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  1. T-var.... that shit was awe-inspiring. Injectable LGD seems to be much different even though it shouldn't be. I even brewed it myself and the guys I sold it to blew UP the first week on IM. And they had already been taking it orally before they started IMing it. And it was from my same batch of powder. Appears IMing 20mg is like god-level.
  2. Circuit (15 reps ea) GHR Push-up Band Face Pull 45° Back Raise Push-up Band Face Pull Band Shoulder Dislocates Band Overhead Lunge A1. CAT Bench, alternating narrow and wide grip 45X10 95X3X2 115X3X2 135X3X2 155X3X2 185X3X2 205X3X2 I felt really STABLE in my shoulders and pecs. My bad pec is now mobile enough for me to pack my shoulders correctly. I think my bench is going to be doing really well here in about 2 months. A2. Pullup, 3 grips BW+45X5X4 BW+45X9 Killed it. I'll bump up the weight when I can hit 10 on my last set. B1. Press 135X5X4 135X8 Again, the shoulder/ pec situation is much better and I'm falling into a groove on these as well. OHP has always felt weird to me but it felt very natural on these. B2. Hammer Curl 30X10X5 C. 45° Back Raise BWX15X2 D. Band Pushdown+Pullapart LightX35+15 Overall, I'm falling into this program nicely now. I just need to remember to start my training cycles lighter like this so that I have more room to build momentum.
  3. Circuit (15 reps ea) GHR Push-up Band Face Pull 45° Back Raise Push-up Band Face Pull Band Shoulder Dislocates Band Overhead Lunge CAT Squat 45X10 low bar 135X2X3 185X2X2 225X2 225X2 high bar 275X2 225X2 275X2 Hips are meh so I didn't push the low bar much CAT Sumo DL 225X1X8 275X1X4 GHR BWX10X2 Leg Ext 95X10X2
  4. Well, felt like shit but watched a video about Brian Alsruhe and all the health related shit he deals with and he's stronger than fuck. Gave me a bit of motivation and I killed what I had planned. Had to hold myself back. Circuit (10-15 reps ea) GHR Push-up Band Face Pull Back Raise Push-up Band Face Pull Band Shoulder Dislocates Band Overhead Lunge A1. CG Bench 45X5X2 95X5 135X5 155X5 185X3 205X5X4 205X8 Last set was probably RPE 3 as Kim defines it (10-RIR), or RPE 6 as I define it (percentage of effort) A2. Pullup, alternating grips BW+45X5X4 BW+45X8 B1. DB Incline Bench 55X15X2 +wtd stretch B2. CSR 45X15X2 C. Band Pushdown+OH Band Press Purple X40+30 I feel much better now. Think I'm going to progress easily if I can stay positive. Getting my new insurance planned out and will be seeing a new doc soon
  5. I can make you one for a bargain, lol.
  6. I tried that for awhile. Problematic at times, especially if I have to work afterwards. But, the pumps are amazing.
  7. Not more than usual. Hard to say. I've always had itchy skin.
  8. The cramping has been going on since I started this job when I think back, leading me to believe your other hypothesis is correct. But the vomiting probably didn't help!
  9. Well, we all know I love opiates. The only better feeling in the world is being responsible. But, my body definitely has an affinity for opioids. I knew after the first time I took a Vicodin that it would be trouble. I don't think this study is worth a shit. They need to compare the "growth rate OF the growth rate" of opioid mortality against previous years, because it was already on such a climb before the MJ legalization. And, we need to give it some time to set in. I think it's really premature to draw that conclusion.
  10. Switch out with a normal CSR
  11. You're doing kb swings with the same weight I'm currently RDLing, lol
  12. Nothing beats a Schwinn though! I think my grandparents had one of these. I wasn't allowed to get on it when I was a kid. I don't think it ever got used. Maybe they used it before I was born. My dad always wanted it. I wonder what happened to it... maybe I can still get it. GPP perfection.
  13. Right?! I wonder if that one mushroom might help... can't remember what it's called... there's some product called V02 max or something that increases oxygen saturation I believe.
  14. I have stopped vomiting. It tasted like bile. Disgusting. I'm gonna eat based on feel today then hopefully tomorrow I can carb load. I took a shitload of TUDCA and I think it really helped clear out my liver because I had the darkest urine I've ever seen followed by fairly good looking urine. I might be in seriously bad condition had I never known about TUDCA. They couldn't figure out how my liver looked "okay" at various times with such high viral loads and I think it must be the TUDCA and taurine. Maybe the fact that I've been lifting consistently for 16 years has something to do with my ability to cheat death so many times lol. I've survived two flat-line overdoses, a heart attack that resulted in no damage, and now this. I knew I was part Saiyan.
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