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  1. If you wanted to do that I'd make sure to use something that could allow for sublingual penetration to avoid gut metabolism. I have no idea how solvents affect these things, but they might. On the topic of gut metabolism, I just came across this fine article (I believe citations included): https://www.rxleaf.com/the-ph-level-in-stomach-acid-can-convert-cbd-to-thc I think this all would need to be repeated at the least before we could establish the gut angle as believable, but the part about the acidic conversion of THC to CBD is quite interesting.
  2. 19/04/16 SQUAT C2W1 SSB SQUAT 285x8,8,8 <-- done ~2-3 mins apart SSB PAUSE SQUAT (5 sec pause per rep) 265x4,4,4 <-- tiny little psoas and hip pain on first set, so I played it a bit safe, RPE 8.5-9 LYING LEG CURLS 80x10,8,6 <-- done ~2 mins apart Rushed today's gym session because I was falling asleep while driving and felt like poo in general. I whiffed my carb intake today. I only just realized after 5pm that the carb difference between the meal I ate out yesterday and the salad I prepared is like 90g, which meant I only had about 25g of carbs between waking and my workout. I know the solution to this, so I will start by at least adding a large serving of fruit preworkout or some honey, or potentially eating a skyr yogurt sometime before 6pm. After the weekend, I intend on subbing in some sandwiches, but I'll need that protein-fortified hazelnut spread first from Amazon. Anyways, workout went well besides the energy issues. I only had my side give me grief during one set. Otherwise I felt pretty good, which is promising. I'm having to be very mindful of my foot positioning as I'm noticing how easy it is for me to flare one side, displacing my hips from the center.
  3. 19/04/15 OHP C2W1 OHP 95x5 115x5 135x5 145x10,9,7,8 CHINUPS superset FACEPULLS BWx8, +25x7,6,7,6,6 redx5x20 DIPS +35x10,10,8 DB HAMMER CURLS superset DB TRI EXTENSIONS 45x3x12 45x3x12 Huge pump. I was aiming for 8 or 9 reps on the OHP but got excited and smashed a 10 repper. I think I only got 7 on my 3rd because my rest time was terrible, well sub 3 mins, but it's not a big deal either way. Now I'm not liking my form on dips. I might need to revisit BASL (lol) and see if there's anything useful about this in there. BTW I know how to do dips - my issue is diagnosing why mine don't feel right
  4. Man, megasetting benching and rows with ass waterfalls is pretty ballsy. But seriously, pretty healthy benching all things considered. Back feeling better?
  5. So I had a series of revelations following my workup of both my diet up until last Thursday, which has been my "diet" (+/- 3000 daily calories from eating out) for the past 3 years. I've been averaging about 4400 calories per day a week, although this number has remained the same during times of no physical activity. This consists of at least 2 days a week of blasting 5.8k+ calories, a few workout days north of 4k, and some non-workout days of about 2500 calories. Regardless of the 4000 or the 2500 calorie days, my macro intake was fucking terrible. I was hitting about 200g fat, 150g protein, and 55g carb. What the fuck. No wonder I've felt like I'm dragging ass, a slow thinker, and experiencing a host of other problems on a near daily basis before CBD. I was practically on an EOD Atkins diet. Anyways, today I'm 2 meals away from finishing a full day of eating on diet. Looks like I'll close in on 3386 calories consisting of 120g fat, 229g carb, and 364g protein. I think one of these meals is in flux and subject to change. It would just change the carb/pro/calories without touching the fat, but this is what my diet might look like for a while, more or less.
  6. The nice thing about an app like this is you can input the foods you want to eat, your target macros and calories, and it'll spit out how much of everything to eat. I weigh out things for a living to the point it's like scratching my arm, so that's not a problem for me. I like the confidence I have in knowing exactly what it is I'm using. I feel it gives me control over things and the ability to adapt depending on how things are going. There'll be some prep work up front, whether it's in inputting, building, or finding recipes, putting in the nutritional data for things that don't have it, etc, but once it's done the app is easy to use. It also has an online interface that's more wieldy if you want to test the waters.
  7. I'm strongly considering going on a real diet, i.e. tracking cals, logging food, prepping meals, etc. The friend I visited in Boston is taking steps to prepare for a show even though he hasn't committed to it yet, so he is on a real diet. He and his wife have both had great success using this app called Eat This Much. It's got some great features that allowed him to construct a diet around the foods he likes to eat and use the app to calculate the right portions to meet his goals. When I was planning my trip, my friend and I discussed gym and foods. Since I've dropped down to 245 and weigh almost as much as him, and he's almost my same height, I ate exactly the same foods he ate while there. It was actually amazing. We're talking eating something like 9 times a day, including various sandwiches and yogurts, and totaling 330g protein/day on a fucking whopping ~3400 calories/day. I need to be eating like that. While I haven't had a problem with fullness on my diet (even missing meals), I like the multiple eating times of his diet and how that kind of keeps you mindful of what you're doing and motivated to continue it. I'm also a big fan of the high protein intake. Anyways, I'll be playing with the app, putting some of my fav foods in it, and seeing if I can come up with something similar to my friend that I would like to run that I could stick to.
  8. 14/04/12 DEADLIFT C2W1 2" BLOCK PULLS 225x5 315x4 405x2 480x3 SPEED DEADLIFT 340x15x1 <-- 20 sec between reps SUSPENDED GOODMORNINGS 215x12,12,10 HANGING VUPS BWx10,10,8 Had a great session today, much better than before. My deadlifts felt very strong and powerful. The only thing I'm upset by is how slowly my grip strength is returning this time around. It's very hard for me to redevelop my grip strength these days for some reason. I might need to apply some direct work to address it, but it's still a little soon to tell. I'll add a post about dieting.
  9. Hey boys. Just got back from another refreshing trip to Boston. It's always nice to retreat from the madness of life and find onesself again. I worked out, too 19/04/11 BENCH C2W1 PAUSE BENCH 135x7 185x5 225x5 270x5,5,4 CG SPOTO PRESS 225x6,4 CGBP 225x4,6 HS ISO ROW superset BAND PULLAPARTS 2PPS+35x5x12 redx5x20 EZ CURLS superset EZ INCLINE TRI EXTENSIONS (weight on bar) 70x12,12,6 70x12,12,12 The workout didn't quite go as planned, but I can easily chalk this up to travel woes, some dietary mishaps (skipped a total of 180g worth of protein eating the past two days), and trouble finding a bar at this Boston gym. All other things considered, I think it went well. I could and should have started my close grip benching at 215 instead of 225, but I might go ahead and stick with that number for the time being.
  10. Ok. Yeah, I think you're on the money wrt avoiding them for the time being.
  11. 19/04/08 OHP C1W6 DB OHP superset BAND PULLAPARTS (x20) 25x20 45x20 55x18 NG PULLUPS (BW@252) superset BAND FACEPULLS (x15) BWx10,9,9 DIPS BWx12,15 DB HAMMER CURLS superset DB ROLLING EXTENSIONS 50x10,10 50x10,10 It was raining so I just trained at my apt gym. I stuck with BW pullups and dips because I don't have a weight belt. Otherwise I was set for my workout. I have a really great pump going on right now after the session. I did this workout in about 40 mins tops.
  12. Agreed. I just wonder what these knee pads are about. They definitely make the movement way easier. What was ever wrong with the old school GHRs? For those curious, the "old school": The knee pads:
  13. Gotcha. I first thought you skipping the GMs was because you felt a pump during the GMs due to the GMs. Didn't realize it was a leftover pump from the exercise before. But yeah, I generally feel them in my ass, then hamstrings, then calves. I'm of course ignoring the rank of the sensation of implosion (explosion?) in my abdomen.
  14. Pretty squats around the hip and low back. Damn, that shoulder problem sounds like ass. SSB sounds like the right tool. Re OHP, do all OHP movements hurt (barbell, dumbbell, different barbells (swiss, football))? Just curious.
  15. I know you said you're cycling some compounds. I get that. But ordinarily, do you feel pumps like that from GMs? I really tend to attribute low back pumps on goodmornings to either a weak low back or to bad form, and this is true regardless of whether I'm banging out reps for volume or grinding out 5s or fewer reps. I don't know how you do these, but if you don't use a belt you might consider trying it out. Bear in mind I never belt up for a deadlift unless it's against heavy bands, not even when I pulled 605 or 625. But I belt up for even 135 on good mornings because I otherwise break the connection between my torso and hips too easily and start using too much low back. Just some food for thought.
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