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  1. Why don't you go eat a bag of dicks you big gay? I'm asking because I was just wondering why you don't. Because it seems like the kind of thing you'd enjoy.
  2. Speaking of things I like to do. I enjoy painting Warhammer miniatures and then playing Warhammer with them. I don't know if that's a thing worth starting saving for. That shit is stupid expensive but pretty fun once you get good at it. I got rid of all my old stuff and a starter set was around 300 bucks. Plus probably another 150 or so for paints, brushes, etc. Not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of more dollars for more stuff to paint. Plus there's the expense if you want to build multiple armies. Like I used to enjoy playing tyranids, necrons and chaos space Marines, depending on how I felt for the day. Plus the Eldar have the coolest models IMO to paint with a lot of awesome appearance options. So yeah, 4 variants of a hobby that's expensive for one variant.
  3. That's a reasonable idea I reckon. It's harder when it's the job you have to pay the bills. Certainly not impossible but a slightly different dynamic. And it seems like the only thing I save money for is to pay off bills and retirement. Which isn't necessarily depressing, just doesn't have a lot of splash factor. Although I do take moderate levels of joy when I calculate how much my retirement account will be worth when I retire so I reckon that's something but feels abstract with it being so far away. I don't know, maybe I'll start putting money away toward some goal. So thanks for the idea, just gotta figure out what that goal is now
  4. Have I now arrived at the point of life where I am perpetually angry at/discontented with life? And if so, does it ever end or is it just this until I die? I feel like it's the death thing and that bums me out. One more thing to be discontented with. I did try things in my travels to shitholes. I went to DC for two weeks and if I had went there another time I may have wanted to go into DC but all I would have wanted to do now is take a shit in front of the white house And fight someone in a red hat. So I went on a short hike which was kinda okay but more crowded than I like hikes. I don't think there was ever a point where I could see less than 10 other people. So instead of trying anything else, I spent all my time watching fast and furious movies and doing data science. I figure when I go to Alabama I can commit a reverse hate crime. And when I go to Western New York I suppose I can try to join a white power militia.
  5. Service. Which would essentially be a traveling mechanic for lab equipment. The real bitch of it all is that I could do really well there if I could stick it out for 2-3 years. I'm significantly smarter than the guys I work with, significantly less lazy and as a result get more done than most people. If I had the desire I imagine I could be a director level person within 5-8 years. But as a result of the job being not exactly what was advertised and the fact it's honestly boring as fuck makes me not terribly excited to head out the door in the mornings. I had some fears about all of this when I started but you know, I needed a job to avoid homelessness. It just doesn't bode well for long term for me and I'm almost certainly gonna jump ship as soon as I can, even if I don't get the job I interviewed for. I regularly look at job postings, about twice a week. I've made it a bit of a Monday/Thursday ritual.
  6. Life update. My job is frustrating me to no end. It was supposed to be ~75% travel. The only reason I've had any time home whatsoever is because they've had to cut my weeks short due to vacation requests. Aside from a doctors appointment and a vacation day, I've been on the road for 4 weeks straight. And aside from a vacation day this coming Friday, I'm on the road for the next 4 weeks straight, probably 6 as my calendar is kind of in a holding patter for weeks 5-6 with it just not having been filled in yet but me loosely held for a region. That basically means a scheduler for the region hasn't worked out logistics yet. So yeah, I will be home for ~4 days in a 10 week period (aside from weekends, which I am taking regardless of what they would prefer because the cost of flights home essentially breaks even or comes out slightly cheaper than hotel and food for the weekends. But it does mean that I get home late Friday night and leave early as fuck on Monday (~9pm and ~345am, respectively). So with that in mind, I had a phone interview to get back in the lab on Thursday. I think it went really well and I'd be surprised if I didn't end up getting it or at least getting another interview. In face and the guy who I interviewed with made it a point that we could even do something casual since he travels a lot too. Just something like us meeting up in whatever fucking hellhole I'm in and grabbing dinner or something just so we could meet in person. Essentially just to get a feel for me as a person. It's not what I dream of doing but I think it'd be an okay place holder for now. Much better than this travel shit where it's pretty obvious they lied to me about their intentions. I'm so tired of fucking sketchy companies. Just exhausted. About the only good thing is that I get paid for every minute of travel so I'm clocking 10-15 hours of overtime each week so it's netting me a pretty good chunk of extra pay. That's the one unique thing about my position in that no one else in the company gets paid for travel. My flight back home Wednesday was delayed for almost 2 hours but not stress here because I got paid for it. Speaking of hellholes, I'm in country ass western new york next week with two hour drives between my work locations (I get to stay in 3 hotels for a 4 night work stint) and then rochester (also a shithole) the week after. Followed by a two week stint in fucking AL/MS/LA (with about 4 hour drives between my work locations) and probably two more weeks of that as my calendar is held by that same scheduler who covers the racism belt. I am feeling shitty about my health right now. For the longest time, I've always felt weirdly invincible in spite of my girthiness. Now I realize I'm getting older and I'm certainly not immune from my family's genetic health issues. Plus I know every day I put it off, it's gonna get harder and harder to correct. The last thing I wanna be is that fat fuck who's 45 and can't walk up stairs and has to resort to some type of surgery to fix my weight issue. I'm in a weird spot. I know I need to fix myself and start being active again but with a schedule like this, I don't even know how. I spend 8 hours on the job, 2 hours traveling before or after work and by then I can't bring myself to find and then hit up a gym. Plus the fact that my job is at least minimally physical seems to make it harder. Probably because I have low tolerance for labor/work so that makes everything I do more taxing than it should be. So yeah, that's what is up with my cracker ass. How is shit with you all?
  7. I'm not gonna try to work out out anyone's brain chemistry because I'm not a neurologist or neurobiologist but from reading everything, I think this is probably the best answer you're likely to get. In the end, just remember there's no shame in admitting you can't do it yourself and getting help before everything slips away. That's about the most useful piece of advice I can give.
  8. That reminds me, I have a family reunion in 2 weeks
  9. Just so we're clear, we are talking about eating ass, right? I assumed as much since Kim is involved? It that's not the case, my apologies and I like lasagna.
  10. If you want, I can come over to your house, eat dinner with your girl and let you weep quietly in the corner and watch.
  11. yeah, I don't think you can eat there without hitting at least 1500 calories, and that's eating "healthy" foods with no flavorings added what so ever. I one time ate there without any mindfulness of how many calories I was taking in, went home and did the math with the help of their nutritional info chart. I think it came out at 5900 calories? If I recall, it was a salad, fish and chips with an extra side of mac and cheese, a piece of cheesecake and some kind of drink that likely had fruit juice in it. I was all like "damn, wtf" then all I could do was laugh and such. I felt so very american in that moment. In a way that I've yet to surpass.
  12. Rich Piana really was living my best life. Profession: Being an internet douche bag/guy who works out Wife: Cute-ish (depends on the picture tbh) icelandic chick if only for a bit Current status: dead All the things I'm looking for in this existence.
  13. Did bench yesterday. Got 5 reps at 165 with the duffalo. Felt pretty good, if I can stick with this it should go okayish. At least I'm guessing 165. The bar felt heavier than 65 pounds but I've been gone for so long I'm not great at judging weights Did some BBB and tricep pushdowns
  14. Yeah, the other thing that could be an option would be something like an applications scientist at Mettler. That'd allow me to stay in the company and still do lab work. Granted, I don't know if that's the type of lab work I wanna do but there's certainly a bunch of possibilities. I'm much happier since I don't have to find a job now but can figure out what I wanna do in my current position or go somewhere else. Having the job is oddly freeing in that respect. Studying/prep for grad school is going well too since I can put in 2-3 hours a night.
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