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  1. Vitamin D 5000 IU . Double or triple that in the winter Add K2 the MK7 formulation Other than that, maybe some Zinc and Potassium
  2. Bazinga or whatever you guys say at IBM
  3. Funny, sports doctor advice is to not do any swimming, cycling, etc. But only 3 weeks.
  4. You're as jaded as a Californian. We have very astute medical professionals and researchers. Not everyone is a meathead like you.
  5. My son got a stress fracture and is LOOKING into what to do. I on the other hand, I'm lazy, so I'm tapping on to the collective for advice.
  6. We've talked about barefoot running before. Mainly for people who run several miles a week, as running with modern shoes, even with specialized ones can lead to impact injuries. I have started reading on the topic because my son suffers from that dreaded disease of actually liking to run. Because of it, he has finally sustained a stress fracture of his tibia. He was the one who sent me this case study on rehabbing after such injuries. Read on: https://www.oatext.com/manual-therapy-and-barefoot-run-training-in-the-treatment-of-a-fibular-stress-fracture-in-a-marathon-runner-a-case-report.php
  7. Thanks @nightop I had noticed the sme thing about brands. I also find that the extended release actually does nothing for my 3 am awake cycle. Also for those of us that clench our jaws, NAC works fantastically at bed time.
  8. That explains so much and now I understand the reasons. Ras' backyard
  9. If you are concerned, get a plant.
  10. Or, buy ready to consume caber from a reputable vendor.
  11. Here is an article for you @Ras https://www.elitefts.com/education/training/bodybuilding/grow-big-quads-without-lower-back-pain/
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