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  1. Feeling jacked after the high pull routine? Thib talks about doing routines where he'll really hammer one lift (like do it every day for weeks) while maintaining everything else. I really like the idea of that.
  2. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Yes. Great analogy.
  3. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    As I get older, I look at routines like diets. The best ones are the ones you can stick to.
  4. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    For sure. There is something to be said for organizing the workout in a way that makes it more likely that you're going to work out and enjoy it.
  5. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of body part splits. Movement planes make sense to me. The problem with body part splits is that some muscles recovey faster than others. So if you go a week, one muscle may have supercompensated in like 3 days and may already be returning to baseline. I mean, ok, yeah, people have obviously gotten big and strong on body part splits, so I'm kind of splitting hairs here, but it's just nice to do something else if you don't feel like destroying your chest on Monday with everyone else.
  6. Do you do the whole workout with a weighted vest on? If so, anything you've been noticing from using it?
  7. I have a really hard time working out on a stomach full of food. Nice workout! How high are you pulling the bar to? Nipple height?
  8. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    That's awesome. I feel like switching up your routine can provide a new stimulus, too. Maybe that means I should do body part routine, lol.
  9. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I was listening to the Stronger by Science podcast the other day (which is excellent), and was listening to Eric Helms talk about his training. Instead of doing leg day, arm day, etc, he does 5 full body workouts a week. He says that he doesn't like feeling wrecked after doing 15 sets of legs, so he does 3 sets each day instead. He seems to get good results, as he wins natty BB shows. Just thought it was interesting, plus it appeals to me since I like full body workouts. Warmup - couch stretch, dead bug/psoas+adductor march combo, band pull apart, band dislocate, band Ys A. Muscle Snatch Worked up to 50x5 Notes: These were much better. But I still feel like I'm humping the bar too much. I did some snatch high pulls while warming up, and I think those helped. B. Overhead Squat 5-0-1-1 Warmup 60x5 Notes: Had to throw on wrist wraps. I need to address the issue with my right wrist, but not sure what to do for it. C. Two Handed Alternating Landmine Press Warmup Bar+35x10@8 (up from RPE 9) Bar+30x8@7.5 D. Assisted Wide Grip Chinup 3 bands x 9@9 E. TRX Pikes x7ish Notes: I wanted to try these when I saw someone doing them, but I don't think they're for me. F. Seated External Rotations 2x10R,x13L
  10. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Warmup: Couch stretch, band/adductor march + dead bug, band pullapart, band dislocate A. Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk Worked up to 65x3+x3 Notes: Split jerks felt really solid. Very pleased. B. Snatch Grip Kickstand RDL Warmup 50x10L,x10R 60x10L,x10R@8 Notes: My core, posterior chain, and lats all feel clobbered from these. Not a hell of a lot of weight, but doing 10 reps on each leg before resting really wore me out. C1. Seated BTN Press Warmup 40x12 50x10@10 C2. Landmine Upright Row Bar+60x12 Bar+65x10@9 Notes: I started doing Pendlay rows, but my back felt fried, so opted for these instead. C3. Adductor Plank 2-0-1-1 x10L x13L D. Seated External Rotation 1.5x20 My core is toast.
  11. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    I worked out. Just one top set of everything. I'm going to work on frequency first, then I'll increase volume if necessary. Warmup - Couch Stretch, Deadbug + Adductor/Hip Flexor March, Door Pec Stretch, Door Lat Stretch, Band Pull Apart, Band External Rotation (left arm) A. Muscle Snatch Worked up to 55x5 Notes: I was able to pull from the floor without pain, so I was happy about that. The last two reps were uneven because of my bum left shoulder, so I'll work on evening it out with a little less weight, then move back up slowly. B. Front Squat Warmup 70x10@9 Notes: Well that's embarrassing. Should go back up quickly, hopefully. C1. Two Handed Alternating Landmine Press Warmup Bar+35x10@9 Notes: These fuckers destroy my core. C2. Landmine Row w/ handles Warmup Bar+35x12 Notes: I might just do Pendlay rows. And that's it for tonight.
  12. Agreed. This kind of reminds me of this guy on a forum a long time ago that claimed that all he did was DL and Clean + Press. I say claimed because he also claimed to have some unreal numbers. But I always thought it would a cool, minimalistic workout.
  13. A pretty interesting/cool read on different periodization types, and periodization vs no periodization. https://www.strongerbyscience.com/periodization-data/ TL;DR: Periodization is about 15%-20% better than no periodization. Daily undulating periodization is slightly better than linear periodization. Pretty much all types of periodization (block, linear, undulating, etc) can be combined and are not mutually exclusive. None of the studies lasted longer than 32 weeks, so any advantages seen in one type vs another may become a wash out over an extended period of time.
  14. I'm a bit torn. I think that the DL is one of those lifts that someone should be able to do properly, but that one doesn't necessarily need to do in order to get big and strong. On the other hand, picking shit up with the weight out in front of you is a pretty common occurrence, so having a good DL would prepare you for this. Mostly, I think the real question to ask is, what are your goals? If your goal is to be generally healthy, then having a good DL (good meaning good for the general population) will serve you well. But with most other strength pursuits, there comes a point at which you pass general fitness/health to move on to just trying to get stronger, and at that point health and strength do not necessarily coincide; improving your strength on a lift will not necessarily improve your health or well being, and in fact may be detrimental due to increased injury risk, etc. But I think that's something that folks who want to be strong just accept.
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