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  1. That is the number I have heard tossed around.
  2. Have you seen any studies discussing the reverse bench for upper chest muscle activation?
  3. A lot lol. Have had my best year in real estate by far. Like it aint even close lol. Bought a HOUSE almost a month ago. Still as single as 1 man can get lol. Using lifting to get through the stress lol. Not sure if I have lifted 4 or 6 days in a row when the "plan" calls for 2 days on with a day or 2 off.
  4. Haha figured I would stop in and see how it is going here. I had kind of swore off taking anything more. Idk what it is but lately just getting a bit of that itch. Thinking about Testing the waters of unfamiliar territory for me.
  5. I completely dumped my stash about 2 years ago. I hadn't touched any of it in probably 3 maybe 4 years. Not sure what all I had left at the time time but it was A LOT... Kinda getting the itch to run something lol.
  6. Ultimate cluster workout week 1 workout 2 bench weight 250 Bench cluster set 295 for 5, 305 for 5, 305 for 5 Football bar middle handle(assuming 35 pound bar) 235 for 5, 245 for 5 T bar row drop set 150 for 10 drop 100 for 7, 175 for 10 drop 125 for 8 Pullover machine 180 for 10 drop 135 for 8 So this workout is taking a little longer than I was expecting. Hopefully can tighten up and get it closer to an hour. Haven't done a good job of tracking time but they are definitely longer. The rest periods between cluster sets are supposed to be 4 minutes. I am definite
  7. So here was my first workout doing the ultimate cluster Back squat beltless with weak sleeves cluster sets: 375 for 5, 385 for 5, 395 for 5 Front squats with slight heel elevation cluster sets: 275 for 5, 295 for 5 Glute drive with hoop circle drop set: 210 for 10 drop 160 for 5, 220 for 10 drop 170 for 5 Lying leg curl 120 for 10 drop 90 for 7, 130 for 8 drop 90 for 7 It took me a bit longer than I would like. Got to stay on track. Warm ups were probably a bit long. Plus getting used to timing. Also it was a busier day at the gym and more of gym bros were there
  8. Here is my workout from Saturday: Romanian deadlifts 315 for 9,5,3 DB pull over slow negative 60 for 9 Reverse fly machine 120 for 12,3,3,3,2 Axle bar curl RP 115 for 6,3,2 Alright so here is what I plan on doing for the next 3 weeks Cluster training for the first 2 exercises Day 1 back squat, heels elevated front squat, lying leg curls, glute drive Day 2 bench press, close grip bench, t-bar row, pull over machine Day 3 deadlift, snatch grip deadlift, back extension, Zercher shrug or Kirk shrug Day 4 military press, close grip inc
  9. Workout for today: 249 😕 Zercher squats cluster set 305 for 5 Close grip floor press with axle bar RP 305 for 3,1,1 but it did seem easier than last week. Not as close to it coming back down on me lol Incline DB press slow negatives 85 for 11 DB lateral raise a bit of partials 45 for 11, 7 then superset for pressing for 7
  10. Workout today: 249, that is a little disappointing, was hoping it would go down more after getting to that number by Tuesday(early) Pendlay rows rest pause 295 for 8,4,3 1" DB Romanian deadlifts 60 for 12 slow negatives. Was going to do the Hyper extension but it was occupied Straight arm pull down 70 for 13,3,3,3,3,3 Might need to use a different station to progress because 80 was a BIG difference Cable curl 100 for 12,3,3,3,3 So I met up with Hayley for coffee. She apparently doesn't drink coffee lol. But I wanted to do something a little low key for first tim
  11. Axle bar bench rest pause 295 for 7,2,1 Incline DB lateral raise mechanical dropset 35 for 9,3,7 Leg extensions 230 for 10, 3,3,2 Triceps extension lat pulldown with wide angled grip 120 for 11,3,3,2 walk over to dips BW for 12
  12. Feels nitpicky and I can't help but laugh. If that is unprofessional then I don't know what to call stuff other people do lol. I did leave out the part where she said something along the lines of she was looking for someone. I could see it more if it was my client, but I have no bearing on their work. I call him a co-worker but we are technically independent contractors. In most cases I would not be close with my "coworkers," but I am at a smaller company and we actually get along lol. I would agree in most cases but there is a legitimate difference. There are multiple sets but about 3
  13. At my gym there are multiple different sets of weights. There is a set of 45s that are definitely heavier. Someone weighted them and they were 47 pounds instead of 45. Standing axle bar press 185 for 5,2,1 Glute drive 190 for 10 second contraction then 12 reps DB overhead triceps 65 for 12 slow negatives Nautilus chest machine 200 for 12,3,3,3 then a weighted stretch hands in
  14. Notes from my past few workouts really. Pendlay row 285 for 9,5,3 Frankenstein squats 285 for 5,3,1 Close grip axle floor press 305 for 3,1,1 Deadlifts cluster set 495+++++ for 5 reps. All 10 plates were the ones we suspect are 47 pounds. So potentially 515 lol Last night went out to dinner with a coworker and his 18 year old son. Talked about a nice wide range of topics. He is a good guy and I am glad to work with him. Nice to enjoy being around the people you work with even if it isn't a typical office setting where you are constantly arou
  15. Rested yesterday. Didn't sleep as well as I would have liked Monday night. Axle bar flat bench 285 for 8,3,1 not spot so I didn't push for extra reps on the 2nd/3rd part Incline DB lateral raise 30s for 10 slower negatives then mechanical drop standing followed by partial Leg extensions 220 for 12,3,3,3,2 the pain Rope triceps extensions 110 for 15,3,3,3,3,2
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