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  1. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Lol food definitely helps.
  2. Well, I finally got an interview with Perrigo, so I might have the money to join a better gym within 2-3 months. That'll give me 3 months before the comp to practice my DLs.
  3. Lol i thought about it since it was pretty much maxed out with 395. I think it had room for another plate. I could fill the bar and duct tape some 25s on top, taking extra long breaks so they'd be sure to see. I'd need extra long breaks at that weight anyway
  4. Guess I should start making some updates. My gym decided that they won't allow deadlifts at all anymore and removed the bar from the platform in lieu of a trap bar. I got into it with the manager who was trying to tell me that it was better in every way blablabla. I bite my tongue almost all of the time when I argue with somebody because when I get mad, I get vicious. Needless to say, he pushed me too far so I had to tell Jamie to go fill up our water bottles. When I finished, his co-worker started laughing and said, "Daaaamn, straight to the jugular!" Then the manager said "Well, there won't be a weight limit with the trap bar so you can lift as much as you want." Gee, thanks. So, I have nothing against the trap bar, especially for accessory work or even as a main movement from time to time. BUT, it is NOT the competition movement. For now, I'm just going to use it until I am financially able to afford a good gym in the city next door. A. Front Squat, full ROM, RPE 9-9.5, 1-0-X-1 95X5 135X5 185X5 225X2 275X3 225X3  B. Trap Bar Deadlift 1-0-X-1, reset reps 75X5 125X5 165X3 185X1 275X1 345X1 395X1  C. Z-press 1-1-X-1 95X5 115X3 135X5 115x8 Getting better at these  D. Pullup (controlled tempo, 30s rest) Grip 3X8X3 E. Pulluo Shrug (2-1-1-1) BWX12X3 Incline DB Curl 15X15 15X15 left bicep at failure...something wrong because my right bicep can probably do double the weight for the same volume
  5. Did you use chalk? If so, the thumb must not be locking in.
  6. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Damn, your volume tolerance has really increased of you look back a couple pages
  7. Oh, yea, about 30lbs worth of a flare up. My jaundice is (I think) gone today though! But I can still not get back on trt until after my biopsy. The job sitch is...the employment opportunities I want most are still not contacting me (or calling back so fml). I have gotten several offers for mechanic jobs, which is a lot more tolerable than factory work. I am waiting to hear back on a few submissions that had a friend in the company, and those would be better jobs. Especially Eaton. Bottom line, still waiting to take a job until state insurance pays for the biopsy and such, and hoping that I hear back from one of the good options before then. But I have other options lined up just in case, because we are BROKE and I can't stand being unemployed (sanity). So, I've made my readiness as good as it can be I suppose. I can't wrap my head around the lack of calls I've gotten for how many applications I do per week. But it's life.
  8. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Yes, first cycle. Blast of tren.
  9. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    It's the truth....you have figured out the remedy for everything
  10. Haven't felt like posting since I'm just slowly getting weaker lol. I'll get back at it next session. Weight is all the way down to 182 now, BUT jaundice is dissipating FINALLY so I'm hoping my liver is getting better. Appetite was better today. Things might be turning around soon.
  11. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    You just need test, bro.
  12. Oh, but I ain't talking shit about you Tommy. I don't like the reasoning most people have for carrying a gun around but I am not in your head. If you are in situations where you you need a gun often (drug dealers, thieves, etc) then you need to change your life more likely than get a gun. But sometimes occupation or other circumstances could persuade me. And if you feel it necessary for your occupation, I certainly wouldn't sit here and argue with you because that's what you believe. As for the DLs....I thought you'd already made up your mind to go conv like 2 sessions ago lol. Don't waste progression time if your heart ain't in the sumos homie. Just busting your balls. Good session. Good curls. Why do you feel like your workouts are about to get a lot better? Are you going to admit to your gear use now? Hahaha but really what gives?
  13. Lol YES. You know how mad I've made dudes saying that? But, that's what you get when you are up in my grill saying "If a terrorist came in here right now with a gun I'd be able to get em and you'd be saved because of ME." Yea, terrorists are always breaking into my daily routine with guns-a-blazin'. And yea, your scared fumbling ass is going to be the first target. More likely, you'll have shot yourself in the leg before that happens.
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