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  1. Just LGD 4033 at 10mg a day. No legit stuff. No estrogen sides were present.
  2. Went with ... RYR Pantenine Berberine If i have the cash I'll try the poli too. Also since i have it I'll keep using the garlic and tarts cherry. Along with low fat diet, fruit and fiber. Its going to be hilarious when my lipids go from 270 to like 75 with an HDL of 50 in minimum time. One thing for sure i thought it was stinks rasing my BP. The androgens raised it 35 points on too and bottom. I was holding 9 lbs of bloat. That's over a gallon 😂
  3. Not to derail...i have seen cknflicting studies in pubmed for clomids effects in lipids. I wanted to use it for hypgonadism but i dont want my lipids to shit out. I have read before it helped lower bad lipids....and have read a few That said otherwise. Any thought's? Thanks
  4. 6weeks? I have been off all SARMs androgens for about two weeks. My BP was 140/92 Now averagess 109/67 or so. Eating low fat, lots of eggs whites and bananas. Some oats. Some poultry. Lots of nuts, especially almonds and pistachios. Garlic, celery seed, tarts cherry C/E and ALCAR....not much of anything. I have noticed YCL and caffeine don't really raise my BP or HR. Just the androgens. Doing cardio. Eating in slight deficit. Nine lbs gone since LGD was dropped. My job requires I keep lipids low. Last one was 270 with an HDL of 24. Not horrid but the Army is retarded. How long would you wait? Any other tips?
  5. Mitosis

    Manly log

    Down to 178 My numbers are "eh" but hit 285 on bench while tired. Ran my run test. First mile 655 Second mile 10 min lol. I cut sprints in favor of middle.distance work. Never again. Looking to do a bench only.meet mid Nov. Running replacement dose of test Susp.... 25 mg in AM. I ran GW501516 and SR9009 and mod doses and have lost around 15 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Keto diet. Ref feeds every 7-10 days...only one meal. Haven't been getting a lot of frequency with hitting gym only 2-3 days a week at best but I am keeping most size and leaning out. I want to hit 174 or so and water cut to 165 for the meet. I think its doable.
  6. I take a practical approach. I can't really enjoy training or push myself on lower body days without aleve the night before. So if I can train harder and lifts go up I am okay with perhaps a drop in gains at this point. Anecdotally I know a lot of power lifters who are stronger than me and bigger and on less or no gear who take plenty of NSAIDS. I limit it. Everything in moderation right?
  7. Yes GW501516 I saw good endurance from it. I am gonna try SR9009....see how it works.
  8. The stuff works. With a carnitine and caffeine the stuff is awesome. GW may give you cancer but it beats citr malate in my exp for endurance. I didnt see much fat loss but my HDL became good for the first time lol.
  9. Going in vacation. Gonna stay in small room. Toddlers usually sleep separately. Was considering a chewable melatonjn at about 3mg to help them rest. Only short term. Everything I found says its safe. Any experience? Any benefit acutely? Thanks
  10. Both pulse and BP are staying around 10 points/beats lower. Stims effect it very little. Which made me realize its likely not stims that elevated it. Its RBC slightly but mostly heart disease 😂
  11. Its ironic my dad was a diabetic and had kidney issues making him require iron supplements. Which likely sped up to his infarction and v tach that led to his death. Interesting. I wonder if green tea blocking iron absorption is the MOA for its effect on lipids.
  12. Added garlic/allicin vit shop brand 1-2 tabs a day with dinner. I am also going to add "cleaner" carb loads and some fruit/veggies. Just to try to eat healthier. I have an additional blood draw tomorrow for new job(CBC, Metabolic panel, pathogens, acetylcholinestrase, heavy metals). So I'll be down a few more vials lol. I haven't trained since last Sat since i was off work and had my son and his daycare was closed for a week. Hopefully gym tom or def Friday.
  13. BP went from 155/90-147/95 to around 130/74 RHR upon waking from 68-75 to 55 this AM. I'm a little tired but "feel" better and somewhat "cleaner"
  14. Any of you familiar with the "iron hypothesis" of heart disease? Been reading up its interesting.
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