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  1. I am tired haha. Ready for some sleep tonight haha. Hoping to rest up well the next few nights. Going to the beach Thursday early afternoon. Here was my workout from today: Adductor machine 100 pound for 3 sets of 12 reps. Was supposed to be Frankenstein squats but didn't feel up to it and time was limited. Bench 305 for 6,2,1 no help on these this time haha DB laterals 6-8-10 drop set 60,45,30 Lying DB extension mtor 45 for 7 I think I need to be more mindful of who I ask for advice haha. Definitely didn't have the blow up like I talked about before lol. But I could be more selective. I want other's advice. I don't want to try and do a relationship in isolation. I did that with Emily and it didn't turn out well. Anyway my friend Jillian has been hearing about Bri. She is similar to my sister and things it won't end up well for me. She hasn't met Bri though. She definitely feels like the beach trip is a bad idea. I don't have much fear of me controlling myself in that situation. Extended period of time living with a girl I was interested with would be different. But 2 nights with 3 other people around the whole time is different to me. I do think it will be interesting to be around each other that much. As far as the rest of the trip. I plan on lifting Thursday morning before we head out. Eat low carb during the morning/afternoon and then have carbs for dinner when we go out. It won't be that hard. Be simple and just enjoy myself. Although I am not a huge seafood fan haha. Should be a lot of fun getting to know each other more and just enjoying the beach. Plus get away for a while.
  2. Here is my workout from Friday: Romanian deadlifts rest pause 345 for 9,5,4 Pull ups rest pause 236 poounds +10 for 7,2,1 Bent over laterals 6-8-10 drop set 55,35,20 BB curl thick bar rest pause 135 for 6,3,2 Saturday morning I ended up volunteering to help a friend move his girlfriend into an apartment. I didn't ask any questions. Turns out it was a 3rd floor apartment haha. It seems the more I consider it is time to back away from Bri the more she tries. At least that is how it feels. She text me "Good morning! Have a great day" this morning. That was something she had done early on and then I started doing it. Decided to stop I guess a week ago. Then she asked me what I was up to tonight. She ended up inviting me to the movies with her family. Then hung out later. Last night I was thinking I am not sure what to try so I left it alone. The only thing I know is I am going to treat her well whatever happens. Just going to stay busy doing what I need to do. After helping moving talked to the another guy who helped. He is interested in buying a house but has some things to take care of before he is ready. That may turn into something in the future. Then went and hung out at the friend's house. He grilled some food and has a pool. So I definitely got some sun today haha. I can feel the burn haha. Hopefully it tans up well.
  3. The idea of someone calling me positive is still odd to me haha. Appreciate it. It is not all great. Even though I had that amazing day with the hike and reading. Ya I didn't want to go to Celebrate Recovery tonight. Was trying HARD to find someone to go to dinner with so I had some kind of excuse in my mind why it was a good idea to skip going tonight. Which is stupid because I ALWAYS feel better after going. Tonight was no exception. Got somethings off my chest and asked for prayer when going on the retreat. This one guy who is usually pretty quiet actually spoke up and was honest about some things. It was kind of eye opening and encouraging. Then afterwards he talked with me and encouraged me. It was kind of cool. So about that video I mentioned we are going to be doing for the middle schoolers. Bri text me and asked "Ughh do we have to talk in this video?" Which I of course took the opportunity to say "We are actually going to be singing..." I laughed pretty good at that haha. Also I am avoiding being Tom Petty. I had to check to see if I included this in the post but I didn't. When I mentioned my boss setting me up it was the wife who mentioned it during a text. But the husband is the one who mentioned someone. Bri knows the girl he mentioned. Because they work for the same company. It was one of those like really? Of all the places this girl could have worked. Then recently this girl I went to high school moved back to town to help with her mom. This girl had a crush on me back in high school and for some reason I just wasn't into her. I think I was really stuck on a foreign exchange student lol. Anyway she messaged me recently. I don't think I have seen her in 10 years haha. She was poking around to see what I have been up to. Anyway she asked about where I go to church. She is actually a teacher/coach for middle school and high school. She would probably be really good at helping with middle schoolers but I don't think I am going to ask.
  4. WOW! Going on that hike was a great idea haha. It is about an hour away. Just listened to some music and Bible app on the way up there. Got my mind right. When I got there ate some cold eggs and a bratwurst haha. It was a bit of a struggle to get down which is rare. Honestly wasn't even that hungry. Then sat in the sun at a table and read this book. It is about marriage haha. A little forward thinking I will admit haha. But it is more about the perspective of marriage which is an area I can see I need work on. Was good to read and just sweat haha. Then took the trail they have. It is pretty shaded but has some nice views of some falls. Got to climb up some things a bit and just be in nature. Was just good for my soul to get away. I tend to overthink situations around me so being in nature made it easy to focus on what matters. I had my phone with me to take pictures but it wasn't a distraction. I decided to see what else the park had. There was a mini golf place and they had a pool I didn't realize. Made me a little sad I didn't know about the pool haha. Would have been a good way to get some legit sun in haha. Then I decided to read some more before I left. Had a good ride home with some music. Stopped at a motorcycle shop on the way home. It was on the way and it is still fun to think about. I ended up getting home at the perfect time. I stayed up there about 2 hours. The middle school pastor text me to see if I wanted to help out with the middle school room. So hung out with him a bit helping with that. Excited about what we got going on. This Sunday will be the last week with this particular group. The 8th graders become 9th graders and we get stuck with new 6th graders haha. We are going to do a video for the following Sunday when we have an open house for the new 6th graders and their parents. Pretty sure I am going to lift the middle school pastor up like a small child haha. Alright here was my workout from today: Leg press mtor 410 for 8 reps Incline DB press 6-8-10 drop set 100,75,50 DB incline front raise mtor 15 for 10 Rope triceps extension mechanical dropset 110 for 8,8,8
  5. Ya I am looking forward to a good vacation. I really can't recall the last time I had one. It will be Thursday afternoon till Saturday at some point haha. I think it will be good. It is the people who help out with the middle schoolers. Going to talk about the plan for the upcoming year and just hang out. My one kind of if is how is it going to be around Bri. Is it going to be this is fun and I can see why I like this girl or will this be the most awkward 3 days of my life haha. I really don't think it will be that bad haha. But it is kind of odd to go on this trip together. Alright so here was my workout today: Lat pulldown hamstring curl with staff mtor 8 reps Supinated lat pulldown 6-8-10 dropset 260, 210, 150 Seated cable row neutral mtor 180 for 6 Hammer curl 6-8-10 drop set 50, 35, 25 Recently thought about it and I want to take advantage of my flexible schedule more. I really don't do as much as I should. Thought about going to an Atlanta Braves game which may still be an option but I am not sure. I brought the idea up to Bri. I asked my brother in law about some suggestions for going and he gave some. He also let my sister know about it haha. She is on team "Not Bri" haha. She doesn't dislike her just thinks I am setting myself up to get hurt. Which I may very well be doing but I am tired of playing it safe when it comes to dating. I am not sure I want to go to a Braves game that bad though. Because it would probably be close to 2am by the time I actually got back lol. And I am not a big baseball fan. Tomorrow I don't have anything planned for work. So I am thinking about going for a hike. Just go by myself. Take some food with me and enjoy the outdoors with some music. Not too far but far away enough.
  6. Here is my workout from today: Leg extensions 6-8-10 drop set 200,150,100 Pec deck mtor 170 for 8 Military press thick bar rest pause 175 for 7,2,1 Close grip decline bench press rest pause 295 for 8,1,1 Got off balance on the second set and it was just downhill for the decline haha. But I won't complain about 8 reps. It was a pretty narrow grip. Got a little more sun today haha. Took 3 laps around the neighborhood shirtless in the AM. I might do a little reading outside to try and get a little more. I like to think I soak up the sun pretty well. I decided to do some abs at the gym today. They have cramped up really bad when I have tried crunching over too much. Figure some abs might alleviate that. Plus I am going to the beach in a little over a week haha. The top section doesn't look terrible all things considered, but the bottom has room for improvement haha.
  7. Nothing too crazy compared to others I have heard. Grew up in church which a lot of the students could relate to. Just learned the rules to follow when people were paying attention. Definitely some depression/anxiety starting around 5th grade(didn't mention that). Ended up bottling everything up inside me which eventually led to emotional meltdowns. Tried smoking weed when I was in 7th grade. Did that for a bit but it just wasn't for me. Only seemed to make me paranoid. Got drunk for the first time the summer going into my 9th grade year. Basically just poured alcohol down my throat. Every time I drank it was basically just waiting for whatever I had buried inside to explode out of me after pouring alcohol down. The drinking would be pretty sporadic just because I didn't really have easy access to it. In high school I found lifting and that became my go to for coping. Could only workout so much though. I think I took my first cycle of DS at 19. Had a party when I was 20 and the cops came. I woke up in the hospital. That put a damper on the drinking. But instead of dealing with any of my issues(went to a therapists for a bit) I just went to porn more. Porn had been around for a while but that is when I would say it became an addiction. I think at one point I even stopped lifting. Seriously don't know how I lived like I did. Just wasn't taking care of myself at all. Fell asleep driving down the highway. I got diagnosed with sleep apnea but my bigger problem was I was staying up all night watching porn and then would wake up and watch more. It is crazy to think back to how I was "living" then. Big change happened when my sister got cancer. I started helping out with her taking her to appointments and all. She got me to go back to church(different one than where I grew up). Was still addicted to porn and not really trying to stop. Then she had chemo treatment and her immune system was tanked plus she had/s a cat. Her boyfriend at the time(now husband) was taking care of her a lot but then he had to go out of town for 2 weeks for work. So I stayed with her for 2 weeks. And for some reason I couldn't bring myself to watch porn at my sister's house. I think God used that as an opportunity to show me I didn't have to live like that which for a long time I figured that was just going to be my life. I am not sure why it got that bad but it did. I don't have some good excuse or anything. That is definitely more than I told the middle schoolers but they got part of that. With them it was funny story, scripture, and bottom line focused. Hoping it had an impact of some of them. They seemed to pay attention. Alright so here was my workout from today: Lying leg curl 6-8-10 with 160,100,50 Straight arm pull down mtor 130 for 9 High row machine Hammer Strength rest pause 320 for 9,4,3 Preacher curl mtor 120 for 7. Was planning on doing 110 again but accidentally used it as a warm up and it was easy haha. Today got some sun. I got a nice farmer's tan going on right now. Went in the back yard and did some reading/writing shirtless. Stay out there about 30 minutes and sweat haha. Then decided to walk shirtless around the neighborhood for another 25 minutes. Going to the beach the 25th-27th so I figure I might get a little sun ahead of time. Plus my bacne is looking great haha.
  8. Frankenstein squats 225 for 6,3,2 Bench 305 for 7,3,2 "All you bro" spot 😕 DB lateral raise 6-8-10 60,45,30 Lying DB triceps extensions negatives 45 for 7 staying It wasn't an ideal day at the gym. I get there and the only capable spotter is this guy in his 30s who has his 2 young kids with him. My gym is not the kind of place you bring kids. There is no daycare or anything. It is an old school gym if I ever seen one. They are running around the place. Not what I want to see when I am doing frankenstein squats haha. I get him to spot me on bench and he proceeds to do the countdown for the liftoff and then guides the bar the whole time. So who knows what I can do with 305. I guess we will have to wait till next week. On the lying DB triceps extensions I forgot to pause in the stretch position. My brain wasn't all there. I think I was happy to see them leave haha. Tomorrow I am going to be sharing my testimony with the middle schoolers. Right now I am not as nervous as I expected to be. I just don't like public speaking really. Don't mind being loud haha but not like a speech. Sharing my story I think is one reason God wanted me to help with middle schoolers. That was definitely when I got exposed to a lot of things earlier than I guess most people think they should be. Feels like parents forget how it was and how much access their students have now. So my speech got toned down to more PG. I figure it will at least give them an opportunity to know they can talk to us. Excited for this upcoming year helping with the middle schoolers. But it will mean my Sundays will be slammed packed again. I think I need to consider stop doing the singles Bible study but that isn't something I am going to decide lightly. Taking tomorrow off from lifting. Might just go for a walk. Been adding those in pretty regular. Need to do some shirtless walks to get some sun haha. Think I will back my lifting off from 6 days a week to more like 5.
  9. Oh it has been fun. I honestly really enjoy her company. Spending time with her is great.
  10. Just got home a little bit ago from a minor league baseball game. I am not a baseball fan haha. But I actually had a lot of fun. They did a pretty good job of keeping it entertaining and there was enough baseball action to not suck. Went with some middle schoolers. Ended up playing one of the games on the field and won a shirt. So now I have another gym shirt haha. Here is my workout from today. Weighted 235 with everything on today. Romanian deadlifts 335 for 8,5,2 Pull ups rest pause +10 for 7,2,1 and I added some negatives at the end Bent over laterals 6-8-10 dropset 50,35,25 BB curls thick bar 130 for 7,3,2 So I said I wasn't going to bring up Bri but I am a liar so. A short rundown. Bri started getting distant. I had already invited her to my parents for the 4th of July. The 2 days before I asked if she was coming and she said that was the plan. She ended up coming and it went really well. My family liked her and she liked my family. It was a little surreal because I don't see my family as being social lol. Plus Bri was being flirty with me and she made a good impression on my folks. I mentioned getting fireworks on the 4th. That was Bri and me. It was a lot of fun haha. After having such a good time together... she gets distant again. So one night I just ask her "Am I making you uncomfortable? Do I need to just back off?" She tell me no and please don't feel that way. We ended up meeting up the next night to talk. But if I am being honest she was so vague it wasn't helpful. I went to her house the next day and she opened up to me more about what was going on. I wasn't quite sure what to think afterwards. If I am being honest I left thinking "this girl isn't ready to be in a relationship at least not with me." That was like Tuesday morning when we had that talk. I pretty much made up my mind it wasn't the right time and I was trying to figure out what to do moving forward. I didn't want to just cut ties with her because I couldn't be in a relationship with her. At the same time it ain't exactly smart to try and be close with a girl I like when nothing is going to come of it except hurt. She is on vacation with her family and we end up texting a bunch Thursday. Honestly it is probably the most we have ever texted. Some honest conversation of where we are both at. I tell her I don't know how I am going to be her friend. Wasn't holding back much. That night apparently her friend I met was talking crazy and he has had a lot going on. She was worried he was going to do something stupid but couldn't get ahold of anyone to check on him. I volunteer myself to go check on him. I end up going to some trailer park and banging on the guy's door. No lights on. I end up leaving and stopping at a gas station. For some reason I go back to check again. As I am getting ready to leave this guy walks up and it is the guy I am there to check on. A little awkward moment. He is high and I end up talking with him for a bit. Just trying to get an idea of where his head is at. I hope my talk with him did some good. He is a tough situation I don't envy and it makes me grateful. Bri and I continue to text today. She sends me a picture of her devotional, apparently she had on accident skipped a page. The theme of the page was "see where this thing goes."I tried to get her to say it but she wouldn't but it was implied. We will see how things goes. She had mentioned talking tonight but I got home pretty late and I think she passed out haha. At this point I am comfortable either way. I tried making things happen and that just stressed me out. TL:DR It has been a roller coaster so I am taking myself off it and if Bri wants to join me great if not that's good too
  11. So last night I went to a celebration dinner for work. Just a thank you from the bosses. Definitely nice, it was a fancy restaurant that I felt out of place at haha but that doesn't take much. Ended up riding with the bosses and 1 of the other guys and his wife. Glad we ended up carpooling. Made it much more fun to talk on the way there and back. I ended up having 2 burgers and some pie. On the way back the conversation got on my personal life more. On the way up it had a little bit. Everyone else on the team is 40s+ and married. Bosses mentioned setting me up but I don't think I need to do that yet. Here was my workout from today: Leg press 410 for 6 mtor Incline DB 6-8-10 95,70,45 the 95 was easy but I started to feel it the next sets DB front raise incline mtor 15s for 6 Rope(long) triceps extension mechanical dropset 110 for 8,8,6
  12. Here was my workout from today Lat pull down ghr hamstring curl 7 mtor Sup lat pull down 8-8-10 250,200,150 Seated cable row neutral mtor 170*7 Hammer curl 6-8-10 with 50,35,25 then did some leg openers lol finis with bent over leg curls. Did 90 for 10 each leg then 4 each leg for 4 sets
  13. It is time to refocus where I put my energy. Alright so here was my workout from earlier today: Leg extensions 6-8-10 drop set with 190/140/90 Pec deck mtor 160 for 8 Military press with thick bar rest pause 165 for 8,3,2 Close grip decline bench rest pause 285 for 8,2,1 Tomorrow going to be lifting with Hannah again. Last time I don't think she was a fan of this style of workout. The conjugate method with more volume seemed to appeal to her more. Tomorrow should be a short workout. I think I can usually get my workouts done in about 40 minutes. It is 2 warm up sets a work set and only doing 4 lifts haha. I got a nice little bruise from my Frankenstein to Zercher squat haha. It looks bad but doesn't bother me at all.
  14. Bro you are telling me. They aren't crazy numbers but I have consistently gone up on everything. Like you said even the bench is moving a lot. I did 265 for 8 reps at sometime early in this routine now I am doing 30 more pounds for 1 less rep. And basically 7 weeks ago I did 275 for 7 reps. That is a big difference especially while losing fat. These are far from my best numbers ever but I am taking basically nothing compared to a kitchen sink of DS/PH. This seems to be a really good approach for me right now. I won't complain lol.
  15. Here is my workout from today Lying leg curl 6-8-10 drop set with 150/100/50 Straight arm pull down mtor 130 for 8 reps High row machine hammer strength rest pause 320 for 8,4,3 Preacher curl machine mtor 110 for 7 reps
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