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  1. Deadlift workout yesterday. Top set was a super heavy (sarcasm) 225 for 8 reps. Felt pretty good, could have gotten 10 but you know, easing into it. No belt for now so Ben will be happy. Trying to make sure everything wrt core bracing is good before I hit heavy weights. BBB, some lat pulldowns and cable crunches.
  2. On from the failure of my previous workout and the pain it has caused me, time for some benching. FWIW, I'm doing 3/5/1 which I feel suits me better Did my usual benching with the duffalo. Got 10 on my final set. It was easy, bench is a bit too low I think but I'm gonna stick with it. BBB like usual. Did some DB floor presses and tricep pushdowns with a straight bar. Good times, nothing too horrible. Gonna do some cardio on the bike in about an hour and a half. It's a 45 min ride for the day so will be around 15-16 miles and ~1000 calories if my garmin is to be trusted.
  3. That shit is no joke. I'm throwing my head back into the bar as hard as I can and all I seem to get is incredible upper back pumps and no torso response.
  4. Okay, you silly bitches. It's next week. I also did a deadlift workout sometime last week but I didn't write it down. My max is somewhere in the mid 200s. I put it in my 5/3/1 app but don't feel like looking either. So today was my second round of squats with the SSB. I still don't feel good with it. I got vides of my first two sets, 155 and 180. In both sets, I am not keeping my torso as upright as I'd like and I"m rounding to a degree. Not as bad as it can be with me but still not good. Anyway, here's the workout. 1. SSB Squats 3x200 for my final set. 2. BBB sets I only hit 9,10 and 8 on the reps and abandoned the last 2 sets. 3. Suspended good mornings with the cambered spider bar 5 sets of 10 with 150 lbs 4. Leg Press 5 sets of 12 with a couple plates/side 5. Rowing for cardio 8 minutes, ~1800 meters Here's the videos of those two I incorrectly uploaded a trash video from a warmup set. So disregard the first video.
  5. Things like this app don't really do that, though. All it really does is save you time. There's no value to tracking food intake "The hard way" and sitting down for multiple hours, finding recipes, writing everything out, getting out a calculator and then double checking and then creating a grocery list based on your calculations. You can do this and let it take 20 minutes (if that) and then do something else with those saved hours. Read a book, go for a walk, whatever. This making your food planning easier doesn't make you eat it or not shovel down a few donuts once in a while. So it doesn't take the hard part out of the equation. I use the Five3One pro app when I'm lifting. It calculates everything for me, allows me to track it on my phone and even calculates my training volumes as well as tracks body weight, etc. Hell, it even tells me if it's worthwhile/reasonable to do some joker sets. It's a better way than the hard way of doing it which is to break out a calculator, write everything down in a notebook and then if you want, make excel spreadsheets. But it doesn't go into the gym and make me lift weights. Just saves me 5-10 minutes of writing it down in a notebook every day which translates to 18 hours a year I've gotten back. Just my 2 cents on the matter. Being lazy about everything is a personal issue (one I share) but shouldn't really be blamed on ways technology can make your life better/more efficient.
  6. Thanks for that thought. I'll give it a shot next week.
  7. I like to take my own banjo. That way those inbred fucks know they're gonna pay a price to rape me. That choice is up to them.
  8. Hiking is nice. There's something about being out in the woods, alone. Or with minimal other people. I like when you just stop moving and don't hear anything that reminds you of civilization. There's just this unpleasant white noise that you never even notice is there because you become so accustomed to it. The only shitty thing is that most "beautiful" places always have a bunch of fuckheads there (and yes, I know that in the minds of others, I'm one of the superfluous fuckheads). That's why I go to places that are beautiful but difficult to get to. I find that it puts most people off if they can't take their children with them. And places with 8-12% incline for half of a 7-mile hike tends to scare most people off. If you ever go to the smoky mountains, I have a few recommendations for you. Also, download REI's hiking project app. It shows you trails you never even knew existed, likely within a few miles of wherever you are.
  9. Whoremaster is a pretty cool title.
  10. I worked out again. Did bench. Got up to 165 with the duffalo for a triple. I would call it an 8-8.5 RPE so I could have likely done 5-6 but I'm calling it at 3 and going with 180 as Max. Did some neutral grip DB press for sets of 12, pulldown for sets of 12, rope pushdowns with a band to facilitate explosiveness. Finished it off with yoke walks for cardio. 185 (rack only) for about 125 yards and 285 for about 75 yards. I need cardio after all. With me only doing 100 miles on the bike a week. I'm fucking tired and wanna go nap but I have to go home, make lunch and prep for an interview tomorrow. I'm not saying I wanna die but if I did and there's an afterlife, I wouldn't even be mad.
  11. Of note: One of my buddies mentioned to me that I'm coming up slighlty on my toes during my squat. I think that's probably from not being used to the SSB and the way it distributes load over the shoulders. I think I need to focus on moving the center of load back a couple inches and that will likely resolve itself within a couple of weeks. Anyway, off to ride bike for 45 minutes and then I'll be off to the gym for bench and tricep work later today, probably around 1130.
  12. Why does this log always turn sexual? Wrt good mornings: hamstrings mainly for me. But hamstrings seem to be what gets beat up in general for me.
  13. The Swiss/football/American bar, etc are manageable but still don't make me feel great. My gym has all of those so I've got options. I can actually use those for incline too but I just don't care for it in general. I can also do seated dumbells but have to do do them in a very specific way. 65-75 degree bench incline, neutral grip with the DBs touching each other (close grip?). I just don't know that it's worth the damage but if I do any of those, I can probably manage with minimal issues. I know that back when I was on tren and a gram and a half of test I was like the love child of Rambo and the hulk and was doing 185 for sets of 3 on the Swiss bar and feeling no pain. Mostly rage.
  14. Here's a video of me doing squats I guess.
  15. I actually have a lot of chicken. I've been being supportive of the GF and her weight watchering so I have her pick recipes we both think sound good and when she eats 1 serving of 4 oz of chicken, I will just eat 3-3.5 servings. I've gotta actually admit, the recipes are really good. This week it's this chicken with a basil/cherry tomato sauce for it. The recipe says 20 oz of chicken makes 5 servings. So I bought 4x the sauce materials and 9.5 pounds of chicken. And for dinner it's a greek style chicken burger. Feta cheese, roasted red peppers, olives, some lemon tarragon mustard, etc. I fill in the gaps in protein with shakes and throw in some mixed nuts for fats and eat steel cut oats for breakfast. My shoulder issue is a complication of my epilepsy. When I had seizures in the early stages before the medication was right, I would roll over onto one shoulder and at some point during that process, I broke off a corner of the glenoid fossa. As a result, I can't externally rotate to a degree that allows for adequate grip on the bar during squats. I can power through it if I have to but the damage starts accumulating quickly. If I were to be getting ready for a meet, I could handle 6-8 weeks of it to prep myself and get used to the bar but I can't make it happen every session. It oddly enough doesn't hurt during flat bench so I can keep pressing. Can't do incline but I never cared for it in the first place. I need to find some type of variety for "shoulder" day and I am done forcing myself through OHP weight progression. That shit hurts like fire in the joint. I'm thinking I might make it some kind of weird conditioning day. Like where I do yoke walks, rowing, that sorta shit. Just stuff to help with overall conditioning.
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