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  1. I thought it was interesting that they said they could possibly engineer a human from different materials. How the hell would that look.
  2. Right Hook


    Cast iron: http://food52.com/blog/12763-a-cowboy-s-guide-to-cast-iron
  3. Here's an interesting example. Apparently I am a poor folate metabolizer...
  4. This site is getting more interesting. They are constantly making (good) updates to the interface and are tying specific Genes to studies and putting a scientific confidence score next to each. What's interesting is that for some genes I fall into categories of an elite athlete. While others I am the opposite. They do a good job referencing the papers too.
  5. Because Docs can prescribe it for this ailment where Clomid/tamox is not approved to treat this problem. It may be ever so slightly better. So guys like us would just defer to self prescribed clomid. But others not in the know would go to their doc and get it paid for by insurance. I don't think it's any better obviously. But with all the FdA scrutiny on testosterone formulations it may be the saving grace of HRT one day.
  6. NDA accepted. The Euros are looking at it now too. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/repros-announces-acceptance-filing-nda-200100924.html?.tsrc=applewf
  7. Here's the list on bb.com. That Amazon one looks a little cheaper. But I would trait Core Nutrition quality of that was a concern. http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/hmb.html
  8. I thought bb.com had some reasonably priced encapsulated stuff a while back.
  9. It also looks like other countries are primarily interested in flaccid dick.
  10. So french dudes seem to have big flaccid dicks but American men have the biggest boners. Must be all that Viagra.
  11. I may be in luck with these guys. They said they can but are looking into it a little more to confirm.
  12. I haven't. I'm not particularly interested in the family tree line though.
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