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  1. Thanks bud. All these crises actually came at a "good" time, coinciding with a change of perspective on my behalf, so I'm doing well all things considered. I haven't even shared half of what I'm going through because the other half, there's no point, really. But I've got a lot going on right now which is keeping me busy and distracted from intrusive thoughts on the matter, so 👍
  2. 20/02/21 DEADLIFT C1W3 DEADLIFT 405x2 475x1 535x2F <-- back came totally loose on last set so I bailed hook grip was good though! PAUSE SQUATS (3 count) 275x4 295x2,3,4 PIN GM 265x5,5,5 HANGING AB RIPPER BWx3x7 Had some medical issues going on that may have interfered with today's workout, but I gave it a go at the gym today and tried. I wish I could have hit that triple on the deadlift like you don't know, but I am hoping I can write it off as an off day. We'll see... I might have to adjust my expectations. Also, I think it might be time to reintroduce some bent over rows.
  3. Thanks. Just trying to move forward with it all at this point.
  4. None afaik. The driver looked FOB Chinese or East Asian, and he did opt to ride an ambulance, but he was able to walk out of his car unassisted. I hope he's ok.
  5. 20/02/20 OHP OHP 210xfail 200xfail 190xfail 185x2 175x5,5 strength in the toilet today, plus shoulder felt kind of bad. I pushed through because I just needed something to do and pass the time, and I was too stubborn to do something safer (but also, seated db press hurts my low back, so I cant do that). Got some reps in at least DIPS (BW@233? I ate a 2k cal bfast, a whole large, double cheese, pan pizza the day before, so how?) BWx10 +70x8,7,8 CHINUPS BWX10,10,7,8 Shoulder felt much better after my workout, and even better than after my stretches and before lifting. One of the PT exercises I'm doing makes my shoulder not feel good. But I will continue with it, because while I dont like the pain and know that's a bad sign, at the same time it makes me wonder whether I developed this rib dysfunction, including a weak diaphgram, a chronically elevated scapula, and a loose humeral joint, as a guarding mechanism against the pain. Hard to say right now. I'll continue it through to my next appt
  6. While I was conducting a hands-free conversation driving home from the gym on a snowy night, I inadvertently blew through a red light and got T-boned, and my car is totaled. I've no traffic tickets, ever, and the only red light or stop sign I've legitimately blown was when I had my driving narcolepsy (and no incident occurred, thankfully). I was 2 payments away from paying it off. I cannot make this shit up. I want a do-over on my whole fucking life. I want a refund on this shit. BTW, Trump is getting re-elected this election. This is the most obvious end-point of this year of my life.
  7. You can hold on to that torch from now on out. I don't need it back! But seriously, wish you luck on the car surgery tomorrow.
  8. 20/02/17 SQUAT C1W1 SQUAT 135x5 225x5 245x5 265x5 285x5 305x5 V SQUAT 90x8 180x8 225x8 GHR BWx4,3 hamstrings cramping and feeling off too much, stopped to avoid injury AB WHEEL Kneelingx3x12 Did these by straightening spine, and then further engaging glutes and sort of holding a stomach vacuum. Tough Another solid session. I'm pleased I pushed myself to do another squatty type exercise. I'll try harder next time, but I was still a little sore from my deadlift workout. Even my hamstrings were taxed enough that by the time I got to doing GHRs they were too trashed to push beyond 4 reps (and those 4 felt easy). But like I said above, I didn't want to push it and then injure my hamstrings while my pec is not in a good place yet.
  9. I feel you. It's great you're still hitting it, though. Got any updates to post?
  10. I hope you do give them another go. They're fantastic, and I can't believe this is the first time I've done them seriously - as opposed to testing the waters. I will not miss deficit deadlifts, that's for sure. 20/02/16 BENCH REHAB 1 BRO BENCH 95x10 135x20 165x20,17 high rep sets to get the body moving and make sure my injured side doesn't get all bound up with scar tissue. Felt absolutely great, and pumped, and weak lol SMITH MACHINE JM PRESS (angled, weight listed is weight on bar) 90x10,10 120x10,9 holy fuck this was hard. hardest tricep exercise in the past 3 years imo SEATED NAUTILUS ROW 3P35PSx10,10,10,8 DB HAMMER CURLS superset SINGLE ARM TRI ROPE EXTENSIONS 35x13,10 35x15,15 Pretty happy with the workout. No pain, and I walked out with a massive pump. I have my PT appointment this week on Wednesday. Looking forward to meeting my therapist. I've heard great things from my DO about him. I hope he can take care of me. Unless I've goofed, this upcoming week is my last week of PCT (assuming the week that just went by wasn't my last). I suspect I'm already fully recovered. I feel like the SERM I'm taking (currently at 20mg/week) is basically taking me over my natty limit at this point, but I will continue with it for good measure. I think I'd rather hurt myself with excess low dose SERM than cut the SERM out too early, given those choices. If any one of the four other people still logging onto the forum has any contradictory input about this I'd like to hear.
  11. Feels like I'm never going to unload this bottle of Super DMZ 2.0 lol, fucking thing
  12. 20/02/13 DEADLIFT C1W2 DOUBLE PAUSE DEADLIFT (low shin, right above knee) 245x5 335x3 425x3 475x3 <-- RPE 9.5 CAT DEADLIFT 385x4x4 got faster with hook grip SSB PAUSE SQUATS (3 count) 275x4,6,6 SSB GM 255x6,6 <-- totally gassed, hamstrings really pumping hard, stopped HANGING AB RIPPER BWx7,6,4 core strength in the toilet lol What an awesome workout, in spite of cutting it short a bit. I tried double pause deadlifts for the first time and they thoroughly kicked my ass. By the time I had either finished my 2nd or 3rd set of CAT deadlifts, I almost considered leaving due to how exhausted my hamstrings felt. The squats looked absolutely perfect. The goodmornings were rather sloppy, and the pin was either too high or too low - I chose too low, which ended up being a little much and at the expense of a proper hinge. So next time, I will go too high if stuck between those choices. But anyways, good lift.
  13. 20/02/11 OHP C4W2 OHP 200x1 <-- RPE 10 "aimed" for 3 190x2 <-- RPE 10 "aimed" for 4 175x6 <-- RPE 9 DIPS (BW@232) BWx10 +60x10,10,9 no issues CHINUPS (full extension to bar-to-chest) BWx10,9,8,7 Surprisingly decent workout. My chest was fine today and wasn't bothered by the OHP or dips. I guess when I tried to do it last week it was too soon after that benching incident that it lit up my shoulder. The fact I also did straight bar squatting may have also contributed to the issues since that can aggravate my shoulder complex a bit, including my pec/bicep. So I am pleased, in spite of serious top-end strength loss and size. I was able to perform at 75% as expected (didn't exceed expectations, but got my reps).
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