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  1. I dont know what it says about me, but I'd probably be up for trying it again once I'm in completely normal shape again. I think it's dangerous, but pretty doable if you're sober and know what you're doing. I didn't really know what I was doing. That being said, that is not a spot I am ever taking anybody to unless they're a townie and invite me, rather than me invite them. I don't know about who stole the phone. I am thinking it is someone who works at a specific Kroger because that's where it stopped for some hours. I went ahead and got it sorted with my carrier, as the phone is not unlocked (it's Verizon), so should cause issues to people trying to do something to it.
  2. So I survived an accident on the James River. I went with some friends to a cool location off the river where you could sunbathe and swim; and also you can swim out to this boulder where the river gets very deep and jump off of the boulder into the river. Well, after a couple of successes I jumped, got caught by an eddie and pulled under the river and into the rapids. Tumbled around a few boulders, hit my head, but managed to catch onto something and save myself. Definitely got my dose of adrenaline for the week there. This week begins a sort of deload phase. I was going to do more today, but, it was really crowded so I did what I could without having to wait forever for machines. 20/07/07 BENCH DELOAD 1 HS ISO LAT BENCH 2PPSx10,10,10,7,7 CHINUPS BWX9,7,7 HS ISO LAT ROW 2PPSx20,18,16 REVERSE PEC DEC FLY 100x12,12,10 <--- wrist hurting too much (river accident) Saw the 2 chicks again. They came up and introduced themselves to me. I am absolutely terrible at names and can't remember the one I like the most between the two, but the other's name is Nicole. I think the tall one is Angie? Next time I see them I'll bring up my goldfish memory and use it as an excuse to grab a number. I wonder if they're friends? Roommates? Siblings? My friend from work and I are out of sync in our training as she's skipped a few days, but we went to the gym around the same time and hung out in between a few exercises. That was nice. I dont know how we overlapped so well since she arrived about 90 mins before me, but it was cool to have someone around like that. I was having a couple of issues with my phone so the music wasn't playing like it should. Oh yes, my phone got fucking stolen in front of my house in the 5 minutes between when I dropped it carrying food in both hands and when I went back outside to retrieve it. This was between 7 and 715 am. I did the whole tracking it by an app, contacting the police, and even hunting for it myself, but nothing. Fucking cops sat on their hands claiming they could do nothing about it, and even advising me to not hunt for it. Good joke. Too bad I didn't have a good working secondary phone to track it better. I tried using my burner which has wifi and VoiP, but wifi is shit in Richmond. I eventually gave up after my stolen phone lost connection to the server, so I remote wiped it and bought a new one - S20+5G. Pretty nice phone so far. Got it unlocked for $750 too.
  3. 20/07/04 SQUATS WEEK 4 SSB SQUAT 155x5 205x5 245x5 285x3 belt 335x3 RPE 9, great form 295x8,6 RPE 9 on both LEG PRESS 5PPSx10,10 GHR BWx9,8,6 TANK PROWLER THINGY 180x80 yards both ways, for shits and giggles No abs so I could hike and swim.
  4. I feel you. At the same time, I was having the same thoughts about even assembling an instagram (though again, the point was to allow me to view ig pages), but I figured it's mine, so I'll put up whatever I want. If people like it cool, if not, fair enough.
  5. lol I saw! I will hit you back soon if I didn't already. I almost died today hanging out at the river with some friends, lol. I had had a long day already with an intense squat workout with some dumb cardio thrown in the mix, but while at the river today I asked a friend to show me a rock you could climb to to then jump out into the river. Well, it was hard to get to, especially for a big guy, swimming upstream some rapids. I jumped once and that was great, but the second time I got pulled away and under by an eddie, tumbled over and through some boulders, and hit my head on one. I was able to catch myself on a different boulder to stop and recoup myself. But my knee feels like dog, and I bet my head will hurt tomorrow. Was a good learning experience at least. Also, it was a tremendous amount of fun. I do feel old now, but I do have to remind myself I had an intense squat workout and need to now consume an absolutely vast amount of calories.
  6. 07/03/20 OHP WEEK 4 OHP 95x8 115x6 135x5 165x5 <-- RPE 9.5 155x7,6 <-- "" 135x9 RPE 10 ** SMITH JM PRESS (3D machine, heavy barbell) 90x4x10 BO BB ROWS 225x12,12,10 NAUTILUS PULLOVER 210x10,10,9 CYBEX SEATED TRI PUSHDOWN 59.5x10,10,8 <-- 4 second eccentrics As I mentioned before I had an intense day on Wednesday, followed by a sleepless night, so yesterday was off the table for lifting. I was even having problems doing some basic tasks and lifting heavy but lightweight things in the lab, like a centrifuge bucket that's about 15-17lbs. I wanted something a little aggressive for the arms/triceps, but I was lazy, so I opted for eccentrics on the tricep extension machine. I'm still feeling it. I had a great workout, but something weird happened in that I developed a pain around the elbow after overhead pressing. I am not sure what that's about, if I did something wrong on OHP or if it's a sign of something else. It also affected me during the last set of barbell rows (not the reason I stopped) and the pullover at the very end range of motion (partially contributed to me stopping, but mostly because I was rounding my upper back). Nothing else to really report. Had a nice day and am planning on squatting tomorrow in the A.M. with a friend.
  7. 20/07/01 DEADLIFT WEEK 4 HIP ABDUCTION something x 2x20 DEADLIFT 225x5 315x4 405x1 hook grip 455x1 straps 500x1 <-- RPE 9.5 500x1 <-- RPE 10 PIN SSB GM 225x3x8 GOBLET SQUAT 100x10,10,6 <-- back rounded hard on last one and a little sciatica in the piriformis, quit REVERSE HYPER 40x3x12 considering changing these to swinging next cycle AB WHEEL kneelingx3x12 So I put together an instagram. So far putting shit up slowly but I figure I might as well modernize myself. Also, it got real annoying to peep other people's instagrams without an account. I dont even think you can watch videos as effectively anymore, right? Onto lifting, deadlifts felt good up until 500. My hips shot up pretty hard on my first attempt. It was obvious on video so I attempted it again to see if I could fix it by focusing on it. It was worse. Way worse. So I didn't attempt a third lol. A couple of attractive girls were taking pics and filming themselves around my area. I started talking to them and had a fun conversation. One was sending some strong vibes my way. Got their names but no numbers - figured I wanted to move on with my workout and could leave some for later. Had a great workout session. I wouldn't worry too much about the sciatic pain during goblet squats. A couple of things happened in between to explain this to me, including a back stretch I shouldn't have done. I just wanted to play it safe so I ditched the weight when I started having rounding occurring. I'll be adding an extra workout day moving forward. Arms. I am just completely displeased by the disproportionate development of my pecs, back, and delts, but having such relatively small and ill defined arms. Outside of my back, my arms were the thing that took off the fastest when I started lifting, and tbh I know my arms were bigger during my first year of lifting than they are now. The one thing that sucked is I slept about 3 hours last night. I just couldn't go to bed. I even took out my most potent strains to smoke and was wide-eyed in bed. Ah well. The cost of doing business.
  8. Agreed. It was particularly nice because it helped a lot with my pace. I think at times we might go a little too fast, and sometimes a little too slow, but on average I think I was lifting at a rate of once every 3-4 minutes (outside of squats), which was even faster than when I timed myself before quarantine. Things might get better towards the end of the summer, but by then I know my school is reopening its gym. She's a student and will likely just lift there for free rather than pay for a membership at Gold's. I dont know, though. If nothing else we might still dabble on the weekend. I am lifting with another person on the 4th at least.
  9. Oh it's nothing interesting. Schedules aren't lining up well anymore.
  10. 20/06/29 BENCH WEEK 4 PAUSE BENCH (most bro bench) 135x5 185x5 225x5 265x3 295x1 <-- RPE 9.0 315x1 <-- RPE 10 (had to plant feet) OUTSIDE SMOOTH CGBP 205x12,11 <-- RPE 9+ HS ISO LAT UH ROW 220x10,9,8 MAG SEATED CABLE ROWS (MID GRIP) 190x10,10,9 DB CURLS superset ROLLING DB EXT 30x15,11,9 30x20,20,15 DOUBLE D CABLE FACEPULLS 20x20,20,16 Can I get a LFG. So flew solo at the gym today. Unsure if I'll be continuing to lift with my friend from work for reasons extraneous to the gym. Such is life. Since I had such a fucking terrible time on Bumble, I was actually considering reactivating it for the friend feature - to find a gym partner. I think I'll do that today and see who bites. I am hoping with the friend feature that it's anyone that can message anyone and not someone of the opposite sex, or something stupid like that. I probably could have done a much lower weight than 315, but when I banged out 295 like a little peanut I got a hair up my ass and just had to. Guys, the shoulder was fucking butter. I am so pleased with my progress there. My lat/subscap doesn't feel like exploding when I lay on it on the foam roller anymore, either. Next up will be my hip flexors, because my right one is an absolute atrocity. I think with that I might actually be able to regain control of my posture.
  11. As much time as I've spent in the sun the past 4 months idk what that's about. Dont get me wrong - I agree lol. Well, I'm not too pleased with my knee this morning. Feels raw. But Ill keep it moving a bit and take some ibuprofen. Hitting the beach like a degen today with a couple of friends. Been a while so I'm looking forward to it. I also now have the ability to take a free COVID test as a member of our lab is now quarantined. I'll be scheduling that next week.
  12. Thanks, gents. I am a little surprised by how good it looks, too. This was my last set but it looks like even when I'm grinding I can make it look very reasonable. It'll be interesting to try and get film with heavier weight, though I think it maaaaay be a while until I venture down that path with OHP. I was still sore from the deadlift workout I had, particularly around my abs, but I managed to show up to the gym and do it well. Pretty happy with my session today. 20/06/26 SQUATS WEEK 3 SSB SQUAT 155x5 245x4 belt 285x3,5,5,5 LEG PRESS 3PPSx10 5PPSx3x10 GHR (knees sliding thru, hands behind hips) BWx4,5,6 Much better progress. Calves limiting factor first 2 sets HANGING AB RIPPER BWx10,9,8 Squats felt great today. Leg press really taxed my quads. Made progress on everything. I dont know how I managed to do more hanging vups while my abs were actually sore, but it happened. I did make a mistake on my 3rd set of squats by allowing my right knee to travel too far forward on the squat and I feel I tweaked it a tiny bit. I'll have to keep an eye on it moving forward.
  13. 20/06/23 OHP WEEK 3 OHP 95x8 115x6 145x8,8,8 <-- RPE 9.5, good form Mistakenly didn't do a 4th set 😧 3D SMITH JM PRESS (weight on bar) 110x2 <-- felt like ME work lmao 90x4x8 this bar obviously has some weight to it; it could be a whole 45lbs BO BB ROWS 225x3x10 NAUTILUS PULLOVER 190x3x12 VBAR PUSHDOWNS 65x3x12 Another one down. I actually had video taken of me for some of these reps. Had a lot of fun, and my shoulder felt great. The one thing that was weird was my right shoulder didn't feel too great on my last set of BO rows. I then noticed on my last 2 sets of pushdowns that my right shoulder was shrugging throughout the movement and I couldn't hold it down.
  14. Interesting approach and remarkable progress so far! Particularly thrilled with the changes in diet and you seeing a subsequent transformation. Hope you continue to see good things from this.
  15. 20/06/22 DEADLIFT WEEK 3 DEADLIFT 225x5 315x5 405x2 455x3,1<-- RPE 9.2-9.5 both sets PIN SSB GM 205x3x10 DB GOBLET SQUAT 80x3x12 REVERSE HYPER 40x3x10 <-- I should probably try for more reps next time. I like the traction as well as the activation AB WHEEL BWx3x10 I am feeling all sorts of soreness today. Unusual glute soreness + ab soreness is always a strange combo to have. You almost feel injured but without the pain. I've been going to the gym most days with a friend from work. She only started lifting this year, and we started up at the gym together around Feb or March. She hadn't kept up with anything like I had during quarantine (I just didn't post it all, and it got bad, but I was still active), so she lost a lot during the interim. She's a smart girl and a quick learner though. Before quarantine I was able to fix her deadlift mostly, but there was something a little off about her positioning. As for her squat, it wasn't good. Having resumed back in the gym about 2 weeks ago, her form on both has turned around greatly. Her deadlifts are looking good and strong, and we figured out she just needs a heel lift to fix her squat. Her goblet squats with her heels on a plate look gorgeous. She's a grad student on a grad student budget, so she's purchasing things pretty slowly. I advised her to probably look into a lifting belt first before special shoes because she can always lift her heels on a plate. But there aren't public use belts at this gym, and anyways, might be a bad play to use them if there were any, at least right now. So I'm happy with her progress as well as mine. I may have mentioned this in my first post about my return to Gold's, but lifting again has had profound changes in my mood and my body. I feel much happier again, and I feel really motivated to go to the gym and do all of my exercises. It is also inspiring me to be better about my diet and eating good protein while making sure to hit something around where my calories should be. In addition, my test levels must have been going down during quarantine in spite of my quarantine buddies because right now it *feels* like it is through the roof. I feel more adventurous and risk taking, in a good way so far, and my sex drive is out of control. I thought I felt it sliding away so it's good to feel it back.
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