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  1. Strong like bull. Though he has some unfortunate knee valgus that I hope isn't throughout his normal training.
  2. No clue. Perhaps just some CNS un-readiness. Because a set later, it was on and all was pretty much right with the world.
  3. OHP 45x20 95x5 (lots of fatigue, for some reason) 125x5 (barely got this done. weird) 135x5 155x5 175x8 Joker 195x5 CGBP 185x10 205x10x2S 205xAMRAP (x20) Supersetted with reverse pushups 8x3S Lat Pulldowns with a blue band 120x8x3S 100x6 Rolling Triceps Extensions 40x8x3S Superset with: Hammer Curls 40x8x3S Lightweight incline DB flyes 20x10x3S These always hurt me, so on Adam's suggestion, I tried pinching my scaps. While it didn't cause any AC joint pain (or less pain), I can't tell if that's because of the mental distraction and pain of having to concentrate on scapular positioning, and my erectors working overtime to maintain the position.
  4. Yes, but they have since disappeared. I agree, GF: This is a cool development. I wish there were other less dangerous uncouplers out there. Aside from GPA, does anybody know of uncoupling agents that won't kill you?
  5. Heavy squats make heavy squats. Many squats make heavy quads. So squat more and heavier. Hit the leg press afterwards and grind yourself down a little bit more. Also, if your shit-tastic gym has a prowler or sled of some sort, that can be a wonderful quad stimulus, too.
  6. I can't wait to see this phase grind you down. You'll never get to 500+ with light Fsquats, tho...
  7. I still think it's a bit premature, but I'm feeling like I've turned the corner. Much better than 2 months ago, sobbing at my wife because I couldn't get a decent night's rest without spasms...
  8. Yeah, that kind of work wrecks me.
  9. I think the two pieces of advice could go either way. Non-impact swimming (IOW: not running in water, but actual swimming) might be fine. Cycling uses the AT, which is probably why there is a stress fracture, so maybe none of that.
  10. Deadlifts Worked up to 295 295x5 340x5 385x8 Joker: 430x5 FSL: 295x15 Ab Rollouts 3x8 Morning walk, .56 miles Been having lots of lower leg and low back fatigue on walks. Fairly certain it's my footwear. Today I wore my wrestling shoes, and my pace was up and my pain levels were down. That might be diagnostic...
  11. Yeah, lots of trained distance runners around these parts...
  12. Reading about running is almost as bad as running... So your son got a stress fracture and then switched over to barefoot training? How is that going?
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