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  1. This is about risk management. The Swiss Cheese Model is often used in aviation. For an accident to happen, all the holes in the barriers have to align. Conversely. The more barriers you have, the better the outcome. When talking about masks the context is important.
  2. I want to be incredibly pedantic about the Brazilian Portuguese NOW. But I won't
  3. I've dosing Anastrozole once a week and have suspected that maybe twice a week might be better. I'll try it for a while and report back.
  4. Unless you are on Testosterone replacement.
  5. Agree with both posts above. But in your case, I would narrow down the jobs to your domain area. Your expertise is in what? Chemistry? Look for those analytics/machine learning jobs.
  6. Look at jobs that are interesting to you at the level of job experience that you have. You're at least at a journeyman level. Meaning, you know what working in a profesional environment is like. That's your compensation level. Granted, you may be at the bottom of the scale but like I said, nothing under 100k. We just hired a PhD Data Scientist that we are going to utilize as his primary duty, pushing Ansible scripts to a cloud environment.
  7. Sorry I hadn't been here in a while. Do you take anastrozole along with your TRT? Since I'm on a weekly schedule for T injections that's when I take mine. I use 0.5 mg a week of it. Generally when I take it I pee like a racehorse several times a day for the first day. Also, realize that, at least for me, transdermal or even subcutaneous injections have the tendency of converting to estrogen more readily.
  8. I'm gling to focus on something else. I don't get why both you and @Burton have shitty jobs despite great credentials. Both of you should be north of 100k per year. Maybe we need to do some resume workshop areas and maybe some networking type sub forum. Seriously.
  9. Daily KBs suck. I need to have something in between. Haven't figured out yet.
  10. Finally have almost all my KBs here. 20, 12, and 8 kg are here. Daily log x 20 in the pics.
  11. Ozzy, not Ozzie. Metal, not baseball
  12. That was my case with Clomid. Had normal levels with 50 mg then my doctor who killed his wife dropped it to 25 mg and my T level went to 7. Yes 7. My estradiol levels were in the 50s. Boy was I bitchy!!! Seriously worst feeling ever but one that I recognized from my past. Switched to Androgel and eventually to Test Cyp. Nowadays I inject once a week and couldn't be happier.
  13. So? What happened with your vision?
  14. Give yourself a social media fast. I have my Twitter, and Facebook accounts still activated but don't have the apps anymore. I haven't been on either for weeks (Twitter) and years (Facebook). I still read the news and get aggravated with the comment section. But I'm not stressed out anymore
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