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  1. What a blast from the past. $10 for a bottle of Superdrol. That was like $3.33 for a cycle. Haha Looks like the era of PH's/DS's is largely over... I remember back in 2003 Twin Lab had PH's in their protein (1ad and 4ad) 😄 At the GNC I worked at they gave us a ton of samples to give out for free. Lol What a crazy, wild ride it's been. 😁
  2. The Mrs. is about 12 weeks out from her first figure competition. So I've been eating her prepped meals. Haha -Seasoned chicken with veggies (sauteed asparagus and spinach) and blended cauliflower "mashed potatoes." -Chicken again with t'maters, vegetable slaw and some mango-habanero hot sauce.
  3. "Protein fluff" Just almond milk (only adds 15 kcals), cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, and ice blended on low speed. I'm cutting right now and even if I wasn't I would still like it. Decently filling and legit seems like a dessert.
  4. Not to derail your joke...but that's not the Sam I was talking about.
  5. I have been using coastal contacts for several years and can recommend them if anyone is looking for a place to get contacts.
  6. So,....like...your eyes aren't good test takers?
  7. Not sure if you are still looking, but: https://fieldsofhempllc.com
  8. ((Vibe))

    Protein Bars?

    Lol at "C4 consistency" 🤣
  9. @habitTo answer your question it's pretty easy to take a SARM or PH and then get put on TRT after a blood test showing suboptimal test levels. However I'd recommend not using something incredibly suppressive like Superdrol, because my test levels were impossibly low...like 17 ng/dL or something lol And D does have a good point. You really have to question how wise it is to try and game the system when your natural test levels are pretty enviable already.
  10. Sam also owns a men's health clinic...which incidentally, is where I get GH. 😄
  11. 10-20mg's is more than enough for MK-677
  12. Nice find! I was wondering when the best time to take it was.
  13. Salmon burger tacos with a homemade sauce (Sriracha, sour cream and I forget what else).
  14. Makes sense, but it also strikes me that the people that are not willing to modify their diet are probably also going to be unlikely to subject themselves to rigorous HIIT. 😕
  15. To be honest I am a foodie, but the wife probably does 97.4% of the cooking. I am not sure what all she will incorporate into her "culinary toolbox." But she has been making curry a lot lately (vs never making it lol). She actually dropped a jar of some leftover curry in the kitchen the other day and several hours later when I came home I could smell it from inside the garage with the door shut.😆
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