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  1. Hi construct. Yes I am aware of mct oil as a substrate for bhb production. Also aware of the stomach pain when you first introduce it. I recall no large change when i added mct during my last keto diet of 4.5 months. Actually the first day i did, but consequent days nothing discernable. Perhaps placebo. Perhaps doing something else wrong. Perhaps using up co- factors in the metabolism of mct to bhb. I am interested in looking at the pathways of utilising our bodyfat to bhb for a start. ( wellbeing might be linked to bhb, work on that one first ).Co factors and whatever other things that help the process and to be aware of the things that might inhibit it. Factors for rate limiting of bhb production. If i remember, beta oxidation only rate limiter is something called thiolase. And something we can't manipulate? There might be somewhere along the pathways of bodyfat to bhb there is a rate limiter?
  2. Benefits of ketosis are a mild high sometimes. Trying to work out if there are things to help maintain the high( allow the high) and conversely things that disable the high/ reduce the high. Common target is bhb manipulation. Open to other targets or practices that help me feel ok while on keto. Previous dabbling with keto was an overall light lethargy, and infrequent feelings of wellbeing. Basically i want to feel better and decent while on keto. I might have been doing things that inadvertently cause less well being. https://www.progressivedairycanada.com/topics/herd-health/subclinical-ketosis-bhb-levels-and-b-vitamins This adaptive metabolism becomes detrimental to the cow when the extent of fat tissue mobilization is more important than the liver’s capacity to metabolize it. The result is an incomplete oxidation of the fat, which leads to the production of BHB (beta hydroxybutyrate). NOT SURE IF THIS LAST SENTENCE IS TRUE. During the transition period, choline use is prioritized toward milk production at the expense of liver function. Folic acid’s role becomes more important to improve liver health. Increasing the exportation of fat from the liver reduces blood NEFA and BHB levels, creating a positive impact on the immune function. Feeding a blend of protected B vitamins (folic acid, choline and riboflavin) increased prepartum dry matter intake, reduced blood BHB levels and the incidence of infectious diseases, such as mastitis and metritis. SO ADEQUATE B VITAMINS REDUCE HIGH? THAT'S A SHAME. https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2014153416A1 Other languages French Inventor Dominic Paul D'AGOSTINO Patrick Arnold Shannon KESL Worldwide applications 2014 PE WO MX RU JP EP CA RU KR SG NZ CN BR AU SGUS 2015 ZA PH IL CL US CR 2016 HK 2017 US2018 CL IL JP 2019 AU Application PCT/US2014/031237 events 2013-03-19 Priority to US201361803203P 2013-03-19 Priority to US61/803,203 2014-01-13 Priority to US201461926664P 2014-01-13 Priority to US61/926,664 2014-03-19 Application filed by University Of South Florida 2014-09-25 Publication of WO2014153416A1 2018-02-21 First worldwide family litigation filed ??? Anyone know anything about this?
  3. Thanks. Not yet at the stage to administer exogenous test yet. But good to know that higher levels help. Oswaldo must have this ramped right up at 1000! Looking at that thread i will reintroduce taurine as it should help. I totally forgot about that and i have some here. Interesting thing to note in one study that shows taurine is an insulin mimetic. Not exactly what i am after at first glance. Although the little "T" (taurine) has a host of benefits. I guess muscle contraction (any type of exercise) will help clear circulating fat. So anything along the lines increasing metabolism of fat in the liver or in muscle.
  4. Has anyone come across studies that mention the improvement of the liver in its ability to utilize circulating fat. Training, diet, lifestyle, supplements, drugs? Thanks for any leads
  5. In that vein i propose hot milk at night as an alternative to melatonin for you guys Sleep better and get more swole
  6. Well i wonder what is happening with the 2 day groggyness as the half life is very small, 35-50 mins. I recall a poster on mnm feeling a bit more depressed the day after when using melatonin. I recall i didnt feel as vibrant the day after my use. Back in those days most people were on low normal dose under 3mg
  7. We want more leptin though? When you diet leptin levels drop.
  8. I think their needed a term for doctors that stay working in the hospital past intern and resident and don't specialise..or is that just a resident? But then again you jave to be a resident before you specialise. Then there are consultants but are all consultants specialised?
  9. There was something special about ornithine?
  10. They sell 99mg pot citrate caps. They limit it because apparently you don't wanna play around with potassium too much. Hard to regulate? Maybe for certain people? However we regularly eat alot of pot in our meals...
  11. Yes i ignore the word detoxing usually when i hear it but what do you mean sanction when you say "not completely wrong"? I did a fast after reading about it. I got to approximately 3.5 days. I believe the euphoria or feel good feeling that some ppl experience is related to high levels of cortisol, rather than something magical/spiritual. The fast wasnt too hard but it was testing for sure. I didn't really feel good on it. Nearly always tired and lethargic and lower motivation but interspersed with feeling just ok. Was waiting for a special moment when i was gonna feel good but it did not happen. Wasn't that hungry on the first few days but later days had stronger pangs. On the final day i felt funny sensations in the front of my neck, thyroid area. I chose to end the fast and refeed with primarily carbs, good carbs not sugar bombs. Refeed day i was similarly tired but it was the carb up type of tired, more relaxed tired. Not the wired tired of fasting -no carb inducing higher catecholamines plus cort. I wasn't too concerned about muscle loss as i am not that concerned about muscles that much at the moment. Also i am naturally a mesomorph with decent baseline musculature. Never been a skinny muscle dude like some friends that have had to work in the gym to achieve some muscle to look " decent". In terms of fat loss after the fast, I was unimpressed. I question if i had just ate keto instead of fasting i would have felt better, had energy, lost a similar amount of fat, retained better.
  12. meth


    I remember using vinegar with meals/ carb meals and i always felt that enjoyment when you ingest carbs ( i guess a rise in blood sugar) was missing. So it wasn't enjoyable to eat, didnt really feel good after. Btw a straw aint gonna stop it hitting parts of your teeth unless you have a large straw that is the same diameter as your throat hole.
  13. At first i thought cr dudes never approach 4 to 5 percent bf. They may look skinny but they arent as low in bf as a bber. With their non body builder muscle ffm they would have to get damn low in actual fat mass to get such a percentage too. But i guess you are right, eventually if a person keeps eating <25 they will eventually reach 4 percent...or maybe the body compensates. In theory if someone kept adjusting their intake of cals to match the bodies adaptation, can <25 get you down to 2%? Really just a mental exercise cos im sure none of us will ever reach 5 percent 😊
  14. Interesting. Someone needs to make an IT joke using ports, saline, and injecting. Did the dr cure his cancer? Is it risky to alter ph with injected baking soda?.. i remember learning about 4 forms of acidosis/alkalosis? And they are heavily controlled by the body as body/brain ph is very important. Yeah i remember the interest in alkalizing diets back in the day. I started using bicarb at one time but then just stopped. I think it was for exercise improvement. The only long term thing that has remained is choosing citrate forms of supplemental minerals. Im not sure if citrates confer the benefits of bicarb to exercise and auto immunity. I guess the study only says bicarb to reduce the inflammation from ai rather than cure/ reduce degree/ prevent ai diseases.
  15. Did you wake yourself at 330am or did it happen automatically? You were awake from 330am to midday so how could you miss bus law?
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