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  1. Heavy squats make heavy squats. Many squats make heavy quads. So squat more and heavier. Hit the leg press afterwards and grind yourself down a little bit more. Also, if your shit-tastic gym has a prowler or sled of some sort, that can be a wonderful quad stimulus, too.
  2. I can't wait to see this phase grind you down. You'll never get to 500+ with light Fsquats, tho...
  3. I still think it's a bit premature, but I'm feeling like I've turned the corner. Much better than 2 months ago, sobbing at my wife because I couldn't get a decent night's rest without spasms...
  4. Yeah, that kind of work wrecks me.
  5. I think the two pieces of advice could go either way. Non-impact swimming (IOW: not running in water, but actual swimming) might be fine. Cycling uses the AT, which is probably why there is a stress fracture, so maybe none of that.
  6. Deadlifts Worked up to 295 295x5 340x5 385x8 Joker: 430x5 FSL: 295x15 Ab Rollouts 3x8 Morning walk, .56 miles Been having lots of lower leg and low back fatigue on walks. Fairly certain it's my footwear. Today I wore my wrestling shoes, and my pace was up and my pain levels were down. That might be diagnostic...
  7. Yeah, lots of trained distance runners around these parts...
  8. Reading about running is almost as bad as running... So your son got a stress fracture and then switched over to barefoot training? How is that going?
  9. Emperor G_D

    Food Finds

    Intrigued, but at $39 for 4 boxes, I just can't do it...
  10. That Joker set was concerning. Also, I lost the battle, because those drawers ended up in the trash. The back is good I think. I still have some rib pain, but not like before. So it's at least improving. I do not know if that is due to the injection or just time. I haven't re-injured it, and I seem to be strong enough currently.
  11. Bench Worked up to 230 230x5 260x5 295x9 -seated low row cable@180x10 330x4 -seated low row cable@180x10 230x10 -seated low row cable@180x10 Also supersetted with ass waterfalls in between the rows and bench. It was very nice. I THINK I NEED A POOP TRANSPLANT Triceps Hell Overhand 130x20x2S Underhand 110x20 110x25 because too light Seated Hammer Curls 35x10x3S Standing cable flye 80x10 70x10 60x10
  12. This has been some basis of my meals for some time, too. RP Diet, and Vertical Diet would approve.
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