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  1. Low baseliner checking in... I think I'm an anomaly in the tech industry, but I've surpassed tradesman money by now. I will say that (I believe) people of lower education share with tradesman the slower general rise in income than the more educated.
  2. Agreed, @Construct. I like my sit/stand desk. Sometimes I do it because my back hurts. Sometimes I do it because I have absolute shit circulation in my lower legs. Either way, I spend time sitting and standing.
  3. I love how weird my morning routine has gotten. Wake up. Take fasting BS. Relax in the living room with a cup of joe listening to the birds and do a crossword. Take HRV. Do crossword while taking BP.
  4. Emperor G_D

    Food Finds

    Kodiak Cakes get a huge thumbs-up from me. I usually eat them when the rest of my family has pancakes.
  5. Also, 319.2 after a workout and then 32 ounces of water.
  6. Kettlebell Swings 17 sets of 26. 442 total reps. 15900lbs swung. Avg HR 124, peak 157. Went for a nice and moderate workout to get the full 17th set. Took my time during the sets and gave 60 seconds of rest until after set 9, when I started to see my HR run up and not come down in between sets. Pushed out the rest times to ~70 sec and that solved the problem. It's a nice day.
  7. Normally I just respond back to these types of requests with an attachment and the link to sci-hub. Unfortunately, I can't locate this study. Tried using google image search, too, and nothing.
  8. Woke up at 320.6 this AM. Did some working out: Kettlebell ladder Swings and Pushups 10/1 9/2 8/3 7/4 6/5 5/6 4/7 3/8 2/9 1/10 5:27 Run/Walk 5:30 Woo. Big fast today. Started early last night-nice 4th feast was big and full of tri-tip and green beans-so had no pre-bed snack. I will try to go for 18 or 19 hours.
  9. Don't be looking for any real content from following me. I think it's been almost 2 years since I posted something original. I kind of miss having something to post, but alas...unless people want to watch a fat sweaty man do KB swings until death, there's not much to publish. Be careful out there, Rolly. Don't need to get dead for a thrill...
  10. Last few days have been fun. I've been on PTO, and I've gone fishing, and seen some more of our beautiful county parks with my family. Didn't catch shit, but that's OK. Good, clean, budget-friendly fun. Worked out today. 17 total sets: S1-S9: 26 reps, 48 second rests S10-S14: 26R, 55-60 second rests S15-S16: 25R, 60 second rests S17: Bonus set! 16R 430 total reps in 17 sets. 25:45 total time. Just shy of 15K lbs swung. Avg HR 125, Max 156 My RHR for the last week has been from 58-63. My guess is that this is a beneficial side-effect of (mostly) lower insulin or inflammation or mass, or all three. Weighed 322 in the afternoon yesterday, and predictably after 2 days around my wife and kids with no structure (work), I've fallen off a bit and yesterday I had carbs all afternoon long. My fasting glucose was (predictably) higher than even before I went keto/fast as 136. I've only ever seen 130s a handful of times in a few months. I guess the system doesn't like swinging back and forth like that. lol I see my fat doc on Monday, so I'll need to rein it in for the next few days to get a good weight for her.
  11. I have no complaints about the total price-but they only go to 44, and I could duct-tape a cheap dumbbell to my current KB and get the same for much cheaper. I found a 50 at NY Barbell for $65 or 75...(site says $65 FREE FREIGHT, but it charged me a 9.50 freight charge...).
  12. I always figured I'd buy from them when I was ready. Of course, most things are discontinued or out of stock... I did find a 50lb kettlebell for $65, though. Might have to pull the trigger on that...
  13. I'm having a hard time justifying $122 for a 44lber. If they had a 53, I'd buy it.
  14. You're the only one doing the full 500 with the set/rep scheme in the program, but I'm still swinging, and still enjoying it, and honestly, reaping the rewards. My RHR has dropped from 70-73 to 58-63. So significant. I also went keto, lost 15 pounds since starting, and fast 16-18 hours per day, which probably influences it maybe more than the cardio, but still. It all started with swinging a kettlebell...
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