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  1. IMO: Protein ; no carbs or fat ; high duration / high frequency cardio at c40-50% VO2 max and 100mg DNP ( 5d on 2 day off ). This assumes one's metabolism is firing ok. Add in some HIIT if necessary. J
  2. Yes. GH & GHRP/CJC are in the pre sleep stack. Melatonin is one that sometime seems to help although the grogginess could be a problem even with consistent dosing. My reluctance with melatonin is due to the effect on the testes however. Thanks for the heads up on DSIP. I know little about it but the diversity of effects did raise concerns with me too. Never the less, an interesting one to research further. J
  3. I have had problems with sleep for many years and was hoping for something that could increase recovery rates from sleep and ideally reduce sleep time. In particular I have a problem with sleep times shifting every so oft by +/- a few hours, and often sleep for 90mins to 3hr before awakening again. I have recently been trying to have more structured naps during the day to get some routine into it. Thanks for the links will check them out. J
  4. AFAIK leptin sensitivity was a more appropriate target than leptin concentrations in preventing the rebound effect. The effects on adiponectin was far more interesting in my opinion both for health (cardiovascular) and composition. This stuff maybe worth a trial. J
  5. Has anyone tried or researched DSIP ( deep sleep inducing peptide )? I haven't found much beyond the claims of the suppliers. J
  6. Joshua


    Test work better for me than pie, unless it's Apple, and with custard - homemade... Mmm J
  7. Joshua


    That's interesting. We have the odd endocrinologist or two ( mainly in South Wales due to the high numbers of users ) who have had quite considerable exposure, although the average doc knows little more than testosterone is a drug of use and that it is naturally produced in the testes post puberty. I suspected that more docs stateside would have expertise due to the private nature of healthcare there and that they would simply be responding to the demands of PED using patients, I maybe conflating with mulligan's valley somewhat. In the UK there was little motivation towards understanding PED use other than warning people to stay away from them all because they are bad. The recent improvements came about through the feedback from needle exchange programs that showed that there were large numbers of regular Middle class guys who were users of steroids/GH and lots of housewives pinning melanotan. J
  8. Joshua


    Indeed. I suspect your physicians are more aware of this sort of thing stateside but UK gps have quite limited awareness of PEDs and polypharmacy of PEDs where the individual drugs are used in treatment of ills. We have group in the uk that was setup to help bidirectional knowledge transfer between PIED users and physicians - personally I hate the term PIED as it sounds too much like pie, but I digress. J
  9. Joshua


    Pardon my lack of cognition, but what's the utility in that netnography study? J
  10. Indeed. I know quite a few folk with it (one recently infected) and almost all of them seem to be unaffected. If anything, their monthly blood seems to lead to good healthcare all around. That said, it is a matter of compliance. There are four people with it I know who have problems with managing the meds - one due to mental health issues and the others with chemical dependance problems. Chronic poor management, can lead to worsening problems, similarly to many other life long conditions. I also know of two cases (alas not in people I know well), where they claim to have been reinfected with a different strain, and that seems to have led to quite marked deterioration in their health. J
  11. Whilst reading recently on HMB, my mind wandered onto fatty acid use, in particular CPT1 bottleneck and CPT1's inhibition by malonyl-CoA. IIRC CPT1's actions are limited when muscle acidity increases, hence the theory of using buffers to extend the utilisation of FA at higher work intensities. Malonyl CoA places a kibosh on CPT1 quite effectively, through switching the setup from fat breakdown to storage. ACC inhibition seems like the way to go for inhibiting malonyl CoA. A review of ACC inhibition - Full Text J
  12. Can CaHMB be converted to free acid in the kitchen? Could be a lot cheaper than the betaTOR product line. The Rathmacher patent [ Liquids and Foodstuffs Containing beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) in the Free Acid Form and Methods of Manufacturing or Producing the Same ] suggests that its dissociated CaHMB that is then buffered. I wonder what they are using as a buffer.. Pat arnold mentioned that one could use an acid eg lemon juice. J
  13. HMB is widely available in the UK in powder form eg( http://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/hmb/10529264.html ) in case anyone is interested. J
  14. IIRC the suppressive effects of typical eg (4g.d-1) HMB on protein breakdown, would require very high / implausible levels of leucine (60g Leu for 3g HMB FullText[ Effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) on exercise performance and body composition across varying levels of age, sex, and training experience: A review ] ). The fat loss aspect is plausible, if protein breakdown is suppressed, energy demands would have to come from other substrates. That said, quite how much of the total protein breakdown is due to damaged muscles, and how much is due to a systemic demand for energy is another thing. I also suspect that in practice, if one is deficient on energy, the more likely outcome is eating more. J
  15. Agreed on the caution relating to herbal isolates. Most herbs provide a cocktail of components each with their own set of effects. I also am unsure these days as to the capabilities of many supplement manufacturers to produce the correct isolates let alone put them in the correct vehicle to get them into the body. Then there comes the issue of purity. I also believe that correct identification of species is a problem unless the plant is produced in large quantities. Comparing a sample from sigma with a supposed pure extract, often look vastly different. I have been playing a little with diy plant extracts using different solvents and although it is early days, and there is a lot more faffing around involved, the outcome should be a lot more reliable. I am still short of a chromatographic separation capacity or skill for that matter, but when that is in place, precision should rocket. J
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