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  1. The problem with life is that life now a days is just a shit proposition. I know there's always that contingent that says "but life is better than it has ever been". And that's true in a lot of ways but just because life was total ass in the past centuries doesn't mean it can't be better and that we shouldn't be allowed some malaise. I could argue serfdom wasn't so bad. Their lives were hard during the planting and the harvest but they had much more free time the rest of the time. But medicine and such was obviously orders of magnitude worse. But in America it's out of the reach of entire classes of people so there's that. My comment isn't even a woe is me one. I still have a job in an essential industry. We'll keep it America centric but what most people don't seem to understand is that millions in this country, potentially tens of millions are gonna be destroyed by this. This has the potential to wipe out a whole generation, a generation who was barely holding on in the first place. So many of us made decisions when we were 17 based on what we were told what would allow us to build a life. We just didn't know they were lying. If I were to do it over I'd go into the service when I was 18, put in my time and get the GI Bill. But that pushed back against by everyone I was supposed to trust. It's just all shit and bootstraps in the overwhelming majority of cases are a lie. I'm really hoping for accelerationism at this point. Of a societal epiphany or catastrophic collapse. I don't care which one if I'm being honest
  2. Sorry to hear, buddy. It's a crushing experience when you're right on the cusp and then the rug is pulled out from under you. I was in that spot last fall and then Adrienne lost her job. I was like two months away from being able to start paying my student loans back with the option to start saving additional money with the eventual goal of just saving up about 35% of the balance and then just buying them out and being free. She had 3 promising interviews this last week one of which she felt she was gonna get and now the whole fucking state is shut down and these non profits that do their events are probably gonna have events cancelled so even if she was the top choice for the one position, who knows if that job or for that matter, even the organization will exist in 3 months. It's just one big scam it feels like in this country. You do everything right. I paid my student loans for almost 15 years and then I have a hard year and they're emailing me once a day and calling 3 times a day threatening to take me to court. They've made as much money off me as they loaned plus about 10% but my balance is now back to more than the original value. My missed payments with them have tanked my credit rating by literally 200 points so if I ever need to buy anything like a car I'm fucked. Hell, I'm even afraid of trying to rent a new place with my snazzy 545 credit rating which used to be 755, which we are going to have to do in the very near future, like in 2 weeks as we may finally have a way out of our slumlord situation before lease end. I remember seeing about 2 weeks back the notification from the college in Norway recalling their students from countries with inadequate health care infrastructure should return immediatley and they specifically mentioned the US. I can't help but shake the feeling this place really is a second world country with a fancy veneer. Anyway, I hope you guys pull through this okay and get back on track as quickly as possible.
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. I really need to just stop talking and accept that no one cares and I won't ever change anyone's mind. Despair at it's finest
  4. It's a fucked up situation too. Everything in our economy is based solely around the next quarter's profits. I can't back this up with facts or a quote or anything but I don't see anything to contradict my feelings. This is honestly a math I think would play. The stock market could take a 25% hit for a couple of years and 2.5 billion would live or the market could make a 10-12% short term return but those 2.5 would die and the long term economy would crater. I honestly wonder what corporate decisions would be made, as it would be a serious debate in this world now a days where everything is driven by the current fiscal quarter. Also, random off thought. Sam, have you seen how mad I've made a few of the centrist libs on David's posts on FB? That shit is wild. They got real pearl clutchy when I questioned Joe Biden's mental health and whether or not he was slipping into senility (for the record, I'm not sure but feel a strong maybe there, but he's definitely not crisp enough to handle a Donald Trump debate barrage). I have to admit that I ended up removing FB from my phone due to me just getting too many "you're a cultist and a delusional asshole" notifications. Don't shake the centrist tree was the lesson I learned there. Too many of his internet friends are like two-three steps away from becoming the fen x equivalent of chuds. I am still laughing about the old lady (like 85) who talked shit and I called her centrist neo lib trash. Then her son came in and threatened to beat me up. I had to eventually block them but the internet is wild.
  5. I would hope that I would not choose to do this but I could certainly see a justification for malice if I worked one of those jobs and got sick and to keep going in. If you work at Starbucks, you spend all your days selling shitty coffee to carefree people at 3-7 dollars a pop (which could be anywhere from 0.5-1 hr of your pay after tax). And God help you if you get sick because at best you won't get paid, more realistically you get fired for not coming to work for 2 weeks. So basically you're met with forced labor as a walking infectious agent or homelessness. All while you can't even afford to go to the doctor while you are sick. All because capitalism needs to make a few more bucks. What's the actual motivation to care about not getting others sick? Even if someone who works at Starbucks gets me sick, it's an inconvenience for me in about 999/1000 instances but it's literal life and death for them so why not give creating Carnage a shot? I keep telling everyone who will listen and lots of people who won't that the sickness of capitalism will take us all down with the ship and this whole situation is a great example. I read a quote from someone at the CDC I believe talking about how the government would have to "negotiate" with pharma to guarantee proper pricing to make an adequate profit to get them off their asses to work on vaccines. You know there's rooms full of people across all industries running corporate strategy sessions designed around maximizing corporate profit and how best to exploit the pandemic for maximizing profit and share price. It might not be the verbage they're using but it's the point and everyone there knows it unless they're in the deepest stages of denial. Capitalism will literally let us all die if it can't extract enough value out of us. It'll become the Umbrella corporation if given a chance.
  6. Also, I have become Alan, destroyer of worlds. You should get him a tombstone with that carved into it. Not when he dies, immediately
  7. I'm in the same boat. We can get our cards together, hang out and drink Ovaltine together while watching Matlock
  8. I just feel like a fat sloppy turd when doing them. It's probably because my hips are weak and I have to do every fucking thing in my power to stop my knees from bowing inward. You can't really tell from that video angle, though.
  9. Got shareable links now (I think?). I'm total shit at Google drive. Anyway, attempt two at SSB videos https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BKTxahQnAsC-mthd0fNe8FJT5sUOctYn/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BKMXIvMBYk1L3kCxfItmD-K2PTB6j1jE/view?usp=drivesdk Belt squat failure https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BVKBdY22TRhDGiNeEltb9imE4kWEsDfe/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. This is what I meant by me being bad at Google drive. I'll work on it
  11. Been plugging along working out. No reason to really bore you with my basic shit like 115 pound squats and 95 pound bench press sets. I did however wanna share with you for your eyeballs a couple of videos of my SSB squats as I'm sorta happy with my form. I'm really pushing to keep my form decent when I start and obviously lift beltless for a long while. Anyway, here's two sets of safety bar. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BKTxahQnAsC-mthd0fNe8FJT5sUOctYn/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BHqL17Q1aARcRcbQ9nN1MrssBiXSj6by/view?usp=drivesdk I'm not 100% happy with them but they're not even close to as ugly as some shit I've done in the past. I get a little relaxing of the upper back as I come up but I can fix that. I'm happy with depth and back angle overall. Anyone have any thoughts? Tonight is squat night and can always use feedback. And here's a real fucking ugly set of belt squats that I'm throwing in for luls. I need to get better at them. So ugly. Might drop the weight to nothing if I have to in order to work on the movement. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BVKBdY22TRhDGiNeEltb9imE4kWEsDfe/view?usp=drivesdk Also, let me know if these links don't work. I'm not good at Google drive.
  12. My last workout of last week. Fuck, I'm behind schedule but will catch up this week. Workouts feel good
  13. I'll provide security and murder anyone who tries to break into the compound. I just wanna do my part
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