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  1. A2 Workout Bench 45x20 95x10 135x10 165x5 195x3 225x3 265x3x4S 265xAMRAP (x10) Squat 45x10 135x5 185x5 225x3 295x10 275x10 245x10 Wide pulldowns 130x10 150x10 170x10 170x5, 150x5 150x5, 130x3, 110x2 Curl machine Unknown weights... heaviest weight performedx10 less weightx10 little less weightx10 slowly little bit less weighx10 s l o w l y veins a-poppin, time to run.
  2. Exactly. It's shit. Which is why I put up with the CoL... I'll be in RDU next month. I'm pretty sure we're having a fall months face to face for my team becuase they couldn't bear to watch me sweat 24x7. Last time, they had us there in June and I was like-never again. Fuck Raleigh.
  3. Yes, I appreciate that you were being helpful and should have stated that as well. Playing the "do you want to live here? If yes, then you need a job" game is a zero-sum game. I've played it for 13 years. lol Relocating would definitely work for money concerns, but she's also the hangup there, hence the zero-sum. I'm happy to move wherever it makes sense to, but that's not a move I can make on my own. Besides, I think working is helpful for her. Perhaps some of the autonomy she feels she is missing comes back over time. I don't know.
  4. Well, it was always about our families. The only family that either one of us has is here. Since we stayed for family, and our kids aged into school, now even if we were ready, willing and able to move, our kids would be taken away from all the firends they have ever had, and put into schools somewhere else...and honestly, our school district is the highest-performing district in the area. I poke around a bit when I hear of some place with weather that is fair enough, and a COL that is low enough, and even if I throw out weather, and add in the things that it takes to make things livable (COL that allows for AC 24x7, pools, area waterparks, etc.), by the time I make it down the list and look at the schools, I'm usually looking at the difference in school performance in the 40-60% difference range. For example, My uncle lives in Sacramento. The COL is much better there, but the weather is gawdawful. Pricing on a house with a large backyard and a pool is pretty decent, but you find schools in the 1-3 range, as opposed to my kids schools which are all rated 10. That's a MONSTER difference and one I can't ignore. Same thing for the town of Tracy, where my wife's best friend lives. Anyhow, the COL isn't an issue anymore. We make more than enough money to live OK comfortably. The issue now is the human and relationship stuff, which we're not doing so well with. lol
  5. Hmm. I thought your gaping asshole was your weakpoint.
  6. Sorry, I should have quoted it after it split onto a new page. lol
  7. I think the pain is necessary, too. Pain is growth, because we learn from it. My wife has insulated herself from pain-literally her entire life. Pain and discomfort aren't in her wheelhouse. She is absolutely resentful that she was forced into leaving the home to work. She was always resentful of "the conversation" we'd have a few times per year when financial issues cropped up, and she'd eventually not change anything. The rent increase forced her hand in this, because it wasn't me telling her, anymore. It was reality: we needed way more money to break even, now. The problem is that some of that resent has bubbled into her day-to-day life and as a result into mine. I am absolutely resentful of giving up my identity for 20 years. I don't blame her, per se. I made the concessions, I and I alone. It's just that I'm a bit angered when I think about the fact that I've not really lived for myself in 20 years, but I also don't want to cause my wife or anyone else pain in living for me...it's a bizarre co-dependency that I'm having a hard time breaking free of. My wife is scared to death that time not spent with her will literally be time spent looking for another mate. While it's not at all true, it's also going to have the same net effect if I'm not given some amount of agency. My wife believes the same thing about my children, I think. Give them freedom and they will fly the coop...but again, if we don't give them some amount of agency, they will 100% go as far from us as they can as soon as the chance presents itself. I've tried to approach this from the "team" challenge standpoint, and it hasn't worked. I think she's still so pissed about how things have gone that she can't see the forest for the trees. I can't change that, because she's got a shell like an ancient tortoise. She also spends most of her time swallowing her anger and feelings, so that's a wonderful addition to the problem.
  8. Well, I don't know about K-Star, here. With a healthy elbow joint, I routinely do a bench workout and then 80 or more elbow-extending reps as accessory work. With an unhealthy elbow joint, I agree. For those 3 years, I could scarcely hold a fucking coffee cup. Once I calmed the inflammation down and got some healing in there, things recovered quickly. I worked up to 2-3 times per day on isometric holds against my extensors, and I always warmed up using a band from the floor to also do holds against my extensors before I benched. But you have to stay consistent.
  9. Thanks, Oz. 2018 into 2019 has not been an easy ~12 months. My back injury never resolving forced me to have to change a lot of things-including how I see myself as a person. I haven't been depressed, per se, but I was on top of the world mentally last August, and since then, it's not been easy. My wife had to go back to work after 13 years of not having a serious job-not that caring for 3 children, plus myself isn't serious, but the change meant that she had to leave the house and work in an office with other people, and it's been a lot. I realized recently that I've been living my life for my wife for the last 20 years, and I've given up a lot of things I liked doing in the process. Lots of activities that I spent most of my life up until her entrance in my life went away because they just aren't things that she wants to do-with me or anyone else. I've come to feel held back by this. I have a wonderful family and my wife is genuinely one of the best things to ever happen to me, but at this point, I don't have much to show for my work besides my family. There are trips not taken, things not bought, places not seen, things not done. Most of that has happened because it's easier to do things her way because it's a bit less painful than doing what I want to do. That's becoming less possible to deal with as time wears on. She's a bit intractable when it comes to resolving our differences. She says I am as well, though I feel as though I've been open to suggesting that we use one path or another to find a way to mediate our issues and then nothing happens or it's rejected. The biggest issue is that we go through a few days where things feel on track, like most of this week, and then something happens like this afternoon that feels like it opens all the wounds again. I don't know how to stop that cycle and call a truce. As for your forearms...First thing's first...you need to get the pain gone. For me, it was the isometrics. The isos and the increased TUT got things to where they hurt so much less. I think the thing that has gotten the pain to stay the fuck away is the increased triceps and biceps work. Your forearm connective tissues really have to work hard if you have weak biceps.
  10. Things get...complicated when you've been married the better part of 20 years and have kids and stuff. I'm sure things will work out. But I'm prepared for any eventuality.
  11. Ribs haven't felt bad since Monday AM, so it speaks to the weird nature of costo or anything like it...acute, and transient. Hope it stays far, far away. B1 today OHP 45x20 75x10 105x5 135x3 145x3x4S 145xAMRAP (x10) Deadlift 135x10 185x10 245x10x3S Lat Pulldowns 170x10 190x5, 170x3, 150x2 170x5, 150x3, 130x2 150x6, 130x2, 110x2 My wife has started speaking to me again, and wondered if I'd have lunch with her, so I pushed the sled 3 or 4 times without heart, and went home to have lunch with my lady.
  12. What is 'this'? I am supposed to...eat?
  13. It's a SARM, and therefore has no safety profile. lol There are scant studies, but the 2 that were done in 2013 indicate it is safe and tolerable and does what we are all looking for it to do: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22459616 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24189892 I've found it to be completely safe from my perspective, but I haven't exhaustively tested bloods and whatnot. Adam and I ran it long-term and it works great with T, alone, and with GW. Even when totally low on T (I've spent most of the past 4 or 5 years at 100 or thereabouts on total T), LGD makes me look and feel like I'm blasting. Great feeling. I liken it to T-Var days, honestly.
  14. Getting what's yours is laudable and fucking fair...it's just that what was yours is now gone. So fighting the man this time would only end in some asshole winning the case, or you winning the case but never being able to prove the value of your things, or prove what was in the unit or somehow ending with you being very disappointed. You got the personal things back, that's what's important (to me). Most of us live with too much "stuff" as it is, and you didn't need this stuff for an extended period of time, so its value is diminished in my estimation. Thrilled AF that you got your personal shit back, but I don't think you'd find any extra satisfaction from a suit.
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