time in preclinical testing was prepared in glycerin of varying viscosities. That's as theoretically close as you can get in pharma to homebrewing and it's chosen for a reason.
  12. Also, I’m not trying to be a dick with my comments as I have no animosity toward any of you or anything Just as an overall FYI I suppose
  13. The essential assumption here kinda pisses me off if I’m being frank. im not planning on fucking them. they didn’t live up to the claims of the nature of the job. they have me scheduled for something I can’t really cancel without looking suspicious but don’t really wanna do if I were being 100% upstanding guy. but as a contingency it makes sense for me to do it and bite my tongue. Seeing as how I didn’t get truth from them during my interview what exactly do I owe them? they'll get two weeks. Which is All they deserve.
  14. These are the kind of reasons why I've been considering deleting my LinkedIn account. I don't see any reason to make it easy for people. Hell, I don't even have anything to hide, I just don't have any love for corporate America and don't know why I should lay it all out there for anyone who tries this. If HR wants it, they can put some work in. God knows they don't do anything else.
  15. I appreciate the sentiment but when it comes to a professional setting, this is kind of bullshit in my opinion and not to shit on you or anything but sort of a type of bootlicking. At least it can be when taken to its logical conclusion. Which is why I'm not shitting on you because I don't think you believe in the very extreme end. I think the end you're on falls more into the fallacy of giving the benefit of the doubt to ruling class benevolence when it isn't there and this has been shown time and time again throughout history. Most people put it on the workers to be "civil" but why should we be? I don't work there as some kind of benevolent act. I work there because I like having somewhere to live and not starving to death. But somehow corporate America seems to think we should be grateful for getting to be wage slaves. If they are given the chance, they'll throw you out on your ass and give zero fucks about you. Any of us. Fuck, that "chance" isn't even much. If they can figure out a way to make their share price 0.00000001 cent higher by removing a bunch of us from their workforce, they'll do it with zero hesitation. Fuck, the C suite would be falling all over themselves to pull the lever.
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