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  1. I've always noticed a difference in muscle tension when I forget to take magnesium, and its a life saver after parties do note that i'm of the high strung types, so YMMV
  2. If you do oly lifting you usually have too much neck. heavy pulls and heavy cleans is all you need. Other than that. Farmer walks
  3. 30-40 euros for a gram in Europe, about double/triple in Israel/Australia/NZ Bear in mind there's a lot of knock-off ketamine going around. people take the German sealed veterinarian ketamine bottles and refill/forge them. God knows what's in the knockoff, but its flooding the markets.
  4. some people just feel more free with physical boundaries than others. I come from a eastern europian background where hugging was kinda awkward at best, but some people cuddle with you, some boob touch, some thigh touch, I've learned to ask myself how am I feeling with this and if I'm not aroused were I'm not supposed to be or feel the other person is when I don't want them to be aroused and close to me, its no big deal. BTW touching when talking is different and is actually passive aggressive (even not so passive). when we did couple's therapy I was reminded of that and now I'm conscious of when and where I do it, and it sometimes is to physically control people, especially timid ones, so I try to refrain from doing that.
  5. Elle


    I get it alot when taking MDMA, and sometimes without, lately as I'm under severe stress. Its interesting you went the neurophysological route. to me its just a matter of staying in control. this is what "grinding your teeth" actually means. (well at least in hebrew, it means keeping on doing what you need to do even though you don't want to do it) I've tried physically falling backwards on somekind of soft surface (i.e. letting go) but its hit and miss . actually the only thing that really helped me was fighting other people (i.e. trying to kick their ass) and screaming a lot.
  6. biotin benfotiamine ALCAR Horse Chestnut Green tea (95% EGCG) chromium/vanadium formula zinc magnesium D3 (at winter) Melatonin/ALA (periodically) Wellbutrin 150mg Blueberry extract Royal jelly bacopa when I'm meditating regularly, toremifen. on non-workout days, Sodzyme(tm) I'm probably forgetting something...
  7. Elle


    research says with meal, and before bedtime if your diabetic.
  8. "Only the wicked run without chase" - proverbs 28 a the righteous do push-ups, yo
  9. Only if there's enough sexuality around (according to this research)
  10. Alive and kicking - don't knock it until you try it
  11. You mean as a way to get to keto faster?
  12. Interesting. I wonder if its because of more NAD in diet (e.g. meat)
  13. its in the context of the protestant belief. I'm not from around there but I sure know about that and how they love them some fires of hell. so its a "depravity" in the context of sublimation - that is the borders for the desire are harsher.
  14. I asked for the full text, than read some more in this forum and found it.
  15. hmmm priming sounds interesting. I wonder if there's any research on much changes in metabolism last once keto is over
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