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  1. I see people chatting, but from a decent distance. People switching sides of the street when someone is walking towards them. I tend to step into the street to give them space as I pass by, but whatever works. SA: You live in the same neighborhood you grew up in?
  2. It's dose-dependent...you took 5X the dose in the study I provided. The claim is that the natural T production would improve in something like a month...that would be interesting to see. I think we all know that you can't 'get T for free'. There are gives and takes.
  3. JB, I know things haven't been easy for you and Adrienne, too, and I hope you continue to be able to smooth things out. I know she's been impacted by the quarantine, but hopefully there will be tons of opportunity once we emerge from this. Like I said yesterday-I'm sure some of this is melodrama on my part. Staying positive isn't in my blood and the way things are-well, I'm having a hard time finding silver linings.
  4. In the last 2 years, my wife and I finally got to start breathing in between paychecks. We started being able to set aside cash for emergencies and for our kids and their trips and projects and whatnot. We've been steadily paying off bills and credit cards. My car is only a few payments away from being fully owned by me. We've got cash on hand, now. Things have been looking really good to pay off more stuff, save more money as other bills are paid off, and maybe get ourselves into a situation where we can actually move in a year or two into a place we want to be when our youngest is ready to move to middle school. That has all pretty much evaporated. My wife's largest contract just ended. That's the contract that pays the difference that the $900 rent increase made to us. Fine. It'll probably be a few weeks before she returns, unless the doctor folds-which is also a possibility; given the way things are going. Her other contracts could easily go away temporarily or permanently as well. I have a promotion that I have been working on, and there are annual company raises that are in doubt. Hell, my bonuses are probably zeroed out, too. My RSUs might as well be printed out and used for toilet paper-and that's shit I was counting on being there when the time came. I'm so very, very disappointed. I'm doing my best here, but sonofabitch. I know that most of these things will either resolve, not come to pass, or change in-flight. I know that. But still-I can't shake the loss that was me standing on the edge of some of the best footing I've had in decades. We're seeing scarcity-literal scarcity-in my area. We couldn't find meat(any meat-no ground beef, no chicken breast, no whole chickens, no pork). We ended up hitting multiple stores and even then, had to improvise. I've never had to live in this way. I'm hoping the supply chain irons itself out, because this feels BAD. The US's trajectory wrt illness numbers, as well as serious cases looks BAD. Basically, we're looking worse than some of the less modern and less civilized nations. It will probably continue to get bad until people get over their pride and realize that they are fucked if they continue to do beer bongs on the beach with random people, or go to the gym. It's a guarantee to get worse unless our leaders stop feeding bullshit to their constituents. I broke down yesterday. This is all too much for me. I'm having to limit my access to the internet, now. The data of the pandemic is great. My first love is pandemic illness from a subject standpoint (odd obsession, but it is what it is). Hell, I've said for decades that this was coming. But now here it is. It's awful. Always knew it would be. Re-reading this, it's like a first-world karen whine. I'm almost too disgusted to press the "submit Reply" button.
  5. Ah, to be blissfully ignorant of what war-time or depression era felt like. I haven't been doing much. Trying to hold on for dear life. Trying to understand how different things are, and how they will be, and how they've changed-probably-permanently or semi-permanently. I'm WTFing on the regular right now. I really wish they would roll out a test for us to find out if we have or have had COVID. That alone would would reduce most of my fears to about zero. Then I could concentrate on important shit. But no, I spend every day indoors, mostly freaking the fuck out because this is a genuinely honest time to do so. I have been getting some walks in, walking with my kids, but not much else. I have 25lb dumbbells, some bands, a 20lb slamball, and that's about it. I have a prowler, but I can't set up or use that anywhere near my home without violating just about every part of isolation. I haven't figured out what to do for exercise yet. I just can't spend the fucking mental energy. I went to my neuro 2 weeks ago, I weighed 351 fully dressed, so about 348. Tuesday I weighed in at 346. This morning I weighed in at 338. The ritalin is a big help with my eating habits. Instead of obsessing about eating when I'm hungry-really, I've been obsessing about this shit for years-I no longer have "MUST EAT" in my mind. I'm on day 2 at .6mg Victoza. The Dr. wanted me to titrate up to 1.8mg over 3 weeks, but I'm wondering if there's utility in staying at a low dose until I need more and then moving up.
  6. JFC. If only I was 17 and had changed some things...
  7. HTH some folks have gym access. I haven't been able to get motivated to figure out a workout at home as of yet. I have (very light) dumbbells, bands a slamball, and that's about it. Very different implements than I'm used to. I have an old CST book that I might have to dig into to get some ideas.
  8. "Tart cherry", AKA "acerola cherry" is known was one of the best sources of vitamin C back in the day. Not sure that means much, but my mom had mentioned that doctors told mothers to use it when kids got severely ill back in the 70s when I was a babe. I try to get some exercise (walking, normally) after meals. I recall it being suggested prior to meals by some folks, too. Post-meal exercise has hormonal benefits and bloodsugar/insulin benefits.
  9. Boron (18mg/day) and Glucosamine/MSM for joint pain, but not sure how much they improve things, honestly. I take BA pre-workout and at about 5g. Note that I'm probably double your weight. I don't take it on non-workout days, but I don't know if that's the correct dosing, honestly.
  10. Dexcom looks interesting, but without T1D, I don't think US Insurance will pay for that, and it's like $1600/mo OOP. I have been getting cardio+lifting 3x weekly and extra cardio on non-lifting days, but now there's no gym, and a home lockdown due to COVID.
  11. Anders: Thanks for all the attention. I don't drink sugary things. Got rid of those decades ago. I tend to eat OK meals-meats and decent carb sources. Dinner is maybe a bit carb-heavy, and that's because I cook one meal for everyone. That makes dinner a challenge always. I do consume a dessert, and that's an area I can work on reducing. I've been taking several glucose control supplements, but if I have to be honest, this is an indication that they aren't worth a shit. I don't consume a liver support, but I can look into it. I figure that it will be about as useless as the glucose control supplements...if I have what appears to be NAFLD or a trend towards it, supplements won't fix that. My physical was today, and we discussed it. I know that the weight is the problem, and needs to change. But the so-called "lifestyle changes" have been medicine's biggest approach to it. After many years of attempts there, all I have is a string of failures, so I told him I was no longer comfortable kicking the can down the road on that one. He agreed. I asked whether he wanted to address the Trigs with a Fibrate, or the overall metsyn condition with metformin or a GLP-1. We decided that since my gut is never happy with metformin, we'd start with Victoza. So I'm waiting on my prescription to get filled. I don't know much about it, but it looks like fat mice have improved liver health: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32171530 lol So I'll read up and I hope this will help me to get things moving the right direction. I've dropped 5 pounds in a week since starting the ritalin. My doc said he'd be happy to Rx phentermine, if not for the ritalin already. So I'll keep focusing on fixing some of my eating habits and get started on the victoza and keep trying to get exercise while I'm locked in my house. I have bands and some light dumbbells (25 pounds isn't much for me, but it'll have to do), I bought a 20 lb slamball so I can get some cardio with that, and I'll keep walking until the cops tell me to return to my house...
  12. Honestly, 100 pounds would resolve 100% of my health issues outside of my epilepsy and ADD/ADHD.
  13. Yep, 100 pounds is my target. I just don't know how best to go about it without life being the suck...
  14. Keto is hard for me to remain compliant. It tends to destroy my gut. I literally shit 24x7, and I've never been able to make it work for my family. I'll start working on reducing daily carb intake...I honestly didn't think I had slid this far. lol
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