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  1. I've come to a realization. I've been out of the gym for so long, I find it intimidating. Which is a strange thing since I haven't felt that way since I was 13 years old and got to work out with the high school football team for the first time between my 8th and 9th grade years. So I've taken to doing "workouts" in my hotel room. Basically, the prison type of shit you'd see people doing well, in prison. Just stuff like lots of pushups (fake pushups since I'm fat) and mobility/body weight stuff like lunges and BW squats, planks, etc. I'm gonna do a bunch of god damn squats to see if I can manage to loosen up my hips and hopefully make it easier when I actually start squatting again.
  2. And possess as good of personal hygiene.
  3. I had always thought about that sort of thing over the years but with it being a family thing it would be insulting to her and her mother if I refused it. I am happy that it’s a high quality diamond. It’s 1.04 carat, with a color of E, internally flawless and I believe it’s ideal cut so it’s pretty good. I’d have been bummed if it was a family stone that wasn’t of a high quality.
  4. It depends. There’s three types. Man made Regular, low quality diamonds with a high number of imperfections that are treated with heat to make them look black by enhancing the defects in them. Real black diamonds that have the same structure as a Normal diamond but have graphite and amorphous carbon in them. The first two are cheap but the third type are more in line with regular diamonds but slightly cheaper with the price difference diverting essentially exponentially as the size goes up like such: 1/2 carat: 1500 white, 1200 black 1 carat: 3k/2k 35k will get you about 3c normal diamond and 10c black. So even if I opt for “real”, it’ll likely save me a bit of cash. And I’ll probably do that because the diamond her mom gave is AGI certified and likely to be currently appraised at between 7500 and 10k so I’d like to have good quality the whole way around, even if it’s not necessarily really noticeable with the black diamonds.
  5. She wears a lot of costume style jewelry so she tends to prefer something more “statement” like I guess. i picked it out and showed it to her because I want her input and she’s one of those “I want you to pick it out but would like input types”. I had been thinking either ruby or sapphire on the sides but she was the one who suggested black diamonds and I think that’d look cooler.
  6. I mentioned it in the chat box but I’m gonna get engaged. at some point in the nearish future. I refuse to go into debt for a ring so I’ve gotta save for a bit. Good thing is that there’s a stone that her mom has been saving for her for her whole life so I only have to buy the ring. since you are all men of great taste, I submit this to you all for your consideration: https://www.verragio.com/Verragio-Engagement-Rings/Parisian-Engagement-Rings/PARISIAN-124P/1005 I’m gonna have it all white gold with black diamonds as the accent stones to the side of the main stone. I know I’ve bitched to you all about shit before but the truth is that I’m prone to being overly emotional (as you’ve probably been able to figure out over the years) and at the end of the day, I like my life with her and I can’t imagine it being different nor do I really want to. also, I’ve had enough. I’m gonna work out every day this week in some capacity. Tired of being a fat slob, I’d like to be a slightly less fat slob. I’ll update later when that happens.
  7. Similar sentiment here. But as to the actual question, I'd look at somewhere you'd like to live and then let the rest figure itself out. My vote would be pacific northwest or Colorado but those are just either of the two places I'd like to eventually move to to wait out my life until I die.
  8. I also feel like there's probably a large number of the hardcore soccer mom crossfit community with the ones who do a wod every single day and eat 1100 calories. The type who a "splurge" is a can of la croix and 4 almonds. Now that I think about it, I wonder if there would ever be some kind of way to gather information on the % of people who start new crossfit memberships but don't finish/renew by the end of the first year, etc. I'd imagine that overtraining is likely the cause of this.
  9. I don’t necessarily think that you’re 100% wrong but I know some of those guys just will get calls saying “hey, you need to be in Ireland in 2 days, max”. it puts you in a weird spot in that yes, you have some leverage but I don’t really know what type of leverage or how you even wield that type of it. anyway though, I’m hoping to hear this week or next as to my fate with the other place. and if I fail there, one of my old bosses is looking for an operations manager at his new company and he is a big fan of mine so maybe that’s something I can pursue, even though I don’t know what an operations manager does aside from what I can give read on google.
  10. I started with 10 days vacation a year for the first year, then at 3 years it’s 15 and I think 20 at 5 working up to 30 at 15. but it’s a weird thing so it’s calendar year and not exact days so if someone was to start in December of 2018, they would get 15 days in 2020. i only got like 6 this year for proration and such plus we get 5 per year sick which can carryover forever and such. and i sincerely appreciate your optimism regarding my schedule but dictating it in this role isn’t an option. It’s a very inflexible situation. The only hope I really have is landing one of the permanent jobs in one location which means at worst, maybe a day or tow overnight at worst with most or those guys maybe having one week per year, if that. and the problem with advancement there (unless into management) requires me increasing my skill set which puts me in a spot where it can lead to more travel. for example, We have a couple of instruments that there’s only two or three people in the world who are trained to work on. Needless to say, those 3 people are basically constantly on call because they can support the whole product portfolio so if I reach the top of this job tier wrt skill set, the travel gets worse and 100% unpredictable. and learning new tech, etc is the way my salary and title increases. Also, I do that for travel and you basically laid out what i already have as my travel for next week. my experience with the gyms in these places is that there’s a lot of variability in the gyms even if it shouldn’t really be,?”depending on cities even with the same micro chain. I tend to stay at Hampton inn and H2S and see that variability.
  11. I technically have full control over where I get to stay but here’s my next week. Monday and Tuesday I work near Columbus Mississippi so I have to stay within 20-30 min of there. Wednesday and Thursday I’m in Hattiesburgh MS and Friday is Metairie La before flying out of MSY. So I’ll be staying in starkville (near Columbus) on Monday and driving down to Hattiesburgh Tuesday afternoon and on Tuesday and Wednesday I’m staying there. Thursday night I’m in Metairie and flying out Friday afternoon. None of those are areas with much happening except Metairie which is just a part of New Orleans so that’s something. It’s my choice where to stay but I have zero control over my job sites or work orders for the week so I don’t really have a lot of control when it’s all said and done. i do get rewards so that’s not terrible and my Hilton status is already up to diamond I think and I get some airline rewards but if I don’t have this job I won’t really fly much if at all.
  12. Yea ma, I’m doing all that health shit. And by off my resume, I literally just removed it and act like it never happened. it was for six months. I just said I left corporate America due to dissatisfaction with my company, prepared for continuining education and looked for a job that interested me. Said I did Uber and amazon flex when I got bored but mostly to break up the monotony of studying. it Was a useless job that provided nothing to me so I just don’t bother covering it. Same reason I don’t list holiday jobs at UPS for extra Christmas money in college
  13. So, I"m struggling pretty bad, as was stated by my last post here but without explanation. I don't care if anyone even reads this, I just need to get it off my chest. I'm pretty bitter about my job. I'm mad as hell about the whole bullshit of "75% travel" which has been 100% travel since I hit the road the first time. Well, not quite 100%. I was here for 3 days about 2 months ago, almost certainly due to a sick and vacation day I had scheduled for that Thursday and Friday (can't justify the expense to send me somewhere for 3 days only) . And oh yeah, I may be in Columbus on the 30th, only to be gone the very next day. So yeah, I guess 3 days in 4 months. The only reason I get to come home at all is because I say fuck it and travel every Friday/Monday instead of staying in whatever shithole they have me booked in and my bosses know this and I think are afraid to call me out on it because they know how pissed off I am. Probably because I've told them in no uncertain terms that I will be coming home or I'll be leaving which is something they're trying to avoid because my boss told me at my 3 month review that I'm significantly lower maintenance than other people with my tenure in the company, make more revenue than a lot of experienced guys and I got one of the highest reviews that my boss had ever given at a 3 months due to that fact that they actually had work to review me on which is almost never the case. And now they're leapfrogging me over a bunch of people into training that is beyond the average person's capabilities based on tenure length. My boss normally sends me an email once a week that says "Hey, just checking in if you need anything" and my response is almost always "nah, I'm good. Work is done here and no significant issues for the week, hope all is well with you and have a good weekend". Apparently my fellow neophytes all need hour long phone calls at least once a week. So it sucks because I'm better at this job than most but I'm just so angry. When this all started, I was able to make up mental gymnastics to allow me to stay upbeat but now I just can't do it any more. I"m miserable starting Sunday mornings because I know I'll be leaving in less than 24 hours and I just wake up on Tuesday thinking about Friday evenings so I can be home again. But more importantly, I can't figure out how to get myself active again. I'm wanting to go back to the gym now, the desire is there but I can't figure out the time and how to make it work. This was my schedule this week. Monday (flew in late due to not being able to work on site cause of a missing safety training they do at 6 AM): 450 PM to 1215 AM for travel Tuesday: 550 AM until 650 PM Wednesday: 615AM to 705 PM Thursday: 750 AM to 625 PM Friday (no work, just travel): 905 AM to 620 PM So, I'm fucking exhausted every week as this is actually a pretty light schedule for me as I was on one job site the whole week. I normally have to drive 2-3 hour distances at least twice a week which drain me. I'm oddly more refreshed when I work longer days without travel time. I only worked 48 hours this week. The week before was 58 and the week before that was 51. Next week should be light-ish as well with ~50 hours. I normally order doordash on my way back to the hotel, get food, sit down and finish up paperwork and pass out by 930 to get up at 530 the next morning. I've tried my best but I honestly don't know how to make a gym work. Most of the hotels I stay in have a "gym" that is just three treadmills and an elliptical machine. It gets even harder because of the fact that I'm normally in "towns" without gyms that aren't less than 30 minutes from my hotel and a lot of the time I have to pick up and go to a new place every night of the week. It's not even feasible to get a membership with a chain with a lot of locations like LA fitness or golds or even planet fitness. Thoughts anyone? Something positive I suppose: I will know either by the end of this coming week or next week whether or not I got that chemist job I've been interviewing for. I have a working theory that including my stint at that shithole job was a poison pill on my resume. I got denied left and right when I had that on there and but the first time it's not there, I'm possibly gonna get it as they're wording emails in a way that would insinuate "we're gonna offer you the job but we have to make sure our contract is in place, we expect that within a couple of weeks, thanks for your patience, we like you for this position, etc". I just know if I don't end up getting it, it's gonna be a hard kick to the guts and be a hard one to recover from, wrt morale.
  14. Don’t cry for me Kim, I’m already dead.
  15. Life news: I hate everything. That is all. Carry on.
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