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  1. English is compulsory subject in the German speaking countries too, though I would expect fluency mostly only from people who go on to pursue a university degree. To me personally there seems to be some generational patterns in fluency. My grandfather and people who grew up after ww2 could hold conversations in English, probably mostly because they learned from British and American soldiers. Parent generation, not so much. And if my experiences in work are any indicator, proficiency in English seems to have peaked in the generation born during the 80s, and it's getting worse again ever since. If I had to guess I'd say it's because in the early internet the only large communities were english speaking. Also probably because german dubs of shows and movies are available much faster. Back in the 2000s we used to watch new movies, shows exclusively in English because no one wanted to wait for a year to watch it in German. To sway off topic even more, I feel like general computer proficiency is getting worse too. Whereas in my teens even my less than intellectually gifted friends had zero problem using torrents or googling until they found a message board devoted to the obscure problem their motorbikes transmission had, the kids in vocational training at my workplace are baffled at the idea of an internet beyond Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  2. I've always found that ~mountain hikers have very well developed calves, quads and hamstrings. You might want to join some of these guys, though be warned, with an ass like yours you'll have to walk in front.
  3. More like knock off Werner Herzog
  4. I don't know what to think about incels. There are without question men so far left of the bell curve that women similarly unattractive probably rather sleep with no one rather than them. On the other hand I've been in the periphery of people working with the mentally handicapped and disabled, and those do seem to get laid, so what do I know. As to myself, I'm rather introverted and a loner by choice, so it's no wonder you'd never encounter people like me. And in groups larger than 3 people I stay mostly quiet unless I can have a one on one conversation, and then it's just either flirting or talking about some shared obscure interest.
  5. Well, more like voluntary non celibate, but that term is somewhat pointless.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it. And I'm really bad with following up. Apparently my deload continues. Lacking an actual workout to log, I'll share one of my delusions, or if you want to be charitable, superstitions. You know how there are men on this globe that leave the impression that all woman, world wide, got together and conspired that these men should never get laid, much less procreate? For many years now I've had the suspicion that in my case, the opposite has taken place. That all women got together and for whatever reason decided that I always should have a willing companion. Maybe it's to ward of a great evil. Maybe if I would have stayed a kissless virgin I would have had too much time on my hands to go down one rabbit hole or another. I've seen it happen. While I was out with one girl or another my childhood best friend spent his time "researching" the truth about the second world war and, well, got lost. God only knows what might have happened to me, I was quite the ambitious youth. Though my friend hooked up with a cam girl in his twenties and mellowed out.. Somewhat. I mean, it's my guilty pleasure to read online forums like askmen or relationship advice on reddit, or if I'm feeling adventurous, various incel and proto incel boards. I've also talked with many men about quotidian life, some handsome, some not, most average - and my experience has generally been different. I read and hear stories about men being all but invisible to women, always having to make a first move, still living of the memory of a compliment they got years ago, the memory salient because of it's rareness. And here I am, having had nothing but luck in the dating area, with very little work on my part. I generally showed up, some girl ended up showing an interest, and depending on my interest we slept together or dated. I guess what Louis ck said about tall skinny dudes is true. Can't really be my looks, I'd rate myself rather average. I've been told that while I don't give off a confident vibe, it's more of a I don't care and I want to be here vibe. Maybe if you're naive enough that looks like confidence. In any case, I'm sticking to the hypothesis that women secretly meet up and that my sexual wellbeing is on the agenda, on the account of "We don't need another Breivik, someone better take one for the team". That reminds me of one of the strangest, sweetest and somewhat humiliating sexual experiences I had. I was out with my friends, drinking vigorously, when we met acquaintances of a friend of mine. Among them a girl I knew in passing and was smitten with. I'm not very clear on the entire evening, but I ended up making out with the girl and taking her home. Now I know tastes differ, but I generally enjoy some post coital talk and aftercare, so the next morning, after subtly making sure she was into that, I made breakfast instead of graciously giving her the option of silently evacuating, and had a talk. During that I learned that I had slept with one of the sweetest, most giving and sexually liberal girls I've met so far, who wasn't all that into me. Her reasoning? I looked kinda lost and sad to her, was evidently into her and horny, and she wanted to provide me with some good time and nice memories. Thanks, I guess. I didn't take it negatively then, but sometimes I wonder. Mostly it's an amusing anecdote.
  7. Also, I don't get people. For example, there's this woman at work. Let's call her Beth. Beths job is to check the reports we write for formal errors and gmp compliance. She sometimes has an opinion on these matters that diverges from mine and actual gmp guidelines. When I was new in my position she called me into her office and attempted to talk to me about a supposed error I made rather unprofessionally and insultingly. Being the spiteful Bastard I am, I answered in a highly inappropriate and angry way. Ever since that she has been nice to me, seems to like my, and comes into my office if she wants me to double check something. Why. I wasn't nice to her at the start. And then there's the boob touching. There are at least two women, one very young, one mid thirties, who, when I talk to them about mostly work related stuff like wanting them to look over some report, will stand way too close to me and touch my arm/elbow with their boobs. They have to be aware of this. From what I gather, were the roles reversed and we were located in the states, I would probably be fired. I'm reasonably sure it's not flirting. One is married the other one building a house with her fiance. Fiancee? Anyway. I don't get it.
  8. There is nothing new to log. A slow week at work. Those are becoming fewer and fewer though. The company, especially the lab, is a nightmare from an organizational standpoint. The observation that the lazy and witless get pampered while the willing and capable get worked to the bone still makes me angry, though i gather that's just the matter of the course. I should add that work has only been slow because I automated a part of my workload with a few half assed excel calculations. Meanwhile my boss has had a meeting regarding a new project with two of my colleagues, she is looking for volunteers. I just got the mail that I, also, am included in the kick off meeting for the project, apparently she thinks I volunteered too. I'll have to have a fun conversation with her next week, about how I actually didn't want to work on a new project, and how it isn't feasible if she expects us to perform our regular duties while also working on this vaguely defined project conserving upgrading all the software and coding new report templates etc. Mind you I'm the only one with any coding experience, and that's only if you're very generously defining coding. I'm actually torn on this. Sure it would be something new and maybe interesting and in an ideal world probably good for my career, but knowing the company I'll get double the workload for the same paycheck.
  9. I need some advice. Should I crop my hair to a uniform 5mm? Thats what I do with the sides mostly, keeping the top significantly longer in a sloppy hitler youth style. Sure a hairstyle is nice, and I secretly like that you can see I'm getting white hair, but washing, styling, cutting all the time is more tedious than my lazy ass can handle half the time. On the other hand should I give in further to my laziness? Man if I had known 15 years ago how hard the choices I have to make as an adult are going to be, I'd have.. Well, nothing, you can't really stop the flow of time.
  10. Well, I read that deloads can be very beneficial. Speaking of loads, I did a light bodyweight workout on Sunday, and again today, in the morning. Mostly lying and standing hip thrusts, with the assistance of a sweet 19 year old. If I had a moral compass I'd be concerned about the difference in age. Also, I had my salad tossed for the first time the previous weekend. Highly recommended. Still no Sachertorte, I remain reticent.
  11. Some basics. I have no idea what my weight is as I don't own a scale, but my waist circumference is 33 inches, I think that's quite okay at 6'4. I do a casual form of intermittent fasting, mostly because I neither like breakfast nor snacking and am often too lazy to buy and/or prepare food. So it's 2 meals a day, sometimes 1 a day if I work the early shift. Mostly low(ish) carb foods, vegetables, cheese, meat, milk. No desserts, including Sachertorte, which is a highly overrated commodity. I plan on getting back in the gym soon. One of these days. Next week probably. Two weeks max. Surely before spring starts.
  12. So I checked my workout app, apparently I haven't been in a gym for 181 weeks. Still, I really liked Ras' idea for a thread title, so here it goes.
  13. I believe in one man, one vote. And that man is the king. So I'll abstain from voting.
  14. I don't want to make this weird, but I was just chilling on my couch, one hand cradling my dick as I'm wont to do, thinking to myself "i love you too man". So, um, keep up the good work!
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