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  1. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    How do you always know just what to say? ❤️
  2. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Haven't lifted since Saturday due to anxiety and stomach issues (most likely related). Noon A. Oly Squat Warmup 100x2 No bounce, felt heavy 90x5 No bounce 105x1 No bounce 95x5 No bounce 110x1 No bounce 100x5 No bounce 115x1 105x5 120x1 110x5@9 Notes: I was aggravated with how weak I felt, so I did some heavier singles in between sets to fire up my nervous system. More this afternoon, theoretically.
  3. Kimbo

    Food Finds

    https://magicspoon.com/ I'm intrigued.
  4. I got the idea for it from the Vertical Diet. I don't follow it, but the combo of rice + burger + other stuff is pretty fantastic.
  5. I had a drink at a coffee place recently they called a Matchai Pichu. It's chai, matcha, and espresso mixed together. It sounds like a mess, but it's become one of my favorite coffee/tea drinks now.
  6. Lately I've been cooking up burger patties (lean ground beef) and then mixing them in with rice and a veggie of some type. This has become the Kimbo Standard Meal. I current up the seasonings, and sometimes I'll use veggie pasta instead of rice, but it mostly stays the same. I don't really seem to tire it this combo, and it's quick and easy.
  7. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Gym A. Panda Pull + Snatch Warmup, 60x(1+1)x2, 61x(1+1)x2, 62x(1+1)x2, 63x(1+1)x2, 64x(1+1)x2 Notes: I was very pleased with these. The last few sets were slow, but felt very solid. I need to work on my speed getting under, but one thing at a time. B. Snatch Pocket Pull (X-1-5-1) Warmup, 90x3x3s C. Front Squat Warmup, 90x5x3s Finished up with some shit for my left shoulder.
  8. Just eat until you weigh 300lb, then do your pullups. No dip belt needed.
  9. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Yesterday: Worked up to 100x5 on barefoot squats. Really easy, maybe an RPE of 6 or 7. Today: A. Snatch, paused above knee Warmup, 40x5x3sets Notes: 5s kicked my ass. So out of shape. Time to get back into shape.
  10. There's good hiking here in GA. Just walk faster if you hear banjo music (or stop and wait if that's your thing).
  11. I feel GMs in my back if I'm fucking them up. But if my form is good then I feel them in my ass. Deep in my ass.
  12. Got nothing for you on the lower back. Swapping the Pendlay rows out for seal rows might help.
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