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  1. Ultimate cluster workout week 1 workout 2 bench weight 250 Bench cluster set 295 for 5, 305 for 5, 305 for 5 Football bar middle handle(assuming 35 pound bar) 235 for 5, 245 for 5 T bar row drop set 150 for 10 drop 100 for 7, 175 for 10 drop 125 for 8 Pullover machine 180 for 10 drop 135 for 8 So this workout is taking a little longer than I was expecting. Hopefully can tighten up and get it closer to an hour. Haven't done a good job of tracking time but they are definitely longer. The rest periods between cluster sets are supposed to be 4 minutes. I am definitely enjoying it so far. Think it will be great for my strength.
  2. So here was my first workout doing the ultimate cluster Back squat beltless with weak sleeves cluster sets: 375 for 5, 385 for 5, 395 for 5 Front squats with slight heel elevation cluster sets: 275 for 5, 295 for 5 Glute drive with hoop circle drop set: 210 for 10 drop 160 for 5, 220 for 10 drop 170 for 5 Lying leg curl 120 for 10 drop 90 for 7, 130 for 8 drop 90 for 7 It took me a bit longer than I would like. Got to stay on track. Warm ups were probably a bit long. Plus getting used to timing. Also it was a busier day at the gym and more of gym bros were there than usual lol. More volume than I had been doing. Felt good to do back squats for the first time in a good while. Wasn't sure how they would be beltless since I have not gone beltless on them in a LONG time. I feel like I noticed a difference on strength with the belt on the squat the most. Will be fun to see how much I can push my squat without it.
  3. Here is my workout from Saturday: Romanian deadlifts 315 for 9,5,3 DB pull over slow negative 60 for 9 Reverse fly machine 120 for 12,3,3,3,2 Axle bar curl RP 115 for 6,3,2 Alright so here is what I plan on doing for the next 3 weeks Cluster training for the first 2 exercises Day 1 back squat, heels elevated front squat, lying leg curls, glute drive Day 2 bench press, close grip bench, t-bar row, pull over machine Day 3 deadlift, snatch grip deadlift, back extension, Zercher shrug or Kirk shrug Day 4 military press, close grip incline, lat pull down, face pull At least that is kind of the guideline of what I want to do. Pretty sure about the first 2 exercises for each whereas the accessory lifts might change. My plan this week is to try and lift Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and then Sunday. Got the leader retreat Thursday-Saturday. So I will be trying to deadlift EARLY Thursday.
  4. Workout for today: 249 😕 Zercher squats cluster set 305 for 5 Close grip floor press with axle bar RP 305 for 3,1,1 but it did seem easier than last week. Not as close to it coming back down on me lol Incline DB press slow negatives 85 for 11 DB lateral raise a bit of partials 45 for 11, 7 then superset for pressing for 7
  5. Workout today: 249, that is a little disappointing, was hoping it would go down more after getting to that number by Tuesday(early) Pendlay rows rest pause 295 for 8,4,3 1" DB Romanian deadlifts 60 for 12 slow negatives. Was going to do the Hyper extension but it was occupied Straight arm pull down 70 for 13,3,3,3,3,3 Might need to use a different station to progress because 80 was a BIG difference Cable curl 100 for 12,3,3,3,3 So I met up with Hayley for coffee. She apparently doesn't drink coffee lol. But I wanted to do something a little low key for first time meeting. Not trying to do a big date or something that adds pressure. We just sat and talked for a good while. Good flow of conversation. Got to get a better sense of who she is. I like what I know so far and hope to get to know her more. I brought Monopoly Deal Millionaire(card game). We had talked about how we both like game nights and she liked Monopoly. Still wasn't sure how it would go. She seemed to enjoy it and we played a couple games(much quicker than the board game lol). Good chance to be a little competitive and playful. Actual date was brought up. So hopefully we can figure out when that can happen. Doesn't seem like schedule is going to line up. She has family coming into town this weekend. I will be out of town next weekend. Shouldn't be tough to see someone who lives in the same town as you lol. So here is something odd. I got on OKCupid recently. Usually I would get on POF BLEEEHHHHH lol. I have messaged a few women and actually gotten responses back lol. Like having engaging conversations. Not the internet dating I am used to at all lol. More funny than anything. Most are a good distance away anyway.
  6. Axle bar bench rest pause 295 for 7,2,1 Incline DB lateral raise mechanical dropset 35 for 9,3,7 Leg extensions 230 for 10, 3,3,2 Triceps extension lat pulldown with wide angled grip 120 for 11,3,3,2 walk over to dips BW for 12
  7. Feels nitpicky and I can't help but laugh. If that is unprofessional then I don't know what to call stuff other people do lol. I did leave out the part where she said something along the lines of she was looking for someone. I could see it more if it was my client, but I have no bearing on their work. I call him a co-worker but we are technically independent contractors. In most cases I would not be close with my "coworkers," but I am at a smaller company and we actually get along lol. I would agree in most cases but there is a legitimate difference. There are multiple sets but about 3 groups. 1 set that is clearly light except for like one plate. 2 sets of the same brand that are a little heavier. Then the rest(different sets) that kind of fall in the middle and it doesn't matter much. As long as I match them that much I don't care. Alright so here was my workout from today. Weight was 249 which is probably the lightest I have been this soon after a Carb Nite lately. Hopefully it continues to go down throughout this week. Neutral grip pull ups cluster set +25 for 6 reps Wide neutral grip lat pulldowns rest pause 250 for 9,5,3 Neutral cable row iso slow negative 150 for 8 Seated leg curl myo-reps 200 for 12,3,3,3,2 Cybex plate loaded biceps curl incline 30 for 8,3,2
  8. At my gym there are multiple different sets of weights. There is a set of 45s that are definitely heavier. Someone weighted them and they were 47 pounds instead of 45. Standing axle bar press 185 for 5,2,1 Glute drive 190 for 10 second contraction then 12 reps DB overhead triceps 65 for 12 slow negatives Nautilus chest machine 200 for 12,3,3,3 then a weighted stretch hands in
  9. Notes from my past few workouts really. Pendlay row 285 for 9,5,3 Frankenstein squats 285 for 5,3,1 Close grip axle floor press 305 for 3,1,1 Deadlifts cluster set 495+++++ for 5 reps. All 10 plates were the ones we suspect are 47 pounds. So potentially 515 lol Last night went out to dinner with a coworker and his 18 year old son. Talked about a nice wide range of topics. He is a good guy and I am glad to work with him. Nice to enjoy being around the people you work with even if it isn't a typical office setting where you are constantly around each other. Talked some business and what we got going on. Plus brought up my dating life somehow 🤔 Went towards hey if you know anyone let me know lol. He thought of a client's daughter who came along to some showings apparently. Showed me a picture and she looks cute and she is 24. So I was like sure see what you can do. He apparently reached out to her mom and then passed my Facebook along to see if she was interested. She apparently said yes and he sent me her number tonight. Been trying to find more ways to actually meet more women. Been realizing I just don't meet many. Hard to say I am trying to if I don't put myself in situations to meet new women.
  10. Rested yesterday. Didn't sleep as well as I would have liked Monday night. Axle bar flat bench 285 for 8,3,1 not spot so I didn't push for extra reps on the 2nd/3rd part Incline DB lateral raise 30s for 10 slower negatives then mechanical drop standing followed by partial Leg extensions 220 for 12,3,3,3,2 the pain Rope triceps extensions 110 for 15,3,3,3,3,2
  11. It has actually been what I seem to respond to best. Keep in mind the volume is SOOOO low. I am doing 4 exercises with 2 prep sets and then a hard working set with clusters, rest pause, longer negatives, etc. I don't even mention the prep sets. For instance on the rack pulls I will do 225 for 6, 315 for 5, and then 405 for 4 with my work set being 495 plus. That is the most prep I do. Bench is like 205(6 reps) then 245(4 reps) with 275 work set. In the past I have definitely over done it when it came to volume. Workout today: Neutral grip chin ups cluster +25 for 5. Felt pretty easy especially compared to how I remember last time. Lat pulldown wider neutral grip 250 for 7,3,2 This was honestly extra lol Seated cable row iso hold with slow negative 150 for 8(?) then some extra regular reps Seated leg curl 180 for 15,3,3,3,2 Incline DB curl 30s for 10 reps slow negative and then hold at end 3 prowler runs down and back. Again some extra. I won't be doing this again lol. My quads, hams, glutes, and lungs were burning lol. I laid on the ground for a minute...s. A little more than I usually do. I like doing the extra lat pulldowns since I have switched most of my primary(first) lifts to rest pause but kept the chins as clusters. Plus I went in with the plan on having a carb meal tonight. Had carb nite on Friday and waiting till Saturday for next carb nite. A little longer than I would like to wait. So I figured one carb meal would be help bridge the gap. There is a good chance I end up lifting till Saturday though. Definitely feeling it right now. I do jumps before my workout to get amped up and I felt on pretty quick. Plus my strength seems to be going up. My body seems to be enjoying the diet even fighting off sickness. My right biceps and shoulder were bothering me. They feel much better now.
  12. So I got lazy with posting BUT I have still been lifting. Kind of over the sickness now. At least it is mostly clearing. Got some coughing with mucus coming up and plenty of snot but feel better. Workout from today: Standing press axle bar rest pause 185 for 3,1,1 Glute drive with band around knees 190 for 10 second squeeze then 9 more reps Triceps extensions Strive machine 45 middle 50 beginning 8 reps Nautilus chest press machine wider handles 185 for 12 reps I believe and then 3,3 followed by a stretch with the narrow handles Weight was still up from carbs on Friday but coming back down. Was 251 at the gym with clothes and shoes on today. Although I went over to my parents for dinner and checked my weight with gym clothes on no shoes and it said 254 so lol. I am not sure if I trust the gym scale lol. Probably should buy a scale for home to check morning weight. I do feel like I am leaning out though. I am tempted to lift tomorrow. I ended up taking Sunday(typical) and Monday off last week. Just kind of in the mood to lift and it helps. On the flip side of that I am looking into trying a 4 day a week program lol. Want to mix things up a bit. Not sure how I will handle only 4 days a week. But I might get motivated to walk more often. Plus going 6 days a week has me tied to the gym. Granted I could just back it off to 5 or even 4 days a week if something comes up. But I like the focus of the program I am looking into and that is strength. I realized how much my body changes when I focus on getting stronger last time.
  13. So I have not been feeling good. Sunday wasn't bad but still could feel it coming on. Tuesday it was in full effect. Woke up and my head was hurting from the pressure. Felt it again this morning but it passed quicker. Workout yesterday: Felt like I was in mud. Really couldn't get going. Lat pull down wide grip rest pause Neutral grip seated rows Seated leg curl Incline curl machine Workout today: Still felt a bit ehh going into it. Flat bench with axle bar rest pause 275 for 8,3,2 I honestly have no clue what happened here. Last week I used the Fat Gripz extreme for 5 reps. Had been doing clusters mainly. Incline DB lateral raise 30s for 10, mechanical drop set standing and then partial Leg extensions 220 for 12,3,3,3,3 Lat pull down triceps ext 110 for 10,3,3,3 Also my gym just got a EliteFTS back raise pro. Will have to actually start doing them now. Seems like he has been adding/rotating more equipment lately. Really wish he could get more space though. There is basically another gym in the back.
  14. Workout today: Standing press axle bar rest pause 175 for 4,1,1 Glute drive 10 second squeeze first rep 190 for 10 then 10 second squeeze Overhead triceps rope cable 110 for 12,3,3,3,3 Nautilus chest press triceps grip 170 for 12,3,3,3,3 Cable upright row ELECT superset with cable standing row set of 12 squeeze So I went to the wedding today. It was outside and it had been raining lol. Thankfully it stopped long enough for the ceremony. Had fun with the group from my church. Did plenty of dancing. I think I got enough of an indication from Abby it ain't there. Probably not something I should be exploring anywhere. Definitely had the guys in the group trying to push towards Megan. It is rough when I have the desire to marry but it seems impossible for me. Hopefully can get some good sleep tonight and be rest for tomorrow. Got plenty I need to do and need to keep myself busy.
  15. Oh ya definitely. Yall get a lot of melancholy out of me. But that has a lot to do with how I use this log/blog lol. I tend to just vomit stuff out as seen by a recent post. Lately I have been in a really good mood and engaging with people. I kind of mixed time periods. When I was in the dead end job I wouldn't said I didn't have connection but it was a day in day out kind of existence. Not a lot of upside but not a whole lot of risk either. I could keep my head down and not really try. I think a better example of no connection was when I was doing absolutely nothing with my life and had nothing going for me. I was a porn addict who worked out and occasionally interacted with people. I would said I am the most connected I have been right now. I am a little transient when it comes to friends. Been that way since probably high school. I know people yet rarely get close and have different groups I can float among but not quite fit. Kind of always how I have seen myself. I will say lately I am more comfortable with who I am and care less what people think. They are either going to like me or not. Anyway, I spent a good 8 hours helping my sister and brother in law move today. So nice heavy furniture. Thankfully we got some good help. Had some good meals prepped before and then my parents dropped off some food(pot roast with hard boiled egg and carrots, at least that is what I had). Really needed that protein lol. Then decided I still wanted to get my workout in: Rack pulls(high) 505+ cluster set of 5 DB pullover 50 for 11 slow negative Reverse fly machine 90 for 13,3,3,3,3,3 Preacher curl machine rest pause 120 for 5,2,2 Felt a little ehh this morning. Pushed through with some caffeine. I can still feel the bleh in my throat. Hoping to sleep good tonight and recover. Going to eat some more protein. I have been upping my protein lately. Before I would say I was close to 160 maybe. Now I am pushing past 200 and sometimes more. Dropping the fat a little since I got plenty in storage. Looking forward to the wedding tomorrow. Hoping to feel good and do some dancing 🕺
  16. Don't hate the game hate the player! Ain't that how it goes? Lol So my roommate is sick. She is staying with her new boyfriend. Hoping not to get sick. Late this morning I could just feel it in my throat. That feeling you get when you can tell you are fighting some kind of sickness. I ain't got time for it. Got a wedding to turn up at Saturday lol. So workout today: Frankenstein squats rest pause beltless 275 for 5, 2, 2 Close grip floor press axle bar from pins 305 for 4, 1, 1 Flat DB press slow negatives 90s for 11 Lateral raise machine wide 80(?) for 12 then 4, 4, 4 Then went to CR. Not really an Abby story but just shows how negative my mind can be. See Abby as I walking in and say hey. Then go sit by myself. She comes over and says come sit up closer. She gets Trey as well and then we go up front. I end up in the middle. At the end pray and then Trey ends up in the middle and kind of pokes me(kind of his thing he does). So I was thinking maybe positive thoughts about it you know she came over and got me to sit with her. That lasted about a minute before the negative thought of she was just using me as a buffer. So it wasn't so obvious she was trying to sit with Trey. This negative mind and low self esteem is for the birds. Had me feeling bleh and wanting to check out a bit. You know just maybe do something that probably leads to porn eventually. Not going there today. It is day 10. Putting myself out there makes it tougher. It was easy going to a dead end job with no potential where I could basically check out and didn't need any connection to the world. But is it really freedom if it is barely living?
  17. Haha yes. We are Baptist, we drink but don't want other people to know it lol. The pastors can't officiate a wedding that serves alcohol. The church has grown and become a lot more modern but still doesn't want that image associated with it. Also it hosts one of the largest Celebrate Recoveries so I think that has something to do with it. I can't remember when I started drinking but I know I had a conversation with the pastor when I was pretty drunk. Alright so workout from today Pendlay rows rest pause 275 for 7,4,3 DB Romanian DL toes on board 60s for 12 slow negative Straight arm pulldown 70 for 12,3,3,3,3,3 Cable curl 130 for 11,3,3,3,3 I was going to do 120 but my gym decided to make me do 130(weights stuck together) I was definitely sweating more than usual today. I didn't pre weigh myself. Afterwards went to prayer night at church. Had 4 breasts and 2 thighs of baked chicken.
  18. Ya now the question is do I do sober or with a little liquid courage. Trying to remember if I have danced sober at a wedding. I'd say I did at my friend Ashley and Bryan's wedding. But EVERYONE else was drunk as a skunk. This is supposed to be a dry wedding so that won't be the same situation. My buddy Chris had a dry wedding but there was alcohol in the wedding parties dressing area. Let's just say cartwheels and alcohol don't mix well lol. I have a 6oz flask for being a groomsman at that wedding I have not used. Appreciate the welcome. I mean I was gone for a while so I had to catch yall up on what's been going on lol. Granted I had not planned on spending so much time talking about girls. But it is what it is.
  19. ITS ALIVE!!! So ya I know I haven't posted in a while... little over 3 months. I got a little lazy and then sick. Then I just didn't want to record my workouts. In fact I haven't been keeping track of my numbers even lately. More of a see how I feel today approach. It has been ok to me. I guess we can have a bit of an update post. Break it down into work, lifting, diet, and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS lol. Work has been going great. January I closed on 2 houses. My sister and brother in law bought a new construction house with the builder I am linked up with. Then a girl I lift with got married and they were looking for a house before they got married. So 2 in January with both being a nice check but one a little nicer. I have 2 scheduled for February. Again one a little nicer than the other but will make for a very nice month. Have a listing under contract to sell in March. Hoping to get her under contract as a buyer here shortly(already made an offer). Will be listing my sister and brother in law's former house for sale soon(moving Friday). Mandy(girl I talked about fairly recently) texted me asking if I wanted to sell her parents house a while back. Moving towards listing it. A nice little starter home that should sell quickly. Also working with working with a woman who just retired trying to move down from West Virginia. She has to sell her house first so it is a little more up in the air. Got a few others I am kind of stirring but those are the most obvious. Should be by far the best start of the year for my real estate career. Went back to Carb Nite. Carbs just don't agree with me. I can't have them that often. My stomach and gas are no fun lol. Been much better since finally committing back to it. Was getting a little sloppy with having carbs most nights and even twice a day. Just too much for my body fat %. I feel better already. A little weight has come off. Got some goals in mind. Started off like 255 blehhhh. Got weight goals and accomplishment dates. February 8th 245. March 5th 235. June 11 225. December 31st 215. I might be a little off for the February 8th goal unless I change my weighing parameters. Been doing it at the gym with gym clothes and shoes on. Today I was 250 with that on. Need to get a scale to have more consistent weight measurements. Lifting, I had to stop that routine. I got sick in November and it just lingered on. Was over 3 weeks close to 4. I took off from lifting. I don't think my eating lined up with the amount of lifting I was trying to do. Just wasn't the right tool for my goals. I do much better on lower volume and ultra low carb. Gone back to that. Doing another Christian Thibaudeau workout https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/the-best-damn-workout-plan-for-natural-lifters-part-2 It is more of a mix between muscle building a strength if you ask me. I like it and it suits me and my current goals. Try to mix it up a bit every now and then to keep it interesting. Today I did rest pause on bench instead of a cluster set. Nothing overly dramatic but enough. Alright now for the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS lol. A little bit of an update on each. Jessica, I was right, it just wasn't going to work. Better off just friends. Never hung out again. A lot of talk but that is about it. Keep as friends and leave it at that. But I do have a story to tell that involves her but that will be later. Mandy, never hung out with her again. Figure selling her parents house is more important which speaks volumes. Just not interested long term. No point in trying anything with her. Text her periodically to keep in touch but thats about it at this point. Megan, she started dating a guy and apparently it ended badly. We have been texting more but I would say more as friends than anything. A little flirtatious but not too much. She recently helped with the middle school students on a Sunday night. Not sure if she is going to keep coming or not. Only really seen her at life group. This Saturday her sister is getting married(the couple both help with the middle school students) and I will be going along with the rest of the middle school volunteers. She makes sense as a girl to consider but I just haven't spent much real time around her. Like actually getting to see how we mesh. Bri, man that girl had me an absolute wreck lol. A taste of infatuation I don't want again lol. Girl had so many red flags and I didn't care lol. She is still around helping with the middle school students in fact she went from just helping in the morning service to recently coming to the evening for small groups. A couple weeks ago she asked me I would help her family move. It won't be a simple move either. Her parents are selling their house. She is moving out with a friend. Her brother and his wife are moving(they live in a guest house on the parents land), and a sister along with her husband are moving all in February. Also her boyfriend was moving. They were still dating. I just kind of looked at her I think. Hard to remember how you respond to such an interesting request. Did I mention they were still dating? So January 26th I think it was the first time she showed up to help Sunday evening. We are upstairs and the students are eating and we are just hanging out. She asks me how life is going. I had to have a grin on my face when I said it was going really good. I mean things were just going that good lol. Of course being polite I asked how things are going in her life. She tells me she broke up with Juan that day and that she should have done it a while ago. That he took it really hard. Again I think I just looked at her and was like ok. Went on with my night. But I won't lie I ended up talking to a friend of mine that night just to get it out of my head. Wanted to talk it out. There is a girl I had not mentioned in my log. With pretty good reason. She had not really been around long at the time of my last post. Her brother is the middle school pastor. The first time I think I saw her was when I went to the church to find him and someone told me to ask Abby. I didn't know who she was but I was hoping she wasn't going to be around more. Could just tell I would not make wise decisions around her. Then in October she joins us when we go to the fair with the students. Then starts coming every Sunday morning and evening. We start going to the Friday night open gym at the church. Just more time around her. The problem is almost everyone is convinced her reason for joining the middle school ministry is to get close to Trey. Who is Trey? Just a really good guy who seems to have a solid head on his shoulders. Great with the kids and athletic(tall and lean). I would basically say he is the most eligible bachelor at my small church campus. I'd fall for him if I was a girl who liked leaner guys(most seem to). So for the past few months I have tried pushing the thoughts out of my head. Haven't found many good distractions. I figured Trey and Abby would be dating by now. I can see why he wouldn't but it wouldn't have surprised me. Trey has a bromance with the youth pastor(Branan). Abby and Branan don't get along. There is some trust issues. Her past isn't squeaky clean(the rebel). So I have just been pushing the idea out of my head but it just keeps coming back. Back in October it made an appearance. Then November at a ladies Thanksgiving event an old church lady said Abby seemed interested in me in front of a group. Again in December at the Christmas party. Then January 26th. Went to lunch with their family and Trey. Short story to explain I went to a worship night at church the Thursday before and Jessica came and we sat next to each other. Afterwards she followed me around a bit in the lobby before I went outside with her to give her a book(gift exchange for life group) and then came back inside. When I came back inside the middle school pastor asked was that a date? Resume to lunch, I find out where we are seated then go to the bathroom. Come back and Trey asked me if I had to talk to my girlfriend which of course gets a reaction from the ride side of the table(ladies side). Their mom is freaking out all excited. I was like yeah for a second but then told them no not dating or anything. Idk why this stuck out to me but Abby said something like "I know you like blondes" All I can think is how does she know that lol. I would call her blonde(it ain't dark at least). So at lunch I am sitting next to her and just conversing with her. It is almost odd to me how comfortable I feel around her even though I am attracted to her. Usually if I am attracted to a girl and I think she is really attractive I ain't feeling comfortable around her. Then again I have been a straight mad man in front of her already when it comes to working with middle schoolers lol. Anyway that night I feel like we are just flirting more than usual. We tend to tease each other a bit and can be playful. Started texting a bit more. Being there for each other a bit more on a deeper level. Saturday night a group of the leaders went over to Trey's for games and dinner. It was fun and then Trey, Abby, another girl, and I stuck around talking for a while. Just talking and asking questions. A little different environment than usual. Saturday at the wedding will be different as well. She asked me if I was going to dance and I really hadn't thought much about dancing too much until she asked me. That is basically the whole story about Abby. If anyone read all of that really ask yourself what you are doing with your life lol. I will try and post more regularly.
  20. Appreciate it yall! Looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow. I figured this would be the case but makes the idea of moving tougher lol. Who knows. So Thursday I actually got up kind of early to workout. Took a bit of time to warm up but it made the most sense time wise. Plus I knew I was going to have carbs early(at lunch). I did 5 sets of A and 4 sets of B. Just ran out of time A1 Frankenstein squats 5 second iso hold 2 reps with 295 A2 Depth jump 5 reps A3 Jump squats with DBs 35s B1 Bench 5 second iso hold 2 reps with 295 B2 Snatch grip high pull 3 reps with 225 B3 Bench plyo push ups 5 reps This is what I did for my heavy workout today. Sets of 3 reps A Frankstein squat 275, 285, 295, 305, 315 B1 Bench 275, 285, 295, 305, 315 B2 Pendlay row 295, 305, 315, 325 Again I was pressed for time so I superset bench and pendlay rows. Bench felt good. Curious to be testing out my strength here soon. Got back on ultra low carb today. Had been carbing it up and the scale showed it lol. Had pushed 244 at one point. My belts were on the same notches but it was definitely a little more effort. Need to get back on track and drop this weight/fat.
  21. I will chime in even though it is not quite the same. I don't front squat but I do Frankenstein and Zercher squats which I feel like are close enough gauge. I haven't tested it lately, but I feel confident enough to say I can squat 500 or at least very close. I would guess my Zercher squat is close to 390 and my Frankenstein squat is close to 350 which are both guesses based on 5 rep sets. My deadlift has always been much stronger. I would guess it is in the high 5s right now. The gap seemed to be closing when I was squatting 3 times a week (back & Zercher, frankstein, hack). I think my limiting factor is quads. I think if I get my quad strength up it will improve both my squat and deadlift. Moral of the story figure out what is limiting you and bring it up.
  22. Alright so I have been slacking on my logging. Not too bad as far as keeping working out though. Here is Friday's heavy workout: 3 sets of 5 reps A Frankstein squat 275, 285, 295 B1 Pendlay row 255, 265, 275 B2 Bench 285, 295, 305 Wasn't supposed to do row and bench together but I was pressed for time. Pump workout Saturday: 3 sets of 8-10 reps A1 Hammer curls 3 sec contraction 35 go up A2 Lying ez triceps extensions 4040 tempo 70 go up B1 Standing lat pulldown straight arm 4040 tempo 60 go up B2 Pec deck 3 sec contraction 110 go up C1 Incline DB lateral raise 10 reps then partials 25 staying because of right shoulder C2 Reverse pec deck 3 sec contraction 70 go up D1 Preacher curl 5020 tempo 80 stay D2 Overhead triceps extension machine 3 sec stretch 110, 120, 130 go up This was Monday's workout. I really wasn't feeling doing the prescribed workout. Those Anderson Squats got to my head lol. I decided to change things up. Figured that was better than just skipping a workout. Did an elimination circuit. Start with about 55% and do 5 reps. Keep adding weight until I can no longer do 5 reps. A1 Zercher squats 185, 215, 235, 255. 275, 295, 315, 335 A2 Continuous clean and press 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 A3 Pendlay row 185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 285, 305, 325 A4 Bench 185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 285, 305, 315 for 3 A5 Snatch grip high pull 175, 205, 225, 245, 265 The grip was the limiting factor here. Got some old school straps would are good but I still can't quite use as much weight that far out. Here was my workout today: Double stimulation A1 Goblet squats 25 sec iso hold then 10 reps 60 pounds A2 Seated leg curl 10 reps dropset to 6-8 50% 180 go up B1 Reverse hyper 25 sec iso hold then 10 reps 90 pounds B2 Leg extension 10 reps dropset to 6-8 with 50% 200 go up C1 Dips 5020 tempo body weight 10 reps C2 Seal rows 25 sec iso hold then 10 reps 95 D1 Z press BB 5020 tempo 100 go up D2 Lat pulldown suppinated 10 reps then 50% drop 6-8 210 go up Alright so Friday night I went to the haunted trails with Jessica. It ended up just being the 2 of us going. Which was probably for the best. We got there a bit later which ended up meaning a long wait. A good and bad thing. Chance to talk but she isn't a night person. She stuck it out and I would say we both had fun. It was an experience for sure. She didn't really get scared except for like once for sure maybe twice. She did make the mistake of wearing sandals(I did warn her about this). Her feet got beat up between the terrain and the other people in our group standing on her feet. Probably wasn't the best idea for a first time hanging out but that's me lol. Hard to gauge her interest. If I am being honest I am not sure I want to start something with her. I am definitely physically attracted to her and I enjoy texting with her enough. But Idk just not sure. Hang out more and get to know her more. Like I said it is a bit of a more involved situation so not something I would want to rush. Of course word got out about my "date" at church. I mean the only reason I knew about the haunted trails is one of the middle school leaders works at them. It was a little awkward people talking about it. I am a pretty private person unless I am vomiting info out on here or at CR small groups lol. I think it got to me more because of my uncertainty of how I feel about Jessica. Anyway that is what has been going on. Oh ya and I am an uncle now!!!
  23. Ya some things I have noticed I can do is shift myself to fit situations. Good for making peace but doesn't work long term. Eventually it gets very tiring especially depending on how far off it is. I will say that is one thing I liked about getting to know Jessica in the small group setting. Does it all work together or is there many different personalities. I can get a sense of who she is in a different situation. She heard me BUST out laughing last night. Talking the kind of laugh like no one else is around lol. The other things I noticed I can do is fill in gaps. I did that a lot with Bri. It was just information I hadn't learned yet. Stuff that takes time and experiences with each other. Side note, I think working with the middle schoolers has helped me become more comfortable with who I am.
  24. So usually there is a break in between the workout yesterday and todays but that just didn't happen. I think I am going to stick with the Wednesday and Sunday being rest day. With maybe some arms or something on Wednesday if Jessica is going to be there lol. Here is what I did today: A1 Frankstein squats 5 second negatives 290, was supposed to be a 5 second iso hold 2 inches above paralell but I didn't read A2 Depth jump 5 reps A3 Jump squats with DBs 25s B1 Bench iso hold 2 inches above chest 5 second hold with 290 B2 Snatch grip high pull 3 reps 225 B3 Bench plyo push up 5 reps As of right now the plan is to go to the haunted trail with Jessica tomorrow night. Not sure if the middle school volunteers are going or not. Not sure if it is a date or just friends. I am cool with just friends. Still trying to go slow and steady with this one. Lot more involved and in the past I have tried to speed the timeline up too much without getting to know them. Plus in the past I would stick around even if I wasn't really that interested. Trying to do better. I still get a kick out of the fact that she likes my arms. I really can't recall a time a girl actually mentioned my arms. She claims she was staring at them all night at the small group. That she sat back so she could get a better view of them. It sound ridiculous to me lol. I will say my arms are looking bigger and more muscular than they have in a good while. Still think they lag behind. I have a thick torso in my opinion.
  25. Man I was sweating like crazy during todays workout. Not sure I could get through them low carb. Might have to rethink that idea haha. I can do low volume just fine on ultra low carb but these workouts aren't low volume haha. Double stim week 6, 3 sets on everything minute plus rest between each set A1 Goblet squat 20 second iso hold then 10 reps with 55 pounds A2 Seated leg curl 10 reps drop 50% for another 8 reps 180 pounds B1 Reverse hyper 20 second iso hold then 10 reps with 90 pounds B2 Leg extensions 10 reps drop 50% for another 8 reps 200 pounds C1 Dips 5020 tempo bodyweight 8-10 reps C2 Seal rows 20 second iso hold then 10 reps with 95 pounds D1 Z press BB 5020 tempo 8 reps with 95 pounds D2 Lat pulldowns suppinated grip 10 reps drop 50% for another 8 reps 200 pounds
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