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  1. Dude, it's not just the south. It's large swaths of this country in pretty much every state. I think people underestimate how close we are to that type of future and how quickly we're moving closer and closer to it in spite of what feels "right" in their minds.
  2. To avoid being overly simplistic but because I'm working from home and have shit to get done today: This is all very intellectually and emotionally immature. With everyone involved with the probable exception of the person who you live with.
  3. The simple fact that you went to a person who "has been waiting to tell you What's what" and felt the need to give you a "harsh truth" says everything you should know about that person. In case you don't feel like putting the words together since you know these people on a personal level, I will. Fuck that woman. Fuck her and her intrusive, judgy bullshit. Like Ben said ^, you're an adult. If you choose to live with someone be it for financial reasons, lifestyle compatibility, or if you like the same fucking TV shows, it doesn't really matter. And if you're trying to date someone who can't get their head around the fact that someone has a roommate of the same sex as they are, the person you're dating is either one of these or any potential combo: 1. An idiot 2. In possession of a child's mind 3. Insane in what will likely manifest itself in wild, out of control jealousy and manipulation/control schemes against you. First, it doesn't "look terrible" to normal people to live with someone you're not romantically interested in. It would "look terrible" to some crazy bitch who thinks a man can't coexist in the same space as a woman without fucking them. These are the same type of women who fly off the handle if their man is 20 minutes late home from work or the grocery store due to traffic or whatever incident may have kept you. Traffic accident? Nah, he's obviously busy fucking the produce girl at Kroger. I have lived with women and men. I also have the ability to find men and women sexually appealing (as I have mentioned in the past in various instances). Funny thing, of the roommates I've had, as per this logic, I obviously tried to fuck all 11 of them (9 men, 2 women). Fun fact: I didn't fuck or try to fuck any of them and no one in my life expected that I would have tried because that's how crazy people think. In the end though, you really need to take control of your life and live it on your terms. I get that you live in this bible study world and all that but the fact is that you spend all this mental energy on how you think people perceive of you and you try to contort your life to fit their view of how you should live. You live with this woman for a reason, whatever reason that is (probably financial?) but that's your choice and it's frankly none of these other fucks' business. And if the person you are trying to date has a problem with it, it's just going to be the first of many problems with things the rest of society stopped caring about in the 20th century. Best to remove that cancer from your life before it settles in and metastasizes.
  4. Burton

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I definitely recommend tren, bro. That shit is basically magic.
  5. I wasn't trying to make you feel bad or anything. I even for the longest time thought about buying a gun that you could use to shoot something from a very long distance because I think it would be a neat thing to get really good at and be able to say "yeah, I can shoot with x accuracy from a mile". Just the idea of mastering something like that is appealing to me. I priced a barrett and a tac-50 but realized I wasn't willing to spend 5 years scrimping and saving just to buy the gun only to then deal with the reality that it costs 3 dollars every time I'd shoot it. Which is to say that I'm not really against guns in general, specifically as a hobby. With that said, I've never met someone who is gung ho about concealed carry that wasn't a fucking yokel with dreams of being a big hero in the case of an "emergency". For a lot of these people, an "emergency" could loosely be defined as "some brown folks being in my immediate vicinity and moving too quickly". And I've met a whole lot of them who insist on telling everyone they run into how they have their license and gun on them so it's not like they're even subtle about it. Granted, I know there's a lot who aren't like that but it just goes to show that a lot of people view it as a status symbol. So yeah, I guess I'm curious, why bother with CCW? I see almost zero value in it so I'd honestly be curious as to what the appeal is aside from the "man, this is cool" feeling it gives you. In the end, I view you as mostly reasonable and my experience with CCW has been with the loudmouth douchey types so I have never really heard the argument from someone who the idea of them having a cc permit doesn't scare the shit out of me.
  6. This is 100% true. They've also studied and shown that in an active shooter situation where someone runs into a room with a gun, the vast majority of people are unable to even get to their gun, let alone use it effectively in that situation. Instead, you fumbling around in your pocket or whatever will just make you a likely first target. None of these types walking around with these pre-emptive justice boners are delta force hard asses, no matter how much swat team cosplay they do and how hard they think they are. I suppose my opinion on it is that it just creates a bunch of dirty harry wannabes who are too fat, slow, uncoordinated, etc to really do much of anything with it aside from being a danger to themselves. I just hope for the best that they don't end up being a danger to everyone else around them by being loose cannons who pull their guns out over dumb shit. In the end, if you need a gun to feel like a big man, good for you I guess and have at it I suppose? Or my condolences is probably a better relaying of my feelings.
  7. It may as well be. Homoeroticism, self loathing, tales of fatassery. I might just start posting here too.
  8. I won't read into that. Sometimes it's just nice to do something that makes no sense in our "adult" brains. We're so programmed to do this, then that. Like robots in a way. There's something incredibly freeing about living like a child would, which is kinda in line with that sort of thing you described. Most of us just get too serious and jaded to just let go and feel from time to time. I can say it's a little more than 15 years since I can say I've felt that so I'm envious if nothing else. It's so rare in my life that I can actually remember the last time, even with it being that long ago.
  9. They should call it "Creek full of used AIDS needles". Has a nice ring to it. And unless your city makes count chocula, I am 100% not interested in your cereal city status. If anything I think that makes your title fraudulent
  10. Yep, the story of early America. It's funny that they shot him and then retreated. Super manly and strong.
  11. The battle against poverty and human dignity. They lost. OH, SNAP!
  12. Went to my first day at my fancy new job today. Seems like it'll be cool. You know, if you're into that stupid science bullshit. Gonna be learning a bit of shit by shadowing in the Columbus area this week and then in house training for 2 weeks after that followed by another 4-8 weeks of shadowing. Then I get to be released into the world to fuck shit up on my own. If I ever come near any of your towns, we should hang out (no homo). Or some homo. Really, however much homo you need to make it work for you is fine.
  13. Burton


    I used to lift like that in my corporate gym, which got in trouble one time. One of the trainers was a stupid cunt and I asked her to spot me on 185 for bench because I was doing sets of 15 and she was like "I thought you were super strong and wouldn't need help with that". I forgot that I was at a corporate facility and told her to shut her fucking mouth and do one of her job responsibilities or go get someone who would if she was unable. That was the hardest part about me having the desire to work out at the corporate facility, though. The fact that the staff was assholes for the most part and I was constantly having dickheads come up to me to talk about work. All I could think was "yeah, I'd love to talk to you about your project deadline in between sets of deadlifts". But it was fun to watch their faces when you'd turn around and start lifting while they were in mid-thought. So in summary, yeah, maybe it'll be different for you now. It's hard to lift in a place like that when you're serious and there's a bunch of people bench pressing 20lb DBs for infinity reps.
  14. Greentexts are those ridiculous stories from 4 chan back when the site was more about ridiculous bullshit than white supremacy. Here's one for an example:
  15. It really does. just needs one of the usual stupid greentext giveaways they all tended to have.
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