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  1. Well put. I WISH they had some implements. Gym changes will be happening soon though. I've gotta see what the new work gym looks like then decide if I need to get a membership at one of the serious gyms in the bigger neighboring city. About time to step away from the shit-gym.
  2. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Oh, he was just saying what was on his mind haha
  3. Let's just be optimistic about it. I started getting spasms recently, Sam, and didn't know exactly what the feeling was or how to deal with it. I mean, shiiit. Luckily, hasn't happened for 2 nights but i still made an appointment to discuss it with the doc to prepare for referrals.
  4. Hopefully they'll be heavy front squats eventually lol. Knee pain was the first order of business. I'm doing FS Monday, full HB squat Wed, and comp squat Friday. You're right, though, probably, if you're thinking that I'll need more specific work to heavy squatting and less overall work. I'm just not there with the quads yet.
  5. Just saw the kitchen post. New plumbing and all? I couldn't really train when I was fixing our house. Fucking joints got all sore and hands were weak. I hate houses and I hate fixin em. Although I would like to upgrade to a Jacuzzi style tub that I can actually fit in...
  6. WEEK 17- SQUAT REBUILD- INTENSIFICATION- DAY 2 A. Front Squat, full ROM, ramping 5s to top set @ RPE 7-8, controlled tempo. 95X5 135X5 185X5 225X1 255X5 RPE 7.5 B. Deadlift 5 reps 1-0-X-1, reset reps Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again 385X5 RPE 8.5-9 335X5 RPE 8 335X5 RPE 9 Ran out of steam quickly today. I'm going to stick with this weight and add volume until the deload. C. Overhead Press 5 reps 1-1-X-1 Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again 190X5 RPE 9.5 170X5 RPE 9 fuck 170X4 RPE 10 Well, I don't know how I got the 190X5 but it was amazing. After that, I had nothing left. I'm going to stay there and they to add volume until the next deload.  D. Pullup Fun (30s between sets) Grip 1X14 Grip 2X7 Grip 3X5 Grip 4X3 I'm happy with the progress I've made on my OHP strength. Now, I need to build the volume. I'm happy with everything rise right now as well. DL is fine where it's at for now. I think what will really allow my lifts to increase is getting my OHP, front squat, and Coan Row up.
  7. Hey, kinda hard to beat yourself up with a new training apparatus. Err, you know what I mean. Don't beat yourself up about it. Some people do hinge quite a bit when they squat correctly, but even then the chest needs to be up. I hear this is especially hard with this bar.
  8. It went away finally! Like, completely. I think I'll keep the cable rows on Friday and I don't need the GMs anymore now that I'm squatting heavier so i guess I'll be back on original plan minus the strict rows Friday. I guess I just can't handle that much extra lower back shit because I'm already hinge dominant o whatever else I do.
  9. As you can see, probably way too light, but I'm factoring in the tension/fatigue of that particular quad that is weak. I think it looks like I can squat with my quads again. But, still, much work needed before I go on my 550 quest.
  10. You know, your macro intake was even shitty to me and I give a lot of leeway lol. NOW you're cookin' with gas
  11. WEEK 17- SQUAT REBUILD/INTENSIFICATION- DAY 1 A. High Bar Back Squat, full ROM, Ramp with 5s @ RPE 9-9.5 for top set. Drop 10% and do sets until RPE 8 again. 135X5 185X5 225X5 275X1 300X5 RPE 8 270X5X4 RPE 8 last set Filmed last set. Will post later on IG B. Competition Bench Press, 5 reps 1-1-X-1: Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again At the end of the last set, use dumbells and allow your arms to drop into a flye and stretch your pecs in that position for 30sec to 1 min (however much you can tolerate) 225x5x5... think I'll just slowly rebuild like this with decent volume  C. Coan Row 5 reps 1-1-X-1: Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again At the end of the last set, stretch your back out in the power rack for at least 1 minute 335X5 RPE 9 295x5 295x5 RPE 7.5 but Jamie wanted to leave NOW so I guess no more sets for me lol Nice sesh.
  12. Lol well I certainly don't want to ruin that last bit of gains.
  13. That. I have my shit down for bulking right now. But if I were cutting, the hard work for me is tracking shit because I could eat 1000kcal and be fine. I cut by accident all the time. And I'm not saying tracking shit is hard. Just harder. It bothers me that my general ambition is to wait for the easy way.
  14. No, because it's more convenient, I'm more likely to follow it, but the fact that I know things are being made easier lessens my willpower to do whatever it takes. In '06, I had every meal scratched out on paper and did calculations all day long. But now, I'd never consider such a thing. It scares me because I'm now this lazy about everything and there are still many things that you need to do the hard way. I've developed that app-life personality. Just turrible.
  15. Don't regret it. Be glad you're actually being wiser from your years under the bar instead of...re-tearing your pec or something.
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