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  1. That was going to be my next question. Makes sense now.
  2. I'm wondering how it is that three of you have seen a trap bar as tiny as you guys are describing it. I had one at my UVa gym, there were 3 at my Cville gym, and there's 3 at each Gold's I've been to and my VCU gym in RVA. All 7 of those bars could easily hold anywhere from 605 to about 765#. I know this because I've deadlifted 605 from the UVa one, I've seen somebody do 765 on the Cville gym one, and the ones I've seen in RVA are the same brand as the ones in Cville.
  3. 19/06/14 OHP OHP 95x5 115x5 135x5 165x3 185x1 205x2 195x3,2 <-- lost balance after 3 easy reps on first set, second set was just dogshit, 0 energy or drive NG PULLUPS (BW@250) superset BANDED FACEPULLSx20 BWx10 +70x3,3,4,3,4 DIPS (BW@250) BWx10 +70x7,8,8 Skipped arms and went home after some gross demotivation. I couldnt get the shit OHP workout out of my head, and I felt very low energy today, so I bagged it and called it before I did something stupid. I think some of this is from going out last night, missing out on ~120g of my daily protein intake, drinking 3 alcohols, and staying up late. I thought I was feeling good today, but my workout indicated otherwise. TBF I am sort of recomping/cutting, so I probably should have hit a wall a little sooner. I've also mentioned I thought a deload was on the horizon. I can confirm I am taking one next week. I think the pullups were a PR, however, and the dips were great, too.
  4. I apologize on behalf of my generation, even though I don't understand this phenomenon, either.
  5. I didn't, as unfortunately that's one thing this gym doesn't allow (actually seems to be a rule widely applied around these parts). tbf I almost never used chalk in the past, anyways, except on pulls over 550. But anyways, I need to review some vids about the hook grip. I remember a good one by Mark Rippetoe (lol) that helped resolve an issue I had with gripping the bar that caused me to tear off calluses, so I'll see if I can find it again to verify I'm doing what I should be. It's really annoying because that first set of 405 I did with double overhand. The last 2 I tried with hook, but it felt as weak as my double overhand, if not slightly worse. That of course makes zero sense.
  6. That's probably true for the untrained, unmonitored, uninitiated gym attendee. But given practice, either movement is safe, and either can be dangerous if overloaded beyond one's capacity to handle the respective weight. Anyways, might be time to supplement your training with some good mornings until you can do normal deadlifts?
  7. I thought the naltrexone component was to prevent the reward system from hard wiring your brain to want to seek out alcohol intoxication, not to directly counteract the mechanism of intoxication.
  8. 19/06/12 DEADLIFT DEADLIFT 135x3 lol stupid easy, didnt even feel the bar 225x5 315x5 405x2,2,2 <-- grip couldnt keep up, and hook grip didn't work - bar kept flying out of my hand, like the hookgrip didnt lock or something GHR BWx8 +35x7,7,7 PLANKS x4x30s Pretty low key workout, but I got a nice feel for the deadlifts and didn't want to overdo it beyond what I probably did first time back. I do feel fine right now.
  9. This is a good one, especially for triceps, since the forces required at the end range of motion on cables is just dog without accommodating resistance. What I like to do, especially for back since back gets harder as you reach the end, is to use a secondary pin from a different stack and just use it to pin a plate to the stack of weights. If you do this, try to put it as low as possible without the plate bumping into the floor or the monkey cage. If you put it up too high it can leverage the large metal rod with the stacked weight to not align with the rack, so on the way back down it can misgroove out of the cable machine. Believe me, fixing this isn't a pain in the ass, but it is worth avoiding for the surprise and shock alone.
  10. Oops, so I was wrong. Those OHP and bench numbers are not PRs. I've hit something like 335 for 4 or 5 on bench, and I've hit 185 for like 7 or 8 reps and 210 for a 3x3. But theyre still great numbers at my significantly lower bodyweight.
  11. 19/06/10 BENCH Since I got my legs back, it was day 1 being back to normal benching PAUSE BENCH 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x1 295x1 315x4,5,4 <-- volume and top reps PR PAUSE CGBP (ordinarily TnG, but forgot today) 285x6,6 <-- definitely a PR on CGBP, but first time I've done them as first supplementary movement in a while CG SPOTO PRESS 255x7,6 SEATED NAUTILUS ROW superset BAND PULLAPARTS x 20 3PPS+35x10,10,8,8,8 EZ BAR PREACHER CURLS superset INCLINE EZ SKULLCRUSHERS 90x8,9,8 90x12,12,10 harder today than last week, prob from the bench PRs and heavy rows PRs say it all. The last time I was able to do 315x5, I was either gunning for a 385 competition bench that I accomplished, or I was aiming for a 405 bench after a successful 385x2 the week before. Either way, really good signs here.
  12. 19/06/08 SQUATS SSB SQUAT 155x5 205x5 245x5 295x5 335x5,5,5 <-- RPE 9 SSB PAUSE SQUATS (5 sec pause in hole) 265x4,4 NAUTILUS LYING LEG CURL 90x3x10 PLANKS x4x30s Pretty pumped to have had some weight on my back after so long. It all felt good for the most part. My lower left back felt a little something, but it's never been a problem area for me so I feel it was stress from doing a movement it was no longer used to. I did add a band around my knees for my last set of 335 and it significantly improved the feel of the movement for me. I'll be making sure to do this for all of my sets moving forward.
  13. Thanks man. I'm pumped. I actually used a lot of body English on that last set, but fuck it; it was a toe for 2 reps, it was the 3rd set, and it's not like I'm competing in OHPing, lol. I did see some egregious shit at the gym. Again, it must be because all the serious lifters are at home for the summer or lifting another time of the day, which bears out because the guy:girl ratio is now about 2 and I'm accustomed to seeing more chicks than dudes in the lifting area. Anyways, these 3 dudes were all doing back to back sets, with 95-115lbs, of partial range of motion, behind the neck overhead presses. Also, they had assistance during the movement. One guy was audacious enough to display this grotesque movement for a set of 10 reps while receiving full assistance during reps 2-10. I mean, I had to walk over to the guy across from me and talk shit about those guys beside us because I just couldn't help myself after he went for a second set following that first set. But that didn't feel quite as good as smashing their meager egos with my 195 strict OHP on my first two sets.
  14. 19/06/07 OHP OHP 95x5 115x5 135x5 165x1 195x4,4,4 <-- PR NG PULLUPS (BW@253) superset BAND FACEPULLS BWx6 +70x3,3,2,2 +45x5 DIPS (BW@253) +65x8,10,10 <-- cramp on first set DB HAMMER CURLS superset DB ROLLING EXTENSIONS 60x8,8,8 60x12,8,8 Pretty pumped about the workout and OHP PR. I am also positive that was a PR on dips, but I don't really track those since they're never a main movement thus hard to track in a reasonable manner. I really ran into a wall there with the pullups. I think that coincides with my heavier bodyweight, but I can't rule out the possibility I'm hitting a wall due to adaptation, diet, or some other such limit. I am feeling a bit more worn down after this workout than usual, but it's not a big deal right now. I still think I want to do one more full week of normal workouts before dropping into a deload, but we'll see how things turn out. Doc ok'ed me to return to squatting and deadlifting. I might dabble in squats since I was still able to do those while injured last time, and then maybe wait on deadlifts until I have my 1 month followup with my ortho. We shall see. Was gonna go out tonight, but I'm really wiped out from the week I had. I feel like retiring quietly and maybe giving it a shot tomorrow. I had been casually seeing this girl since March/April until recently. We always had a great time, and she was extremely beautiful, but I never really thought of her as a long-long term thing for reasons I dont feel like sharing in public. As it turns out, what I thought was the situation was somehow orders of magnitude worse. I just found out Sunday. Since then, I've broken things off with her and am back to being truly single. I'm pretty upset about the whole ordeal, and I'm questioning some of the choices I've made that led me to end up in the situation I was in. But I know situations like these can be part of the dating world, especially when you date outside of a school or work situation where you at least know a little something about the person and where they're coming from. I've just sort of avoided dating at work, but I think I've found an approach that will be reasonable, measured, and not untoward.
  15. 19/06/05 HIPS Warmup: since it's changed, it's currently forward banded monster walks each direction x2, lateral monster walks each direction x2, low back prehab, banded firehydrants (not really, just abductions), birddogs, not in that order lol HIP THRUSTERS (weight on bar) 90x10 180x10 270x10 320x8,8 GHR BWx10 +35x10,9,8 LEG EXTENSIONS 115x4x10 PLANKS x4x30 sec
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