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  1. Emperor G_D


    WTH? That's a fucking man's breakfast. I usually end up eating 3 eggs cooked somehow, maybe a little bit of meat. Or 3 hard boiled eggs and some of Ben's favorite Fage yogurt. Something like that.
  2. Another entry in the WTF HUMAN STRONG!?!?@
  3. Babies make fitness hard. Just get it in when you can.
  4. Oh bebe. ILU. Go rest. Have a beer and a nice meal. Chill with some friends or family. Try to get going forward and make things work for you. Fuck you for your trump comment, btw. I know it's true, but still. You can't say that shit out loud. It makes it even more awful to confront it.
  5. After a month of nothing, I'll need to return to the gym, too.
  6. Emperor G_D


    I find that eating breakfast super-charges my hunger for the day sometimes. It's a real toss-up whether a partial fast or a breakfast is the right thing to do.
  7. No, I've been convalescing since the pneumonia. Kids are off school this week, so I'm taking it easy. Lungs are still emptying their contents out. Lol. Next week I'll go in for some work and start all over again.
  8. It's been since 2018 probably since I trained deadlifts with any amount of seriousness. So sad.
  9. 6 days is probably too much, but you're still young and can probably hack it for a while longer. I went 4 days per week into my 40s. M-T-Th-F, Sat/Sun off.
  10. I would assume it's possession of a controlled substance, but I also assume that not even the hardest dick cop would care one bit about it. We have an example on this board of police ignoring straight up AAS gear and supplies when they aren't coming for you, so I would assume some formerly OTC roids aren't a big deal to most, either.
  11. I used to love pause DLs. Maybe one day I'll be in good enough shape to do them again.
  12. I still have some shit tucked away for some time when I decide my liver is stronger, or my blood pressure is low enough. lol
  13. Man, that's such a constant in just about everything. Sweet, but not too sweet. Salty, but not too salty. Fun, but not too fun. Fast, but not too often. Fatty, but not too often. Sex all the time as often as possible, oh wait...
  14. the 10k per day thing is a good start, but at the end of the day, the thing that accomplishes the goal of increased activity isn't just a gross number of steps; but instead is an increase over time int he number of steps per day, sustained over time.
  15. Yeah, the world has turned to SARMs and injectable PS like MENT.
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