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  1. Nice find! I was wondering when the best time to take it was.
  2. Salmon burger tacos with a homemade sauce (Sriracha, sour cream and I forget what else).
  3. Makes sense, but it also strikes me that the people that are not willing to modify their diet are probably also going to be unlikely to subject themselves to rigorous HIIT. 😕
  4. To be honest I am a foodie, but the wife probably does 97.4% of the cooking. I am not sure what all she will incorporate into her "culinary toolbox." But she has been making curry a lot lately (vs never making it lol). She actually dropped a jar of some leftover curry in the kitchen the other day and several hours later when I came home I could smell it from inside the garage with the door shut.😆
  5. Heck yeah! Gotta love how strong the American dollar is. 😃 We purposely planned a long layover in Singapore on the way back so we would have 24 hours to wander around and check it out as well. It was kind of the opposite of Bali, very developed, and crazy high taxes meant everything was really expensive (beer and cigarettes were several times more expensive and there is a 100% tax on cars, for instance). We actually cut our day there short and went back to the airport because it was so expensive lol. But we did find some good food while there by asking our cab driver to take us where the locals would go to eat. He took us to what more or less resembled a long flea market with lots of store fronts/restaurants along the side. The food there has Thai, Indian and Malaysian food influences. I usually don't even like bread, but I still want to make some Roti Prata (Indian flat bread) like we had there.
  6. I was there in December. I don't make a ton of money, but one perk of my job is that my department has a meeting every 3 years at one of our other plants. This most recent year the meeting was near Jakarta, Indonesia. A flight from Jakarta to Bali only cost ~$70 and the Mrs has always wanted to go there so it was a huge blessing. My ticket was mostly paid for and her round trip flight was only ~$800. Once there, everything is dirt cheap. A really nice private villa was only $20-70 USD and that usually included your own pool and someone coming over in the morning to make you breakfast. Breakfast from a street vendor was $0.80 USD, and that was probably an inflated price because I was a foreigner. I crammed 2 weeks of clothes into a backpack (including business clothes lol) and once there we just wandered around following our noses and trying different restaurants, eating street food and checking out different villas and negotiating prices. Not having anything planned sounds stressful, but it was really care free and relaxing. Our favorite part of traveling is experiencing new food. She made a collage with some of the food pics once we got back. Lol If we had more money and less kids we would travel a lot more often than every 3 years lol.
  7. Wife and I took a cooking class on a small farm in Bali (some ingredients were grown on the farm, some were purchased at the market). Made a salad thingy, pork satay, sweet and sour tempe, home made sambal, curry etc.
  8. Lunch: A no-bread burger.
  9. Wife loves it, but I find it to be kind of bland tasting. Mouth feel is a bit spongy, like a wet mop.
  10. Breakfast while there usually consisted of: -standard breakfast stuff -fruit like snake fruit (pictured), dragon fruit, tiny bananas, and papaya -Pancakes made from bananas and rice flour -a sweet tasting black bean and rice dish with papaya (pictured)
  11. Ate at "Seeds of Life" a raw vegan restaurant in Bali and had the "Mexican Lasagna" (lol) and the "Sol bowl." The Sol bowl was just "okay." I don't know what was in the Mexican lasagna, but it was fantastic. The view from the balcony was also pretty amazing.
  12. Breakfast: Two slices of toasted Ezekiel bread (made from a mix of sprouted grains as described in the Bible), with eggs, baby spinach, and what I suspect was likely the last slice of pepper jack cheese.
  13. I'm a little suspicious of the macros on this. The fact that it says "made in China" does not help. Probably fortified with Melamine.
  14. Oh crud you're right. I was describing from memory but was actually thinking about drying acetone. Lol
  15. There are a lot of ways to dry alcohol. Probably the most simple way is to mix in the dried salt, let it settle and then decant/siphon the alcohol off the top, (this can then be further filtered).
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