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  1. No KB today after two days in a row, decided to go for a hike. Five miles in a pine forest. Our clothing, shoes, etc, ended up covered in pollen. This is random, but for 90% of my adult life I had terrible seasonal allergies. Every year it felt like the flu. Then one year, maybe 5 years ago, it all went away.
  2. Second set of 100. Much easier. Stretched my piriformis' afterwards. I think I may be paying for the sudden increase of exercise. Don't care, needed to move.
  3. Did my first 100 this morning. After 2 hours I'm still warm. The good news is that I didn't screw up my back and wasn't exhausted. I will do another 100 today at some point. I made sure to stretch afterwards.
  4. Don't despair, try the used market on Amazon. It took two weeks but my 1st of three arrived today. Luckily it is the 10 lb one (10, 20, 40). Let's see if I don't get too disabled
  5. Order whatever is available the soonest. Most are cast iron, so it doesn't matter what you buy. I think one or two where Amazon Essentials
  6. Ordered some kettlebells. Ended up ordering from Amazon but it will take a couple of weeks to get here. Three different vendors, three different brands. 10, 20, 40 lbs. In the meantime I want to rig something up and get started. I too want to be on the verge of puking and have my lower back act up.
  7. Brandon, I'm thinking that for most of us the right weight this rotation might be 35 lbs. Yes we can bench press 350 and lift 500 lbs. But this might take some getting used to. In the meantime, I'm still working on some kettlebells. Otherwise, I have lunchboxes, sand, and duck tape. Stay tuned.
  8. Melatonin and Vit D are two sides of the proverbial coin. I have ramped up on melatonin. I think I'm ready to ramp down to micro doses. 0.3 mg and such
  9. How heavy are you guys going for, anywhere from Burton hurt his back to Ras insane liberty bell size ones?
  10. I check my blood numbers twice a year. I'm usually right smack in the middle of the acceptable levels. Blood work is the best way to be sure.
  11. I, like most, struggle with sleep cycles. Some of it is apnea, but most is ruminating. Even if I get 6-8 hours, come 2 pm, I'm shamesly sleeping at work. I can nap for an actual 10 mins and be good to go for another 10 hrs. In my search, I've tried Modafinil, energy drinks and pills (remember AMP?) For the most part I got a awareness, hellos anxiety and palpitations. I actually don't recall how I came conclusion, but in my case: 10k IU at lunch ensures that I'm productive and not sleepy in the afternoon. 10 k and the occasional bump once or twice a week, to 20 to 40 k when a virus is around, have kept me healthy
  12. Sorry, you can't use that term. T Nation™️ owns it.
  13. Anyone try a mouth appliance? They are very inexpensive (ish) and you don't have to be beholden to CPAP mafiosos and worry about your kneecaps
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