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  1. You and your goddamn ego bullshit 😜 So I haven't posted a work update on awhile. This is because there's been no update lol. Things took a long time to process (background check, drug test, physical, personal note from my doctor about my health..). I'm finally starting my first shift on Monday. So, my perfect little lifting schedule is over.
  2. Thanks, I'm really trying to take my ego out of it. It took a long time for me to get over that shit but it's not like using my ego weights is impressive anyways. I really need my weights to stack over my COG better at this point to be able to progress past 450. Else, I'll be the next accidental-kang-squat guy with my videos on fail compilations. Today went well but we did run out of time due to the shorter hours at this facility. I had to make due with stuff at home but the important stuff was done at the gym. CAT Bench 45X10 95X5X2 135X5X2 185X3X2 225X3X2 225X3 added reverse green bands 275X3X2 Bar was flying today Pullup BW+60X5X3 Easy. Added 5lbs to last block and it was nothing. Last month and its deload went just perfectly. Wide Grip Bench (really wide) 175X8X3 Chest Supported Row 130X8X3 I just...fucking love how this specific CSR feels on my teres. Hopefully I can build me up some semblance of wings. DB OHP (at home, in place of a regular press) 3sets, high reps I only have 15lb DBs so I just repped the shit out DB Reverse Curl (was supposed to be BB Reverse Curl) 15X10X3 3D Pullapart Long Red X20 Fatigue was low again, giving myself room so to say. I am impressed with how strong I feel. Today was so easy that I don't even feel like I trained. I think Kim has finally figured out the best way to guage my fatigue and loading/unloading patterns. I won't be lifting super heavy, intensity wise, for several months, but I am really excited to see how peaking will go with things figured out a little more each month.
  3. Some footage: The bands took 35lbs from the top and 60 from the bottom, as long as I measured the bottom correctly when hanging the bar with weights. They couldn't pull the empty bar off of starting height so the pull was less than 45, I guess 35. I like how it felt for fsster work so I'll probably be using them a bit. I see now that I could try shoving my hips into the bar more. Not a solid hinge IMO. The balance is so different for sumo...
  4. First session was easy and I have no pain anywhere. I suck at sumo's but on the bright side there's plenty of progress room and they don't beat me up AT ALL. Box Jump Small box X5 High box X5 CAT Squat 45X5 135X3X2 185X2X2 225X2X2 275X2X2 315X2X2 365X2X2 reverse green bands Sumo DL 365X5X3 Started at RPE 7 and ended at RPE 8.5. I'll bump things up next week. Leg Press 445X8X3 GHR BWX8X3 Hanging Knee-to-elbow BWX8X2 I'd put overall fatigue between 10 and 15% today. Not a bad introductory session and I feel stronger than ever at 188lbs. Tomorrow will be similar fatigue-wise then it'll start ramping up.
  5. I was assuming there'd be a joke about the CAT Bench eventually, but I thought it would be a meme picture with a cat-back style setup for bench
  6. Deload (yesterday) CAT Bench 45X10X2 95X5 135X3X2 185X3X2 225X3X2 275X3 Pullup BW+25X5x2 Incline DB Bench 65X8 Chest Supported Row 70X8 Tried to not generate fatigue with the accessories while using figuring out a good starting point for next week. I'm feeling really good and can't wait to get started tomorrow.
  7. Deload CAT Squat 45X5 95X5 135X5X2 185X2X2 225X2 275X2X2 315X2 365X2 RDL 225X5X2 Haven't had over 300lbs on my back in awhile so it'll take some easing into it.
  8. Deload CAT Bench 45X20 95X5X2 135X5X2 185X3X3 225X3 Pullup BWX8X2 Boring stuff but I really needed to unload my pecs. Next 2 sessions will be in-between how the last 2 were and what the first week of the next cycle will be. Little acclimating but definitely still unloading.
  9. A deterrent is a deterrent
  10. Of course. And when somebody starts walking towards me, I pull out my dragonball figurines and start battling them.
  11. You just need to grind it out for a little while man. Things have been a little rough for you lately. Just give it some time and consistency and don't get mad about it. I wish I were half that strong when things knock me off track.
  12. That's why I wear a fanny pack sometimes. I hate being approached when I'm training.
  13. It's cool that you're working on OH squats. I'm interested in what will come of it. I'd like to know how amazing my upper back and shoulders would have to be to do 225lbs for reps. Maybe something for the offseason
  14. What did you hear about? The pepper spray mob attack? I want to know what you all hear lol
  15. Deload CAT Squat 45X10X2 95X5X2 135X3X2 185X2X2 225X2 275X2 315X1 Took it extra easy. Sumo DL 135X5 225X3 315X2 405X2 Still getting a groove with these but that felt light. My sumo is probably around 530-550 due to technique but I think I can break 600 with it if I get it working for me. Fits my structure well. I'm just not applying the right forces at the right times. Would be nice to have some wrestling shoes or converse to do these in. The socks are obviously slidey. And I'm not going barefoot in this AIDS infested city. So, short list of sumo things to take care of: synchronicity, foot position, flat shoes, long socks. My right pec tendon is harder than rock. The scar tissue is just out of control. I need to figure out some accessories to get mobility in that area and make sure that shit isn't so tear-prone. My bench was always my best lift and made up for my squat. Need to get it back.
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