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  1. Why not? They are nearly silent with one or two exceptions...if you are a mouthbreather, the air will make noise as it forcefully ejects itself, if the mask becomes displaced from your face it will make a rushing air noise, or if the humidifier loses its seal it will make a similar noise (though you'd know as soon as it turned on). Fairly certain that the mild amount of noise it makes would be better than my snoring or my death, or me without sleep...
  2. Traveling isn't difficult at all...it's an allowed extra piece of carry-on luggage. Camping has a solution as well: A Lion battery, a DC-DC converter, and disabling the humidifier can get several days of use before requiring a charge. I personally think the risks of the relatively unregulated medical device marketplace far outweigh the benefits of the PITA of a CPAP, but YMMV. @STENDEC it's only hell for a few months. Then it's just a part of bedtime. Just another tool...
  3. Yeah, I no longer care about these things, but I've really only savaged my hands with deadlifting on a bar. My back is no worse for wear, and my shins have almost never been scraped and not once have I drawn blood on them. People who move their bodies around the bar, or the bar around their body haven't quite figured deadlifting out, yet.
  4. This might be worth my $8 investment, depending on how things go with you guys. I see mentions of the left ear being the target ear; as the right ear is associated with heart rhythm issues, so be careful.
  5. I'm unsure of the ability to affix these clips to your tragus and concha...there's not a lot of real estate in that zip code if you know what I mean.
  6. How are you guys going to do this? TENS or something?
  7. Thank god for this study. Changed my whole outlook and understanding.
  8. Inefficient is just the start of my criticism. I just ran across it and thought it was interesting. I don't believe this is the genesis of Lyme disease.
  9. Interesting: https://sci-hub.se/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bmj.com%2Fcontent%2F366%2Fbmj.l4784.full
  10. I guess it'll never happen. I've pretended to have made my peace with that...
  11. I needed an "awe" indicator, because I'm in awe of him. I knew you were being as sarcastic as you could be. lol
  12. He's a raw lifter...One of 5 people who can break the current WR of 722 (I think it's 722). Freakish, though, he's also freakishly large.
  13. Wow, Kim...that's an incredible pull. I don't even see how he generates enough energy to get the bar moving, yet...
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