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  1. Started my cycle of LGD-4033 and Mk-677 4 days ago. I'll post more updates as the cycle progresses, but here's some observations thus far. MK-677: -had been taking 20MG daily at around 5pm. Huge mistake... I fall asleep around 9-10pm most nights and taking it that close to bedtime FUCKED my sleep cycles. -I moved dosage to 10-12am, definitely catch some serious sleepies throughout the day, but not unmanageable. This greatly improved my sleep last night. Easily the best in years -Hunger waves are the biggest side I've noticed so far. Usually get 1 within 30 minutes of dose. 2-3 more big ones leading up to meals. -Other than the improved sleep, I haven't noticed much improvements. Muscles look full all day but that could be the LGD. LGD-4033 -Taking 5-10mg first thing in the morning -felt nothing first 3 days so bumped from 5-10mg -Today however, halfway through my workout my pumps were so good I was near cramping -no major change in overall strength yet (sure that'll take a week or two to manifest) -endurance on accessory work felt incredible, as if I could not get tired no matter how many sets I did. Stats I'll track from start for 4 week cycle: BW: 223lbs first thing in the morning (shooting for 3-5lbs lean mass gain with a little fat loss if possible) Calories: maintenance/-200 deficit on non training days, +300 surplus on training Body fat %: 14-17% (looking for 11-14%) 225 bench reps: 6-7 (want this to be double digits by end)
  2. @Growth Factor thanks for the info, appreciate it. How long did you run the Ostarine for? What kind of PCT did you run? Gonna start my LGD cycle shortly here.
  3. All Olympic bars are always 1.1" (28mm exactly), Power bars are either 28mm or 29mm. The bar @Emperor G_D is referring too is super thicc, at least 31mm.
  4. Did you use one of the fatter black bars this morning? Totally forgot about that this morning. Maybe it'll be easier to grip the mildly skinnier bar? Or I can start brining the Ohio Bar next time hehe
  5. Hey man, they didn't even test me this time. That stuff will be outta my system in no time. Remember drug tested and drug free are too totally different things. Good to know on the AI front, we'll chat in the gym tomorrow
  6. In quotes from the big man himself, "I'd be embarrassed if I said 'lab rat' instead of OMG I FUCKING LOVE LGD-4033"
  7. I've heard a few people report estrogenic symptoms (could be BS or just bad sups) which is why I'm curious. The theory there is because the SARM is binding to the receptor, your natural T is free to amoratize. Could be people genetically predisposed to aromatize more easily. Users have recommended super mild AI just in case. Good information tho, I appreciate it.
  8. @STENDEC did you take it on its own or with an AI? any PCT? Likely running it during the start of the new year.
  9. Has anyone had any experience running these? Was considering running S4 and/or LGD for a trail run. Wanna get my lab rat YUGE and strong
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