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  1. It's just my insecurities and frustrations trying to rip out of my chest No I guess it was a spasm. There was definitely a bulge in my chest. There are witnesses!
  2. So last night I was visiting the girl I'm seeing, and in the midst of our time together I felt pain and saw large protrusion around my upper right abdominal wall around my ribs. It was soft. I suspect it was just an aggressive spasm that pulled a rib out, but it could be a hernia. I'm trying to be seen by a doc but the fuckers are taking their time turning around a call. Hopefully it's not a hernia. Either way, this doesn't bode too well for my lifting. Of course this happens now, too.
  3. 19/12/10 BENCH A2S C2W4 PAUSE BENCH 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x2 300x6 <-- RPE 9.9 DB OHP 60x3x6 <-- RPE 5-6 DIPS (BW@242) +55x10,10 PULLUPS BWx10,10,9 LAT BAR TRICEP PUSHDOWNS 85x3x12 Great session. Aimed for 5, wanted 8, got 6. This is more than enough to bump my max up 5lbs, so I will do that for my next block. This is the beginning of something of a deload week, which really means the volume is cut, thus the low effort DB press and just 2 sets of dips. Those pullups were real nice and strong, surprisingly, especially after not having done them in a while.
  4. 19/12/09 SQUAT C2W3 SSB SQUAT 155x5 205x5 245x4 295x5 275x5 255x10 CAT DEADLIFT 360x4x4 Got really distracted at the gym during warmups, and I was already late, so I cut the session short. I'm really feeling it today, though.
  5. I can't attribute the overall outcomes to any one particular ingredient, but I used to love the original (is there a new version, even?) Alpha-T2, which was a mix I believe of rauwolscine and 3,5-T2 (and methyl-synephrine, which I know I don't respond at all to). It was quite a powerful product when combined with (fasted) cardio. The only thing I didn't like about the product is it would give me this symptom I can only describe as strong heart pump echoes the first few days or so. From memory, I remember that an advantage of 3,5-T2 over 3,3-T2 is that 3,5-T2 doesn't cause endogenous T4/T3 shutdown, or at least not in like a 4-8 week setting, whereas 3,3-T2 did.
  6. I have never seen a 950lb+ deadlift look so butter...
  7. This week was fucking hell. Just absolute ass. Long hours. Some yelling and dropping of the ball at work (by others, not by me). Missed meals. Missed gym sessions. Some sleep issues. Surprise bills. The girl I'm seeing coming down with something bad. Thank God nothing tragic happened. I was just really stressed out the whole time. It's like I can never get my average, baseline stress down. As I find an outlet, more stress piles on top of the usual. Ahhh!!! 😵 The good thing is that I had a really great day today, and I'm hoping it continues on this trajectory. I also made it into the gym, so here is what followed: 19/12/07 OHP A2S C2W3 OHP 95x10 115x8 135x5 165x2-3 added belt and wrist wraps 170x5 <-- RPE easy 160x5 150x11 <-- +3 reps, bumping max up again CGBP 235x11 225x11,9 <-- really fatigued. Maybe food issues from prior days SEATED HAMMER STRENGTH ROW 4PPSx11,11,10 DB HAMMER CURLS superset SINGLE ARM TRI PUSHDOWNS 45x12,12,8 35x12,12,10 REAR DELT FLYS 110x12,12 I didn't have a chance to mention this cool bit before as I didn't work out that day, but I noticed, for the first time in my life, some quad veins. That was really cool. But today's workout was really nice. My weight is sitting around 241, which to me is a reflection of some missed meals (unchanged, or 1lb lower, than Monday). I've eaten shit like McDonalds and fucking donuts this week to just keep up with calories. I wasn't able to, or decided not to, buy food this week, so I have been making due with just breakfast, protein shakes, cottage cheese, and a couple of salmon filets, which I already had purchased. No salads or chicken. Thankfully I was able to reup everything today, so I will be back on track.
  8. On a personal note, I was reflecting on my being shoulder-pain-free since either March or January. This has been fantastic. I hope it continues. It's such a pain to have nagging pain during exercise or increased fatigue during execution of normal/routine tasks.
  9. Yeah, there's stuff here for me to think about.
  10. So the lack of sleep took a very steep toll on my body. To add gas to the fire, it also made me slightly more emotional on top of my normal hormones already being out of wack. I was out of town Saturday, so I practically spent all of Sunday sleeping to catch up. So I'm a tad behind on my lifting, but I am picking up where I left off. Sidebar, I had weakly written off even attempting to hook up or date somebody, but A50 made that impossible (I know, here I go blaming the supplements). I have now been seeing the same girl for a couple/few weeks. She is about my age, which is the first time I've seen someone around my age in about 3-4 years, very tall (nearly my height), a swimmer's background, with a wonderful, sociable personality. To be frank ... I think I've had a type that is unhealthy for me, and I've never really been with a girl with a personality like this before that also wasn't a bit annoying. In her case, I think it's that she's not encumbered by life's woes as many of the other girls I've been with have been. For the first time in a while, this is a person that really puts me at ease to be around. It's a nice change of pace. I hope this develops further. So on the lifting front: 19/12/02 BENCH A2S C2W3 PAUSE BENCH 135x5 185x5 225x5 <-- flying, I could feel some strength in the cards today 280x6 <-- RPE 8.0 or 8.5 265x5 245x11 <-- RPE 9.0-9.5, increasing training max STANDING DB OHP 60x12,12,12 DIPS (BW@248-250) +55x9,9,8 WG LAT PULLDOWNS 180x10,10,10 Great workout. I was thrilled I hit the numbers I did, with the nice pauses every rep, after running behind in my gym schedule by a couple of days and even missing a few meals. The missed meals didn't amount to much this time around as my bodyweight looks to have increased by about 5lbs over the 4 day weekend, so that's progress. Like I mentioned above, I will definitely adjust my training max as I was able to easily lift 280, hit an extra rep by mistake, AND exceed my max AMRAP by 3 reps.
  11. Had a great Turkey day minus the fact I slept 2 hours. I feel like death. I just arrived home and will promptly hit the sack once my lunch is finished cooking. Here's a journal entry 19/11/28 DEADLIFT A2S C2W2 2" BLOCK PULLS 475x3 <-- RPE 9.5 SSB PAUSE SQUATS (TRANSFORMER BAR, ASSUMED 45lbs) 275x4,4,5 SUSPENDED SSB GM 205x3x12 HANGING VUPS BWx3x10 Felt good during the pulls. My hook grip was really on point today. One thing I did differently is make a conscious effort to try and run the length of my thumb along the long portion of the barbell and attempt to get as much coverage as possible. I dont know if this help or if a bar with more knurling helped, but it felt good. The GMs were easy, but my hamstrings were screaming by the end of the night, which is encouraging.
  12. I'll have to look this up as it escapes me at the moment, but I remember hearing about something currently being studied as either the agent or a biomarker of migraines - specifically migraines, not headaches - with drugs being developed to target this in trials. I thought I'd mention it for the sake of discussion, in the event somebody knows what I'm talking about. I wonder if substances in cannabis target this thing or this system, too. I'm pretty sure psilocybin is the thing you want for cluster headaches. I think people have success taking a single dose for 1-3 month relief. But like with other conditions, there may be more than one type of cluster headache, with different pathophysiologies requiring different solutions.
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