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  1. Last thing... Good on the sugary drinks. Have you tried something like cronometer.com to track your intake and get a good view of what your diet actually contains (fat/carb/protein, etc.)? May help give you an overview.
  2. Excellent, thanks for letting me know. Please just drop the desert, or substitute it with some artificial sweetener thing. You really have to avoid all extraneous calories at the moment and especially sugars because they spike your insulin and it's a mental thing as well. "What desert? I don't eat that on the day-to-day" That's the way your thinking should change. You might say that lifestyle stuff won't work, sure it won't work as fast as you'd want it to, but if you keep putting oil on the fire, it won't put out, so to speak -- to use a crude analogy. Lifestyle can go a long way
  3. Yes, this is a classical presentation of metabolic syndrome.
  4. Are you taking any supplements to help support your liver? One of these might be of help: https://www.amazon.com/LiverWell-Cleanse-Regeneration-Metabolic-Support/dp/B07R74Z6SP/ https://www.amazon.com/VitaLiver-Supplement-All-Natural-Absorption-Artichoke/dp/B072NGDNDG
  5. Optimizing testosterone may help your ADD/ADHD issues as well. It is dopaminergic and can improve concentration. I'd go with a clinic, as most endocrinologists are not familiar with the latest research and will get you on a crazy regimen like 200mg every 2 weeks. Get on a microdosing regimen using insulin needles sub-q, or at the very least a biweekly IM injection regimen. That'll get your levels into a good range and help with body recomposition and insulin sensitivity. What do you do for exercise? What's your cardio like? Have you spoken with your doctor about getting a Dexco
  6. It will suck, no doubt. There's a 12 week adaptation period where your body will get used to burning fat rather than being dependent on carbohydrate metabolism. But it'll increase your insulin sensitivity, so it's great. But if it's not sustainable, at the very least you should start doing time-restricted feeding. Eat a big breakfast. And then don't eat until dinnertime. Or alternatively, don't eat until lunch and dinner. Depending on what works best for you in terms of energy levels. You don't have to eat the same as your family if they don't have the same issues. Just don't eat
  7. Aha, I see. Sorry to hear on diabetes. Testosterone definitely helps with insulin resistance by improving fuel partitioning and thus body composition. What's your HbA1c? I would recommend cutting carbs and obviously all sugars. Have you tried the ketogenic diet?
  8. Thanks. Any reason you don't switch to injections? AFAIK, many switch to injections because of the ineffectiveness of topicals.
  9. Great, thanks. What's your trough levels and what do you run mg/week?
  10. How often do you go in? What's your hemoglobin usually around before your donation?
  11. Is that with injections? I've heard that it isn't much of an issue with creams interestingly. Different units from here. What is your hemoglobin concentration?
  12. Are any of you concerned with erythrocytosis on TRT? Or do you just use therapeutic phlebotomy to combat it on the regular?
  13. Total testosterone at 55 years old without TRT doesn't tell us that much. What are your SHBG levels? They increase with age, so you could be having really low FT causing a poor "output" from that absolutely great TT. Just my two cents.
  14. Thanks man. Hope you're doing well! True on the restricting calories if you have an active lifestyle. What you could do instead is to do time-restricted eating. Fasting by itself has hugely beneficial effects, and I'd say its the closest you get at mimicking the positive effects of calorie restriction. Keep in mind that when you do fast like 24-72 hours every now and then, you cause manifold beneficial changes biologically. You won't have reduced gains or anything like that as long as you continue to eat properly during the rest of the time. Fasting 24 hours once a week or once ev
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