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  1. Evidently I jumped the gun. After considering confounding variables, the variance dropped further to 0.4%.
  2. September 23, 2020 Associations Between Prenatal Cannabis Exposure and Childhood OutcomesResults From the ABCD Study Sarah E. Paul, BA1; Alexander S. Hatoum, PhD2; Jeremy D. Fine, BS1; et alEmma C. Johnson, PhD2; Isabella Hansen, BA1; Nicole R. Karcher, PhD1; Allison L. Moreau, MA1; Erin Bondy, MA1; Yueyue Qu1; Ebony B. Carter, MD3; Cynthia E. Rogers, MD2; Arpana Agrawal, PhD2; Deanna M. Barch, PhD1,2; Ryan Bogdan, PhD1 Author Affiliations Article Information JAMA Psychiatry. Published online September 23, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2020.2902
  3. People just lack vision and courage is all.
  4. Past, Present, and Future Perspective of Targeting Myostatin and Related Signaling Pathways to Counteract Muscle Atrophy Willem M H Hoogaars 1, Richard T Jaspers 2 Affiliations expand PMID: 30390252 DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-1435-3_8 Abstract Myostatin was identified more than 20 years ago as a negative regulator of muscle mass in mice and cattle. Since then, a wealth of studies have uncovered the potential involvement of myostatin in muscle atrophy and sparked interest in myostatin as a promising
  5. Well, animal body composition and leanness is actually is a topic of interest in animal agriculture. Anyways, I for one would love for this approach to become real. I think it's a better solution for cachexia, for instance, than anabolic steroids as it could theoretically have a lower side effect profile. Perhaps too much inhibition might lead to too many sides, though. It just might be that a person will require two or more drugs to establish this state rather than a streamlined approach with one drug. And/or there might be different approaches depending on the time of interventio
  6. It's been too long since I've reviewed the literature, but last I knew in these circles it was thought that myostatin inhibition is meaningless in an matured human being (i.e. not at the embryonic stage). While intervention has been possible with myostatin knockout mimetics in animals well into adulthood, from what I recall human studies using myostatin inhibitors including follistatin saw zero results. The thought was that there are redundant feedback loops in place to continue to regulate muscle tissue to counteract myostatin inhibition in people. There are real people out there who are myos
  7. I haven't posted in my log lately because I just haven't worked out since this last bench day. The back injury really took it out of me, in addition to other things I'm dealing with. I also further injured my low back at work while just performing the act of sitting down. I couldn't even bend to tie my shoes so working out was out of the question. I am feeling like I can give it a go now, but I have to play it careful. I've begun PT, but I still haven't gotten my scans done to investigate the nature of my pain and injury. That's this evening. In other news, work has been very frust
  8. https://www.openpowerlifting.org/rankings/men/by-wilks By total #21, so awesome guess, but holy shit...
  9. Still can't or don't want to attempt lower body work, so I resumed with my new week beginning with bench 20/08/18 BENCH C1W5 PAUSE BENCH (all reps paused, feet on floor) 135x5,5 185x5 225x5 275x1 added wrist wraps 300x4 <-- RPE 10 CG SPOTO PRESS (legs in air) 275x3,3 <-- RPE 9.5 CGBP 225x11,10 HS ISO LAT FRONT LAT PULLDOWN 250x7,8,7 MED MAG GRIP SEATED CABLE ROWS 220x10,9,9 DB CURLS superset SS ROLLING DB EXTENSIONS 40x15,10,7 40x20,
  10. 20/08/15 ARMS C1W4 EZ PREACHER CURLS superset EZ SKULLCRUSHERS (long EZ bar, weight is weight on bar) 50x10 // 50x10 70x10,10,9 // 80x10,10,10 REVERSE W BAR TRI PUSHDOWNS superset DB HAMMER CURLS 85x14,14,13 40x13,12,11 DOUBLE D CABLE FACEPULLS 30x20x3 Cut out the arm finishers to reduce volume and improve recovery as I prepare to max on bench. Felt a really intense pump this session. Continuing with the hip work, though I haven't added anything yet. I'm just maintaining what I'm doing. By this day it still hu
  11. Ah, ok. Yeah, that makes sense. I had always felt my injuries a little more specifically, except low back which had a lot of referred pain. What I felt this particular weekend was like CNS shutdown along with muscle soreness. It's a little unusual, but if this protected me from lifting more with bad form then I am glad it did.
  12. 20/08/13 OHP C1W4 OHP 95x10 115x8 135x6 155x8,8,7 <-- RPE 9.0, very nice and super strong/stable 3D SMITH JM PRESS 140x8,8,8,8 BO BB ROWS 225x15,15,13 very nice and strong, except my last set LOL NAUTILUS PULLOVER 180x15,14,idk I began the war on my hip flexor yesterday. I've been doing glute activation drills and postural work before that, but something felt off. I took inventory and realized I haven't been able to maximally contract my right glute in maybe 2 years now. Thought a
  13. I'm not sure why I'm having a problem understanding what you said but it sounds interesting, even if it is worrisome. Would you mind trying to explain it another way? And thanks for the wishes.
  14. I went to the gym Friday. I attempted to do squats. It was BAD. Awful. I tweaked my back trying to twist almost 90 degrees while squatting. It's a mixture of gluteal amnesia coming back in a roaring way and a few other postural issues that translated into tightness in problem areas (e.g. right lat). Anyways, I was completely knocked out by this all of Saturday and halfway into Sunday. It wasn't pain per se but just whole-body .... depression? I also experienced a depressive episode, but it just felt like I had squatted the heaviest weight of my life, maybe even failed/to failure, and that I wa
  15. Wow, this all took on a life of its own. Anyways, I would love to get some good ideas about making my next move. I think there are already some that you guys threw out here that are of interest. I'll do some footwork first but will circle back when necessary.
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