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  1. Not a great idea to do, but probably not the death knell for your child's mental health. Crack, OTOH...
  2. airnow.gov now includes purpleair sensors on their maps. I'm pushing Ambient to find a way in to the "inexpensive sensor program" with airnow, because we track the same things as purpleair, and more sensors seems to be a good thing to me.
  3. I agree with Construct. Days with PM2.5 readings in the 100-400 range should be pretty clear to the naked eye why you would not want to be outside. Same would go for PM10...though you don't see PM10 called out as the active pollutant very often. If O3/ozone is the pollutant, you wouldn't want to avoid it unless you know you're sensitive to the impact of the pollutant. I have yet to hear a person say "I'm allergic to Ozone", so aside from the typical eye/nose/throat irritation that smog brings, I don't think it's a good reason to not be active if it's not bugging you.
  4. AQI is not subjective, though "Air quality" may be. AQI monitors for PM2.5, PM10, O3, as the major sources of pollution at present. PM2.5 is easily and cheaply monitored using some automation and some parts for probably ~$30, or you can buy Purple Air, which is insanely expensive and built with the very same parts that you can use, and at the $200 price tag. I monitor PM2.5 at my home using my Ambient Weather station. It doesn't break it out as AQI, though, but ug/m3, which has some back-flippy math you can do to get it approximated.
  5. It is benign from a taste perspective. but it often puts me in the shitter the first few times I use it until I get used to a tablespoon or so of it. Why Does MCT Oil Cause Diarrhea? It is not explicitly known why MCT oil may cause diarrhea. The 1967 Journal of Gastroenterology offers this suggestion: To put this in simple terms, when MCT oil is consumed, it is broken down further with water (hydrolosis) so it can be readily absorbed by the body. MCT’s are then directed straight into the liver through the portal vein where they are converted to endogenous ketones.
  6. MCT is real good for non-flavoring oils, but depending on how much you use, it could come rushing out your backside in a few minutes.
  7. Emperor G_D


    no sir. Not on brownies, not in my banana bread, not in my carrot cake. I will save the walnuts for you, my friend.
  8. Emperor G_D


    I love nuts. Smashed and creamed nuts. Roasted nuts. Raw nuts. Blanched nuts. Nut flour. But not walnuts. Fuck walnuts. While we're at it, fuck their cousin the pecan, too.
  9. I was on it a while ago, and I really felt mentally like shit while taking it. Maybe I'll ride a few more weeks out when I'm feeling like I have a few weeks of sanity under my belt and a lower stress period of time.
  10. There's something...imperceptible about Ashwaghanda that I can't put my finger on, but I don't like. I believe SA has said that as well.
  11. It's been hot, and smoky and pretty much awful since the last time I posted. I went 10 days without any activity at all, but it was weighing on me. Started walking a few days ago, in spite of the smoke. Weight is 299.3 today. So even though there was an immediate bump after I hit 299-like 3 pounds, not too much-continued fasting seems to still be paying off. Took some bloodwork the other day. 2 pumps of test gel (a half-dose) has my T at 200 with .1mg of anastrozole EoD. My TAG is at about 200 still, in spite of not really eating too much in the way of processed carbs
  12. Anecdotally: at 2 pumps of T per day, I am rocking ~200ng with .1mg of anastrozole EoD. Maybe I should go E3D. 200 is crap, but I have literally no symptoms at the moment, and when I was at 4 pumps and no AI, my bloating and water retention was high as hell, and my T was ~150-ish.
  13. I wonder what is the best method of managing E for guys who take T, knowing that if you take an AI, it will by design cause issues in this conversion? Anastrozole is a 40 or 50 hour half-life. Maybe there are shorter-acting AIs?
  14. Hear hear! To pigs and cows and chickens iiiiiiiiinnnnnn spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.....................................................
  15. Yep, I think these effects might all be intertwined.
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