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  1. Sorry, you can't use that term. T Nation™️ owns it.
  2. Anyone try a mouth appliance? They are very inexpensive (ish) and you don't have to be beholden to CPAP mafiosos and worry about your kneecaps
  3. Working out 6 times a week with high RPE is a recipe for stagnation. With age we don't recuperate as easy. Once you get your labs and know fir aure where you stand. Try decreasing the workouts, think like a hard gainer. Or you could change going from gym workouts to street or park or anything that strikes your fancy. TRT is a forever road that you have to be serious about before undertaking.
  4. Great browser extension to install on my older relatives computers.
  5. ozzman

    Food Finds

    They sell them at Whole Foods. Everywhere you rube.
  6. I too am finishing up my last day of the year. It's nice.
  7. You sound like you're dehydrated or at least not balanced as far as your electrolytes. Also @Ras this isn't r/roastme leave our elderly alone. Speaking of elderly it's still weird to suddenly be called Sir by a "bro" at the gym.
  8. Try getting a chest cold. I've been coughing up a long. But my abs..oh yeah. They're so good.
  9. As SA said, I am in management position now where I can be the good manager who told me. In 6 (or 3 ) months you will be out of a job. Start looking now. If Ibsee something that you're qualified for, I'll let you know. You have my glowing recommendation anywhere you go. I've been there a few times. I am thankful for my managers. I have actual love for them for doing this. I've never missed a day of work. Btw, I too was an employee with new born (Second kid) and newly bought first house when I got the notice.
  10. Nothing feels better than the moment you realize that nothing hurts.
  11. I would say, date someone who is not easy for you. Someone who challenges you. We tend to undermine, we make excuses to date our equals. But in the end we want people who are smart enough to chose us, but partners who we can tell what to do for their best lives. I say, pick the person who challenges you to a maddening stance. Even of that person is an antivaxxer. Leave your comfort zone, work for your opinion.
  12. Keep the fast. It's the easy portion.
  13. To add to it and as an inspiration for myself. Be goal oriented. Think of it as cooking. You want to make a meal to impress but only have access to some tools and the same old ingredients. Pick the goal and use everything at your fingertips. Reach back into the cupboard, wow yourself. It's only a meal after all.
  14. My doctor is very positive on it and he is a progressive one. When Memantine was promising, he helped me with it, right dose, tapering, etc. We've tried everything and when it came to talking about psilocybin, he wanted the data and supported me @STENDEC . So I think the science is there for CGRP.
  15. Psylocibin research is still in it's infancy. The Cluster Headache research started from a few brave souls that tried it on our own through trial and error. Many came before, many more after.
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