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  1. 20/03/23 CORONAVIRUS UPPER 1 DIPS superset PULLUPS (BW unknown) BWx10,10,10,10,10 BWx10,10,10,6,6 CG PUSHUPS superset BANDED PULLAPARTS BWx20,20,20 redx20,20,20 Gyms are closed, boys. Gotta get it in at home until a month from now.
  2. 20/03/21 DEADLIFT C2W2 DOUBLE PAUSE DEADLIFT 225x4 315x3 405x3 500x2 <-- RPE 10, some ugliness, but good speed. Should have used lower weight (495?) CAT DEADLIFT 390x4x4 First set was bad, last three sets were very explosive SSB PIN GM 225?x8,8,8 (unsure if bar is 45lbs or heavier; rogue ssb with plastic handles) Forgot to do abs today thinking I was going to be doing something not conducive to protecting myself against coronavirus. As a sidebar, I did actually set up 2 dating apps on my phone, finally, after all this time. Of course this is a terrible time to do it if for no other reason than outside places are not open (in addition to the higher risk of contracting AND spreading disease). I'm running a bit of an experiment as well by setting up my bumble to be oriented for more substantive relationship-seeking people, while my tinder looks like it's more about hookups, including not just a different profile but different sets of pictures. To nobody's surprise, the amount of matches I get on tinder (10 in under 12 hours) are orders of magnitude larger than what I've gotten on bumble (3 in about 10 days). I wonder what are good ways to do dating during such times. bumble recommends something called virtual dating, and I've seen a friend hold a virtual happy hour with her coworkers, so maybe that is the way to go.
  3. Sorry, missed your reply due to the active Coronavirus thread. I think right now I'm set if shit hits the fan. My roommate actually had a pullup bar already, so I've got a pressing and pulling exercise. I could probably even rig the dip stand with some chairs to do inverted rows if I wanted to. I've got bands for shoulder health stuff, and for legs I'd probably do walking lunges for distance, or jumping lunges, or even jumping squats. I dont have any coordination or strength to do pistol squats I bet. I guess for you, you'd have some pushup variations you could work with, especially given the slamball and dumbbells for grip variations. Remember, too, you can do those shoulder pushups to hit the shoulders But for the time being, the few Golds in my area are also allowing us to requeue if the line is not full, so I was able to get a deadlift workout in yesterday, for instance.
  4. 20/03/18 OHP OHP superset CHINUPS 145x8,8,7,7 BWx10,10,10 (skipped 4th set) DIPS SUPERSET BO BB ROWS BWx12,10,10 <-- shoulder was a little bit off, and the dip stand was strange, so limited these for now and emphasized tricep usage) 225x12,12,12 <-- properly situated shoulders for these, really felt them all over my back Well there was my first COVID workout. Took about 40 minutes more or less, which was all I have due to the new protocols in place in my state. 10 people in a gym max, including employees, so they're letting 7 people work out for about 30 mins a piece. Pretty happy with what I got done and appreciate that they're open at all. I think those of us who are active should start brainstorming ways to remain active and keep up resistance training at home as things begin shutting down. I'm already set with pressing as I have a dip stand, and I'm looking to order a chinup bar that can double as something to do L sits, pushups, and maybe some other core work.
  5. 20/03/12 ACCESSORIES SMITH JM PRESS (weight on bar) superset EZ PREACHER CURLS (~15lb bar) 50x10 // 20x10 70x10 //40x10 90x10 //60x10 110x10,10,10 // 70x10,10,10 INVERTED ROW superset LATBAR TRI PUSHDOWN BWx15,15,15 100x10,10,10 Had my spine realigned by my PT again in the afternoon before going to the gym. Everything went well.
  6. 20/03/11 BENCH C1W1 PAUSE BENCH (legs in air) 275x5,5,4 <-- RPE 9 CG SPOTO PRESS 225x10,9 CGBP 225x9,8 SEATED NAUTILUS ROW 3P25PSx12,12,12,8 INCLINE YTW 7.5lbx3x8 After my PT visit confirmed I had popped a rib and that my spine was also misaligned, maybe from deadlifting, or maybe because my body is used to being in that position. He helped realign it.
  7. 20/03/09 DEADLIFT C2W1 2" BLOCK PULLS 530x2 CAT DEADLIFT 385x4x4 Didn't continue the workout
  8. Thanks for the tip. Makes total sense. Ill address this with my doc when we do my followup. I bet thats going through his mind as well. On my second day, Ive noticed a very pronounced enhancement in my speech abilities. I feel like when I talk, my flow in speech is far smoother. I have fewer tip of the tongue moments, make fewer mistakes in word and idiom choices, and also worry less about phrasing. That is also a weight off my shoulders.
  9. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/anxiety-another-name-pain/202001/surprising-solution-address-chronic-pain?amp= A Surprising Solution to Address Chronic Pain To master a new language requires a focused commitment for a long period of time. If you wanted to become fluent in French, it would take years of reading books, attending classes, listening to audiotapes, and probably immersing yourself in the culture. Eventually, a new part of your brain would develop that enables you to speak French. This is possible because of the brain’s capacity to change by increasing the number of neurons and connections between them. The brain produces an insulating material, called myelin, and as new connections are made, changes occur in the glial cells. These are the supporting cells of the central nervous system. This process of acquiring new neural connections is called “neuroplasticity,” and your brain changes every second. (1) Not Speaking English You can’t learn French by “not speaking English.” What a ridiculous idea! But what about trying to solve chronic pain by focusing on “not being in pain?” Where is your attention? What is being reinforced? Your brain will develop wherever you focus. By constantly (and understandably) seeking a cure or discussing your pain with those around you, you’re reinforcing the pain circuits. As they become more deeply embedded in your nervous system, you’ll use the creative part of your brain less. In fact, research shows that the brain physically shrinks in the presence of unrelenting pain. Fortunately, it re-expands once you have healed. (2) What You Resist Will Persist One of the core neuroscience-based concepts of solving chronic pain revolves around the current definition that it "… is an embedded memory that becomes connected to more and more life experiences, and the memory can’t be erased.” (3) Once you’ve developed chronic pain, the connections are permanent. The more you fight them, the stronger they’ll become. Continually discussing or pursuing a cure is understandable, but it can also be compared to putting your hand right into a hornet’s nest. Your attention is on the problem and not the solution. So, what do you do? These are some counterproductive practices that keep your pain at the forefront: The endless quest for a cure Frequently discussing your pain or medical care Complaining Gossiping Not being willing to learn new ideas or being open to change An Enjoyable Life What you can do is learn a new language, which I have termed “an enjoyable life.” Since anxiety and anger are basic survival responses, that’s where your brain is programmed to go as the default language. These automatic responses become stronger with age and repetition. To train your brain differently requires a deliberate, long-term, focused effort. The first step in any new endeavor is to create a vision of where you want to go. What do you want your life to look like? Do you want to live in this state of affairs indefinitely? You can’t accomplish anything of significance until you know what it looks like and internalize it. What you’re doing by creating and pursuing what you want is developing a new nervous system within your existing one. It’s like putting a virtual computer on your desktop. As you continue to work on learning the language of “an enjoyable life,” you’ll be paying less attention to the pain circuits, and they will atrophy from disuse. At some tipping point, your pain and anxiety will diminish dramatically—but not by trying to make them drop. It’s similar to re-directing a river into a different channel. It will be slow at first, but as the flow of water is diverted, the force of the water will help create the new channel. Learning the New Language While the process may seem overwhelming at first, you can create changes in your brain and its response to pain. The strategies include: Reconnecting with the best part of who you are Active meditation—placing your attention on a different sensation Re-learning how to play Somatic work—connecting thoughts with physical sensations Expressive writing Re-engaging with familiar art, hobbies, music, dance, sports, etc. Spending quality time with family and friends (53 percent of Americans are socially isolated) Forgiveness—you can’t move forward while you’re hanging on to the past Giving back—there are an endless number of possibilities Listening—it’s more interesting than re-hashing your own views on life Creating your vision in detail of how you want your life to look Getting organized so as to be able to execute your vision Your brain changes every millisecond. The amygdala is part of a series of circuits that encode external stimuli as noxious. In chronic pain, even normally neutral input may be perceived as unpleasant. (4) With mindfulness-based treatments, the amygdala can diminish in size. (5) You have a choice of what part of your brain you want to stimulate to grow. Where do you want to place your attention? What language do you want to master?
  10. 20/03/05 OHP OHP 95x8 115x8 135x5 165x3 185x2 175x2 155x8,8 While RPE 10, I did not feel muscular failure with 185 or 175. Felt it with 155 DIPS BWx10 +70x8,8,8 BO BB ROWS 255x10,10,8 CHINUPS BWx10,9,7-8? LATBAR PUSHDOWNS 100x12,12 Happy with today's workout. My pace was a little slower, but I was helping a friend with her form at the gym. She basically did the same things as me today. I figured out that I have definitely lost some real strength with the OHP and that it's not just a result of acute injury or form issues related to my pec strain or anything else, because I felt myself reach actual muscular failure on my sets with 155 for 8 reps. But, I feel much better about today's workout than my last week's workout where I barely hit 5 reps around this same weight. That was just inappropriate. I need to go back to the drawing board for my upper body and figure out what my next training phase will look like, because hitting these hard sets, failing reps, or even just hitting doubles isn't going to cut it for OHP strength development for me.
  11. I don't want to jump the gun here, guys, but I have to share something with you all. I finally scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist, and in a convergence of luck it was not just one I found through my internet-fu to be the best option in the area, he was also a referral from my mom's therapist. I met with him a few times, and we decided to start me on some medication. Because my main issues are OCD (emphasis on obsessiveness) and depression, with attention-related cognitive deficits, we decided to start with wellbutrin to nail all 3. We started with a subtherapeutic dose to acclimate to the drug and will begin therapy with a psychologist in the area. I took my first 75mg dose today, and I have to say I felt really dialed in. I can't remember the last time I've felt this way. I had a low stress but very productive day at work, using the downtime for some car shopping. When I got home, in the hour I was waiting for my ride to the gym, instead of fooling around I just decided to do laundry and clean the apartment. I MIGHT do one of those, but I'd never ordinarily do both things within such a small time frame. Is this what it's like to be a functional adult? Anyways, this is to say I think things are turning around. I hope things are turning around. I hope this will be the answer, in addition to therapy. My long term goal is to not need any self-medicating whatsoever, not weed nor wellbutrin. I am clearly benefiting from the drug right now, and I'm a little weary of what I will experience once I escalate my dose, but I hope this is the trajectory I stay on. The benefits of the drug seem huge for me, and the drawbacks seem really minor (outside of seizures). The next drug on the list would be Cymbalta, but I'm not a huge fan as not only does it have the adipogenic profile and can negatively affect sexual characteristics, but it also has some alpha receptor antagonism. Hopefully it's less potent than trazadone for me wrt that, because even a single 50mg dose was too much and would induce pronounced apnea.
  12. 20/03/03 SQUAT CXWX SQUAT 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x3 belt 315x5 345x5 365x5 <-- RPE 9.5, but solid form except last one PAUSE SQUATS (3 second count) 225x8 245x8,8 GHR BWx12 +25x6,6,3 AB WHEEL BWx12,12 plankx5 Squat strength seems to have returned. No idea why my squats last week were complete dogshit, but I feel much better about them now. I do feel my form is better, but I'm not quite sure what I'm doing differently.
  13. 20/03/01 BENCH REHAB 2 BRO BENCH 95x12 135x20 185x20 225x12,10 SMITH JM PRESS (weight on machine) 90x10 140x6,9,9 SEATED NAUTILUS ROW 3P25PSx12,12,10,10 DB HAMMER CURLS superset SINGLE ARM TRI ROPE PUSHDOWNS 40x12,10,10 35x8,8,8 Had a great workout today. I was happy to be handling 2 plates on the bench again without issue. I think my rehab work is going well. I had even better developments today as I feel the shoulder impingement/bicep tendonitis symptoms are diminishing every week. Hopefully I continue this trajectory.
  14. I'm pretty convinced that was it. I now am starting to put on some fat, though, as I look noticeably bigger everywhere. But the good news is I also put on lean mass because I look bigger everywhere. The car was buried last week and I have returned the rental this week. I am now immobile. I am looking at options and contemplating how to proceed, because right now the used car market looks completely ass. It could be car prices in Richmond suck because drivers here suck (lol except ='< ) so there's high turnover in used cars, but either way we're talking about a difference of ~3k between new and a car that's 2 years older and used. That seems pretty shitty to me. Even worse, I had 2 salespeople try to give me the "we have a deal so good we can't even talk about it until you test drive" spiel, and all they did was knock off 1k off the sticker price. gtfo here with that. My last Civic, they knocked off 4k. I know it was like July 4th or some other holiday around that time (Father's Day?), but lets be real - 1k off the sticker is a joke. Anyways, I'm not looking to get a US car at all. I'm currently looking at Hondas and wondering why I'm trying to buy a car that's almost half of my year's salary. We'll see if a brighter idea starts occupying my head anytime soon.
  15. Workout looks good, honestly, especially where you intend on adding sets (first 2 exercises).
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