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  1. Burton

    Protein Bars?

    I'll check out the rise bars. I might do some reading on how working with whey is different than flours and such and maybe try to science some bars that I can at least choke down that are in the area of 20-25 g/normal sized serving. Also, sorta related. I got from myprotein salted caramel and mocha flavored and both of them are pretty good. Caramel is a bit sweet but good tase
  2. Burton

    Protein Bars?

    Hey guys, Checking to see if anyone knows of any homemade recipe bases that have a proper amount per bar. The recipes you find online are all between 5 and 8 grams/serving. Granted, they're for recipes of 12 so I could just eat 2-3 of them but that comes with lots of fats and carbs since most of them have a pretty large amount of peanut butter in them. I'm looking for, ideally 10-15+ grams/bar that you could modify as needed to give some variety. Obviously I could do something like the metrx bars that are 30-40 grams but those are garbage. If not, I may hyave to make some of my own even though my experiences with cooking with protein powder have always ended mediocrely. Also, not a huge preference re: cooked or uncooked
  3. He's very old and broken like me so I think he'll write a good program for my specific geriatric needs. I haven't talked to him in forever so we're gonna catch up and do some game planning tonight. I told him I'd like to start with some movement pattern work and some moderate lifting so we'll see what happens. He's also the type with the same tendencies as me wrt intensity but I think between the two of us we can keep it in check if we're mindful of it
  4. Started my gym membership with Adrienne today. Gonna start lifting tomorrow. I'm thinking I'm gonna let a buddy write me up a program because that's what he does now and I'm afraid that if I jump right into something hardcore that it'll end up breaking me down again and forcing me out in a couple of weeks. I know that'll be my natural tendency so I need someone to write me something that I won't have to think about and can be a gradual buildup. He seems like he's pretty good at it too since he's shown me some stuff he's done for old friends of his. Plus we go back like 25 years so he's offering free of charge. I'm gonna start the peloton again tomorrow as well since I enjoy it and I'm trying with the idea of Pelotonia (a bike riding fund raiser for cancer research). Maybe something like their 35 or 50 mile route, depending on how I feel by signups. Started today with just a walk. 30 minutes, 1.75 miles. Felt good to be moving again even though it wasn't much.
  5. Looks like we got ourselves a real fat guy sleep problems Dave Ramsey over here.
  6. Is T-nation and their forums still a thing? I imagine Bio-Test is because there's always gonna be fools willing to pay 35 dollars for a pound of whey protein.
  7. Yeah, I bought a shitload of stuff for it back when I had great insurance and I got like 3 years worth of supplies. I'm thinking I'm gonna go check out new masks maybe as my facial hair gets longer but yeah it doesn't cost hardly anything.
  8. I'm sure people are probably happy. I just wish so many of them would stop acting like martyrs or that they accomished the greatest thing ever and that it doesn't happen tens of millions of times a year.
  9. Doesn't it basically suck for anywhere from 6-30 years?
  10. Unrelated to being an asshole, giant man eating worms or hating old people but that's a good date idea. Bitches love shiny things and we all need light to survive so it makes sense. We're actually doing two of those type of things in the next week and going to do a third in the time between Christmas and new years. https://landollsmohicancastle.com/events/christmas-at-the-castle-a-kingdom-of-lights-2/ and https://www.fpconservatory.org/exhibitions/conservatory-aglow/ Anyway, good luck with the sex. don't hurt yourself next time.
  11. I'm gonna post this here since it's good for me to type stuff out from time to time and try to work through it on paper. The new place I'm working at seems hyper sensitive to any little behavioral oddities that they think will affect how you "fit in". For example, whenever I'm learning something new, I tend to mutter to myself basically repeating the steps over and over in my head. It's how I learn. Well, normally I need to write it down but when in the lab and working with my hands, I don't have that option so verbal it is. So now the trainers see it as me "potentially distracting myself by not keeping my mind focused" when I'm doing the literal opposite of that. Or I get momentarily pissed off when I make a mistake I know that I made for about 45 seconds to a minute afterward and I have a tendency to be snappy as I'm trying to fix the issue in my head that made me make the mistake and that has bothered them that I seem to be introspective in those moments as I'm trying to untangle my mind. It is kind of pissing me off but it's their right to run their company however they see fit I guess. I'm doing my best to "fit in" because I don't want there to be perceived performance or attitude issues since I'd like to not lose my job. But it does kinda irritate me that these people are "trainers" and they don't process that everyone has a different learning method and ways of processing their mistakes/actions that I make in an attempt to not do it again if it's wrong or reinforce when it's right. It feels like it's more of "they are kinda good at the stuff in the lab and don't have a problem with training and can memorize methods/SOPs/maintain training records so fuck it, make them trainers" as a corporate wide thing. It frustrates me when those who teach can't work with different personalities and try to shove you into the mold of what they consider acceptable, especially when I haven't had any performance issues and it just seems that they don't like the way I approach existence. So hopefully that turns around once I get into my lab group, which is tomorrow after a series of lectures they don't do today so ideally my time with them is done. I think it will. Groups of scientists tend to mesh better than with HR/Office types since everyone is a little weird and my two bosses both seem cool.
  12. No, you don't get it. You'd be at worst, petty bourgeoisie. But not even that since you're not part of the capitalist class who owns the means. That is generally reserved for owners who work beside labor. In reality, you're a prole just like me and everyone else here. If the revolution comes, we won't be executing people like you unless we get real, real far down the priority ladder (at least in my view leftism). But your love of rules bothers me but that's only on a personal level.
  13. You should have also bought condoms, KY jelly and a cucumber.
  14. It gets uncomfortable when I go to a hardware store and buy a bunch of rope. I think because of what I look like, they assume I'm gonna rape/murder someone and use the rope as part of that scheme.
  15. Well, the gym thing is kind of a location change issue. It’s like 2 minutes from my house and the old one is over 30 now. also, Adrienne is wanting to get back to being healthy so me being able to go there with her will make it easier for her and one of Adrienne’s friends is here with her two kids visiting. They’re very “high energy” so it’s hard but they’re good kids all the same.
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