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  1. We once worked up a "sarcasm" tag because we had so many issues with that. I might look into that again... Sorry to hear about dinner. Hope it happens soon.
  2. lol men cooking is "progressive" in your world?
  3. I think this was unnecessary. I'm just illustrating that most people actively using RPE are just doing it fucking. wrong. (so fucking wrong, y'all. They literally have *no idea* what they are doing) A fair point, but a tool designed for a few people is largely useless. I realize that as an elitist, you're all about that sort of thing... This is mostly tongue-in-cheek, so take it fwiw.
  4. I was looking for some chatter between myself and @Atlasnow about the toolbags from the old gym. IIRC, they were hashtagging the shit out of themselves for "RPE PRs", and I just thought...bro, if you did an RPE 7 and that was somehow a PR, you're doing it wrong. The RPE douchebaggery was so striking that we started calling people out for their "rest period RPEs" and their "walking to the car RPEs" and whatnot. I know that I've found RPE to be difficult to use, and % is just so much damned easier for me, and when I'm firing on all cylinders, I think RPE and % converge at some point. But most people? Most people don't understand the concept at all, and that's always been the thing I have against RPE.
  5. So misunderstood, misused, misapplied...doesn't matter if it's more effective, if the people using it don't have a clue what it means.
  6. Having glossed over the rubber plates comment in @STENDEC's post, I think you're in good shape if you are in a shitty gym and have 2" bumpers. My old Gold's had at least 3" black 45s. Probably a bit bigger than 3", honestly. In fact, I saw a pic of them earlier today while I was trying to figure my fitness situation out:
  7. Given rules surrounding bumperweight on platforms and whatnot at bullshit gyms, that brings the available room on a sleeve to about 3 or 4 plates...
  8. The old trap bars at my gold's were fucking TINY. Maybe 405 would fit on it, but I wouldn't bet money on it.
  9. I honestly have no desire, and don't see how that would change my situation? The only way out of this situation is to leave my home. My employer got me a stock grant and a 9% raise in the last 3 months. They're doing a great job in taking care of me out here, IMO.
  10. No, I do not feel any better. The equivalent argument: "Sure he can afford a side-piece with HUGE FAKE BOOBIES, but over time those things leak and sag, so best to go with the A cups..." Nope, still doesn't feel any better. lol I've felt like this situation couldn't sustain itself for about 10 years and the equation keeps getting more and more upside-down, so my opinion is moot on the matter.
  11. Just "under market" now at $3900. I foresee $4k by next June, and $4100 the June after (if not sooner).
  12. Opportunity cost, my man. Not sure what the opportunity is, exactly, but I'm sure it is an opportunity.
  13. And you get free baby furniture for life, or what?
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