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  1. Remember how I said I am refocusing on the goal of dropping to 220 pound? Ya I still need to work on that haha. Today's workout was development day week 6. 3 sets for the clusters. 4 sets of 8 reps for the other lifts A Anderson Squats 315 B Flat pin press 275, 295, 295 C Pendlay row 275 D1 L Bulgarian split squats bodyweight D2 R Bulgarian split squats bodyweight E1 Standing L DB press 40 E2 Standing R DB press 40 F1 1 arm row DB 70 F2 1 arm row DB 70 Those 1st 3 lifts take forever haha. I was sweating so much. Was glad to be done. Was just in the kitchen and accidentally flexed my quad and they locked up me lol. Doesn't seem like much but it got to me. The Anderson squats weren't as bad today. Got set up much better. Looking forward to getting my knee sleeves though. I did put some horse liniment on today. Had been forgetting to do that lately. So the middle school ministry leaders have been talking about going to this haunted trail/house thing one of them works at. I think we might actually do it. I asked Jessica if she wanted to go. She said she wants to go. See how that works out.
  2. So I wouldn't say I was worried Juan and Bri would show up to the birthday things Friday or Saturday. But I was curious to how I would respond. I would say I was friends or at least friendly with Juan before but I hadn't talked to him much for a few months. I had not really talked to Bri lately only her asking me questions randomly at the middle school stuff. I will be honest I did not want to see them afterwards. Felt like I had moved on and able to be happy for them. So actually being around them was going to be a real test of that. It is easy to say you are happy for people if you don't actually have to be around them. So I don't see them Friday or Saturday. One of the female leaders has a birthday this week and she asks if we want to go out to lunch. I get to the parking lot and they are there. I hadn't thought about it in this situation haha. I actually end up seeing in front of him and then next to him. It was a little weird feeling at first but I think I have moved on from it. Being around them didn't bother me. Still don't plan on hanging out with them on the regular but that is ok. Ready to lift tomorrow. Going to be interesting to see how I feel. Haven't been using the super icy hot like I was. Even forgot it today for the middle school small groups. Played kickball and dodgeball. I definitely felt my ankles more than usual today haha. Hoping to get some good sleep tonight. Refocusing on the goal of dropping down to 220 pounds. Low carb this week.
  3. Alright so change of plans of course lol. I have still been lifting. Friday I did the heavy day. Saturday I did my pump workout. Just going to stick to the schedule I have now. Was hoping to modify it so I was lifting on Mon-Wed and then Friday and Saturday. My kinda main reason was to have my pump day on Wednesday which is kind of dumb lol. I talked to a friend of mine and he wants to start meeting for lunch on Thursdays. It has been something I have wanted to do in the past. A little more face to face 1 on 1 accountability that is planned. The porn issue was creeping back in pretty bad if I am being honest. I have a bad habit of going to it when I am feeling down or uncertain. Which obviously porn doesn't help. Last week or so has been better. So here is what I did Friday: Heavy day 3 sets of 6 reps A Frank squat 285 B Bench press 295 C Pendlay row 265 Then I did some bonus arm stuff Thick bar curls, Incline DB curls, mechanical drop set for cable rope triceps extensions Here was my workout today: Pump! 3 sets of 8-10 reps A1 Hammer curls 3 second contract 35s A2 Ez lying triceps extensions 5020 tempo 65 B1 Standing straight arm pulldowns 4040 tempo 60 B2 Pec deck 3 second contractions 150,150, 110(felt it more this set) C1 Incline DB lateral raise 20, 25, 25 C2 Reverse pec deck 3 second contractions 70 D1 Preacher curl 5020 tempo 80 D2 Overhead triceps extesnions machine 3 second stretch 100, 110, 120 I had a nice legit pump going on. Plus I have decided to get serious about cutting down to 220 again. My scale weight with everything on at the gym is at 240 right now. My belts still fit like they should but I know the weight needs to come off. So back to low carb here I come. Been having carbs most nights. The big part of the problem is that I am not just having starchy carbs but sweet carbs which are super easy to thrown down my gullet. Think I will do a 2/3 week Carb Nite with a 1 week CBL. I need to lose weight but I don't want to lose muscle haha. So since I had that sick nasty pump I posted a picture on Facebook haha. I hadn't heard much from Jessica lately but she text me tonight saying "You didn't have to put the guns (arm flexing emoji) on Facebook like that lol." So my plan kinda worked haha. Figure it would be good to put my goal of getting down to 220 out there, show off a bit, and see if I get a reaction out of her. Speaking of reaction. So I mentioned I was going to a birthday dinner last night and a birthday party tonight. Last night dinner was pretty good. Bigger turn out than I kind of expected. It was a lot of fun. Almost got stuck in a less than fun seating arrangement but moved and it worked out. Some good conversation and plenty of laughing. No real awkward situations. The birthday party was actually smaller. There was alcohol. It was going pretty good and everyone seemed to be having fun. Kind of out of nowhere Zach is really drunk. He seemed fine and then he wasn't. I hadn't really been around him drunk before except kind of one time but he wasn't this bad. He started saying some things that he might have thought were funny but others could have taken a mean. Then he started stumbling. It definitely became take care of Zach. I think he alienated some people tonight. I ended up driving him home. He had sobered up SLIGHTLY which I was hoping for. Of course he decides to start talking because he is Zach. Between all the drunkenness he poked on some things. He brought up Emily and how things ended. Sounded like I came up as a topic of discussion. Reminded me how much I had shut down towards her at the end. I stopped letting her in and kept everything bottled inside me. It is honestly what ended things. He mentioned something incoherent about Bri and some other stuff about Emily. It honestly just reminded me I have to deal with that crap. I can't ignore it. Which is kind of funny because I was talking to him about how even if you try and ignore things from the past they still pop up Friday night.
  4. Random workout from yesterday: It was a "barbell workout for busy people" plus some random additions Deadlift 445 for 5, 505 for 1, 515 for 1, 335 for 18 Military press 185 for 5, 205 for 1, 210 for 1, 135 for 16 Shoulder/traps tri set for 3 sets: C1 DB lateral raise really focusing on pushing weights out not up sets of 12 with 20, 20, 20 C2 Standing calf raise shrugs sets of 8 with 3 second squeeze at top 135 C3 Cable shrug stand row sets of 8 or so with 65 squeezing D1 Preacher curl 100*8, 110*8, 120*6, 130*6 I think D2 Triceps extension machine 6*8, 7*8, 8*6, 9*6 Today I plan on doing my heavy workout plus maybe a little arms. Then tomorrow do the pump workout. Rest Sunday and then do the neural priming workout on Monday hopefully. I lost my straps last time I used them. Went to some stores to find some cheap simple ones and couldn't find any. I saw some padded ones but that was it.
  5. Random tidbits: I don't think it is going anywhere with Jessica. Still texting and getting to know her. But I think she just has a lot going on right now. If anything were to happen it would be a slow road. Which in my case probably isn't a bad thing. Still wouldn't mind hanging out with her. I feel like I am actually interested in her but I can't tell if she is interested in me or not. Speaking of hanging out. I texted Mandy. I think I mentioned her in one of my recaps. Basically we hung out twice months apart. Neither time worked out for different reasons. I tried to get her to hang out tonight and she said she would let me know. Didn't hear back from her. Not going to say I blame her lol. Probably for the best if I am being honest. Interested or not, I don't know Megan much but I just don't see it. Part of me thinks she is interested. Past me would explore that option for that reason alone. Trying not to do that anymore so that is why I am mentioning it. So awkward fun times are ahead. My friend Zach who I honestly haven't been hanging out with lately. Mostly because I have separated myself from the groups we were both a part of. He invited me to his birthday dinner and a birthday party this weekend. I was in a sure why not mood when he asked so I said I would go. He actually dated my ex Emily, I have a feeling they broke up again. But anyway even if Emily isn't there it is sure to have plenty of people I haven't talked to in a while. He mentioned the dinner might end up being a bit smaller. But did say Juan is likely to be there. Juan is dating Bri, yes that Bri haha. Not sure who will be at the birthday party but it is being hosted by Danielle. I have known Danielle for a while. She was in the former small group I led but was part of the exodus of girls who left the group around the time when I ended things with Emily. I have not spoken to Danielle since. It is going to be a super fun time haha. I plan on lifting beforehand and being in a good mood lol. I won't be surprised if they will be drinking. Could get interesting or even loosened up with alcohol might still bite their tongue lol. Body AI news: it appears it will be a one time payment because of more delays.
  6. Week 5 double stim workout everything is 3 sets with a minute between each exercise A1 Goblet squat 15 second iso hold then 10 reps with 50 pounds A2 Seated leg curl drop set 160 first set then used 180 10 reps then drop 50% for another 8 reps B1 Reverse hyper 15 second iso hold then 10 reps with 90 pounds B2 Leg extension 200 then drop 50% for another 8 reps C1 Dips bodyweight 5 second negatives max reps which was only 8-10 reps haha. That change in blood flow sucks haha C2 Seal rows 15 second iso hold then 10 reps with 95. A little light but the holds increase 5 seconds a week D1 Z press with BB 5 second negatives 8 reps with 95 D2 Lat pulldown MAG bar 200 for 10 reps then drop 50% for another 8 reps
  7. I am going to try and push my lifting schedule around a bit. So I ended up resting yesterday. Plus Sunday I ended up doing a bit of a pump up workout. Almost wanted to do a different workout today but lost my straps last time I used them. Going to go ahead and invest in some new ones soon as well as get some knee sleeves I think. Alright so workout today. It was rough haha. A Anderson squats 3 sets of clusters 5 reps with 315 B Pin press flat 2 inches off chest 3 sets of clusters 5 reps with 285 C Pendlay row 3 sets of clusters 5 reps with 275 D1 left leg Bulgarian split squats 3 sets of 8 reps bodyweight double lower D2 right leg Bulgarian split squats 3 sets of 8 reps bodyweight double lower E1 left standing DB press 3 sets of 8 reps 40 pounds double lower E2 right standing DB press 3 sets of 8 reps 40 pounds double lower F1 left 1 arm DB row 3 sets of 8 reps 70 pounds 3 second contractions F2 right 1 arm DB row 3 sets of 8 reps 70 pounds 3 second contractions Those Anderson squats were rough haha. It kind of feels like I might have tweaked my back a little bit. Or really it is just tight and could use some popping. Tough getting into position for those squats. Could really feel how weak my right shoulder feels during the 1 arm DB press. Thought about going up in weight when I did the left side first but right side said no thanks haha.
  8. Ok I guess I never thought about it. My best friend's mom growing up is German. She has been in the US a LONG time but it is still obvious she is German. She has been in the US since I guess the 70s. So more than half her life. She has some German friends so it isn't like she doesn't use it. Just interesting to think about. Alright so here was my workout today: Chasing the pump week 4: 3 sets with 30-45 seconds rest between each set A1 Cable hammer curls with rope 70, 10 reps with 1.5 reps A2 Rope triceps extension 70, 10 reps with 1.5 reps B1 Lat pulldown straight arm 70, 8 reps with 5 second negatives B2 Pec deck 150, 8 reps with 5 second negatives C1 DB lateral raise 40s, 10 reps with 10 partials C2 DB bent over lateral raise 30s, 10 reps with 10 partials D1 Cable curls 80, 12 reps with closer grip more in front of me D2 Triceps extensions 85, 12 reps with wrist extension at bottom of rep A good strong pump workout. Basically have kept the weights the same the whole time. Got a strong pump. Was a little tempted to take a picture but I didn't haha. Arms are actually looking pretty solid. Measured them on the heavy day last week I believe. Got 18.5 inches for both. Not too bad, never thought of myself as all that special when it comes to arms.
  9. Ya thinking about it. I would say the the Finnish and Danish girls had the best English. The Germans could never quite get it. Was obvious they were foreign. The Swiss I think sounded better by the end but would still get tripped up by phrasing. I also spent more time with the Swiss girl so maybe I just got more used to her accent compared to the Germans. The Finnish girl ended up coming back to the US and going to college. She might actually still be in the US. I would say she could almost pass for an American. Most of them you instantly know and then it is a question of where are you from. I still Facebook message with the Danish girl from time to time. Haven't talked to any of the rest of them in years. Nice little walk down memory lane.
  10. Haha instead of trying to find Scandinavian like Americans just move to the source of them. I don't know how well work will translate there. Speaking of translate... my language skills SUCK haha. Back when I was in high school a family down the street would host 2 foreign exchange students a year. My junior year it was a girl from Switzerland and a girl from Finland. I was all about the girl from Switzerland even though she had a boyfriend back home. Also since I made friends with them I made friends with 2 girls from Germany who were foreign exchange students. Dated one German girl very shortly. My senior year they hosted a girl from Germany and a girl from Denmark. I had actually booked a ticket to go to Switzerland, Finland, and Germany. My passport didn't come back in time though. This was right when they were making some big changes I think. If I am being honest it was a bit sketchy the idea of going. It had been a year since those 2 girls had gone back home and there wasn't a lot of communication leading up to the trip. I am not sure if I was supposed to go to Germany or not I can't really recall at this point. It would have been an awesome trip though haha. Maybe I need something crazy like that now. My former real estate boss went on a crazy trip to Europe and was all about some traveling after that. Tried to motivate the team with the chance to go on a crazy trip to Europe. Since we have brought up Scandinavian women and long legs. Even though I am only 5'6" I don't feel like I have been intimidated by taller women. I know I mentioned I liked shorter blondes but I don't think it was necessarily the short part just not BIG. I have talked to a few girls who were 6 foot and others who were clearly taller than me. Just didn't seem to bother me. I understand it now because even though I am only 5'6" I have a bigger presence. Random Tom thoughts. That is something to think about. As much as I appreciate being an American. I don't think I am tied to this country as much as I used to be. Anyway here is the workout I did today: 3 sets of 7 reps A zercher squats 305 B Incline BB press 255 needed a little push on the last rep. Mentally I wasn't there on that last set haha C Bent over rows 275 D was supposed to do farmers carry but I was done
  11. I am not good at leaving some in the tank. If I got it I want to burn it to the ground haha. Which is why it was hard selecting weights to be used. I do like the idea of not being beaten down all the time. Just to show how much of a 2A(loves variation) I am. Even though my routine is about to go through some pretty big changes. I am already eyeing some new programs to try haha. Can't wait to try something new haha.
  12. That does sound interesting haha. But man Idk if I could handle that level of cold. A friend of mine recently got married to a Scandinavian from Minnesota. They met online and they got married back in June. Ya I would have to do some digging to figure out where I would want to live. If I am being honest this is more to do with my dissatisfaction with the recent females than anything. The likelihood that I actually move is a little slim. Although realistically looking at things not too much holding me to this place... other than you know family haha. My job is fairly transferable in reality. In my market brokerage firms are always looking to swoop in a steal some agents away. It would just be a matter of making sure about license reciprocity or what I would have to do ahead of time. If I am being honest I don't have a core group of friends that I have had for any real length of time. Ever since high school I have been basically a chameleon moving from group to group. Also think I have been that way when it comes to relationships which is why I have had such variety when it comes to dating and don't really consider myself to have a type except not Asian haha. Ya it isn't my only determining factor but that doesn't bode well haha. Richmond doesn't sound bad haha. Is food really that bland up north? Haha I agree on the motives part. I want someone who stays active because they enjoy it. Not necessarily because they want social attention. Thanks for bringing the outdoor part up. Reminded me of something. I was a fan of the girls at the wilderness camp we took the middle and high schoolers at. Granted most of the girls there were just that... girls(EARLY 20s). So it is still a question of "do you take care of yourself or are you just young?" haha. But it did make the Carolinas look more interesting. It is still southern but different. Granted I am not against even more different. You are making Virginia sound more appealing haha. I am definitely of the mindset that resistance training is key. Females here are not of the same mindset. I asked Jessica "So have you tried lifting weights before" her response was "Nooooo" lol. She is doing something right shape wise. But if I am being honest it kind of feels like things have run their course with her. I could be wrong but just seems like its me just trying to keep the conversation going on at this point. I am not a fan of that feeling. Maybe that is why in the past I would just try dating girls who I knew were OBVIOUSLY into me. Either way I think I might back off. I have a tendency to try and make every relationship work even if there is no hope. I could see that in Atlanta.
  13. So fun little experiment. I was texting with Hannah about finding a girl who actually kind of sort of takes cares of herself. She basically said I am screwed haha. That girls here(and the south in general) don't take of themselves. I can't say I disagree. It seems like the skinny younger girls are just waiting till the bodies can't sustain their unhealthy habits. Hannah solution was to move. So I jokingly asked where should I move. Her suggestion was near the beach/Florida. Sooo I figured I would ask yall. Based on what yall know/think you know about me where do you think I should move?
  14. Ya I think they are related. I was definitely trying to do too much in a sense. Which sounds odd because I don't feel like I am getting enough done. Just needs to be a shift of focus. My sleep has been pretty good if I am being honest. I have been having carbs more often, which sounds good in theory. But I think they negatively impact how I feel especially if I overdo the sweets. The sweets are my weakness and mess with me the most. Stress shouldn't be high but it still feels high. I think I handle situations better when I am low carb. I think I am going to go back low carb haha. Lol ya no I knew the reps were coming. Hard to plan weights for sets of 8, 10, 12, and 15 and also 10, 12, 15, and 18 haha. Ya I think there is an interesting correlation between the two. I think my views on overtraining have changed a bit. Workout from today: A1 Frankenstein squats 3 sets of 2 reps with 5 second negatives with 305 A2 Depth landing 5 reps A3 Jump squats 5 reps B1 Bench 3 sets of 2 reps with 5 second negatives with 305 B2 Snatch grip high pulls 3 reps with 225 B3 Plyo bench push ups 5 reps
  15. You ever have a workout you look at and you think "this shouldn't be that bad" but when you do it you feel like death? That was today's workout haha. I was thinking this week is going to feel a bit like a deload week. Yesterday wasn't terrible other than being a morning workout I thought. It was more reps on the main 3 lifts but with the other lifts the sets were reduced. Today the sets were reduced but the reps increased again. Here we go: Double stimulation day 2 sets of 18 reps A1 Hack squats 230 A2 Seated leg curls 120 B1 Romanian deadlifts 225 B2 Leg extensions 150 C1 Incline DB press 70s C2 Chest supported rows 135 D1 Z press DBs 40s D2 Lat pulldowns suppinated 200 I will definitely be taking advantage of my rest day tomorrow haha. I think I mentioned the volleyball league in passing at some point. I decided to back out of that. Was just trying to do too much. Need to prioritize and focus on the main things. Going to try and be more organized and stick to more of a schedule. "Make moves or make excuses!" Sitting down and working on the Body AI thing and looking at my schedule made me realize I got to take my scheduling more seriously. Lately been pushing my workouts later into the day because I have been dragging. Mostly just lazy and unmotivated.
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