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  1. Aside from small size, the randomization across gender wasn't very good...
  2. Sounds like a shitty study, though...
  3. With the taurine, I'd assume it was slightly sweet?
  4. Preferred brand? Just been out of the TUDCA game for about a decade...
  5. This is exactly where I'm at. I've had that toenail removed fully twice, and now the sides butchered. There's another toe on the same foot and my big toe on the other foot with some very minor infection. The doctor says they do a multi-month pulsing technique of 1 week on, 3 weeks off. Hopefully that will help keep my liver healthy. I might pick up some TUDCA since I see pubmed references to ursodoxycholic acid and terbinafine. https://sci-hub.se/https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1345/aph.1D420
  6. Well, it was quite a week. Didn't work out much. Too much doom-scrolling, occupying my time thinking of things other than my wife's covid contact, and school. I passed my first class this week, so that's good news. On class 2, I've already passed the classes' pre-test, which is a strong indicator that I could take the "final" for it and pass, but I want to actually get something out of it, so I'm studying through the materials once before I test on it. Yesterday, I had fun at the podiatrist's office... https://photos.app.goo.gl/kg3YsSjukTU5p95t9 So probably
  7. Nice study, but I doubt many could afford 2.4mg/wk, or that any insurances would cover it. Most anti-obesity treatments are of course stigmatized since fat people should just change their ways... FTR, I am transitioning from Liraglutide to Semaglutide this month, so hopefully some more weight loss from that.
  8. One Mile Warmup Squats 45x10 75x10 135x5 165x5 195x5 225x5 230x5 135x10 Needed to cut it short, so that's all I did today. I have my first "Objective Assessment" (AKA: "final") tomorrow. It will be nice to get my first college class behind me in 3 days of college. lol Excel isn't hard, and I've been using it for decades at this point, so no big deal.
  9. I will put this on my list of 'things that don't fuck you up as much as anabolic steroids, but might build muscle on old men like anabolic steroids' for when I'm trying to gain some muscle back.
  10. STEN's getting into that hardcore stuff again, as you can see from his recent pic...
  11. You fucking monster. Keep up the work. It's clearly paying off.
  12. Incredible how hard it can be to get back into practice of lifting, tracking and logging again. Today I finished up last week's lifting with some bench work. Warmups Regular grip bench (barx20) Narrow Work 75x10 100x10 135x10 145x6 150x5 Wide Press 75x15x3S Incline DB Press 25x10 30x10x2S Delts Front/Side/Rear delts 10x3S each
  13. I benched today. God, it feels so goddamned normal to do normal things. Bench (worked up to 175, and then back down to 135 for sets of 5) Triceps pushdowns on my pulley rig Some light back work Triceps pushdowns with a band I'll probably even deadlift on Friday or something, just to keep it super normal.
  14. Good news...finally found some changeweight that wasn't $4/lb. $2/lb straight up. Perfect price. I still can't figure out what was wrong with the weights, since they are visually perfect YORK plates and have a brand new coat of paint. Perhaps they're just knock-offs of old Yorkies, or something. They weighed a perfect 65.2 pounds when I weighed them, so they're perfectly weighted. 4x10, 4x5, 2x2.5. $130. Dude who sold them to me was *not* in any way a lifter. Just a bookish asian kid. Shrug.
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