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  1. I understand and I'm sorry you are going through this. Give it time, if she doesn't want to fight for the marriage there is nothing you can do to convince her and then you'll have to make decisions.
  2. What you are going through is traumatic for both of you. She feels forced to do something she didn't want to do and is resentful for it. You are also resentful that you've given so much and given up so much. I think that the painful part right now is needed. One thing that is useful, make a pact that you both will see this through. That you will work it out, after all from what I hear from you, you both love each other. What this will (eventually) do is that you will be partners attacking a problem instead of each other. In the end, strive for a better work/personal life/family balance and everyone will genuinely be happier. Except her mom. I'm going to start isometrics and greater volume work around that elbow joint and see how it goes. It is my biggest demotivational for workouts. I end up not being able to grip things for days. It's annoying.
  3. Talk it out, very few things can't be solved in a marriage. Hit me up if you want to chat. Now tell me more about this magical thing of no elbow pain. Granted. I too neglect to do curls, but the get the most pain when I do hammer curls.
  4. My deepest condolences my friend. Today, let me grieve with you. Tomorrow, we will smile with those still with us.
  5. Real question, how do you do this with all your critters around. I've tried some minor poses and my dog thinks it's the best playing time ever.
  6. For yoga, I suggest an actual yoga studio as opposed to a multipurpose gym. I have found a more welcoming environment in a studio. Actually less judgemental. For me the Vinyasa flow style works better because you're not static in any one pose for too long. Find a place that has beginner classes and finally, leave all your fucks at home. Nobody cares how good you are. Most are very supportive. The only other time I have felt that level of support is from powerlifting.
  7. Lock it. You are a Mod after all.
  8. In 10 years you'll be crying for homo help
  9. I have a lot of problems holding down dog. Either my shoulders or my triceps give up or lock up. Any suggestions?
  10. I agree with my esteemed colleague. In addition I suggest yoga. We are older and still need to move. When I actually go to the gym is for some Netflix and treadmill.
  11. There is always shrooms. Psychedelics solve pretty much everything https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5826346/
  12. I've tried different brands from Amazon. They're all good.
  13. I switched to saccharomyces boulardii maybe it was because of this thread, but I haven't looked back. SB works great for me. Except for major viruses, I haven't had digestive issues, even though I'm often in contact of possible infectious vectors, planes, trains and automobiles.
  14. I think you just provided 2 different benefits to such a thread. Informative would've been enough. Go for it.
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